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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reasonable Force & Dr. Leslie DeLima - WCB Royal Alexandra Hospital

There exists with the context of the Canadian Legal System a legal concept know as "Reasonable Force". Within this legal concept is the principle of the use of Reasonable Force to protect ones self from an imminent threat to your person or property. It is my advice that if Dr. Leslie DeLima comes anywhere near you within the confines of any Hospital in Alberta, that because this man hides his true agenda and the fact that he is acting in the interests of the WCB of Alberta, then you have every god given right to take appropriate action with the implementation of "Reasonable Force". Of course within the context of Reasonable Force, is the idea that this person intends to cause physical harm to your person. That is true in the case of Dr. Leslie DeLima because he intends to DENY you access to critically necessary medical treatments, and thus will CONDEMN you to a lifetime of horrible pain and suffering. So as a natural reflex to such an intrusion of the rights of the horribly disabled Seriously Injured Workers right to proper, timely and relevant medical care, it is my conclusion that the Injured Worker has the right to exercise "Reasonable Force" when this Doctor comes into your space in the Hospital.
Some would say that this is a patent abuse of this concept, but I say nay. My Blog has been for the purpose of exposing all the horrible crimes committed by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. Because no lawyer will touch a WCB AB case does not make the Grand Larceny thefts the WCB ab are committing every day on seriously injured workers any more legal in the eyes of the Law.
Since this WCB Ab Doctor Leslie DeLima has come into your personal space while you are laying helpless in your hospital bed, then you have every right to defend yourself from these felonious WCB HACK Doctors.
Given the fact that these WCB doctors are acting with felonious cognitive Malice, posing as member of your Surgeons Medical Team you have the right to trigger your legal right to the use of "Reasonable Force" to protect your person from truly harmful intentions of these hired WCB Rent-a-docs.
Since Dr. Leslie Delima is falsely misrepresenting himself as your surgeon or doctor's Protégé, who is cognitively plotting to inflict Medical Harm on your person, it is legally arguable that you have every God given right to exercise "Reasonable Force" in order to personally protect yourself from this WCB Medical Hack.
The actions you initiate to protect yourself personally from felonious WCB Hack Doctors just may save your life in the final analysis.
And since the American Style Hospital Management Groups & AHS have such an obvious disdain for the individual rights of helplessly disabled and seriously injured workers under their care, you are being forced to use "Reasonable Force" in order to protect yourself while you are in any Alberta Hospital that is managed by these uncaring American Hospital Management Groups.
None of these felonious WCB Medical denial schemes could be possible without the full support and manipulation of the AHS Super Board and Alberta Health Services.

This is a pre-planned and co-ordinated medical assault that is actively promoted and coddled by American Style run Hospital Management like you will experience at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Your actions to protect your own person while the Royal Alexandra Hospital co-conspires to cause you medical harm early in your treatment will send a clear message to the WCB of Alberta, and the American Hospital Management Team that this kind of felonious sanctioned behavior will "NOT" be tolerated here in Alberta.
I have been defrauded by these felonious WCB doctors, whose true agenda is to destroy your entire life and future.
Seriously Injured Workers now understand how the Royal Alexandra Hospital operates under the control of the Workers Compensation Board; this co-conspirator Medical fraud empowers you to exercise every reasonable legal right to protect yourself while in the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital with the implementation of "Reasonable Force" on WCB Doctors like Dr. Leslie DeLima.
Since we now understand the sinister intent of these WCB Medical Consultants to inflict medical harm on seriously injured workers while they are lying helpless in a Royal Alexandra Hospital bed, you will be better prepared to protect yourself while being treated inside the Royal Alex Hospital for your Workplace injuries. Trust me, this is a horrible fight to fight alone against the WCB of Alberta, take all reasonable care and actions when confronted with these felonious doctors because they have nothing but cruel intentions to cause you medical harm.
All of this is done with the 100% full support of the AHS & the RAH Hospital Staff.
I am encouraging All injured workers to respond with imaginative ways to exercise your right when one of these phony doctors enters your personal space in the Hospital.
I mean after all we are talking about a doctor who entered my room and removed my neck brace, they he squeezed my neck really hard resulting in me crying out.....Owwwww. He then proceeded to tell me there was nothing wrong with my neck. "That was your test?" I yelled in response.
I am encouraging injured workers to send in their imaginative ways to exercise your right to use "Reasonable Force" while in the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital when responding to this obvious WCB felonious doctor.

I will publish any comments or ideas, I was thinking about a solution that involves a BIC pen, where you put the pen is your business.

If you don't think this can happen to you, the you had better bloody well give your head a shake!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Patrick Clayton Sentencing and my Peaceful Protest

Here is a link to the CTV broadcast of the Patrick Clayton Sentencing, CTV was the only news provider that did not completely edit my peaceful protest out of their news broadcast.

Friday, December 16, 2011

WCB Kickbacks and Payoffs to American Hospital Administrations running Alberta Hospitals

It occurred to me that obviously the Royal Alexandra Hospital is linked in some sort of kickback scheme for funding from the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. How do I know this? Because there is no way that a doctor acting alone would be able to pull off "DENYING" access to seriously injured patients. He would have to be acting in full co-operation with the Hospital Administration staff. Why? Because in this way the Hospital can "earn" WCB bonuses for deny Seriously Injured Trauma patients proper care and thus it is my conclusion that the Royal Alexandra Hospital in collusion with the Alberta Health Services are aiding and abetting the WCB Alberta in keeping Injured Worker Claims artificially LOW.
I believe this to be a form of Medical Fraud, and a severe abuse of Administrative Procedure resulting in the Malicious maltreatment of patients while in the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
It is my opinion that this is grounds for all Injured Workers who have been abused at the Royal Alexandra Hospital to file a Class Action Suit against the Alberta Health Services, and the Royal Alex Hospital.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital has severely abused its "DUTY OF CARE" in the treatment of Seriously Injured Workers while in their care, and has openly pursued a program of Discriminatory Medical Treatment against Injured Workers based solely on their Disability.
Section Fifteen of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Under the heading of "Equality Rights" this section states:
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. (2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
I suppose since the Alberta Health Services in directly involved in this discriminatory policy, then the Alberta Government would have to be sued as well. It only makes sense.

And you know what? If they can get away with this for years @ RAH in downtown Edmonton, they can get away with it in any Hospital in Alberta. Since Alberta Progressive Conservative Association members are not actually capable of coming up with any new ideas in the last 40 years, this means that they have NO choice but to copy the American Privatization Model.
Need proof? Ask Doctor Raj Sherman, he is living proof of the implementation of the Ralph Klein era "Third Way".
And so it follows that this is a program that was born with the approval of Alberta Health Services and their SUPER Board, and is now a full integrated program running in the most strategically located hospitals in Alberta. It is logical that the Royal Alexandra is the WCB Approved Hospital for all of Northern Alberta including persons injured while working on the Oil Sands Projects.
My only hope is that some day someone pulls an access to information about "incentives", "bonuses" and Performance gratuities to Hospitals in Alberta that are administered by American Hospital Management Health groups.
They may even have funky names like "Grants", "Education bonuses", who knows.

Then and only then will the true nature of what goes on when you land in the Emergency Room at the Royal Alexandra Hospital be revealed.
The old saying of "follow the money", still holds true today.
I cannot afford to make these queries, the Gov. counts on this.
Find the money, and you find the crooks. It is that simple.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Patrick Clayton VS. The Alberta WCB seems like a fair fight to me.

I really do not know what the Schadenfraude Alberta Government & the WCB Alberta are so upset about. The WCB ab Claims Managers have been proven publicly in courts of law to be Chronic Liars, Chronic Fraud artists and Chronic Thieves ,robbing Millions from the hard working Albertans who contribute to this fund every single day.

The very fact that the Alberta Conservative Party never become alarmed when Millions of Dollars go missing from government institutes speaks Volumes about their integrity.
This has been going on for decades, the missing Billions is to enormous to calculate.

The Alberta WCB Claims managers have been proven in a court of Law to be Heroin addicts. The Alberta WCB Heroin & Cocaine addicted Claims Managers [CM's] have been proven in court's of law to rob Millions of dollars from hard working Albertans. Albertan workers pour Billions into this fund every year. But that is O.K. with Guy Kerr. Like who in the fuck hired this idiot? Sorry I meant PC Government appointed fascist. It must have been a really drunk fat white guy. This is the hard evidence of the PC Party of Alberta is a fascist party in my mind.

The corporations ARE MORE powerful than our PC Government, that makes Alberta a fascist regime. Now the proof is out that the national police force [RCMP] is chronically corrupt and covers up crimes within the force. Disturbing stuff. This is how fascist regimes operate, and will now move swiftly to enact hundreds of laws in a omnibus bill to suppress All political opposition. A fascist regime cannot function without a corrupt National Constabulary.
They [CCRAP] will enact laws to ban FREE SPEECH. Stephen the corporate megalomaniac will ram this bill through. Canada's new prisons are going to be required to house the political enemies of our corporately run State. With new powers for executives to sign your arrest warrant.
I watched them introduce this private bill in the House of Commons last year, look for it bundled in the new omnibus bill.

So I really fail to see what the big deal is. It seemed like a fair fight to me. I mean really, what else is a seriously injured worker to do? The entire Health Scare system in Alberta is so seriously infected with these venomous [WCB] creatures, they have their own army of crony Doctors who take kickbacks to deny treatments. These rent-a-docs pocket Millions of your hard earned WCB deductions for writing felonious doctor reports on seriously injured workers. What do you think would happen to such a doctor if he were to write such a report by error on a cop? I am only hypothesizing here, but I hypothesize there would be doctors flying out of windows if such a WCB faux pas would occur.

That is how deep this corporate Health Care infection truly is The entire Alberta Government & our Health Care is so FUBAR that their is NO WAY to fix this Alberta Health Services mess without Booting the entire corrupt gang of corporate gangsters [] from office.
Time to give these thugs the working end of your shitkickers. Kick these bastards to the curb by voting on election day. They are publicly setting us up for the flim-flam with news of missing voter Data.

What other recourse does a injured worker have, it is a legitimate rhetorical question. The seriously injured worker can not go to his MLA, or his MP because they are all a bunch of useless corporately corrupt conservative pricks who absolutely REVEL in watching seriously injured workers suffer. The entire system is set up so that if you are a seriously injured worker there is absolutely no possibility that you will ever get to see a specialist ever again in your lifetime. You will be unable to have any of your referrals to other specialists forwarded because the entire Alberta Health Scare system is designed around WCB Protocols, strictly with no exceptions. Since the WCB Protocols are simple in their vulgarity, administered by boastful deliberate "Shadenfraude minions", there is absolutely NO possibility that you will ever have your injuries treated. What other recourse would you suggest? I think it was a fair fight, The WCB Alberta only had a hundred cops with snipers and machine guns. Some free buses from their crony pal Stephen Mandel to evacuate 600 useless nepotist Government Schandenfraude workers out of harm's way, for the battle to take place.
One fucked up and strung out borderline Sociopath VS. 600 "Schadenfreude" Sociopaths.
Seems like a fair fight to me.
Why die a slow horrific death as a result of untreated workplace injuries?
Do you know why the Workers Compensation Board never tries their patented psycho-bullshit on Cops?
Because they know that the cops will show up with real guns and you know what? It is my hypothesis, that they [abused cops] will shoot somebody, that is why!
The only way this organization [wcb ab]could be so horribly Fucked Up, is that sociopathic psychopaths molding policy for Workers Compensation Board are suffering from Chronic "Schadenfraude" tendencies. Typically these positions are reserved for narcissistic megalomaniacs, and yes Corporate Doctors fit this profile too. I have serious concerns regarding the mental stability of Board Members and crooked college doctors that support these abusive treatment denial tactics. I mean what kind of jilted self loathing humans would allow this kind of behavior to continue. I mean really, these people have defective DNA, a side effect of bad human genes having generated distorted self esteem issues. This would be synchronous with their arthropod-like anti-social behavioral patterns. For any human to sit by and watch this human cruelty circus to continue is truly disturbing and paints a frightening picture of how f*cking demented these fascist bots truly are. Just like Germany in 1933. Adolf Hitler was right, his empire is going to last 1000 years, in Alberta ,where I believe the fascists have perfected rigging our elections, so we are hopelessly enslaved to the fascist conservative regime for eternity. People think of Nazi's when they think of fascists. Our present day neo-fascists are cleverly disguised in business suits. But their warped ideologue agendas are very similar. The German Industrialists simply wanted to monopolize the world and get filthy rich doing so. "Seig Heil mein Führer K*rr, Seig Heil".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The WCB Millard and my WCB Alberta Claims Manager Kim Kroetsch use threats and co-ercion to deny me treatment @ the WCB Millard Health Center

This is what they did to me. First of all, once you enter the WCB Millard Health Center they make you sign documents, then you get to meet one of their KOOK doctors. In my case it was Dr. Renchko, he mocked my broken back by telling me that "Lots" of people have steel parts in their bodies. I retorted, "Not in their Spines!"
Then the next day it was off to see the education people who on the surface seemed nice enough, until their education counselor met with me and gave me a "Job Add" for a forklift operator. What a joke, I told her I already had a job, it was called being a Pre-Engineered Ironworker.
Then it was off to meet their FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)Evaluator, she also seemed nice enough but completely ignored me when I showed her I could not stand straight up when I had a package in my hand crouching down. I demonstrated to her that the "ONLY" manner in which I could stand up holding weight in my hands was to rotate and turn my right knee to the right. I clearly demonstrated this to her. I had also told her about my neck problems that I had been experiencing since the day I was "evicted" from the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

Dr. HongXing Jiang had repeatedly refused to look at either my neck or my knee. He told me that he was only being paid to fix my back!

Just imagine, you too can be treated like shit @ the Royal Alex Orthopedic Surgery Center.
This is what privatized medicine in Alberta looks and feels like.
This is what happens when WCB AB dictates all Alberta Health Services surgical protocols in the province of Alberta.

I had asked the WCB Millard woman doing my FCE if she was writing down my physical problems. She stated, "There is nothing on here about those injuries".

It is interesting to note that immediately after the WCB Millard bogus Health Center woman completed my FCE, she led me into a room with no windows. But the room did have microphones and cameras mounted in the room.
She told me that I had to sign legally binding documents that stated that I was only there to have my broken spine treated and that I would be forbidden from claiming any other injuries.
This is the kind of fraudulent behavior that goes on @ WCB Millard Health.
It told her, "Why don't you sign them?"
She returned after sometime conferring with her crooked legal pals and co-conspirators and told me that I did not have to sign the documents.
"No Shit Sherlock", I told her.

The WCB AB Millard Health Center did with full knowledge and with willful malicious intent, use threats and co-coercion to force me to sign legally binding documents.

The WCB Millard Health did deliberately use threats, coercion and intimidation in their process of cutting me off of benefits. The WCB Millard Health routinely use these fraudulent techniques to intimidate seriously injured workers, who are under extreme physical and mental duress as a result of their injuries. The WCB Millard Health repeatedly uses threats and intimidation to force seriously injured workers into signing legally binding documents.

Note: I was not aware at the time of my abuse @ WCB Millard Health Center, that Dr. Leslie DeLima was making decisions regarding my care while I was heavily sedated with Morphine, and was determining precisely what injuries the Alberta WCB would allow the Royal Alexandra Hospital to treat.
I did not find out until later that Dr. Leslie DeLima is a WCB Alberta Doctor, working in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

So in reality, you are screwed from the day you get injured in Alberta.

If you are an American who is injured while working in the Oil Sands, have yourself flown to a Hospital in the United States immediately, for proper treatment!

Do not wait for the Alberta WCB to instruct the Alberta Health Services to fly you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where Alberta Health SCARE Services is working in 100% co-operation with the Alberta WCB Kook Doctors who are working diligently to commit heinous Health Care Fraud on YOU. You do not have enough money to fight these felonious bastards once they have committed these medical Health fraud schemes against you.

Do you want to know why Alberta Health Scare is so Fubar in Alberta? Because they are too busy trying to defraud seriously ill and injured workers, that is the WHY.

This is why they created the SUPER BOARD to spread the WCB Alberta CONTROL of Alberta Health Services across the entire health care spectrum in Alberta.

I believe that Alberta Progressive Conservative fascists are super corrupt and have designed this "Health-Scare" system to insure that hard working Albertans do "NOT" receive proper medical treatment for their injuries when they are hurt at work.

Because the Alberta WCB refuses to help me, I am consigned to injections to kill the nerves in my neck with Botox & cortisone shots for the rest of my life.

These crooked Alberta WCB bastards decided that I did not need my neck treated. I would never knowingly sign my rights over to the Alberta WCB crooks. Like WTF, who the hell wants to live in the shithole province of Alberta, when they gleefully treat our own citizens this way?
Is Dr Hong-Xing Jiang a Hack WCB kickback Surgeon? We will never know because Dr. Hong-Xing Jiang refuses to ever see me or write a legitimate diagnosis or long term diagnosis on my condition? I waited for a year after my doctor referred me to Dr. Jiang and he wrote 4 words in his assessment. Surgery will not help, was his assessment. Is this guy for real, Citizens of Alberta are expected to respect this man as a Surgical Spinal Specialist? C'mon who the hell are the PC's trying to fool? Is he one of the WCB Alberta hired Hack Surgeons? Does he owe the province of Alberta for bringing him here so he is forced to perform their WCB Alberta hack surgeries? Are the WCB AB & AHS threatening to send Dr. Jiang back home to China if he speaks out about these WCB Alberta Abuses? These are valid questions, that need legitimate answers. The evidence implies that a reasonable person with completely reasonable control of their faculties could only conclude that; not only did Dr. Jiang knew about the deliberate Health Care fraud being perpetrated by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, but because he refuses to come clean on what happened when I was admitted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, that he was likely complicit.

Don't worry though there is NO danger of this reaching a court of law, because the WCB AB system is set-up so that you will spend YEARS upon YEARS being screwed by the WCB Appeals Commission and you are likely to die before you ever get a chance for timely legal tort remedy in Hellberta.

The question remains about the Royal Alexandra Hospitals role & involvement.

Save yourself lots of pain and suffering and "DO NOT GO TO the Royal Alex Hospital", for orthopedic surgery.
I was born in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
I am living proof of what Shitty Fraud the Royal Alexandra Hospital will commit against you, as an injured worker.
You will be lying in bed dying in pain with a broken back, while the Hospital and the WCB Alberta conspires to screw you for "LIFE". This is how the Royal Alexandra Hospital's Orthopedic Surgery unit works, so
BEWARE! You have been forewarned.

Warning: U.S. Citizens do NOT allow them to take you the Royal Alex Hospital for treatment of your injuries. all citizens living and working in Alberta have the legal right to go to the hospital of their choosing. All rich Right Wing White Conservatives know this, and will never be caught alive or dead with the walls of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The heinous and malicious treatment I received at the Royal Alex Hospital Orthopedic Center raises some interesting legal questions: A. What kind of privacy laws are being violated each and every day
@ RAH?

I never signed any papers allowing the WCB of Alberta to make medical decisions on my behalf. If the Royal Alexandra Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Center tricked me into this type of signing under sedation, then they did so with malicious intent to a severely injured human who was under severe physical and mental duress.

There are a ton of truly disturbing legal questions that arise from my treatment by the Royal Alexandra Hospitals Orthopedic Clinic, and how they have abused me medically by refusing to ever see me again as a patient. And of how they[RAH] and the WCB ab are working in collusion to block ANY subsequent referrals to other legitimate orthopedic surgeons in the province of Alberta.

There are some severe PRIVACY issues arising from my abuse by the Royal Alexandra Hospital's Orthopedic Clinic.

If you go to this[RAH] hospital for orthopedic surgery and it all goes sideways, then you deserve what you get.

I was always suspicious of the first time I met him after surgery and every subsequent meeting with orthopedic "DR. PAIN!" He kept repeating, "Ahh, yu tu yung to retire!" It seemed like an awfully strange thing for an orthopedic doctor to say. Why would he say such a thing, knowing full well that the success rate of Spinal Fusion of the Lumbar is only about 40%. That is in terms of the victims of this surgery that will make a full recovery and return to work. Even those numbers are not accurate, since the Workers Compensation Boards of North America do not divulge their true statistics & data.

This is precisely why there is never going to be any possibility that you will receive either a fair hearing or fair treatment by the elaborate Government Sponsored Bogus Workers Compensation Scheme! EVER! This is Hellberta, and the corrupt political party in power known as the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta will never, ever allow any person to investigate this horribly corrupt bogus Workers Comp scheme. Why? Because Alison Redford who was the Justice Minister, is now the Premier. So in typical corrupt Conservative Party practices, she has decided to suspend the legislature. What a cruel trick on Democracy. She received evidence of corruption at the Appeals Commission on her desk. She returned a signed letter stating "There was no evidence!". I seen this evidence with my own eyes, and since she in her high office of power decided to "Look the other Way", that in my mind means that she is Corrupt. Right to the very core. This is standard operating procedure[SOP} for the string of do-nothing Justice Ministers who have occupied her Justice Minister office. If she was not, then they would never have allowed her to take over as the Premier. The only reason that she was made leader of her party is because they ( think that another broad will surely win the next election against the opposition parties.
And that is why you will never win against the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
I always thought that my case would culminate in a courtroom, and be able to tell my story to a Judge.
But, that will never happen, because the super crooked and corrupt Guy Kerr with full knowledge and control of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is too much of a crooked bastard to loosen the screws on seriously injured workers, even on little bit. He hides like a bug.
The super corrupt Conservative Party of Alberta will never help the little guy. Never happen!
So, let us review.
1. You are stupid enough to be taken to any of the Hospitals in Edmonton that are run by the large American Private Hospital Management Groups, and you are screwed from the day you enter their front door. Because they are working in full parity with the Workers Compensation Board and allowing Worker Compensation Doctors to make decisions regarding your own personal Medical decisions while you are in their Hospitals
2. You are sent home with "ZERO" support.
3. Your corrupt Surgeon who takes kickbacks for "NOT TREATING YOU", is on the payroll for the Workers Compensation Board.
4. Your Surgeon working in conjunction with Alberta Health Services, and the WCB AB will never allow you to see him or any other "Orthopedic Surgeons" ever again, in the province of Alberta.Never!
5. After 6 weeks of physiotherapy the Workers Compensation Board sends you to their super corrupt Millard Health Center, where they will complete their Medical Fraud against you.
6. After the Workers Compensation Board in concert with the Millard Health Center are done threatening seriously injured workers with termination of benefits, they will use any number of other fraud tools to ensure that they[WCB AB] exercise the maximum amount of coercion and intimidation against the claimant to FORCE claimants under duress, to sign Legally binding Documents.
7. Finally, you will be cut off of Workers Compensation Benefits and all medications and medical treatment forever in the super shitty province of Alberta.

WOW, what kind of sycophant would employ such tactics? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Guy Kerr, who else?
It is interesting to note that all these sociopathic employees of the Workers Compensation Board, all hide like bugs. Have you ever noticed this? It's true, they are so petrified that if they hang out on any social networks that really pissed off injured workers will track them down. They run and scurry from the light[Justice] like Cockroaches, have you ever noticed this?
They[WCB} all hide inside their "ROACH" motel, in downtown Edmonton, sucking the life out of hard working Albertans.
And this is why you will never be treated fairly by the WCB ab, it is impossible since the super corrupt PC Government has so entrenched corruption into our HealthScare system in Alberta that you will never win. Not in a million years.
It is a crying shame that this is what our Democracy has come to. We here in Alberta are living in a fascist run "Demockery", sad, truly sad.

I live for the day when a pissed off Alberta WCB claimant gets a hold of the sociopaths employee list. Releasing it on WikiLeaks would be priceless. Man will I laugh on that day! Can you imagine the panic that would permeate the Cockroach Motel in downtown Edmonton? Now that is what I would call Irony.

Wanton abuse of their information seems like an appropriate amount of Justice.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WCB Millard Health Center routinely use "Threats and Coercion" to intimidate Claimants into signing "Legally" binding documents!! BEWARE!

This is another sinister tactic employed by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, to trick seriously injured workers into signing legal documents, thus guaranteeing that claimants can never have their claims properly assessed or treated.
The WCB Millard Health Center is the perfect platform for launching these heinous crimes against seriously injured workers in Alberta.
Because the claimant[patient] who is in dire need of medical attention and a paycheque to support their families are in a corner, either they take what ever baloney sandwich is being thrown at them by these devious sycophants, or the claimant gets "nothing".
Those are your choices!
What kind of sicko "Sieg Heil" sociopath would come up with such a horribly sick and demented plan? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Guy Kerr.

"Seig Heil" is an appropriate salute to Guy Kerr, given his sick string of abusive accomplishments. I always put my finger under my nose and give a fake "Seig Heil" salute when I pass any Alberta Government offices, or the legislature. Or when ever I see one of their crony Gov. reps on the television. It signifies that I fully recognize my government as a fascist government.

Who else could be responsible for such a obviously fraudulent designed practice? A practice which is designed to load the gun that will be put to your head once you enter the Workers Compensation Appeals Commission Hearing.
The entire process at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta Millard Health[WCB AB] is nothing more than an elaborate hoax designed to force a seriously physically wounded and injured worker walk through a deliberately "Booby Trapped" mine field of fraudulently designed legal tools. These cleverly designed hoax's are custom tailored by the WCB Alberta to make the claimant perform "Legal Suicide" on themselves.
Good Job Guy Kerr[sic], for robbing the futures of seriously injured workers who were complete functioning contributors to society before they fell into the cleverly laid Legal Mine Field laid out by the Workers Compensation Board Alberta[WCB AB].
Judgment Day is coming.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WCB Alberta routinely uses their own "KOOK" doctors to defraud claimants of their WCB Pensions

This is a warning to all WCB AB Claimants. The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta routinely lies to claimants about doctors that they claim are approved IME's. Then they "Set you up" to meet one of their idiot rent-a-docs.
These are doctors who drag down Monstrous pay checks to write bogus reports on your medical condition.
This is just one more fraudulent tool the WCB Alberta has in it's enormous bag of deceitful tricks designed to lure you into a sense of "proper procedure". When in fact these felonious WCB AB tactics are such a daily routine they laugh about it.
The WCB of Alberta particularly loves to bask in the warmth of their fraudulent practices with this trick, because it is designed to break the spirit of the most battle hardened seriously injured WCB Alberta claimant.

Premier Alison Redford is a really big fan of looking the other way when evidence of WCB Appeals corruption was dropped on her desk in the case of Penny Caron. So give up any ideas of the government of Alberta helping you. Or Ottawa for that matter, remember all conservative politicians are crooks, it really is that simple. The only doctors who are approved to do IME's in Alberta are here in this link
But as we all know, the WCB Alberta[Guy Kerr] believes that all Albertans are stupid. The WCB Alberta treats all of their claimants as if they were retards. So as such, the WCB Alberta does not believe that you have enough brain cells to call them out on their endless string of fraudulent practices ,designed to stress the seriously injured worker past the breaking point.
Shitty performance in any organization "ALWAYS" starts at the top. The only way this organization could be so fucked up is, because the sociopathic psycho in charge of this giant "FRAUD SCHEME" is a closet sociopath, amongst other things. I mean what kind of psychotic weirdo would go around knowingly defrauding seriously injured workers of medications, medical treatment and the right to a decent living after suffering a career ending injury?
Really! This is a valid question that needs answering. This person would have to be a sociopath who suffers from psychotic killer fantasies, most likely the descendant of the loonie Seig Heil's of WWII fame. Like, honestly, what kind fucked up individual is this person? It is my expert opinion that a psychological evaluation should be conducted on the person in charge of this operation. His boss, who is also a square head as well, is obviously in doubt as well, when it comes to the stability of his mental state. The Nazi's never really disappeared, they just immigrated to North America and had children, and they now run some of the most critical institutions in North America now. We like to call them government and large corporations. This is nothing new really, considering that in World WarII corporations like the "COORS"[In Canada: Now owns Molson Breweries]corporation, FORD Motor Co. were openly supportive of the NAZI's in WWII. Fascists wanting to rule the world is nothing new. The German Industrialists have been working at this for a Century now. The difference today is that ALL Fascists want things to remain exactly as they are right now. Since Stephen Harper has taken over, the fascist Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists have no fear, and can openly intimidate any opponents who want change. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Fascist ideology is much more subtle today. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Government is now a group of professionals who are experts at fixing an election. I am sure that some of these special skills were learned by hanging around with their {PC Association of Alberta} old pal, Hung Pham.
Hung Pham was world famous for his election ballot box scam, and for "never" being present in the chamber at the Alberta legislature. Hung Pham later resurfaces in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hung Pham is on the board of directors for the "CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, HANOI", with his old scammer buddies the Aftergoods. And he has high powered friends like Dr. Lyle Oberg who will go to bat for his old Conservative Crony buddies. You should check out where all of our specialists from Alberta are going to be working when you cannot get a referral to one of them for years!! Get your Canadian International Hospital, Hanoi membership here!
Now, none of this would work unless you had a corrupt Justice Minister in your pocket, now would it? Dunt-tah-ta-dah! Poof! It is like magic, now lets make her Premier.
And now folks, you know the "Rest of the Story".
It wouldn't be so bad, but Premier Ed Stelmach appointed Hung Pham to the Alberta Treasury less than 2 years later!!! Like HELLO, if this does not ring alarm bells then I don't know what would. But hey, no worried mate, here in Alberta the entire Justice System is rigged. So there is no Justice. The Social Contract no longer exists, so as far as I can see this is wide open anarchy and you can do as you damned well please because none of the crooked cops, the crooked Justice Department members, or any of the crooked Conservative Politicians are going to do anything to help you. This is the reality in the dying days of 2011. Alberta and Canada are wide open pits of crooked government officials from top to bottom. Nobody in the government has even a tiny bit of accountability in their blood. The Justice Department in Alberta and soon to be in Ottawa are nothing more than giant "RUBBER STAMPS FOR CORPORATE CRIMINALS"!
So forget any ideas of taking these concerns to any elected Conservative official here in Alberta, they are all dirty.

Dr. Leslie DeLima is a WCB Medical Consultant @ The Royal Alexandra Hospital

Dr. Leslie DeLima is a Rent-a-doc for the Workers Compensation Board in the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

I don't care if you have to get off of your stretcher, and walk to the University Hospital, do it.

Do not get Spinal Surgery at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Orthopedic Surgery unit.
You have been warned!!
If you end up totally F/U for life, it is your own damned fault.

I am not playing nice with these assholes anymore, I am naming names of any crooked associates of the Alberta Government sponsored fraud organization known as the Workers Compensation Board. These sons-of-bitches{WCB Alberta} play mean, well you know what?
This is a two way street you are playing on.
You want to see mean, I can show you mean.
All of this is going on while all the super corrupt cops look on. The province of Alberta is saturated with crooked cops, right to the very top.
How do you think those cops up at Mayerthorpe ended up all dead?
Because the crooked cops are too busy partying with their corporate pals, that is how.
Crooked cops make me want to BARF!
What kind of sicko Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Fascist Society are we living in?
Honestly, this is a valid question. Where crooked cops in every Police Department is acceptable?
Fuck, this is no better than Egypt, or Libya. Goddamn criminals are running this province!

Dr. Jiang & the Royal Alexandra Hospital take kickbacks from the WCB Alberta to "NOT" treat serious back injuries!

I have come to the conclusion that there is no other explanation that the Orthopedic Clinic, in association with Dr. Jiang and an unknown number of other orthopedic surgeons @ the Royal Alexandra Hospital are taking kickbacks from the Workers Compensation Board. The kickbacks to spinal surgeons are to guarantee that Trauma patients who have had complications to their back surgeries will "NEVER", ever receive any additional treatment for their severe back pain and complications.
It is actually worse than that though, considering that 5 months ago I was admitted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital with severe back pain, and Dr. Jiang and the Orthopedic clinic @ the Royal Alexandra Hospital will not even refer me to another Spinal Surgeon in Calgary or any other major medical center in Canada or the United States.
What possible other explanation could there be? I cannot even get an appointment with a Spinal Surgeon here in Alberta, thanks Alberta Health Services[sic].
DO NOT ALLOW them to take you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, this is the Workers Compensation Boards preferred Hospital for seriously injured workers from Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories.
Why? Because of kickbacks and pay-offs is the only conclusion I can come to.
I can see no other explanation for the behavior of the Orthopedic Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
It is my observation and conclusion that the Royal Alexandra Orthopedic Clinic is obviously paid to look the other way, when it comes to patients who complain about complications suffered because they had their back surgery done at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
I find it positively offensive that Dr. Jiang in collusion with the Orthopedic Clinic will stop and no expense to block my referral to a truly reputable and decent Orthopedic Surgeon or Clinic. This is the horrible reality of being seriously injured in the province of Alberta.
Because useless public servants like the people who run the Health Quality Council are all in collusion to guarantee that I will never get any further treatment and will die a horrible death as a direct result of living with untreated Chronic Pain for over 5 years.
Sad and pathetic, is all I can say about what has happened to Health Care in Alberta.
This is what the Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist's have created to medically treat, guess who? Them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

WCB Alberta is waiting for the next Patrick Clayton to walk in their door.

Absolutely nothing has changed at the WCB Alberta since Patrick Clayton took a gun into the Workers Compensation Board Edmonton and took a bunch of hostages, nothing, zip, nada.
It is just business as usual at WCB Alberta, screwing hard working Canadians out of any kind of medical treatment for their injuries. All the BS that has been pumped out by the Minister of Employment is really nothing more that a big giant heaping pile of Bullshit. He seems good at it.
Bullshitting I mean. As a labour minister he is good at ensuring that plane loads of temporary foreign workers will be doing most of the grunt work up at Ft. McStinky. Or Ft. McSpooge, or Ft. McCrack, whichever you prefer. As far as a labour minister who is good at putting forward progressive policies that will increase the safety of workers, he sucks. I mean he really does suck at his job. He is able to make empty promises, and deliver some convincing platitudes, full of empty BS and completely devoid of any kind of substance when it comes to worker safety or actually wanting to participate in any kind of meaningful change in Alberta. Change that will prepare the workers in this province for the challenges that are ahead in an ever increasingly competitive global work environment.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is the "Workers Compensation Hospital"

This is a critical turning point at the beginning of a serious injury to a worker in Northern Alberta.
The Royal Alexandra Hospital has a secret agreement with the Workers Compensation Board and use its facility to "sister" doctors who are on the payroll for WCB Alberta. By doing so, the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is allowed by the Royal Alexandra Hospital to make "Critical" decisions regarding your medical treatment and your length of stay at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
Dr. Leslie DeLima would come into my hospital room, remove my neck-brace and squeeze my neck really hard. This resulted in me screaming owww! Dr. DeLima then stated that there was nothing wrong with my neck.
I responded, "THAT WAS YOUR TEST?"

Guess where Dr. Leslie DeLima works?
C'mon, guess.
Wow, you are incredibly intuitive! You got it on the first guess!
The Workers Compensation Board employs Dr. Leslie DeLima!
Here is the link to his office-- Dr. Leslie DeLima. Take note of his work address!!!
Dr. Leslie DeLima's work address is the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta

I am sick of these bloodsucking doctors robbing seriously injured workers in Alberta.
I would advise you to take appropriate action if this WCB Alberta Rent-a-doc comes anywhere near your personal space.
It is time to exercise your right to use "Reasonable Force", which is a legal doctrine.

These WCB Alberta medical HACKS, are hired medical assassin's that have only ONE Objective, and that is to mistreat your injuries.
Do whatever you have to do to get these weirdo's out of your face. I myself if I had known at the time, I would have made him spit Chiclets.
To this day, the Workers Compensation Board Alberta totally denies my neck injury, despite the fact that I fell backwards from altitude, flat on my back with enough force to break my Hardhat!
Of Course No Investigation was initiated.[sic]

If you want the hack artists to go at your spine, then I encourage you to seek treatment at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. You will never recover and will suffer interminably for the rest of your life, that is my opinion based on my experience in the Hellpit of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

I want to know exactly at what point did "any" individual who is seriously injured; sign on to this clandestine medical agreement between the Alberta Health Services[Alberta Government} and the Royal Alexandra Hospital? This is a valid question that needs to be answered. Even if you are flown to this hospital from northern Alberta or from the Northwest Territories, it is imperative that you get yourself transferred out of the facility known as the Royal Alex as soon as possible {a.s.a.p.}. This is how the Workers Compensation Board Alberta, under full control of the Government of Alberta{Alberta Health Services}, ensures that you as a seriously injured worker will only receive the absolutely "BARE" minimum when it comes to treatments for a person who has received serious injuries as a result of a serious trauma accident suffered at work. The Alberta Government knows that in the course of events over the lifetime of an injured worker trying to get treatment, that this will result in the aforementioned injured worker "NEVER" receiving proper care for his/her injuries that they suffered while at work.

This is the primary reason that the Alberta Government has "CENTRALIZED" the AHS or they are better known as the Alberta Health Services.
Why don't you ask the EMT's how being employees of the commie state of Alberta has worked out for them?
Alberta centralized all services so it would have supreme dominion over how seriously injured workers from the north are treated in Edmonton.
The did so that as a seriously injured worker in Edmonton, you will "NEVER" have your referrals forwarded to specialist surgeons and doctors in Calgary. "NEVER!"
No treatment, No specialists report, No surgeons reports === equal you get "ZERO" on your injury claim with WCB Alberta.
And that is how the system is set up to work, and it works just fine as far as Alison Redford the Premier of Alberta and her entire fascist party are concerned. Those are the facts folks, plain and simple!
How very fascist of them. Is this communist China or Canada? I can't tell anymore.
Heed my words and beware of where you receive your care!!
The rest of your life hinges on the decisions that you make early on in your injury!
This is just one more way the Alberta Government works overtime, to ensure that you get LESS.
Sad and pathetic in what is supposed to be a democracy.
Feels more like a fascist regime to me.
Get mean with these f**king dick-heads, let them know we are on to their evil scheme.

Do not be nice to these Government Gangsters!
It is time these people come to know that we the people are pissed right off!
And we are not going to take this crap anymore.

Thanks Moammar Stelmach![sic] And Alison the Hun.
Good Luck and Godspeed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

WCB Alberta "Forces" Injured Workers to Commit Suicide

Truly without question the most serious heinous crime that the Alberta Workers Compensation Board commits is; the fact that the WCB AB abusive claims managers "Force" workers to commit suicide.
Because the worker is put on a endless bureaucratic treadmill to absolutely "nowhere", the seriously injured worker is force into a very deep depression. The total sum effect of this sort of horrible mental pain being deliberately inflicted on seriously injured workers, is that their pain and suffering only deepens. The feeling of helplessness to change your own destiny is so horribly torn down, to the point of where you reach something I like to call the "Who gives a fuck" zone. Once you have reached this level, there may be no pulling you back from the precipice. Mental anguish can reach a point where the precipice becomes so large, that you see yourself standing on the edge of a great gorge. You can feel yourself being pulled into this great Abyss, more and more as the deep sorrow in you heart continues to grow. This feeling of pain and helplessness can only reach a maximum point where the victim can no longer live in this horrible prison they have been condemned to. The victim feels at this point, living in this terrible paradigm is no longer tenable. Because the victim is no longer able to live with the terrible pain that they are physically suffering from with absolutely "NO" possibility of treatment, the victim is able to consciously able to construct a model in their mind of how, where, when and in lucid detail how they will end their own life. A man without hope has nothing to lose. This is the paradigm of the society that the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta has created for seriously injured workers in Alberta. It is a deep dark pit of hopelessness the seriously injured worker is thrown into, with absolutely no possibility of the government and the evil Workers Compensation Board ever throwing the badly wounded worker a lifeline. Alberta, Canada has been morphed into a corporate fascism worshiping society. So the seriously injured workers feels trapped and abandoned by society. As the lack of enough funds to pay their bills and the absence of being active contributing members of society; this forced paradigm only serves to deepen the sadness and ultimately the depression level of the seriously injured worker. As time goes on, the seriously injured workers friends no longer call, or stop by. This detachment from the social network they were used to only further isolates and grinds down the ability to stave off deep depression. But, in the end what truly will push the seriously injured worker over the edge is the loss of hope. When the worker discovers that something they were so desperately hoping for, like appeals that drag on for years fall through; as a deliberate character assassination trap was laid for an innocent man turns into a crucification.
They crucified Jesus. For what? Trying to help people? In the Canadian modern age, the ultra-right wing Christian fundamentalists have molded and shaped the collective mindset of our society to believe that somehow this seriously injured worker is somehow at fault in this hopelessly swirling pit of government trough feeders. One of my injured worker friends was arrested last week for hanging a noose in his front yard. You know society is funny because, after something happens, they people always ask the question; "Were there any signs?" Yes, but here in the land of Christian fundamentalism {Definition}, nobody cares. We all know what the driving force behind the Stelmach government's policies are on mental health. They are too cheap to help seriously injured workers who are in true perilous mortal danger.
This is no surprise, because this is how a right wing Christian fundamentalist government works. We all know who runs Alberta, the kobassa klan.
They don't flaunt themselves in public these days, their intent is implied now rather than stated. That is no longer socially acceptable, yet the underground network lives on.
And so it goes, in Hellberta where people will actually stand in their front yard to watch their neighbor die. All the crooked cops {RCMP included}stand around watching all the crime and corruption go on unfettered. How can anyone respect the law, when they[cops] do not respect the people. The Police Departments of Alberta are despicably shameful, that they will watch all the fraudulent crime being committed by the Alberta Workers Compensation Board and "Do-nothing". How can any human pull on that uniform when they know for a fact that they themselves are deliberately "LOOKING THE OTHER WAY"; and actively discriminating against an identifiable group {Seriously injured Workers}. Shameful, truly shameful that this is allowed to continue in what claims to be a democracy. I have no respect for crooked politicians or the crooked cops that keep them in power.
This is Alberta.
Democracy doesn't stop by here anymore.
Got it?

ALL Injured Workers BELIEVE that Patrick Clayton's BIG mistake is that he failed to pull the trigger

  Looking back on all the BS that has happened in this hell-pit province since Patrick Clayton walked into the offices of the Workers Compensation Board in downtown Edmonton in 2009, I have come to the realization that the only thing that Patrick Clayton fucked up on, is that he did not pull the trigger.
  I arrived at this conclusion explicitly by means of talking with hundreds of Seriously Injured Workers here in Alberta. Because I maintain a Serious Injured Worker Blog, I was inundated with a massive amount of phone calls from other injured workers who were suffering the same abuse by the WCB as myself. I also received the very same response from Injured Workers that I met through protests and meeting with other Injured Workers, they all SHARE in this opinion of how the events of that day unfolded.
  How could this be? The explanation is very simple, because Seriously Injured Workers who have been put through the WCB Grinding Mill all know how super corrupt the WCB is. Injured Workers ALL know how super corrupt the Alberta Justice System is and how CORRUPT Top Alberta Justice Officials and Ministers ARE! This is not mere banter, this is an undeniable FACT of living in Hellberta.
  Seriously Injured Workers who have tried to have their cases heard in a fair and impartial review mechanism have fully discovered by participating in this bogus and Super Corrupt WCB and WCB Appeals mechanism, that the Alberta Government is corrupt and ROTTEN to the CORE.
 Because Patrick Clayton did not pull the trigger and at least wound at least one (1) hostage, there was never, EVER going to be any investigation ordered into the entire Hostage Taking fiasco that day. Injured Workers immediately recognized that our super corrupt Alberta Government of PC Old Boys would CRUSH any efforts to order a public inquiry into the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. As such the people of Alberta would NEVER know and would NEVER find out ALL of the events that led up to day when Patrick Clayton walked into the Workers Compensation Board in October of 2009 with a hunting rifle.
 The only reason there was no investigation of that day or that event is because the Alberta Progressive Conservative Association {Government of Alberta} is a gang of crooks as far as I am concerned. The righteousness of the Christian Right cannot help but bleed through the Alberta government's phony facade in this "white is right" province. I mean how can any reasonable person come to any other conclusion in the hell-pit province? The Justice Department which was headed up by Alison Redford, she was in charge of the Justice department for the last couple of years, and she did "Nothing". So in the typical fashion of the crooked Alberta Government, Ed Stelmach halts any investigation into the incident and the entire episode of hundreds of people running into the streets terrified is swept under the carpet.

  Nothing EVER changes in 1959 Hellberta, until the "next" Patrick Clayton appears.
This seems innocent enough for the Alberta government to do nothing, on the surface.
But really, what does happen the next time?
  This is a 100% legitimate question. A question that needs answering.
How many lives will be lost?
1,2, 5, 10, possibly hundreds. Who knows, it is nothing but pure speculation at this point.

  So it is plausible to come to this conclusion in the logical corners of sane humans in complete control of all of their faculties for sane human brains to say, "Oh, well no big deal the WCB Alberta will have to pay for that."
No, you are incorrect, because in the world of litigation and financial responsibility, the Government of Alberta will be on the hook.
Taxpayers will foot the bill, because the Government of Alberta is culpable. Why? Because they knew about the danger, and still did nothing to change the Alberta Workers Compensation Board practices. This fact only magnifies what a blatant disregard for public safety, and the complete absence of any sense of a Duty of Care towards the safety of all workers the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta has. The relationship between advocates of public safety and the Alberta Government is nothing less than "Toxic", to say the least. Typical of a right wing Christian fundamentalist government now run by a broad who is no sharper than the broken end of a lead pencil. The Christian fundamentalists are doing a great job of selling a right wing Christian fundamentalist as a "crusader of human rights"? What a cruel joke on humanity and the people of Alberta.
Alberta Newsflash: There is no such thing as a Conservative Alison Redford: Crusader for human rights!
 It is only a clever public relations [PR] moniker to make Alberta's Medusa of "Law Reform" more politically appetizing to the masses of dullard, desensitized Alberta drones, who are obviously gluttonous for more "Christian fundamentalist" corporal punishment. The current state of this despot state[Alberta], is truly a sad statement of how lazy and cowardly Albertans are when it comes to standing up for their rights.

"In the United States Declaration of Independence, the British government is cited to have been reducing the American people under absolute despotism.
"But when a long train of abuses and usurpation's, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security".

The Conservative right wing fundamentalist government of Ed Stelmach tanks, so a gang of old fat men, hopelessly bloated from feeding at the public trough for 40 years now is in charge of deciding who runs this province? What a joke.
 This truly is fascism brought to the Americas by descendants of the Sieg Heil Waffens. The Waffens were non national fascist dogmatists from every country in Europe. The Waffens were from Poland, Czechoslovakia, all of the surrounding Slavic countries, there were even some from France who believed in the Nazi Fascist doctrine. They all had a undying belief in the fascist dogma.
 Alberta is a pathetic pseudo Democracy. People forget that the German fascists were industrialists first, and then they morphed into the fascists. Hitlers fascists were really in-fact greedy industrialists that took it too far, and the allies had to go kick their ass.
And now they are reborn in Canada and the States[Republican Party GOP]. Remember the Republican Party was saturated with the KKK. Do you think all those GOP[Good Ol' Boys] just up and died? This is the party Canadians now worship? Really?
  Then the first act of the new despot Lawyer broad is to suspend the legislature? While the corporate Media cheers on! Fascists, is the only word which truly describes these political dogmatists of Alberta. It is my belief that Alison Redford has to suspend the legislature, so that no prying eyes or pesky politicians can question her, or debate her despot reign. I believe that the Right Wing Christian fundamentalist movement needs this time to properly snuff out any mouthy opponents, particularly in the Health-Scare Arena[e.g. Gary Mar is the reigning Champ at this PC sport]. Suspicious don't you think that he is resurrected from the "Millionaire's Party House" in Washington, and brought back here to Hellberta? For what purpose? Political assassination[figuratively speaking] is a messy business you know, particularly when it comes to professionals. I believe that Alison Redford is going to wield Gary Mar as her political "tough guy", to snuff out any rumblings of opposition to the Alberta fascist government.
  This is after-all Gary Mar's true skill-set; intimidation, degradation and character assassination of medical professionals, right?[rhetorical question] According to public record, he is largely credited with building "The Medical Meltdown model". I put degradation in there because this is what a human being feels when you strip them of their right to earn a proper livelihood for their families[sound like WCB Alberta?]. Character assassination is the specialty of the Alberta Government! Redford and her clan know how to pick the "Baconator Assassasin". So in a nutshell what the Alberta Progressive Conservative Association[AB Gov.] does to people: Strip them of their inalienable Right to the Pursuit of Happiness, and their right to "security of person". When you strip a man of his right to earn a living; by attacking his character, at that moment you have stripped this man of his "security of person". This whole leader charade is nothing more than a clever facade for business as usual in the PC Caucus.
So, as they say; "We shall see."
History has no time line with destiny.
History writes itself.

WCB Millard routinely forges documents!

This is a warning to all injured workers, when you are admitted to the WCB Millard Health Center, the WCB Millard regularly and with impunity, will forge medical documents to deny WCB AB benefits to seriously injured workers.
So beware!
Do not leave this facility {Millard Health Center} or any of their kooky, rent-a-docs offices without the doctors report in your hand. If the doctor cannot provide you with the report at that moment then have him fax or e-mail it to you. Or return the next day and get it.
Because the WCB Millard people working in conjunction with the Claims managers will "FORGE" the doctors report by inserting all of their own text, and then send this to you denying you benefits.
This is a routine practice at the WCB Alberta's Millard Health Center.
Alberta is a fascist run state, so don't worry about the crooked government or any of the crooked cops that saturate this province coming to investigate.
Give that idea up right now, since Alison Redford the corrupt lawyer will never investigate the WCB Millard Health Center or the Alberta Workers Compensation Board, EVER!
Alison Redford is one of them!
In my mind you cannot convince me this broad is not corrupt right to the very core. She is a conservative and in my mind they are all crooks. Besides, a injured worker friend of mine took all of their evidence of the corruption going on even at the WCB Appeals Commission, and Alison Redford returned a hand signed letter saying their was "NO Evidence".
Typical Conservative Party of Alberta response.

If you know about corruption and you look the other way, "YOU ARE CORRUPT!"
And now all the greedy conservatives have elected HER as the leader of our province.

Democracy is dead in Alberta!
Justice is dead in Alberta!
The separation of the Judiciary and the Executive office of the Government no longer exists.
Thus, this can only mean that the "Social Contract is dead!"
So, really, it is every man for himself in the new world order community that has been created by the fascists in Alberta.
Read about what happens when the "Social Contract" is broken in the study of English Common Law.

Lets look at the evidence, oh hey guess what the Premier of Alberta Alison Redford a former lawyer and top Judiciary official as her first official act of corruption decides that she will go ahead and suspend the legislature.
On who's authority? The fascists?
Really this is no surprise to me, given that I have seen the evidence of her corrupt ways with my own eyes.
So give up any ideas you have of the cops, the Justice System or any of the 100 useless MLA's every helping you with allegations of forgery, corruption, manipulation of documents or evidence here in the province of Alberta.
No matter which part of the world you come from you will be able to spot the corruption that carpet blankets the province of Alberta immediately.
It is universal, conservatives are corporate crooks worldwide. It does not matter which country in the world they come from conservatives are crooks, plain and simple.
You do not need a education to be able to see what is really going on here.
This is Hellberta, and even the highest legal office in the land the Premier's office will not help you.
Why? Because a conservative lawyer occupies that office!
And guess what? She is not taking any questions, "ESPECIALLY" if they are from legally elected representatives of the voting public!!
This place is just like Brazil, Columbia, name any crooked country in the world and that is Canada now. This is the new reality of living in Canada, the largest safe house for crooked conservative despots in North America.
Corporations run Canada now, and their head puppet despot is propped up by big Oil companies.

By obtaining the reports from even doctors or specialists that are not within the confines of the WCB Millard Health Center, you will have an accurate record of what the doctor really wrote.
So then you have got them, give up any ideas that you have of prosecuting these criminals, because here in the province of Alberta, our judiciary system is so corrupt that this kind of crime will never see the light of day because of the crooked Alberta Justice Department.
However, this will be a useful tool for you to file an appeal with.
So, to review, no matter which doctor you go to please remember to ask for a copy of his report before you leave. Even if you have to wait for it.
It is the only way to insulate yourself from the crooked devious tricks of the Alberta Workers Compensation Millard Health Center.

Good Luck and Godspeed.

The Alberta Health Quality Assurance Council is run by crooks

Well here we are, and look we have discovered yet "Another" layer of useless Alberta Government Employees who sit around getting fat off the hog while abusing patients who are seriously in need of medical treatment. What a joke. I was admitted to the Workers Compensation hospital, better know as The Royal Alexandra Hospital on April 25th, 2011 after they pulled me from the CT Scan machine @ Meadowlark, after being pulled from the MRI Scan machine screaming. The ER doctor, told me that I need an operation on my spine for ruptured and bulging discs. That was 5 months ago. I have repeatedly phoned the Health Quality Council, but nobody returns my calls.
How convenient. This is a sicko province, run by sickos and this is just one more layer of useless government cronies that get to feed off the public tit, and spend all their time at the Pork-barreling trough. These people are an enormous drag on our public resources, because the serve absolutely "NO" purpose.
It does not help that on the top of the heap of useless people, is Ex-WCB CEO John F. Cowell. This guy is used to saying no.
Dr. John F. Cowell was on the board of the now failed HRG (Health Resource Group)/Networc. Healthchoice Corp. offering private surgery in the old Holy Cross Hospital in south Calgary.
Alberta just keeps on regenerating these tired old cronies like Dr. John F. Cowell, and morphing them into a new crony created position to waste taxpayers dollars like the newly created Health Quality Council of Alberta that is supposed to report on Health Care access. What a joke.
Alberta is now the most retarded province in Canada.
Alberta is now home to the largest gang of useless overpaid retard cronies in Canada.
And still I get NO treatment.
Like, WTF is going on in Hellberta?

Alberta Workers Compensation is a Terror Organization creating homeless Injured Workers

I truly believe that the WCB Alberta is an active Terror organization designed to inflict harm and to medically abuse and financially Terrorize seriously injured workers. The proof is in their Denial of treatment for seriously injured workers. The very fact that my Blog exists is 100% testimony to the this fact.
Why? Because they are propped up by the crooked Stelmach government {insert any Alberta Progressive Conservative Party Crony name here: hey Reford Corruption comes POURING out!} and their crooked Justice Department.
It is by no coincidence that the last Justice Minister was Alison Redford.
As such the Alberta WCB has free rein to impinge any kind of terrible denial of medical services it deems unnecessary. They do not even have to pay for a bed, for a man with a broken back.
They don't pay for anything, nothing. Not even my medications, which can run upwardly into the thousands per month.
  The Alberta WCB Terror organization is allowed to wantonly abuse seriously injured workers, without fear of any kind of Judicial punishment. Why? Because the Alberta Justice Department is super CORRUPT, right from TOP to Bottom. The WCB of Alberta is allowed to go ahead and deny releasing the complete file to a seriously injured worker who is seeking to file an appeal.
The do so under the protective umbrella of the Justice Minister Redford and the crooked PC government.
  The last Justice Minister was a crook and corrupt as far as I am concerned, and the retard who replaces her is obviously by PC Party default no different.
The WCB Alberta Terror organization has the full support of the pervertedly corrupt Justice Department, so give up any ideas you may have of holding someone responsible.

  Responsible Government is not in the ideological dogma papers of the Right wing Christian Fundamentalist, you will not find the word "Accountability" within their PC fascist ideology operators manual.

Why hard working people of this province would pay even one dime into this bogus WCB injury insurance program is completely beyond even my wildest possible imagination.
These people within the Alberta WCB produce nothing.
The Alberta WCB creates nothing.
These people are only the first layer of useless and overpaid, lay-about do-nothing government workers feeding off of the suffering of others.
In my mind, They are just one more money-sucking arm of the crooked and corrupt Alberta PC Government.
Just like our government, this terror organization produces absolutely NOTHING.
They do not produce a product of any value, just like the Alberta PC Association. Just another useless layer of do-nothing laggards, sucking hard working Albertans dry in the form of "another" hidden tax in Alberta.
  Hidden Tax, because the Alberta WCB "downloads" all the medication costs, the ambulance rides, all my medical, all my dental care, all my vision care and my living expenses 100% directly on to the taxpayer. How in the Fuck is this legal in even the most perverted spaces of your sick fuck mind Guy Kerr you useless fuck.
The Alberta WCB produces NO product of any practical use or a tangible product of value.
So as such they serve no purpose.
Other than to drain hard working people of WCB Injury Insurance costs, while not medically treating them or physically fixing them so that they can get on with their lives.
These useless tits of society are sucking the lifeblood out of hard working people, while medically terrorizing seriously injured workers.
Since when was it acceptable for our government to; "willfully" and with 100% deliberate "malice", medically torture seriously injured workers?
Only fascists would support such a program of deliberate medical denial.
Only a super corrupt fascist government would sweep such an event under the table.
Welcome to Hellberta.
Don't get hurt!
You WILL live to be sorry for that event!

CPP Disablilty Office of the Appeals Tribunal

The purpose of my is to educate other injured workers and injured persons of the endless series of roadblocks thrown up by the Alberta Workers Compensation Board. It is also to educate seriously injured workers to all the dirty little tricks the WCB Alberta will deliberately employ acting with full willful malice. What this means is that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta will gleefully break the law, because they know they can act will completely unfettered interference from the Justice Department which is headed up by any number of cronies of Ed Stelmach and his crooked government. It does not matter which baloneyhead is put in the Premiers seat, because the next retard will act the same way the last retard did. The Ultra-right wing Conservative government of Alberta is 100% controlled by the Oil Companies and that is a fact. Alison Redford was taken some remarkable evidence of corruption at the Appeals Commission Tribunal and the evidence was hand delivered. Alison Redford returned a signed letter stating that there was "no evidence"! Stunning revelation right?
Not in Alberta. Why? Because this province is nothing more than a puppet regime of the Oil Companies and has been for decades. So with a pile of cronies running the Justice Department, there is "NO" Justice. The separation of the Executive Branch of the Alberta Government and the Judiciary no longer exists. Sadly most people are neither aware of, or care that our Democracy evaporated in this province many years ago.
So if you have any deluded ideas of holding this government to account, well you can give those ideas up right here and now.
You have to approach this problem {permanent disability as a result of a workplace accident} from the perspective that you are fighting a gang of crooks. Alison Redford and her replacement are an embarrassment to the practice of Law.
What most injured workers fail to realize is that these bogus Appeal panels for the WCB Alberta
are really nothing more than an employment program for tired old lazy crony bureaucrats, who are looking for a free ride paycheque on the backs of hard working men and women across this province.
These lazy lay about do-nothing panels are not confined to Alberta, nor are they confined to the provincial governments. The federal government is absolutely saturated with redundant, completely useless piles of blood sucking, money grubbing pals of the government. So, what does this mean for Joe Blow? It means you get zero. It means that all those years you spent busting your balls, and breaking your back are being funneled into a "Make Work" program for cronies of the government.
These lazy lay-about, do-nothing overpaid bureaucrats are the single most grossly overpaid burden on our economy and on the tax bill for Canadians. There are multiple levels of these useless public servants throughout the Alberta Workers Compensation Board, and the Alberta government as a whole. Same in the Federal Government.
I went to my CPP Disability Hearing. As I suspected this was not a disability hearing but rather a crucification of my character and my medical condition.

Do NOT attend a Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals Hearing without a lawyer present. If you do so, then you do so @ your own peril.
To my horror, I just learned:

The Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals does not keep any minutes of the meeting!!!
How convenient. I am advised by Sahar Bones who was my advisor that there is no need for a lawyer and then I am subjected to what amounts to a political motivated character assassination.
The broad who verbally attacked me in the meeting asking me if I used "Heroin", like What the Hell is going on in Ottawa?
Then she continued rapid fire questions like, well do you use Cocaine?
Like WTF is going on?
Is this how all hearings are conducted at the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals?

This is the problem with Canada and the province of Alberta. This is what the Conservative Party of Canada is capable of creating in their new fascist regime.

This is just one of millions of the sad and pathetic abuses of office that the Conservative Fascists are capable under the rule of the biggest danger to Democracy this country has ever faced, Stephen Harper.
Conservatives are capable of one thing, creating layers and layers of useless government bureaucracies that serve "No" purpose, other than to funnel large paycheques into the hungry mouths of their cronies.
This kind of character assassination by cronies of the crooked Conservative Party of Canada, is now the new norm for a government that is only capable of creating ONE think. CRONY PORK BARRELING.
Stephen Harper will go down in history as the Prime Minister that has created the largest PORK BARRELING Scheme in Canada's history.
And so it goes, when you become seriously injured at work, in Alberta, the pain and humiliation of being medically denied treatment and even the most basic needs of a seriously injured worker will become even more traumatic when you discover that in the modern Canada, you will be left to kill yourself out of pure frustration and suffering at the hands of the evil new reality of the Harper regime.
The province of Alberta is a hell pit of human suffering and degradation at the hands of the Fascist Alberta Progressive Conservative Association.
If you get hurt at work, get a lawyer and sue your employer for any lack of safety on their sit

WCB Alberta is solely interested in representing the companies, "NOT" the workers.
As such they will deliberately "not" conduct an accurate in-depth investigation of the accident.
Thus leaving you as the injured worker, without ANY evidence of what happened.
This is how Alberta Conservatism works.
You have to strike and strike fast, in these matters.
Get a lawyer, and tell him you want to sue your employer for not properly looking after you.
Don't say it is a WCB case, you will pretty much be on your own there, but you can sue your employer for safety violations and other infractions, like oh lets say, not calling a ambulance when you become injured.
95% of all lawyers I have ever met know absolutely nothing about WCB. They will take your money and bleed you dry and achieve nothing. There are some, but very few who will take a WCB case, I know, I tried for years.

Don't believe that the CPP Disability will help, because Harper and his evil cohorts have managed to bastardize that department too.
Canada is rapidly becoming a shit-hole third world country where you have NO RIGHTS.
I don't want to live anymore because it is too depressing, to know that we live in a country that is
is treating its disabled workers like shit.
Canada sucks.
No wonder Edmonton is the suicide capital of Alberta. Probably Canada.
I cannot even get any agency to buy me a bed.
I cannot live like this any longer.
There is no end to the suffering.
This is Canada?
Where did it go?
Canada treats people like trash.
I did not grow up in such a country.
And I certainly don't want to watch Canada flushed down the drain.
Harper looks after that.