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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Lost Days" in my HALO of Chronic severe untreated Back Pain

 I am just beginning to emerge from the painful winter of 2015/16 as the Lost Days of winter give way to the hope of a mild spring to help ease the severe Arthritis Pain that I suffer from as a direct result of my broken back. The weather changes of winter have an enormous impact on my life, in that I suffer from severe pain events typically approximately 2 days before a weather event occurs. This means that I can become so overcome with chronic back pain that I am unable to even get out of bed for more than a couple of hours each day during the coldest months of the calendar year. For the month of December and January this means that there are potentially entire weeks that I will be unable to function at even the most minimal levels of physical performance, and I am talking about just the ability to perform every day tasks like driving to the store for essential needs. The severity of these winter chronic pain events has continually ebbed upwards over the years as I am strictly forbidden from seeking treatment from ANY Spinal Orthopaedic Specialists within the province of Alberta. The Alberta Health Services and the WCB of Alberta in "Lockstep" have co-ordinated their medical ATTACK on me specifically for the express purpose of denying me access to proper, timely and relevant medical care for treatment of my severe Chronic Back Pain condition.
 For those injured workers who do not know, this is the ONLY way in which the WCB can ensure that the medical torture they unleash on injured workers will have the most severe and punitive results, IS if they have the FULL SUPPORT of the Alberta Health Services organization to DENY diagnostic and medical treatments, and to fully BLOCK ACCESS for severely injured workers that truly NEED ACCESS to the Alberta's Healthcare system for treatment.
I have been living the dream that the new NDP Government of Alberta would bring about change in the Alberta Health Services, but as the months drag on it looks to me like the new boss is the same as the old boss. For the Alberta Government Unions everything is A-OK as far as they are concerned when it comes to Govt. workers and the WCB because they are dealt with in a very DIFFERENT way from everyday workers who are NOT Union and are NOT Govt. workers, they get Special Preferental Treatment. If you don't believe me, please SEE: Firemen and Cops.
 Have you EVER heard of a Cop or a Fireman having trouble with their WCB claim? No, that is because they are automatically "Fast-tracked to treatment" in ALL of the treatments that they seek.

The government workers are at the very Pinnacle of the food chain when it comes to seeking or receiving Medical Care in Canada.
 Then comes the second class of medical patients in Canada called the general population. After them in comes the third class called welfare recipients, then comes the fourth class of citizen called Immigrants and Refugees. The Fifth Class of Medical patients in that Alberta would naturally be delegated to the indigenous peoples of Canada, the native people would naturally not even be put on the list so that AHS could free up space for white people, right?
And finally comes the very LAST in Canada's very own CAST SYSTEM of medical treatment and those are called Severely Injured Workers that the WCB of Alberta and the Alberta Health Services have designated and identified as non-compliant WCB Claimants that are TARGETED for medical abuse and a blanket across the board denial of access to services. Severely injured workers with a severe back injury are at the very BOTTOM of Alberta's CAST SYSTEM of delivering Health Care, just as Ralph Kline had intended, Booyah for AB Hillbilly culture of 1959!

Through this all, and despite the repressive and severely punitive medical retaliation of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, I am not bitter with the gang of Do-nothing Government Workers who have made this their mission to deny me ACCESS to proper and timely medical care and diagnostic treatments for my severe medical condition. I feel no anger towards these shadenfraude medical hacks, that are empowered by a conservative government medical strata that seeks revenge against those who would stand against their exteme punishment of Workers whose only crime against the state was the crime of simply "Showing up for work!" I look at the gang of Do-nothing slackers we call the WCB of Alberta and can feel nothing but pity for these people like Kim Kroetsch and Colleen Bamford and the do-nothing slacker manager Trevor Dill, because there is NO private business in the world that will provide the pay scale that these government Slackers get from the WCB, for the WCB's perverted privilege of watching these slackers sit around all day and jack off.      The slovenly government slackers will find that when they leave their overly generously compensated do-nothing slacker jobs at the WCB of Alberta, there are NO companies in the world that are prepared to pay them an equal amount for their hillbilly College degree, NONE, zero, nada.

 The final tally of the number of "Lost Days" has amassed itself into a very large number of days that I never got to enjoy like the rest of the human beings in Canada. Laying in bed and trying not to move is the ONLY way that I can try to avoid the severe non ending Chronic Back Pain that I suffer, it has robbed me of my enjoyment of life and the pursuit of happiness. Watching your life pass you by because you are bed ridden in severe pain burdens me with a feeling of terrible loss, a loss of a life not enjoyed. This is a tragedy that a man in his prime of his life would be robbed of his ability to earn a living, and of the privelege of seeking medical treatment for an injury suffered while at work, this is a tragedy of the Mirage we pretend is the awesome way of life in Canada.
 So when my roomies ask me how I am feeling while I am lying in bed suffering, I always respond with "It's just another LOST Day in Hellberta." For me the months of December and January deliver a punishing blow of severe pain that cuts me out of most activities in the Tar Glop Hellhole of Edmonton. I honestly do not think that I can survive even 1 more winter here because of the Billions of Tons of water (H2O) that is artifically injected into the Edmonton sky each and every day during the coldest blasts of winter descending from the Northwest Territories. This is NOT the Alberta I grew up in, this is a new artificial environment of severe cold mixed with Billions of Tons of WATER injected into the Edmonton atmosphere in order to cool the Tar Glop operations at the massive refineries that surround this city. This is why we suffer from so many severe FOG events in the coldest months of the year in Edmonton and especially to the north of the city from the massive Tar Glop refining plants at Fort Saskatchewan. This artifical weather makes is so that on most days I simply CANNOT go outside in the Super Cold 80% humidity of Edmonton Hellberta, during December and January. This horrific combination of Industrial created artificial weather delivers KILLER PAIN to my mangled spinal column, that pushes the envelope of how much pain my body can endure in the mega-Industrial wasteland of Edmonton, Hellberta.
 I don't dream of being saved by my government anymore, that dream is dead. I mostly pray for death each and every single day that I wake up in this hellhole of Medical punishment and abuse. I do not dream about living a long and productive life in the MIRAGE we call Canada, because it is not a real dream. Canada is a LIFE SENTENCE to hell for me, because I was not fortunate enough to work for the Government and be part of their special CLUB that actually receives ACCESS to medical treatment. The very first thing that enters my mind when I wake up each day is thinking about suicide, because I know that for each and every moment that I remain in this Industrial Hellhole, is one more minute that I know that I will NEVER be able to be medically treated. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

WCB denial of Pain and what Chronic Pain means to Injured Workers

  Chronic Pain is a terrible affliction because Chronic Pain takes no days off, it is like a robot it takes no holidays. Chronic Pain invades your entire life, morning day and night. Chronic Pain is a killer studies have shown. The Mayo Clinic did a study a few years back and determined that if you suffer a trauma to your spinal column, your life will be cut short by a mininum of 10 years. It is relentless, it pursues you no matter what you are doing. Chronic Pain is the terrible in that it denies the sufferer the ability to enjoy life and to pursue happiness.
 It (CP) will stop you in your tracks as you try to make a sandwich, it will deny you the ability to feed yourself because you cannot stand in the kitchen long enough to make a sandwich. It will deny you the ability to sit and watch a Television show, it will deny you the ability to sit through a movie that you paid for at the movie theatre. In my case my chronic back pain hurts when I am sitting, standing, walking or just standing still. Chronic Pain is 24hr/day and it is 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, day in and day out of horrific pain and suffering.
 What Chronic Pain does to patients who suffer from this horrific affliction is that the patient by default starts to avoid certain tasks, duties and leisure activities. In the end after years of this suffering the CP sufferer will eventually simply STOP trying to attempt the activities that aggravate their condition. For myself this has resulted in me trying to avoid opening the refrigerator to feed myself, it simply causes me too much pain in order to bend over to even look in the refrigerator to see what is available. So for me leftovers are something other people eat because I cannot bear to bend over even once to look in the icebox for food. This is the reality that is forced upon my by the WCB of Alberta.
  I feel sorry that the Government of Alberta would actually support the continuation of supplying these useless lay about do-nothing Government Workers in their organization. The question looms: How in the hell does this in any way shape or fashion help seriously injured workers? Punishing Injured Workers until they are completely BANNED from seeking proper, timely and relevant medical treatments for their injuries and medical conditions is not only morally bankrupt and soaked in corruption to the highest levels of the WCB of Alberta, but the situation that the WCB of AB has forced upon me was completely AVOIDABLE.
 My case of where the WCB of Alberta had the opportunity to help me, but they would rather devise plans to mentally STRESS ME OUT using intimidation, coercion to sign legally binding documents or face homelessness and openly mocking my injuries in order to MAXIMIZE the severe mental and physical duress imposed on me until my brain could not withstand the extreme Mental Stress tactics they were imposing on a severely injured worker.
 The WCB actively TARGETS seriously injured workers by profiling them as potential victims for their Corporate ABUSE mechanism! They identify, profile and immediately initiate a program of ABUSE designed to aggravate the extreme mental and physical DURESS that the worker is already under from suffering a career ending TRAUMA to their body.
  I mean; WHO in the Hell devises a plan that coordinates personnel from the HIGHEST LEVEL of the WCB of Alberta to APPROVE that plan to IMPLANT a WCB Hack Doctor to go to the Royal Alexander Hospital and physically ATTACK a severely injured patient while he is heavily DRUGGED on MORPHINE?
 This Hack doctor also had support at the highest level of the RAH Administration, to TROLL the Royal Alexander Hospital in order to inflict physical HARM on injured workers! The Royal Alex Hospital APPROVES of this WCB of Alberta practice!
 That is alarming for a Hospital that is run by American Hospital administrators, but is 100% funded by the Alberta Taxpayers. If you go to the Royal Alex, you will DIE. If their (RAH) medical ineptness does not kill you, then one of these WCB Quackos will definitely KILL YOU, perhaps by accident in a case of mistaken identity, right. This is a rhetorical question that is very serious in nature.
 I was completely unaware of what the short term effects of the WCB Psychological Mind Games would be on my mental and physical well being. Do you know why? Because I had never before suffered a career ending injury, how could I know what kind of devious Mental Torture Mind Games the WCB was preparing for me? I was completely oblivious to the depth of the Corruption that props up this bogus Workers Comp scheme. WCB of Alberta is such a phony Workers Comp Fraud scheme that it should be named what it is in reality. Global Corporate LEGAL INSULATION Strategies Inc., the company designed  to DENY Benefits to legally entitled workers that are permanently disabled.
 I am now totally convinced that the Mental Stress imposed on me by the WCB of AB has permanently changed my brain and has infected my brains ability to trust any persons directly, indirectly or even remotely connected to all levels of Government in Canada. I now suffer from severe Trust issues with everybody around me, this is what severe mental stress does to a human being. Because of the extreme bad treatment unloaded on me by the WCB of Alberta and their evil Claims Managers and supervisors like Trevor Dill who sees no reason to return calls to claimants that are now homeless, but hey, he cashed his BONUS CHEQUE! You see, it is ALL about the Govt. workers here in Alberta. The "Self Entitlement of the PC Government" was not just at the top levels.
 The ONLY way you can run a government of Self Entitlement, is that the Corporate Corruption that created this monster NEEDS to have it's very own cronies, family members and key strategically "implanted" minions throughout the government in order to carry out their Corporate Agenda.

  The "Cronies of Self Entitlement" are STILL THERE! They are STILL holding key positions wielding enormous amounts of covert influence throughout the Alberta government, this is still happening as we speak.
I am now of the opinion that the Harper Conservatives and the PC Party of AB corrupt conservatives were responsible for not only severe mismanagement, but I believe that some of these people are responsible for deliberately pretending to bungle our DATA PRIVACY, in order to FEED their corporate Cronies with the private information of Canadians for many years.
  I believe we will see these people in the future that ran key Govt. Departments, when they are  being exposed for their crimes they will plead that is was simple mistakes and CPC BUNGLING. Historically it has not been practice for any government in Canada to actually pursue these ex-government villains. For Notley and Trudeau, the question remains; How do you even begin to flush out these "Conservative SLEEPER CELLS" that now infect ALL levels of government?
  These "Self Entitled Operatives" are 100% driven by GREED! The lengths that these self important money whores will go to in order to support their excessive lifestyles no no boundaries, these people are CASH Gluttons, and they STILL INFECT our government agencies, likely for years to come.

Chronic Pain denies you the ability to get dressed in a timely manner in preparation to go and do absolutely everything you need to do in daily life to survive. Chronic Pain will deny you the ability to finish cooking dinner right in the middle of the task of making dinner. Chronic Pain will deny you the ability to cook a Christmas dinner for the family, because you simply cannot overcome the overwhelming level of pain that you are experiencing living here in Hellberta. Chronic Pain will deny you the ability to go to the shopping store, on many many occasions the Chronic Pain will stop me in my tracks while shopping and I will have to leave the store and immediately get home so that I can lay down. Chronic Pain robs you of so much because you are forced to load up on a combination of pain medications in order to numb your senses sufficiently to complete a simple task like shopping for food.
  Chronic Pain denies you the ability to attend family events, functions like birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas because you are bed ridden with pain. Chronic Pain will restrict your ability to attend appointments with your doctor, your dentist or any of your medical needs because of the pain restrictions this terrible affliction imprints on sufferers.
  I currently take the Fentanyl patch as one of my pain medications, as we all now know Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous drug. I have personally experienced a wide range of dosage anomalies when it comes to the quality control (QC) of the Fentanyl drug, therein lies the danger in my opinion, since this PK has potency many times that of morphine; this drug anomalies are Magnified many times! The results can be extremely deadly.
  It is my belief that because of the Intense potency of the Fentanyl drug, that there is your culprit right there; because "ANY" kind of anomalies in QC could potentially kill pain patients within hours. The danger of this drug CANNOT be overstated! I believe that the Conservatives intentionally banned Oxy's, and initiated promotion of Widespread distribution by doctors knowing fully what this would to to drug addicts across Canada.
 That is what Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's did in WWII, they initiated a Eugenics Program to kill everybody that they had identified and categorized into subsets of disabled persons and changed their designation to "Undesirables". That is my Harper government Conspiracy Theory about Fentanyl.

  I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is "No sane person wants to be addicted to Pain Killer medications!" I would prefer that the WCB of Alberta would actually engage me with compassion and empathy for a human being who has suffered a terrible injury. I would prefer if the WCB of AB would actually TRY to fix my back!  The WCB GANGLAND Medical Blockade has equaled irreparable damage to medical condition, and it has actually magnified the WCB Medical TORMENT. The mental damage imprinted on me can never be erased, this is a mental scar that I will never recover from because the WCB AB is designed to be a Corporate Litigation SHIELD, that insures Corporations and PROTECTS Corporations from legitimate claimants that lack all of the TOOLS that  Government Employees have at their disposal for the assisting and writing appeals for Cops and Firemen, government workers, etc.
 My burning back pain is calling I have to rest......

  The name WCB of Alberta is a clever Corporate Moniker utilized in order to Lull legally entitled workers and stupefy them into a trance, leading them to believe the WCB Wants to help them. (ROTGLMAO)   This play on words is specifically designed for workers that have been seriously injured on the job, and the name "Workers" helps to lull them into a false sense of security that radiates from this cruel name. The organization actually represents the Corporations and their WCB ARMY of Lawyers that are paid to INSULATE the companies that harmed you in the first place from any kind of harmful penalties that would cost them even a small amount of money.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WCB Byzantine Ideology has bastardized the powers given them in Administrative Law

Byzantine is a term typically associated with needlessly complex forms of government that have been created for nefarious purposes.
 Wiktionary #1 description of Byzantine says: Overly complex or intricate. a Byzantine system of regulations Ergo: Government

#4. describes Byzantine as : Of a devious, usually stealthy manner, of practice.

Byzantine is the perfect description of the hopelessly complex bogus Appeal System designed by the WCB of Alberta.
The perfect Byzantine Government TOOL created for the sole purpose of destroying human life and their families is the wanton human killing machine called the WCB of Alberta.

 The original intent of WCB bogus Law is now so horribly corrupted and distorted to fit the needs of Government workers and CRONIES of the Byzantine Govt. institutions. Stephen Harper truly embodied all of the hopes and dreams of a Byzantine government! Why do I say this? Because the nature of a Byzantine government is that it is so hopelessly complex that ONLY government insiders and CRONIES of the government are given ACCESS to their PRIVATE CLUB.
  The reason that the word Byzantine describes the WCB of Alberta so perfectly is because:

Administrative Law is like a WCB Lawyers DREAM sent from heaven. The WCB loves to tell the lie that their system is based on the Meridith Principles that are supposedly based on fairness and access to a speedy resolution of conflicts, this is not true. Nothing could be further from the truth within the WCB AB system. The WCB AB has distorted and perverted these phony principles and turned them into a Legal Insulating TOOL for blocking access to badly needed services and treatments for seriously injured workers.
Administrative Law in my opinion was created to be bastardized and distorted by hack lawyers and doctors to fit The NEEDS of WCB CRONY Lawyers and to reward the Top Performing ABUSERS within the now hopelessly complex and distorted WCB bogus Administrative Law that encapsulates the Alberta WCB bastards system.
  By fully embracing Byzantinism as a methodology to creating a bottomless pit of regulations that the WCB of Alberta has created using NO PUBLIC consultantion, is how the WCB of Alberta has fully twisted the entire WCB system to be All ABOUT THEM.
 The WCB has warped every situation they can think of into an Issue ABOUT THEM. What is so distorted about this picture that has evolved from their self-serving attitude is that EVERY doctor, nurse, specialist, administrator, consultant, advisor, lawyer, physiotherapist gets fully PAID for "Services Rendered" to Seriously Injured Workers. This is all happening in real-time as the Injured Worker is heaved onto the street and into homelessness and poverty.
The problem is that in the end, the only person who does not get a penny is this uber-corrupt bogus system of Law is that the INJURED WORKER ends up getting ZERO!
My back pain has been so bad over the holiday it has immobilized me over Christmas. More to come..I need to rest on my worn out donated bed.

When I returned to REMED (CBI Hack Store) physiotherapy to tell that I was injured from the Deep Back Massages the receptionist looked at me with the most bemused look of puzzlement when she sincerely told me and I quote, "Well, WE Got PAID." I was stunned because this seemed to be the only Attachment that CBI's Branch Outlet REMED had to me as an Injured Worker. There was no attempt to bring about a meeting with their quacky Therapist that decided to use Deep Back Massage on my Spinal Column and get me back on any kind of program. It was clear immediately that they "Got THEIR MONEY", and they were obviously indifferent in their attitude. Their "Oh well that is too bad you are bankrupt and are facing homelessness and cannot pay for your medications attitude" was shocking.
  I have always made it policy when it comes to my healthcare that if a provider hurts me and does so in a callous and uncaring manner, and treats me with indifference to the point of making zero effort to resolve their error this means that I will NEVER return to that business.

Byzantine = CORRUPTION
 Without question Stephen Harper was the KING of Omnibus Bills. Harper LOVED writing stupid legislation, it was his Governments' CALLING CARD.
 Harper loved Byzantine Government because he deliberately wrote Byzantine OMNIBUS Bills with Poison Pills deliberately HIDDEN inside these massively complex legislative Bills of Stupidity.
 I am glad that Trudeau is nixing most of the legislation that was based solely on bigotry and had nothing to do with legitimate Law making. Bigotry was the perfect TOOL for Harper because bigots will naturally whip up responses that are BLOWN way out of proportion to the issue at hand. Brian Jean is a natural student of this kind of emotional crimes against our society.
 Harper and Jean both know that when you tweak the emotional strings of innocent and unsuspecting voters that you will illicit a extremely emotional response as we seen in the Bill 6 protests.
 The WildRose don't give a shit about the needs of Seriously Injured Workers, period. That is a fact, I know because I was on the steps of the legislature on the Monday after Patrick Clayton took the hostages at the WCB in downtown Edmonton. I approached the WR as they were congregating in the front of the Leg and asked them for a pass into the gallery, and there response was a flat out "NO".

The WildRose IS the Alberta ARM of the Harper Government disguised to spread their Legislative MASS confusion across the land. Brian Jean is Harperism! Harper spread his LIES that HE would fix Ottawa. Harper LIED. To chronic liars, this is like water rolling off of the back of a Beaver. Then he dismantled Democracy in Canada.
 So you Don't Believe Me huh? Need proof? SEE: Danielle Smith and the WildRose betrayal
[Danielle and the WildRose BETRAY their followers.]
This is what Tar Sands refining PLUMES do to your BRAIN? Yeah, the Alzheimer plumes are Plumes of half cooked Tar Glop.
The MOOD Changes of Alzheimer's is like a gift from the Heavens that seamlessly fits the hyperbole and the grotesqueness of the WildRose.
 Farmers LOVE Tar Glop FALLOUT plumes, if you believe the Grotesqueness of the WildRose.
Here the "Grotesqueness of the WildRose Party" is revealed as written in the National Post.
 The Chinese secret agent known as the 'Harbin Harpoon' exposed Calgary and Canada as a country that legitimizes bogus learning centers. We now know that U of C is nothing more than a Green Stamp that licenses maroons and then turns them loose on society to spread Chaos and discrimination across Canada.
 The World leaders quickly recognized this bigotry disguised as nationalism and as such completely ignored our Prime Minister Harper as they recognized he was not leadership quality. To me when Harper was PM, he adopted the very same abusive qualities that the WCB of AB was built on. This is where I coined the term, "The Hellberta WAY!"

My chronic pain is so bad recently it has made it difficult to walk this last week. Most of my time during Christmas was spent in bed with severe leg cramping. More to come as soon as I recover enough to concentrate on something other than the pain I have been experiencing. Thks for your patience.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Canada has failed to adopt the UN Protocol on Persons with Disabilities

  I was alerted to the fact that Canada as a nation under the rule of the Harper Regime has failed disabled people in Canada for too long. Canada has avoided adopting the UN Protocols for Disabled Persons.
 Canada adopting the United Nations Protocol on Persons with disabilities would help Seriously Injured Workers and all disabled people living with disabilities across this nation if Canadians would be able to get behind this cause and sign the petition urging our government to sign the UN Protocol. Thanks and a very Merry Christmas to all.
The previous link I provided did not work, so here is the second try:
  The petition is located at and I provided the link above.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wildrose says NDP not doing enough to combat Alberta's Fentanyl Crisis

  I read the 10 recommendations that the Wildrose has proposed to the Notley government and I can say with 100% certainty that the measures that Brian Jean is proposing will do nothing to help end this crisis. Brian Jean has no clear understanding of this drug, or the real issues that pain sufferers face. This is NOT a criminal Drug Abuser created crisis. Brian Jean and the Harper government are the primary reason that a NON-lethal drug like Oxycontin was turned into a Harper government Youth KILLING disaster.
 Brian Jean still takes his Media Releases from the Boys in Short Pants, by Staying on Harper's Message, no matter how many KIDS are killed. In predictable fashion the Police (Harperites) have crafted a POLICE response to Addiction issues. This is what cops do, and this is the proof that the Harper government was top heavy in Cops.

 Harper policies fell severely short of the needs of Canadians by failing to be based on any kind of factual evidence, science or investigation. The Boys in Short Pants simply made it up as they went. It was all concocted data, completely FANTASIZED data for Press release to the public. ALL of the Harper govt. lies about marijuana is a perfect example of Conservative Falsified Data to be used as a propaganda tool.
 Harper government policy was to tell the News Media every day that their Govt. policies were fact based, this was an extreme LIE. A conservative LIE of convenience, because ALL of the Reform Party policies were based on IDEOLOGY, much of it Alliance Christian Church Ideology.
This led to Christian Fundamentalist solutions to Islamic Fundamentalist extremists. Crackpots fighting Crackpots with expert crackpot advice. This was the propaganda that we faced during Harper's coveted Majority Government.
 Canada has never before had a PM that was responsible for the deaths of so many Canadians during his time in office. This is what happens when Ideologists are elected to our highest offices of Govt. I know because I was almost one of his governments victims, after they sent their Crackpot team of CPP Character Assassins to attack my reputation during a pension hearing.
  It was supposed to be a CPP hearing that quickly turned ugly as they assaulted my reputation with medical LIES.
  This was the Harper calling card, attack with inuendos based on ideology in a bogus meeting that had was unbeknownst to me was NOT Keeping any minutes. So there is NO record of the meeting, as such it never happened in the eyes of the government.

 That is right folks, this is a 100% Harper government triggered disaster, yet another avoidable disaster to the list of failed Harper ideologies.
This is a crisis that was born straight out of the Harper governments use of ideology over clear cut Medical evidence and expert advice from the Medical community surrounding addictions. This current Fentanyl crisis is the SUM result of the Harper Government listening to the Police Forces and to the ex-Cops within the Harper Government like Shelly Glover. Brian Jean is a byproduct of the Harper regime in Ottawa. Brian, Canadians sent a clear and resounding "Get Lost" message to Harper on October 19.
  This is in part a workplace issue because doctors are prescribing Fentanyl to injured workers, and this is a very dangerous drug. I take Fentanyl to help me cope with my Chronic Pain, it is a dangerous drug because the manufacturing QC is low. Fentanyl is 10x easier to purify and abuse than Oxycontin ever was.

The Fentanyl abuse explosion of deaths of our kids is a 100% Harper govenrment CREATED crisis. This Drug Crisis did NOT NEED to happen. The Cops and the Neo-Conservative Government of Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist fanatics who love to play GOD made this happen. This is why teenagers and young people are dying across Canada from this drug. Before Fentanyl became available, there was the widespread abuse of Oxycontin drugs in all forms. The RW Christian Fundamentalist Harper and the boys in short triggered this current crisis because the Cops have told them that drug abusers were sniffing, crushing and injecting Oxy's is what led to this massive change in pain killer prescriptions that are issued by doctors in Canada.
  The Harper government response was to ABOLISH THE SALE and distribution of Oxycontins in Canada.

   Most of the stories circulating about crushing Oxy's were untrue. The truth of the matter is that serious Hard Core Drug Abusers were using OxyContin in large quantities to ease them out of bad drug binges on drugs like Heroin, Scripted Heroin, mainlining coke etc. Drug addicts now have to rely on Fentanyl, which is a drug that is very dangerous when mixed with some of the other drugs listed and is ESPECIALLY dangerous when mixed with Alcohol. Fentanyl + Booze = Death because you will pass out and never wake up.
  So now the streets are FLOODED with Fentanyl because of the Harper/Jean government.
The Booze+Fentanyl combo can result in your heart suddenly stopping as you go into Cardiac Arrest. This drug has now SATURATED Canada because doctors now have NO other choice but to prescribe this drug for pain. This crisis is the DIRECT and deadly consequence of the Harper govt. policies. Then Fentanly finds its way to the street just as the Oxy's used to. Except now, the kids are dying on the Fentanyl because it is so damned deadly. Good going Cops and Harper now you are killing the kids and not just addicting them. (Sic)
 What a horrible legacy of the Harper Government for Canadian families whose children are dying on Fentanyl!
  This is the end product of severely skewed policies born out of ideology with zero understanding of the addiction issues that have triggered this crisis. This is what happens when ex-Cops of the Harper regime in conjunction with Police agencies across Canada craft Health Care Policy.
  Cops and conservatives have meddled in a serious Health Care issue that they obviously have no expertise in.

DRUG ADDICTION is a Healthcare issue, NOT a Policing Issue as per the United Nations.

  Brian Jean was part of the Harper government so as such he has zero credibility regarding these policies. Brian Jean was part of the Federal Government that REFUSED to engage the provinces in a meaningful debate on the future of Healthcare. The Harper Government refused to take a leading role in convening yearly talks on Healthcare and provide leadership in crafting a National Healthcare PLAN. As such the voters reacted at the polls on his Refusal to Lead as the leader of the nation.
  Brian Jean is using Hyperbole to whip up panic, I view this as the WildRose Modus operandi. The Harper methodology is identical to the WildRose hyperbole method. Obviously we failed to PURGE all the crackpots in the last election. This crisis was CAUSED by the Harper government and their abolition of the Oxycontin drugs.

 This is the result of Harper Conservatism gone BAD. The horrific result is that KIDS are DYING on Fentanyl as a direct result of the ineptness of the Harper government, before they were just addicted to Oxy’s. I have never heard of any person in Alberta who died from Oxycontin overdose. Good job Brian Jean you and Harper can wear this crisis as a badge honor that showcases  your total lack of education in Health Care matters. This is just like the Donald Trump brand of Hyperbole for political gain.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Store clerks executed in Edmonton armed robberies says Police Chief

  Early today 2 store clerks working the late shift in Edmonton, AB were mercilessly executed while working the late night shifts in 2 separate Macs convienence stores. Both these men had been working alone. It is every single working persons undeniable RIGHT to return home safely from work each day.

According to WCB of Alberta website propaganda each and every worker in Alberta has the right to work in a SAFE work environment. The grotesquely unfair policies of the WCB do NOT reflect this. The WCB AB policies reflect their slanted approach that protects Firemen, Cops and all Government Workers, period. Regular Joe, you are on your own, it is the Hellberta WAY! Discrimination is the calling card of the WCB of Alberta.

  I can remember working the late shift as a second job after the Oil Price Crisis of 1981/82. I was working at a gas station on the midnight shift. I used to lock the doors and doze off since I was working 2 jobs, customers would have to wake me by banging on the window or honking to get gas.
These workers working alone and working without any kind of barriers or locked doors between themselves and potentially violent customers at night is the Employer exposing the Workers to extremely dangerous work environments.

I can also remember that in Edmonton in the late 70's and early 80's we used to have lots of businesses that were open late night. Most late night business has dissappeared as the violent crime increased in Edmonton is my opinion. The late night gas bars and businesses closed as a result. It is now difficult to find a gas station that is open at night in this town. This is where we got the Deadmonton moniker from.

This is why people move to the suburbs to escape the vermin that proliferate the cities at night. This City Council is pouring hundred of millions into one cronies pockets, while promoting urban sprawl to satisfy junky developers. These policies net result is they hollow out the core of this city. Edmonton and their bogus panel to end poverty will never SUCCEED until the Iveson City Council ends their LOVE of CRONY CAPITALISM that is sapping city coffers, rendering the city council unable to meet budget needs.
The Police Chief Rob Knecht was on TV last week telling us his cops cannot respond in a reasonable time, but Edmonton has 2 Police Choppers and a giant Tin Igloo covered in Barn Sheeting downtown that will cost Taxpayers over $400 Million dollars. Taxpayers paid $400M to the sole benefactor Darryl Katz.

Yeah Mayor Iveson we can see how your Poverty Strategy is helping the Katz family suffer these hard economic times. With $400M how will they ever manage "Their Plight of the Rich". (Sic)

 Crony Arenas = more dead Edmontonians is the shocking truth of life in an imploding city.
Cronyism CANNOT be confused with leadership, we need civic leaders that can respond to the needs of ALL Edmontonians. This has ALL been done before in a city called Detroit. We all know how that fiasco turned out.

 The province of BC and Workers Compensation scheme in BC [WorkSafeBC] recognizes this danger and as such has specific rules and regulations governing workers who are working in isolation at night in convienence stores and gas stations. As such they require that there is locked doors or barriers between the store employees and the customers for these workers that are exposed to the dangers of working alone in the middle of the night by themselves. Here is a snapshot of WorkSafe BC webpage that has these regulations.
Images by Awesome Screenshot
4.22.1 Late night retail safety procedures and requirements
  It is time that all workers have equal and non-discriminatory protections are that offered to all Government workers here in Alberta.
Each person working in this province has the same reasonable expectation to return home safely each day from work. Currently WCB policies do not reflect this kind of equality for regular working joes.

Cops, Firemen and all government workers are currently protected, but they belong to the special club reserved for AUPE workers and Federal Govt. workers like the RCMP, City government employees like the Edmonton City Police, et al.
Yes Police Chief Knecht we are outraged, we are outraged that the Government Workers all expect to return home safely each night to their families, but the regular man on the street does not get to live this dream.
That is all it is for the rest of us, just a dream. Equal Rights and Protections under the WCB AB Act are a nothing more than a Dream for regular working stiffs in Alberta. This is where the Government workers GET their Aura of Self-entitlement, because they KNOW they have it 10x better than the rest of us in Alberta.
A dream that quickly turns into a nightmare when the WCB of Alberta focuses their Medical Abuse Team of Hacks and Quacks directly at Seriously Injured Workers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The WCB AB and their Duty of Care as Fiduciary of the Injured Workers Fund

  The most glaringly obvious defect in the construct of the present WCB Alberta scheme is that the Workers Compensation Board under the current directives laid out by the Board of Directors is in direct CONFLICT with their duties as the acting fiduciaries of this fund. 

Fiduciary duty in Canadian corporate law

In Canada, directors of corporations owe a fiduciary duty. A debate exists as to the nature and extent of this duty following a controversial landmark judgment from the Supreme Court of Canada in BCE Inc. v. 1976 Debentureholders. Scholarly literature has defined this as a "tripartite fiduciary duty", composed of (1) an overarching duty to the corporation, which contains two component duties — (2) a duty to protect shareholder interests from harm, and (3) a procedural duty of "fair treatment" for relevant stakeholder interests. This tripartite structure encapsulates the duty of directors to act in the "best interests of the corporation, viewed as a good corporate citizen".[15]
  It has always been my opinion that the Board of Directors at the WCB of Alberta are in a Conflict of Interest, this conflict exists in my opinion by the very existence of Old PC Industry Cronies that sit on the WCB Appeals Commission. If this was such a fair and open Appeals Mechanism then the WCB Appeals Commision would publish ALL of the 40+ Board Commissioners that sit on these panels. It is well known within the injured workers groups that the WCB Appeals Commissioners are old PC Hacks that A.) Need a super well paying job B.) Will rule against legitimate Appeals from workers who the board has deemed to be targeted for abuse
  This Appeals Commission has been designed and set up by the corrupt corporate cronies of the past PC Government of Alberta, the very existence of people sitting on these boards who are Industry cronies and hacks sullies the entire bogus Appeals mechanism and renders the very existence of this Hack organization a sham and a farce. These kinds of sham mechanisms are what constitute the very heart of grievances that the Injured Workers of Alberta have been saying for years now.

  What the WCB Board of Directors have failed miserably at acting in their Duty of Care as Fiduciaries, is that they ALSO have a DUTY to represent the single MOST important stakeholder in this organization; The Seriously Injured Worker! 
  By failing in their Duty of Care, and by being in a Direct Conflict of Interest because the entire Board is accepting bonuses for denying workers access to medical treatments, medical care and medications in a timely and relevant fashion. This entire organization is a complete SHAM and the WCB of Alberta Board of Directors violates every important principle of their duties as the Fiduciary Chief Executive Officers of this corporation. The entire Board of Directors is PROFITTING from increasing the Pain of Injured Workers. 
  This is why the Farmers are so hopping mad, they want no part of this scam operation. It is deceitful and dishonest to say that this WCB organization is helping injured workers with proper, timely and relevant treatments they need, that is a bald faced lie. When you deny injured workers the right to recover and move on with their lives, you are attacking the very heart of our economy in Alberta, the one everbody keeps saying is so fragile. Alberta does not benefit from abusing injured workers, these were skilled and experienced people who can no longer feed their families as a result of these abusive policies at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
  I have to rest. More to come.

Monday, December 14, 2015

WCB Rate Correction and apology

  I need to apologize for the misprint in the calculation methodoloy for the
WCB of Alberta's proposed Farm rates coming into effect on Jan 01, 2016 as per the WCB of Alberta's webpage for Farm and ranch workers. I had misprinted or misquoted the rates as the number of dollars per hour, which is an error I take responsibility for. The correct calculation method is in dollars per 100 dollars earned. For that misprint I am sorry. That is my official correction and it is the proper thing to do when you have made a published error.

 The fact of the matter is that this simple little admission of error is approximately 1000 times more sincere than any measures that the WCB of Alberta has ever made in any of their published propaganda errors over the last 20 years.
  The reason that I can make this statement is because the Workers Compensation Board could absolutely CARE LESS about any errors, omissions or any of their deliberate misrepresentations of fact they have made in the last 20 years. The WCB of Alberta does not NEED to apologize for any of their abusive practices since this organization has NEVER been accountable to the Government of Alberta or the citizens of this province who pay their salaries. The WCB AB have been empowered with Legislative Powers that go far beyond what any bureaucrat should EVER be entrusted with.

  That is in essence the reason that the WCB AB needs to make no apologies, or retractions since they are allowed to operate at arms length from the government; and in doing so are allowed to dole out abuse with cognitive malice and without fear of any reprisals from government officials. Since the WCB AB claims to be funded by the employers, they do not believe they any owe any Duty to Accountability or fairness. The WCB AB believes that they do not have to be accountable to anybody, except the Corporations that contribute to the fund.
  This is a really strange attitude coming from the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta given that they were given the powers of a court of Law to resolve disputes and to keep the litigation costs artificially LOW because there are NO Lawyers in Alberta that are interested in taking on a WCB Case. The WCB of Alberta is in technical terms a fiduciary institution. As such they owe a Duty of Care to the Injured Worker as he is the #1 Stakeholder in this tragic organization.
 No casual observer would be able to confirm this Duty of Care that the WCB of Alberta is entrusted with, given their horrific treatment of Seriously Injured Workers over the last 20 years since Ralph Klein implanted Dr. John F. Cowell as CEO of the WCB of Alberta. Thus was born the John Cowell WCB MIRACLE, that seen the WCB of Alberta costs SLASHED in half in one year! Dr. Cowell knew if the WCB were to simply STOP TREATING Injured workers the WCB would save Millions.

The CEO John Cowell WCB Miracle would result in his crony appointment by
Fred Horne on Sept. 12, 2013 effectively becoming the Alberta Health Services CZAR, as the sole Administrator. That is your AB history of Cronyism lesson for today kids. 

  The WCB of AB is a Fiduciary and is in charge of a very large financial fund funneling BILLIONS of dollars into the Fund to be held In Trust. This Trust Fund was originally intended to help seriously injured workers with their medical bills and medical recovery needs, but it has morphed into an abusive TOOL that is wielded with inpunity for the express purpose of defrauding Seriously Injured Workers out of any benefits at all. This is a travesty of Justice that exists within this super corrupt WCB Scheme that seeks to deny the most basic of needs to injured workers.
  What does the existence of such a super corrupt organization like the WCB of Alberta SAY about the Judicial System in Alberta? It says the entire Judiciary branch of the AB Government is corrupt is what this fact reveals, and eradicates any kind of fair treatment in the Alberta courts.
  Need proof? See: Travis Vader
  I have always said that the PC Party of Alberta created this WCB model of robotic responses for serious questions of a time critical nature that require real-time fiduciary responses. As you will recall from the WCB Media-relations press releases about the Patrick Clayton hostage takings, the WCB Alberta always "Stayed on Message" like the Harper govt. Ad-nauseum since 1995.
  The WCB Alberta has been spewing the same Robotic Press Release since 1995 the year that
Dr. John F. Cowell served as the CEO of the WCB Alberta under Ralph Klein. The PC's resurrected Dr. John F. Cowell from his crony grave and he became the SOLE CEO of Alberta Health Services.
Alberta WCB has been lying about the 85% of the WCB  claimants they "CLAIM" are HAPPY with the service delivered by the WCB of Alberta. The WCB and Guy Kerr have NEVER apologized for the biggest lie ever told in Alberta. The WCB of Alberta has never apologized for their monster lie that they were going to expose the biggest offenders on their website. My injury was not even on their site, it is all just MORE WCB Alberta propaganda. This is another example of how the WCB of Alberta simply does not include information they don't happen to feel is relevant on that particular day.
 I have to rest my pain level is extremely high during these winter storms, and that leads to Chronic fatigue. More to come. Chronic Pain does not take any days off, nor does it take any hours off. Chronic Pain is 24/7 it is debilitating and it wakes me up at night, this is why on evenings when I can I add to my blog. The Spinal Arthritis that pulses out from my spine is so bad some days I just want to scream. I need to move to a warmer climate, these winters are literally killing me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WCB is OF the Corporations and FOR the Corporations

  The AB WCB is a product OF the Corporations because the Corporations are the ONLY ones ever allowed into a WCB Consultation meeting! I am shocked that they even told the Farmers about the location or the dates for these phony consultations. I was told the very first year after I fell that
A.) I was not on the guest list, B.) I was not invited! C.) You are NOT a recognized "Stakeholder"
After I was cut off of benefits just 6 months after I broke my back in a fall at work, I decided, "Hey, why don't I go see what one of these stakeholder meetings is all about". I was told to leave.
So the LIE that Farmers will be included in these phony consults is just nothing more than pure Propaganda by the WCB of Alberta. This is HOW the WCB of Alberta misleads the people who have the most at stake and who stand to loose the most, is by holding BOGUS consultations across Alberta!
  If the WCB is actually listening to stakeholders now, that would be a shocking turn around in this Legal Hack organization that is empowered by the Hacks and Quacks Network of bogus doctors supplied by the College of Physicians. If you don't know, the College is a lobby group for private Health care.

  Today I met a farmer at one of the local farmer's markets here in Edmonton and we got to talking about Bill 6. He was hurt in a workplace accident just like myself, and he received a bad back injury. He told me that it took the WCB of Alberta TEN YEARS to finally help him. His account of what happened after he was injured mirrored my experience where the WCB AB would only expose him to Hacks and Quacks crony WCB doctors. This is a common thread amongst Seriously Injured Workers here in Hellberta. Farmers KNOW how the WCB operates, and he as a farmer is NOT interested in allowing those WCB/OHS people onto his property. He said the WCB of Alberta finally paid him out only 10% for his disability, saying that it only affected his one leg.
  But more importantly we got to discussing the WCB of Alberta itself as an organization, and we are both of the same opinion that the WCB is ONLY in business for the Corporations and nobody else, other than of course the Government Workers that are guaranteed benefits in their Union Agreements.
The Alberta Government is the LARGEST EMPLOYER in the province of Alberta and as such they are guaranteed benefits, so the Government Employees and their Unions like Cops, Firemen and bureaucrats naturally feel as though they are served well by this super corrupt organization.
  We were both in agreement that we feel that this Bill is the means by which the large American Corporations will wield this government mechanism to bring about the END of the Family Farm in Alberta.
 If you look at every other Industry that the PC Conservatives have tampered with, they have in EVERY instance chosen to make a small group of their cronies into the beneficiaries as owners of the new MONOPOLY in the industry they have chosen to corrupt.
  This instance is no different, the only difference is that the Corporations have cleverly manipulated the NDP Government into being the "Bad Big Brother" government agency that the WildRose is using to their full advantage for political gain. WildRose is the political benefactor of Bill 6 and the NDP will be remembered as the government that pounded the Final Nail into the Family Farm coffin in Alberta, that is the political fallout of this bill.
 The Farmers can easily recognize that injured workers have failed miserably at reverse engineering the Laws of the Land, and they also know that the FARMERS will never be able to rescind the Laws once they are written. This is WHY we need to KILL Bill 6!
 There is NO worker in history that has managed to rewrite the WCB LAWS to correct wrongs by this super corrupt corporation. Injured workers have never changed ANY WCB Policies.
  It is important to recognize that the WCB has never in their history "ALLOWED the Public to be Consulted!" That is a fact. NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION is the "Modus Operandi" for the WCB of Alberta. This is how they operate, the WCB AB don't WANT any of the people the claim are  "Stakeholders" to have any input. When the WCB of Alberta indentifies you as a "Stakeholder", this means hang onto the tops of your rubber boots and bend over because the WCB of AB is about to drop by and give you a Stakeholder inspection!
  The WCB could care less about your opinon or the opinon of any other Albertan, consultation is not  how they manage to wantonly ABUSE injured workers. Consultation would reveal that the majority of claimants are not happy and never were, the WCB of Alberta does not want these FACTS leaking out.
  Like I said the WCB is of the corporations, and is designed FOR the biggest Transnational Corporations operating in Alberta. The Farmers can see this and they don't like what is coming down their driveway. If you are Turkey shooting when they show up, tell them that you did not want to "Raise your voice" cuz you thought you might scare them. AB Govt. workers have "Zero Tolerance for Loud Voices" in their work environment. God, these govt. people would be of no use on a Farm, right?
 Safety First: So for the protection of Govt. workers that are afraid of loud voices it is best if you don't holler any warnings, for their own protection you understand.
  You see that Lay-a-bout Government workers are not able to comprehend "Loud Voices" directed at them because of their pampered life styles the enjoy working for a government emloyer who is NOT allowed to FIRE their lazy asses. I have always said that when they put up those Zero Tolerance signs in Govt. offices, now you have empowered these people to Act like GOD!
  Injured workers know what it is to be told by WCB personnel that THEY ARE GOD! Nice huh?
And THAT is how the WCB of AB manages to Marginalize claimants and ban them from their property, is by their Loud Voices policy. But they can phone you at home and yell all they want at YOU?
  First the WCB enrages you, and then they MARGINALIZE you, it is their MOST important and effective TOOL to deny you your rights as an injured worker.

 Just tell the WCB Employees (OHS) that the light switches in the barn don't work and this will be enough to scare them from ever looking inside the barn.
 The Lazy do-nothing Home Care people sent by the WCB told me it was Too Dangerous for them to go down the stairs", but it was OK for me to climb the stairs everyday by myself after surgery while the do-nothings stood at the top of the stairs watching!
The Lazy do-nothing WCB Homecare people did not even SHOW UP for 4 days after I was released from the hospital, the WCB AB is a damn poor excuse for Injured Worker care that is for damned sure.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rachel Notleys WCB Plan is a giant TAX GRAB on Farmers/Farm workers

  Here is a newsbit from the 2014 Highlights of the WCB Financial Statements.
      Average premium rate:
$1.03 per $100 of insurable earnings was the average collected in
2014. The average rate set for 2015 is $0.97.
Operating surplus: $792.5 million (2013: $921.6 million

  Here is a Screen Capture of the new Farm and Ranch rates proposed by the Notley Government and that will be EXTRACTED directly from the pocketbooks of Farmers as published on the WCB's own website.
Click on the image below to view the NEW FARM RATES, you will be shocked if you own animals.

The page this info is located on is and if you look at the Screen Grab I snapped,  it is looking very BAD for ranchers and any farmer who raises hoofed animals; as they will be paying an average of $3 dollars/per hour for every hour worked by the farm hands working on these operations.
That is a very large sum of money when extrapolated across all of the Farm Workers in Alberta. Here is a screen grab of the WCB page which confirms the massive Finacial Injury that the WCB plans to implement to further INSULATE Transnational Oil Companies from the TRUE COST of injured workers/Albertans. The WCB is so damned presumptive and GREEDY, that they have already produced the rates for farmers who have NO INJURY HISTORY with the WCB AB.
                                                                  Click on image below
 Think about this: World Oil Prices CRASH. Transnational Oil Corporations SLASH workers to cut costs, and their contractors SELL OFF Equipment in record breaking Heavy Equipment sales. Workers wages have been cut, so what is LEFT for cost cutting?
Tar Sands Corporations like Exxon/CNRHell already ENJOY the lowest WCB RATES in Alberta at less than $1 Dollar/Hr worked. Well that does not gather a lot of revenue particularly when workers are being laid off. The WCB AB does NOT want to raise rates to the ACTUAL RATE that is necessary to meet the Medical and Financial needs of workers.
  O.K. now we need to calculate the MASSIVE LOSS of revenue stream that WCB Alberta needs to be replaced by over 150,000 job losses in the Alberta Oil Patch and related industries. That is a LOT of Money, Millions and Millions of dollars. The WCB Alberta and the Alberta Government are starving for money, and they need a pack of Farmer Donkeys to carry them since WCB is feeling WEAK from paying their Corporate Crony CEO's their MILLION DOLLAR Salaries for corruption.
  Look at the TIMING of this push. This is just too damned obvious. The NDP Government does not want to RISK raising WCB rates to the level that would actually cover Non-government Workers. The NDP are going to do HACK fake Surgery on WCB AB, and SEW ON a NEW ARM of this flailing money fleecing scheme. Yeah, they are going to SEW on the hard working arm of farmers the WCB has identified as RICH Farmers. This new Green ARM is very muscular from actually working for a living, will be not so skillfully sewed onto the drunken WCB Body by their corrupt team from the Hacks and Quacks Network.
 The Farmers of Alberta are going to shoulder the COST of the failing Tar Glop Industry, and become the new DONKEY on the block, doing ALL THE HEAVY Lifting for the WCB of Alberta. As you can see the Tar Glop Corporations that KILL WORKERS will get ALL of their WCB dues Refunded, Joe Farmer you get ZERO back because this is how the WCB AB Scams the small business operators!

And the NDP comes out smelling like roses to the CFIB  for NOT raising the WCB rates in times of Financial austerity. CFIB has strongly influenced the Conservative Govt's policy for years now.
 Notley and Crew have dangerously calculated that it is better to Enrage the Farmers, than it is to propose a rate hike to cover huge INCOME LOSSES and gaps for the WCB, and Guy Kerr continues to get cash bonuses for dead workers once again. How sick is that?

So there you go. I have to take a break and get my Botox injections to help kill my nerve pain that radiates from my Spine. More to come. Thks for your patience.

Here is a link to a Orthopaedic Doctor Fraud Scheme in California where Spinal Surgeons were paying Kick-backs to clinics for referrals for Spinal Fusion surgery. Scary stuff considering that I had the same surgery and now I am screwed for life, and my bogus Surgeon refuses to ever see me again. He knows what happened at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and he does not want those dead bodies to come floating back to the surface of the murky swamp we call WCB Alberta CORRUPTION.
Former hospital CFO, two surgeons admit kickback scheme for spine surgeries

The Government of Alberta obviously believes that the AHS is not corrupt, and the PC Govt's of the past have all made points of praising our Health Care system here in AB. The reality is that 40+ years of PC Communist Rule have opened AHS wide open to the exact copy of how the American Hospital and Health Care systems were ravaged by GREED engorged Doctors and Corporations seeking monopolies that these private operators knew would make them RICH beyong their wildest dreams.
  I have always knew that the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons were corrupt, because of one of their most influential members Dr. Olhauser, but I did not recognize how this organization was able to influence the PC Party of Alberta into making sure that they were specifically INSULATED from the Alberta privacy Laws back in 2003/2004. The College LIED to me about launching an investigation into WCB Crony doctor Lorri Galbraith who wrote a bogus report on my condition from her
PO MAIL BOX on Jasper Avenue, Edmonton.
Alberta WCB employs doctors who work out of P.O. Mail Boxes inside the UPS Store on Jasper Ave, nice huh?
 Can you imagine that you are such a HACK and a Quack that you have to work out of a Post Office Box in a UPS Store in Edmonton? WCB AB can imagine this and pay you as a Hack, big FAT Farmer cheques too!

I cannot find Dr. Lorri Galbraith registered with the AB College of Physicians, but I did find a reference to her on Rate my MD in Vancouver working for WorkSafe BC.
  This is what the Farmers of Alberta have in store for them, a bunch of bogus HACKS and Quacks that will be soon Hacking and Quacking their way through their workforce and leaving their workers disabled for life, Sad isn't it?
  The Alberta Farmer is now saddled with 1 MORE useless government agency to carry on it's back, making them feel like a common DONKEY! This is not how a friendly business relationship is supposed to feel, but as long as the Transnational Oil Corporations are feeling the Farmer GREEN, then that is all that matters to Rachel and her Million Dollar Executive FRIENDS at WCB of Alberta, right?
  Guy Kerr is NOT interested in a pay cut on his $1Million dollar/year paycheque, taxing his new friends the Farmers of AB at 20% per cent of every dollar your Farm and Ranch hands earn should Top Up Guy Kerr's bonus cheque nicely. Right Rachel Notley?