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Thursday, August 25, 2016

 I have no choice but respond to the news story in the Globe and Mail regarding opiate prescribing by physicians in Canada and the U.S.
 Oops, that was the comment link, here is the article link:
 I am an opiate addict by default, I have NO CHOICE. I have to take pain medications or I will die, that is an undisputed medical fact. Ask any "legitimate doctor", not a WCB Hacks and Quacks operative that writes his own distorted medical opinions for the sole purpose of denying life saving drugs to patients who honestly do require these medications in order to survive day to day.

 As a Chronic Pain sufferer, as I have written for many years now, Chronic Pain takes NO days off. This is a real medical condition for patients who have suffered terrible injuries. I HAVE to take powerful drugs like Fentanyl in order to simply "cope" with the pain I suffer, if I do not, I would almost certainly be forced to jump off the High Level bridge to escape the terrible pain I suffer.
 I don't want to take painkillers, nobody does. I don't want to be forced to live on painkillers that are full of toxic fillers that accumulate in your vital organs, just because the WCB of Alberta refuses to help me. The idea that injured workers "want to take drugs" is absurd at best.

 I have to rest, Chronic Pain is back with a vengeance......... more to come.....Peace Out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WCB Pattern of Abuse transcends 2 generations exposing Failed Ideology of the PC Party of Alberta

 The WCB of Alberta proudly wears their failed ideology badge of abuse as a warning to future generations of Canadians, of the damage that is needlessly inflicted upon families and children who continue to become needless victims of their abusive corporate dogma that is called conservatism.
 The abusive ideology at the core of the Conservative dogma
I have to rest, Chronic Pain has come calling again and is rendering me inoperative.......Peace, out.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Accidental WCB Blogger and Writer

 I have received numerous comments about my bad writing. For this I apologize, however to put this all in context we need to examine how I arrived at starting this blog.
 I was a working foreman employed by my boss Jimmy to erect and clad Pre-engineered Metal Buildings, and one day I fell at work while helping Jimmy on a small project that we were subbed out to Corporate Projects for. I was extremely happy with my job, as I was a foreman and I loved my job because Jimmy gave me complete control over how I ran the job and managed the manpower.
 I never wanted to be a writer of any kind, I was thrown into this buy virtue of need because I was no longer capable of keeping track of all of the horrific evil deeds that the WCB of Alberta would needlessly spring on me every single time I would try to access proper, timely and relevant medical treatments and diagnostic tests.
 If there are some people out there that have a need to criticize my typos, spelling and grammar errors that is unfortunate because I typically take up the writing when the Chronic Pain I suffer spikes and I become bed ridden in pain. Chronic Pain takes no days off, and it knows no limits to the amount of mental torture it can inflict on you. It is extremely difficult to write many days when you are encircled in a massive halo of pain that is tireless in its attack on your senses. Your senses are overcome with the pain signals that continue to attack your will to live on this planet. It is a terrible affliction, that robs you of your ability to complete the most mundane tasks, tasks that would seem simple to the majority of people.
 Chronic Pain attacks your ability to even put together complete thoughts some days because it the pain is so intense it overcomes any other thoughts you may be experiencing. There is no limit to the intensity of these pain events. Because of these intense Chronic Pain events, on many occasions it will take me 2,3 or 4 days to complete just one single post to my blog. So as a natural result of these pain events I have to stop writing because it is impossible for me to complete on that day, and continue again on a day when I feel that there is a chance for me to complete the task. The end product is that I do the best that I can within the physical limitations that my accident has left me with.
 I was never a computer whiz and struggle everyday with trying to complete the simplest of tasks on my blog because I am so blinded by pain some days I cannot concentrate on the screen long enough to find out how to solve a simple problem that I am experiencing in blogger. I love Google and all of the tools that they make available because they help to make it much easier to understand how it works and how to solve some of the issues that you are experiencing with their YouTube videos, that they produce to help you. That being said, it is still a mountain that is too big to climb on some days, as I become so disabled that I cannot even concentrate on watching a video explaining how to solve my problem which may be as mundane as resizing a video, etc.
 I never wanted to go to War with the Alberta WCB, but the WCB of Alberta has become so uber corrupted by the fake policies that the WCB [Guy Kerr] Claims to be a collaboration of all stakeholders, when infact these meetings are all CLOSED to injured workers and the general public so they can craft their heinous criminal actions for the sole purpose of perverting the original purpose of the Workers Compensation legislations.
 One the very day that I realized that there NEVER would be a day when I would appear before a legitimate panel of people who actually have ANY skillsets that are related to being impartial and fair judges of your medical condition, was the day that I decided to search for a place on the Internet where I could keep a record of these horrific crimes that the WCB of Alberta routinely doles out in the name of making their OWN paycheque much larger. That was the day that I did an Internet search and found blogger.

The WCB of Alberta = PROFIT for inflicing lethal doses of PAIN and Suffering!

 And that is how I became and accidental writer, it was out of pure necessity in order to preserve my own sanity and to keep a running log of what is happening and what has happened in the realm of my WCB Claims and in the arena of the continual abuse that the WCB loves to dole out to the unsuspecting soles like myself who have become disabled by no fault of their own, they simply went to work and were injured in a workplace accident.

 It was an accident on the day I fell, it is that cut and dried simple, my boss and the jobsite Superintendent were both helping me when I fell.

 I now believe that the WCB of Alberta conspired to deliberately mentally ABUSE me from the day I fell and entered their super corrupt Royal Alexandra Hospital, it was NO accident that the Job Super for Corporate Projects drove me to the RAH while I was begging him to drive me to the University of Alberta Hospital. The WCB teaches courses to companies on HOW to deny benefits to injured workers, Robert was instructed to drive me to the Officially Recognized WCB Hospital which is the Royal Alex Hospital.

 Since the WCB of Alberta has absolutely NO legitimate reason to deny me benefits, the only way they can is to saturate you with their continual and unabated THREATS until you suffer a mental breakdown. Then on that day they will ban you from ALL of their facilities and taunt you with their mentally deranged Claims Managers who gleen great pleasure from phoning you to scream at you and inflict even further mental anguish on a severely disabled person, it is a sicko Merry-go-round designed by their Executive Board of Shandenfraude deranged humans.
 What is so distorted is that my WCB Claims Manager would actually take the time out of her day to phone me and scream at me 1 YEAR AFTER she cut me off of all benefits, how frigging WARPED is that kind of behavior? Goddamn warped is what these people are. And that folks is HOW I became the Accidental WCB blogger, because it was the only outlet that I had, since my Claims Manager took my APPEAL and fed it into the paper shredder.
 There have been many Injured Workers who have asked me to design their Web pages, but I am not even capable of managing my own blog page, so that is not a reality for me.
I have got to go put on a pain patch and wait for that to take effect, Peace out!

P.S. For all the deranged WCB paid Trolls that send me their deranged lies in comments, I am the sole administrator of this Blog page and I will NOT publish your WCB lies and rants in my comments section. But hey thanks for trying overpaid schadenfraude freakazoids that hide behind their ANONYMOUS identities.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Man lights himself on fire at Workers' Compensation Board, Edmonton

 The statement by Guy Kerr who is the Chief Executive Officer of the WCB AB is a total lie. Empty words from a man with an empty soul.
 I have the right to say that because I live in poverty supported by taxpayers under AISH, while a Multi-millionaire Exec gets Filthy RICH putting workers in their early graves.
In his statement he is quoted as saying that his staff is always willing to help anyone who is in distress. Hah! This is where I draw the line! This is pure WCB Kerr Bullshit. Just another routine LIE for someone with a proven record as a chronic WCB liar.
 When you lie, and you lie without any conscience this indicates that you have sociopathic tendencies by virtue of your inability to feel any kind of apathy for the victims.
 If Mr. Guy Kerr's concern was genuine, then WHY Mr. Kerr do seriously injured workers continue to attempt suicides in YOUR Office?
 We all know the answer is that his scripted responses are a great big bag of WCB prepared lies.
 Sadly every corporate Post Media outlet in Edmonton and Calgary are too damned GUTLESS to question this do-nothing Millionaire moniker of SELF ENTITLEMENT, that is left over from the old corrupt PC Government.
 This man collects Million Dollar paycheques for enabling his crack team of WCB Hack Lawyers with crude legal tools specifically designed for KILLING injured workers. Guy Kerr is a Multi-millionaire by virtue of driving injured workers to their early graves, as they wade through the quagmire of bullshit and lies that have been laid as litigious LAND MINES for unsuspecting disabled workers!
 That fact alone is in of itself is a horrible and despicable crime against humanity. This organization has been molded  into a Progressive Conservative TOOL of DEATH that is deftly wielded by these misanthropic misfits that Mr. Guy Kerr glowingly parades as his Claims Managers.
 Mr. Guy Kerr is the most prolific example of PC Self-Entitlement ever created. Guy Kerr as the PC Glamour Boy of corporate excess, it is like hanging a dead animal on your gate as a warning to visitors. His tireless devotion to early termination of injured workers claims [lives] is the stuff of PC Govt. legend.

Who could forget Thomas Lukaszuk and his flacid dick response to reporters when asked about WCB Claims Managers BONUSES, he said; "I cannot alter the bonus system because the WCB has an independent board of directors that approved it."

 Guy Kerr IS the lightning rod for any human who would dare stand up to the horrific corruption of the now flaccid PC government. He IS the cause of the mounting fear, that provided the necessary fuel for the Wildrose to hurl abuse at the NDP Govt. during the WCB Bill 6 Protests.
 Get rid of Kerr and you get rid of the Fear his presence generates, it is that simple.
 The farmers are not dumb, they know what is coming down the pipe from this horribly CORRUPT and bogus WCB scheme. Farmers know that WCB AB under Kerr is going to be Pure HELL.
 Farmers Do NOT want to see their employees on TV dying in the WCB Alberta offices because the WCB of Alberta plans to never help them, the WCB AB only NEEDS the farmer's cash to subsidize the Transnational Tar Sands Corporations premiums.
 Farmers cannot afford to utilize the tried and true "Bobbles and Trinkets SAFETY AWARD programs" that are used so successfully by the Tar Sands contractors to guarantee that workers will NOT REPORT injuries!
 The big contractors and Oil companies call these Trinkets programs "SAFETY PROGRAMS", you get a free jacket if nobody reports an injury! All the big OilCo's can afford these bogus programs.
 So as a natural result of the bogus WCB Safety programs, the Tar Glop companies get to pay the LOWEST artificially subsidized WCB rates in North America; for NOT REPORTING injuries!
 See how the WCB of Alberta bogus safety REWARDS PROGRAM works? Small companies have known this for years, but they are afraid to say anything lest the WCB Alberta would react with PUNISHING RATE penalties.
 Corrupt and abusive Claims Managers could do themselves and humanity a great big favor if they would simply go kill themselves! Drunken WCB Claims Managers love to joke about the claimants in so much despair they have to commit suicide to escape the horrors of the WCB of Alberta. It is what they love to joke about when they get all drunked up with their dysfunctional misanthropic friends. Many of my friends have postulated that eventually one day an disabled claimant will use enough gasoline to barbecue the misanthrope palace that Guy Kerr has honed into the most famous and heinous WCB Hellpit in North America.
 The Alberta government failing to take action is only a corrupt corporate continuation of the past corrupt PC Government policy. It looks like the new Boss Notley is the SAME as the Old Boss (Redford, Prentice, Stelmach, Kline). Continuing to DO NOTHING about the plight of injured workers is putting WCB workers at risk of leaving their fortified fortress. They HAVE to walk to their car eventually right? (Rhetorical question) I am only pointing out the obvious dangers of the Thomas Lukaszuk Do-nothing strategy. This do-nothing strategy continues to escalate an already volatile situation. It is only a natural human instinct to respond to the continual atrocities that these WCB AB bastards are doling out.

 His well rehearsed and scripted media lines are all that Guy Kerr needs to suppress any kind of meaningful investigation into this horrific and abusive government sponsored FRAUD organization! You do not believe me? Where have you been living? Mars?

 I know precisely what kind of response these bastards have waiting for you, because I have personally went to the WCB office in downtown Edmonton BEGGING for help,

and to the WCB Millard bogus Health Rehab center at the old airport and the ONLY thing that the WCB security staff did was to THREATEN ME. Every WCB claimant knows this to be the truth. I remember replying to WCB security at Millard after they threatened me as I walked to the street, I responded with something along the lines of "Yeah, you guys threatening a cripple is so brave." They were like, "Yeah, just come back here and see what we are going to do to you."
 This kind of bullying by WCB security staff is not just disturbing stuff for a seriously injured worker, this kind of abuse by the WCB of Alberta staff adds to the Post Traumatic Stress Injury inflicted by these abusive bastards. I believe that the terrible abuse that I have suffered at the hands of these WCB monsters has inflicted a PTSD injury ON TOP of the Spinal Trauma I suffered from falling off of a steel rafter at work.
 This event is just terrible news, this only re-inforces the belief that I have that the new NDP government of Rachel Notley is too damned SCARED to take on the mega-rich corporations that openly SUPPORT the killing, maiming and mental torturing of seriously injured workers who try to access WCB benefits that they are legally entitled to.

The WCB Alberta response to me crying out in agonizing pain and begging them for help only resulted in the WCB threatening to lay criminal charges against me and BANNING me from ANY WCB Building or facility. I do not feel one ounce of pity for WCB employees, who could feel empathy for pathogenic misanthropes?
So yeah, I have first hand knowledge and experience of the THREATS of violence etc, that the WCB CEO Guy Kerr speaks of when he butters up these tragedies with more lies.
 Guy Kerr gets to wear this this mans pain as his own personal badge of Gross Negligence and  incompetence. I personally do not believe this is incompetence, I believe this is a personality defect that does not allow him to feel empathy towards a fellow citizen who is disabled by his injury.
 The WCB Alberta only knows 1 kind of rehabilitation method, THREATS and INTIMIDATION. When I attended the WCB Millard I never got to experience even 2 minutes of rehabilitation, because the WCB Millard phony rehab center was too busy issuing threats to terminate my benefits. I spent my 3 days at the Millard phony rehab facility being intimidated into signing legally binding documents.
 To this day I have never received any proper rehabilitation from WCB, only THREATS. WCB Alberta believes that THREATS are rehabilitation, it is the only rehab they know.

This is pathological WCB Mental Torture, it is that plain and simple. This proves what I have been saying and writing for almost a decade now, that the WCB of Alberta DOES NOT CARE how badly injured you are! The feigned concern that Guy Kerr spews is nothing more than crocodile tears to satisfy the Corporate News Media.

 If the Rachel Notley government continues to support this man with WCB premiums, then they will loose the next election guaranteed, because this is NOT the CHANGE that the NDP had promised, that is for damned sure!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Byzantine WCB and Alberta Justice in desperate need of Law Reform!

 The core complaint from seriously injured workers who are legally entitled to WCB benefits is the constant, systematic Abuse of Process doled out by WCB AB staff, at ALL levels of their organization. This includes the same type of abuses at the WCB Appeals Commission.
 The WCB of AB has many different mechanisms that are specifically designed by corrupt lawyers who are paid for by YOUR WCB contributions. These mechanisms are tailor made and ready for your zealot WCB Claims Manager to initiate, designed to drag you into their Abuse of Process psychological meat grinder.
 We as injured workers have known as victims of these litigious abusers for decades about the deliberate systemic Abuse of process at the WCB Appeals Commission.
 I have written about how the WCB of AB abuses the rights of Serious Injured Workers for years now, to NO effect.
 I used to read the pack of lies and bullshit that the WCB of Ab publishes on their webpage, but there is no point. I look at that pile of BS and lies and I want to projectile vomit on Guy Kerr's Porsche. 

 These abusers of the powers entrusted to them by the Ministry of Justice have been trained in the art of crafting deliberately deceptive illegal means to achieve their illegal objective: These Administrative Tribunals are actually proud of their crudely written DRDRB decisions that appear as though they were written by a Grade 3 student, are full of their illegal lies and acts of deception. The DRDRB, as you would expect is full of the old PC WCB cronies, some of which are reportedly made up of dysfunctional claims managers and other deceptive old WCB hacks.
 The whole PHONY Meredith Principles Bible is based on the idea of reducing litigation costs by the elimination of needless complexity and redundant Byzantine layers of Government WASTE~that needlessly is spiking the litigation costs of a Workers Compensation Claim.
 The ENTIRE Meredith Principle was intended to remove Byzantine litigious complexity, and the needless perpetual merry-go-round of corrupt and rigged WCB Appeals. During the Byzantine Empire of the PC's that lasted 40 years, the Appeals Mechanism has been totally corrupted into the Byzantine Govt. Administration that we experience today.
 The WCB of Alberta acts as a systematic corporate abuse response that has been designed and saturated with systemic corruption; that employs every known Abuse of Process available to them as Administrative Law officers of the court overseen by the AB Justice Department.
 The entire phony process I call systematic because the entire corporation is designed to respond to your application for proper, timely and relevant care with a perverted response that is deliberately crafted by hack lawyers to make your legal application completely impossible. 
 The Meredith Principle is being abused as it is being falsely blamed for the delays in Justice. The WCB Abuses of Process at EVERY level of their phony organization, is using deceptive practices for their ulterior corrupted motives of Self-enrichment as a bonus on all WCB employees final pay.
 The WCB illegally used their threats of termination of my benefits to gain a collateral advantage in order to illegally force me to sign legally binding documents
while I was under mental and severe physical Duress "before I could be admitted for rehabilitation at the Millard."
 The WCB of Alberta Dr. Leslie DeLima did covertly lie to me while I was drugged on Morphine in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, hiding his intentions as WCB Troll.
 I was so high on Morphine I did not even know who some of my own family that came to visit me in hospital, and he used this opportunity to pry information from me as he repeatedly asked me if I had a lawyer.
 I did not know what was going on in my medically induced morphine haze, and I had NO legal counsel to advise me that a WCB Hacks and Quacks RAH Troll was sitting on my hospital bed next to me lying his face off.

At every single level, from the moment I fell to this day the WCB of Alberta has been deceitful, threatening, menacing, cruel; displaying tendencies that are indicative of schadenfreude fetishism.
 In my mind the WCB Hack doctor Leslie DeLima and his act of lying to me to gain info that I had no legal counsel constitutes an abuse of process, because Dr. Delima and the WCB knew for a fact that this would give the Alberta WCB wide open license to abuse my rights and start abusing them from that moment until today.
 This was NO accidental abuse by Dr. Leslie DeLima, this was a planned and deliberate act designed to inflict long lasting collateral damage on my person, permanently irreparably damaging my ability to ever return to work by denying me access to proper, timely and relevant Healthcare. THIS WCB is the Hellberta WAY!
 Dr. Delima and his covert gang of Lawyer misanthropes in WCB Edmonton knew full well that their actions would constitute the WCB of Alberta gaining a collateral advantage that I would never be able to overcome, thus fully disabling me for my entire life. This is so sad on so many different levels, it hurts just writing it.                                                  
 A proceeding that is conducted in Bad Faith constitutes an Abuse of Process.
Without question the DRDRB phony panels of old PC Hacks and Hatchet-men are proceedings that are conducted in Bad Faith.

 It is disturbing when you repeatedly see the DRDRB Abuse of Process is so blatantly obvious, that the corruption motive of self enrichment is an Abuse of the Entire Administrative Law mechanism rendering this arm of the Justice Department as nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme.
 It is a Ponzi-Scheme because the largest companies get the biggest rewards based on their phony Safety programs that hands out trinkets and beads, and then lays ALL blame on workers. These giant corporate crooks actually force workers to sign legal documents saying that in the event of an accident; It is entirely the Workers Fault! The biggest companies from across the Globe can come here and expect to get 70-80% of their premiums returned to them, while the small to medium sized companies pay ALL the premiums.

In order for this Ponzi Scheme companies like CNRHell amazingly JACKPOT's and gets a GIANT premiums rebate for repeatedly KILLING WORKERS!
 In order for the big Tar Glop corporations to continue to enjoy this Ponzi scheme, the WCBof AB "NEEDS" a constant supply of NEW rate payers to keep their premiums artificially LOW.
 ENTER the Farmers, because these are small to medium companies with lots of CASH that the WCB needs to TAP into, for a giant CASH injection to save this Transnational Oil Corporation PONZI.
 The WCB Appeals Commission is no different, they have their select panels of hacks, quacks and hatchet men and women and waiting to deliver their own individual brand of shadenfraude to unsuspecting claimants.

 When the WCB Decision Review hands down yet another decision with NO legal basis, or medical opinions based on fact, this is just another routine day at the office of WCB Judicial Abuses, that you would commonly know as Administrative Law Tribunals. We know this to be true based on historic records of the long storied history of the WCB Appeals Commission. We know they are cronies of the PC Government, and typically from or related to key people in very preferential companies and industries who have great influence on the Alberta government.

The Ontario government now has legislation that is 100% dedicated to bringing litigation to bear on the misanthope gangs of Government paid Abusers who routinely abuse the Rights of every day citizens that apply for programs and compensation for wrongs performed by these lay-about do-nothing govt. employees.
 This (Misanthropic Abuse) IS what the PC Government Sense of Entitlement is all about, these govt. abusers actually believe that it is their implied Right to knowingly improperly apply their own distorted and bastardized version of the Law to abuse workers and citizens. Their own egos have been so artificially inflated to the point that their brains [Egos] may actually explode {Stroke}from the Ideological Imperatives that their superiors have instilled in their minds. [We can collectively dream as a group of injured workers that these bastards get their punishment one day.]
 Central to this conservative ideological imperative is the core belief that they are actually superior in intellect and mental abilities combined with their belief that they are physically more capable than Seriously Injured and Disabled Workers. This intellectual genome is the genesis that spawns their devil worship feelings of Self-Entitlement. Getting shit-faced drunk with their co-workers who also share the Self-Entitled Superiority Complex goes a long way to reinforcing their feelings of Unbelievable Greatness that surges through the corpuscles of their sotted brains.
 Well they used to, and as far as I know I have not heard of any Earth shattering {Fracking} change at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, nothing substantial that would lead us to conclude that the NDP Government of AB is going to make any real strides in reforming this uber-corrupt and bogus Injury Compensation program for injured workers who are NOT government employees.
Chronic fatigue has arrived again..more later.
 The truly biggest disappointment with this entire horrific medical care system in Hellberta is the fact that the entire privatized medical care program is now so horribly skewed both structurally and on the operations side toward "Denying your injuries or that sufferers of the AB industrial disease symptoms EVEN EXIST!"
 The Alberta Health Care system has been DESIGNED by PC's around the core principle of DENYING there is anything wrong with you in the first place!
 How can we ever have any meaningful Healthcare reform in Alberta when our entire Health delivery system is so systemically corrupt and distorted?

 We as Albertans are now victims of the multi-tiered Medical Care model that was designed and implemented around the American privatized Medical Care system. In the American privatized Medical delivery system the individual U.S. State would retain the ownership of the physical Bricks & Mortar structures of their State Hospitals, while letting privatized "American Health Groups" like Covenant Health and The Grey Nuns to actually take care of the Administrative Functions of the Hospitals.
 In short, the American Hospital Groups get to decide who lives and who dies. They hold the purse strings and hold TIGHT CONTROL over who is treated and who is NOT.

On the surface this seems like such a rosy, happy and serene way to operate hospitals, because they have these SUPER-efficient and highly experienced U.S. hospital experts in their field of running State owned hospitals in the U.S.A.
What could be more desirable than aspiring to be "Wannabe Americans", right? (Sic) I mean, "what could possibly go wrong;" is the proverbial Conservative dogmatic question.
 The problems this creates on the operational side of Hospital operation when it comes to deciding who will get treated is complicated to say the least. This means that in the twisted minds of the WCB Hacks and Quacks medical group, they have NO choice but to discriminate against workers they do not like. This results in the Hospital deciding that there are mangled workers who they have identified as Caucasion challenged patients, who do not qualify for care in their Hospitals. Wow, MORE Alberta Healthcare discrimination!

 The #1 Key to the Covenant Health Fast-Trak to the absolute BEST treatment is that you are employed by any Level of Government in Alberta, and are on the Alberta Gold Plated Health Benefits for Police, Guards, Firemen, and all government workers.

 Since the U.S. privatized Operators of Alberta Hospitals have always placed the WCB of Alberta as the #1 Priority when it comes to who they are committed to treating when a patient arrives in one of their trauma centers, this means that YOU the Seriously Injured Worker are ALREADY at a disadvantage when it comes to your treatment as a patient, and this means that your Health and your LIFE is in mortal peril as the hospital is treating you like a 2nd Class citizen the moment that you arrive in the E.R. department.
 It is hard to complete any writing when you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. More to come....

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trauma victims unable to Fend-off physical attacks by WCB Doctors inside Royal Alex, suffer severe physical and mental Duress

 One of the most heinous and for me in my mind the extremely abusive, egregious and discriminatory practice of the WCB of Alberta, is their Corporate Policy that directs crackpot WCB Doctors to go and physically ATTACK helpless and severely sedated trauma victims while they are lying helpless in their hospital beds within the walls of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
 These acts of criminal attacks within the Alberta Health Services labyrinth of hospitals like the RAH are egregious attacks of a subhuman nature. These subhuman attacks against trauma patients within the Royal Alexandra Hospital truly reflects the Barbarian practices unleashed on non-government patients of this hospital. Government employees would never go to this hospital because they all KNOW about the reputation of the Killer hospital.
 Physical Attacks on a severely injured patients leaves these patients with severe mental scars, because the of the FEAR that the RAH AHS administrators have scarred WCB victims with. I now live in fear of being injured and then being "FORCED" by Alberta Health Services to be taken to the very same Royal Alex Hospital to be re traumatized.
 I live in CONSTANT unending FEAR that if they (AHS) ever take me back to the Royal Alex hospital, that I will never come out of there alive. I live in FEAR that these MONSTERS will KILL me inside of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in order to cover up their crimes against humanity. I am gripped with FEAR every time I have a really severe Back PAIN episode; that I will be incapacitated and the AHS Ambulance will AUTO-transport me to the Royal Alex Hospital.
 I would rather die on the side of the road than EVER be taken back to the Royal Alex Hospital, that is how much I fear that hospital.
 These are heinous crimes perpetrated by the Alberta Health Services administrators that approves of the use of WCB paid "hit-men delivering physical attacks"against Trauma victims that are being cared for within AHS run hospitals in Alberta.
 These AHS policies only ADDS More harm to the physical injuries the patient is suffering because his condition goes untreated as he is released into the community. The combined severe physical and mental duress that this severely skewed policy is truly massive in scope, and denies seriously injured trauma patients even a minimal level of care, when it comes to the treatment they are delivered while under the care of the Province of Alberta and their government employees.
 These policies of the Alberta Health Services expose the extreme level of racism and discrimination within the hospitals of Alberta. These are signals of systemic discrimination with AHS, and are indicators of a much deeper CULTURE of Entitlement, that leads to discrimination.
 The Culture of Entitlement is the result of Government workers having "Special Access", that regular citizens do NOT HAVE. This AHS Cultural Practice leads to the Laissez-faire management culture of the Royal Alex Hospital and on a larger scale the management culture of the Alberta Health Services structure on a larger scale. It is my opinion that this lax culture of management was set up deliberately for the specific purpose of leaving a WIDE OPEN avenue for DISCRIMINATION to walk in and totally RULE the Culture of the AHS Organization. Just look at the history of AHS, it is a total FUBAR operation, this is a matter of public knowledge.

The AHS organization needs to be rebuilt with robust procedures and practices to put an end to this Culture of Racism and Discrimination.
This is why I have advocated for the creation of a patient's Bill of Rights, and in particular a Bill of Rights that lays out the specific procedures that ALL patients can expect when they arrive at a Trauma Center in Alberta. 
  These are human crimes by AB Govt. employees against humanity. These practices by the Alberta Govt. employees at Royal Alexandra Hospital shows an extreme disregard for human life and total disregard for the Health and well being of patients in their care. The wanton abuse of patients under the RAH workers care is extremely discriminatory towards Non-Government Injured workers, whose only crime against the State run RAH Hospital; is that we do not belong to the AUPE. The AUPE Public Employees Unions are COMPLICIT in this abuse of human rights for severely injured workers who are unfortunate enough to come under the care of these corrupt employees. Their Union is corrupt, so by association this means the workers are corrupt as well, because they know what is going and they are complicit in these illegal physical attacks on injured workers who in the care of these corrupt AHS Hospitals.
 The nurses on my ward KNEW about the WCB Troll doctor, and they also KNEW that the man responsible for kicking me out of the hospital was a WCB Hacks and Quacks Troll operative. The entire nursing station and all of the nurses there were complicit in LYING to me about his identity and his role in ejecting me prematurely from the Royal Alex hospital. This IS significant because when I first heard they were kicking me out 6 days after I fell and like 2 days after my operation my brother convened a meeting with the nurses from the nursing station and the Social worker from the hospital. In that meeting, the gang of nurses demanded to know WHY I felt that I should not be released from RAH. I had a broken BACK! Like, duh! How in the hell can a severely injured patient be expected to defend himself while he is severely sedated and under extreme mental and physical DURESS!
 These were the horrific events that unfolded while I was under the care of government workers (Nurses and doctors), the egregious treatment I was subjected to was criminal in nature and to this very day NOTHING is being done about it. We have a new government, but nothing has changed all of the very same players are ALL still employed and obviously still going about their egregious practices of physically ATTACKING patients and for the crime of turning a blind eye to these horrific policies by turning the table around and BLAMING the patient for their criminal conduct.
 And that folks is WHY I call this province Hellberta, because of all of the self-entitled government workers who have NO problem executing criminal orders directly from a private corporation of corrupt crony doctors and administrators.
 To these criminal public servants these heinous acts of depravity happen so frequently, and have been routine for so many years that to them that they see nothing wrong with these attacks on innocent seriously injured workers that have no choice but to go to the hospital for care!
 Doctors and Nurses within the Royal Alexandra Hospital all view this kind of behavior as normal, since they have been routinely physically and mentally harming patients in their care DELIBERATELY for decades now! This is so disturbing on so many levels that I live in FEAR of ever walking or being taken by stretcher inside of a hospital in Alberta ever again, because of the extreme level of control that is so clearly demonstrated within this super corrupt organization.
 I see NO HOPE on the horizon for ANY change within the AHS because the SAME old PC Cronies like Stelmach are all running these super corrupt hospitals. I see the advertising from AHS, I see the minister and she seems all happy and it is just all such a great big Government Employee Love-in with the NDP. So as a result of the big Love in, I have no hope that anything will change because the entire system is saturated with the SAME old corrupt PC Cronies. How would you even begin to flush out all of the old DEAD WOOD that is hampering the transition to a real health care system. Where would you begin to start at getting rid of the Conservative STAINS on Democracy? The ONLY Hope I have of ever being medically treated and off actually getting a real diagnosis and a proper long term prognosis is if I FLEE Alberta to another province in order to receive treatment because the WCB controlled AHS is so OBSTRUCTIONIST that I will NEVER gain access to specialists here in Alberta.
 I have waited 10 years and I still cannot get access to Orthopedic Spinal Specialists, it is clear that I am being discriminated against and that this practice will continue likely forever here in this sinking hell-pit of government corruption. I am a 4th class citizen and I cannot even access the level of treatment that the newly arrived refugees can.
 I am a political refugee in my own country. Refugees have much better access to medical care than people who were born and raised here, that is a sad fact of living in Hellberta. Canada is such a LIE, this is not Freedom and it is surely not a democracy I can tell you that.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The "Workers" Part of WCB is an Oxymoron of Epic proportions.

 The flip use of the terminology "Workers" Compensation is an Oxymoron because the entire institution is 100% run by Corrupt Corporate CRONIES like their CEO Guy Kerr. He is corrupt to the core because he subscribes to the very same kind of Right Wing White Privilege Bastardization of Principles of Natural Justice that the WCB uses to deny seriously injured workers the right to a fair and open process when they appear before an Administrative Adjudicator panel.
 The fact that the Appeals Commission utilizes PC Corporate cronies with NO expertise in Administrative Justice or court proceedings exposes these panels as null and void in legal terms. These panels are loaded with old PC Cronies, and as such these panels are a Kangaroo court.
 It is no secret that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta has employed its very own corporate cronies that utilize the WCB of Alberta like a well paid Retirement Home for cronies of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.
 The very existence of all of these cronies sitting on the WCB Appeals Commission panels renders the existence of these phony Quasi-judicial Court proceedings as FAKE Law, and flies in the very face of The Rules of Natural Justice in Canada. This is an antiquated phony system of compensation, even the word compensation in the context of the WCB organization is 2 Oxymoron's within one organizations name. Anybody that believes that the WCB of Alberta is a fair and Just system of compensating human beings who happen to get injured while working on the job in Hellberta really does not have the necessary judgement skills needed to skillfully drive a car.
 Saying that the WCB of Alberta delivers fair and just decisions from their WCB Appeals Commission hearing is a complete and total lie. That may be true for government workers but it sure as the hell is not true for the regular working Joes who get hurt on the job in Alberta. For any government employees to say that the WCB of AB is a fair and just administrator of benefits is like saying that Justice Scalia in the United States was a fair and just adjudicator. Justice Scalia was a right wing bigot that disliked Black people and he hated homosexuals and believed that both groups should not have any of the rights that the rest of the White Privileged Catholic Conservatives in America enjoy.
The world is likely a much better place since he is now dead, that is a fact because their is no place for Right Wing Bigots and homophobes sitting on the bench of the United States highest courts.
 What the last 7 years of the Presidency of Barack Obama have shown the Western Nations is that Right Wing Catholic and Christian bigots have been in total control of the Justice System in America, and that is WHY the Republicans are so damned scared that Obama will appoint a Left Wing and truly progressive thinking Justice to the USSC. The Right Wing bigots of White Privilege have been in the drivers seat for the last 30 years and they don't like what they see coming down the pipe for the Supreme Court in the U.S.
 Meanwhile here in the backwater bayou city of Edmonton, we as a society are hopelessly clinging to a failed system of Justice for the men and women who are seriously injured and who are being killed every 2nd day in Alberta. The whole fantasy lie about the workers giving up their rights in favor of this bastardized system that is named "Administrative Justice" is so damned corrupt, it can only be described as FUBAR. The WCB Appeals system is horribly tilted in favor of the corporations that routinely KILL WORKERS and never have to worry about ever spending even on day in jail.
 How is it unfairly tilted in the corporations favor? A.) Because the panels are made up of Corporate Cronies of Conservative Business owners B.) Because the corrupt panel members have absolutely NO knowledge about Judicial Due Process or courtroom procedures C.) These phony panels are allowed to continually deny benefits to appellants, denying them their right to submit their doctors reports for years of treatment even though their exists Jurisprudence cases that specifically state they cannot ignore this as new evidence. D.) Because Guy Kerr is the CEO and the entire board are fully aware of all of these Commission Abuses to continue to this day, because he runs the WCB of Alberta like his own little corrupt Third World country DICTATOR that extracts GLEE from abusing seriously injured workers. This means that Guy Kerr and his Board of Dir.'s fit the clinical description of a man and a group who suffers from episodes of Schadenfraude. Schadenfraude: This word is taken from German and literally means "harm-joy". E.) The final reason that I believe that Guy Kerr and his corrupt board are unfit for this role as the directors acting as Fiduciaries are that they do not display ANY of the characteristics of apt, skilled and professional directors of a corporation in charge of Billions of dollars held in trust for the benefit of Seriously Injured Workers. None, zero, they know what is going on and they choose to ignore it, this makes them by definition a CORRUPT gang of Right Wing Conservative Cronies. They do not deserve the title of Fiduciaries since they display none of the High Level of Personality Skills or the Professionalism needed to carry out the duties that they naturally inherit when they sign up to take the MILLIONS of dollars in compensation they get for being CORRUPT.
 The Meredith Principles is such a fantasy lie, if you believe that people who were dying at the hands of the corrupt corporations 100 years ago were completely STUPID, then you believe the Meredith Principle.
 Look at the lies Harper told to steal Democracy from Canada, I am telling you Meridith is nothing more than a FANTASY. If the Meridith story was TRUE, the workers would celebrate all of the signatories of that deal. It is a great big lie, told a million times does not make it any more true today then when they first told the lie. The Great Meridith LIE was a phony deal that protects UNION workers, that is it and that is why the Board freely abuses seriously injured workers who are NOT part of a Union. That is WHY the UNION is so quite on standing up for non-union workers rights.
 Rachel Notley has the full support of the Unions, it is my belief that she is New Boss, Same as the Old Boss is my opinion.
 Rachel Notley is a labor lawyer by trade, that is what her specialty in Law is all about, she knows exactly what is going on and what HAS being going one here in Alberta for many years now. Since the voters of Alberta have kicked the Uber corrupt PC's to the curb, is is high time that the Government of Alberta took the steps necessary to restore confidence in our Justice System here in Alberta. Rachel knows what to do, but does she have the political will? None of the cowardly PC's did, they lived in constant fear of losing their grip on power and their financial support of the corporations in Alberta and as such they all passed the buck.
 Rachel CLAIMS Change has come to Alberta, yeah well let's see who is buttering her bread.

Sciatica and the mind numbing pain that keeps me up at night

 The return of winter and the storms of February tweek my Sciatica nerve pain in my left leg and keep me up all night with mind blowing pain that is so intense it radiates not only down my left leg, but it raises my blood pressure as the pain intensifies until it pulses through my entire body. I lay awake at night praying that I die rather than continue to suffering with NO Medical Treatment or diagnosis for my severe chronic back pain. I am sure that the WCB of Alberta has the very same prayers for my early demise, that is afterall what their intentions were right from the very day that I was dropped off at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in March of 2006. My back complications are wide and varied, since I fell flat on my back with my Iron Tools belt and tools strapped on to my hips. The resulting impact with the frozen ground felt like I had just been hit by a Transit bus travelling at 25 kph is my best guess. I broke my hard hat as I hit the ground. It took me months to remember most of the details of that day and it saddens me that after 10 YEARS, absolutely NOTHING has changed within the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. We have a new government, but nothing has changed with the WCB of AB.
 How do I know that nothing has changed? Because I still receive phone calls from Injured Workers who are still being screwed around by the WCB of AB for Injuries on the job. Some of these workers have valid complaints about injuries they suffered many years ago, injuries that they had already claimed as workplace injuries and now they are experiencing complications as their age, wear and tear on their bodies have now made working impossible for them. The WCB of AB claims that if you have further problems in the future as a result of your workplace injury that you can re-open your claim. The WCB of Alberta forgot to put in a disclaimer that this policy ONLY extends to Govt. workers like Firemen, Cops and all Govt. employees as per their Union agreements.
 The reality is for regular Joes is that if this does happen to you, that the WCB of Alberta will deny your claim regardless of how much supporting medical evidence you have. They (WCB) will work in a fevered frenzy to erect false barriers to block you from re-opening your claim. You see this is because all of the BS on the WCB of Alberta website is nothing more than pure unadultrated Bullshit. The only people that their site is true for is government workers, they are the self-entitled ELITE of our Alberta society, and have been for a very long time. If the average Albertan living in this province thinks that there is "Equal and Fair Medical Treatment" for all Albertans then they are likely to dumb to drive a car.
 Be forewarned that as an injured worker suffering from old injuries that have come back to haunt you, the WCB of Alberta will try to incite you into an angry outburst so that they can permanently BAN you from their premises. This is one of their favorite and oldest tricks in their evil book of stunts to deny Injured Workers that are legitimately qualified to apply for Medical and financial benefits. As a government worker they would shower you with psychiatric supports and referrals. But most importantly if you suffered a mental breakdown within a WCB of Alberta facility as a Government worker, you WOULD NOT be terminated from benefits. That is the key difference between government workers and regular working stiffs in Alberta.
 The other KEY difference is that Government workers are immediately referred to real ACTUAL Rehabilitation facilities like the Glenrose Hospital, because the BEST Medical facilities and Specialists are all RESERVED for the ELITE (Govt. workers only) persons in Alberta. I was told by my Surgeon Dr. Hongxing Jiang that I was going to be referred to the Glenrose Rehab Hospital.
  That was until the WCB Crony Hack Dr. Leslie DeLima walked into my hospital room in the Royal Alexandra Hospital and lied to me about his identity, then he took off my neck brace and squeezed my neck really hard. When I screamed out in pain, he announced that there was nothing wrong with my neck. I immediately cried out, "That was your test?". Like WTH, even though I was hopelessly doped out of my mind on morphine that the hospital was repeatedly injecting into me I was aware enough to know that there was something seriously WRONG going on with the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
 For you own sake, and remember this fact: DON'T go to the Royal Alex you could very well die there and not from natural causes either. Remember this and you may live a long life if you are lucky.
 Whoever you are and no matter where you have come from across the planet Earth, this is 1959 Alberta where we are still using diagnostic methods and machines that are DECADES OLD, the Alberta Health SCARE keeps this old equipment around so that when regular Joe Stiffs walk through their doors they can immediately warm up the old tubes in their old 70's equipment to immediately deliver you with a diagnosis of "Your O.K., go home take an aspirin." This is the reality for regular Joe Stiff, because you are NOT part of their government Gold Plated Medical Benefits program, so you are strapped into the oldest junk they have laying around, this is the Hellberta WAY!
 White people go to the University Hospital. White Government workers who like to live in St. Albert far away from the UN-anointed Edmonton ghetto spoogees, they will ONLY go to the St. Albert Hospital. White people do not want to die beside an Indian or non white person, this is the Hellberta White Privileged WAY!

Sciatica Animated Video

Sciatica Animated Video: Sciatica is leg pain caused by a problem in the low back. Watch an animated video that details the causes and symptoms of sciatica.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Lost Days" in my HALO of Chronic severe untreated Back Pain

 I am just beginning to emerge from the painful winter of 2015/16 as the Lost Days of winter give way to the hope of a mild spring to help ease the severe Arthritis Pain that I suffer from as a direct result of my broken back. The weather changes of winter have an enormous impact on my life, in that I suffer from severe pain events typically approximately 2 days before a weather event occurs. This means that I can become so overcome with chronic back pain that I am unable to even get out of bed for more than a couple of hours each day during the coldest months of the calendar year. For the month of December and January this means that there are potentially entire weeks that I will be unable to function at even the most minimal levels of physical performance, and I am talking about just the ability to perform every day tasks like driving to the store for essential needs. The severity of these winter chronic pain events has continually ebbed upwards over the years as I am strictly forbidden from seeking treatment from ANY Spinal Orthopaedic Specialists within the province of Alberta. The Alberta Health Services and the WCB of Alberta in "Lockstep" have co-ordinated their medical ATTACK on me specifically for the express purpose of denying me access to proper, timely and relevant medical care for treatment of my severe Chronic Back Pain condition.
 For those injured workers who do not know, this is the ONLY way in which the WCB can ensure that the medical torture they unleash on injured workers will have the most severe and punitive results, IS if they have the FULL SUPPORT of the Alberta Health Services organization to DENY diagnostic and medical treatments, and to fully BLOCK ACCESS for severely injured workers that truly NEED ACCESS to the Alberta's Healthcare system for treatment.
I have been living the dream that the new NDP Government of Alberta would bring about change in the Alberta Health Services, but as the months drag on it looks to me like the new boss is the same as the old boss. For the Alberta Government Unions everything is A-OK as far as they are concerned when it comes to Govt. workers and the WCB because they are dealt with in a very DIFFERENT way from everyday workers who are NOT Union and are NOT Govt. workers, they get Special Preferental Treatment. If you don't believe me, please SEE: Firemen and Cops.
 Have you EVER heard of a Cop or a Fireman having trouble with their WCB claim? No, that is because they are automatically "Fast-tracked to treatment" in ALL of the treatments that they seek.

The government workers are at the very Pinnacle of the food chain when it comes to seeking or receiving Medical Care in Canada.
 Then comes the second class of medical patients in Canada called the general population. After them in comes the third class called welfare recipients, then comes the fourth class of citizen called Immigrants and Refugees. The Fifth Class of Medical patients in that Alberta would naturally be delegated to the indigenous peoples of Canada, the native people would naturally not even be put on the list so that AHS could free up space for white people, right?
And finally comes the very LAST in Canada's very own CAST SYSTEM of medical treatment and those are called Severely Injured Workers that the WCB of Alberta and the Alberta Health Services have designated and identified as non-compliant WCB Claimants that are TARGETED for medical abuse and a blanket across the board denial of access to services. Severely injured workers with a severe back injury are at the very BOTTOM of Alberta's CAST SYSTEM of delivering Health Care, just as Ralph Kline had intended, Booyah for AB Hillbilly culture of 1959!

Through this all, and despite the repressive and severely punitive medical retaliation of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, I am not bitter with the gang of Do-nothing Government Workers who have made this their mission to deny me ACCESS to proper and timely medical care and diagnostic treatments for my severe medical condition. I feel no anger towards these shadenfraude medical hacks, that are empowered by a conservative government medical strata that seeks revenge against those who would stand against their exteme punishment of Workers whose only crime against the state was the crime of simply "Showing up for work!" I look at the gang of Do-nothing slackers we call the WCB of Alberta and can feel nothing but pity for these people like Kim Kroetsch and Colleen Bamford and the do-nothing slacker manager Trevor Dill, because there is NO private business in the world that will provide the pay scale that these government Slackers get from the WCB, for the WCB's perverted privilege of watching these slackers sit around all day and jack off.      The slovenly government slackers will find that when they leave their overly generously compensated do-nothing slacker jobs at the WCB of Alberta, there are NO companies in the world that are prepared to pay them an equal amount for their hillbilly College degree, NONE, zero, nada.

 The final tally of the number of "Lost Days" has amassed itself into a very large number of days that I never got to enjoy like the rest of the human beings in Canada. Laying in bed and trying not to move is the ONLY way that I can try to avoid the severe non ending Chronic Back Pain that I suffer, it has robbed me of my enjoyment of life and the pursuit of happiness. Watching your life pass you by because you are bed ridden in severe pain burdens me with a feeling of terrible loss, a loss of a life not enjoyed. This is a tragedy that a man in his prime of his life would be robbed of his ability to earn a living, and of the privelege of seeking medical treatment for an injury suffered while at work, this is a tragedy of the Mirage we pretend is the awesome way of life in Canada.
 So when my roomies ask me how I am feeling while I am lying in bed suffering, I always respond with "It's just another LOST Day in Hellberta." For me the months of December and January deliver a punishing blow of severe pain that cuts me out of most activities in the Tar Glop Hellhole of Edmonton. I honestly do not think that I can survive even 1 more winter here because of the Billions of Tons of water (H2O) that is artifically injected into the Edmonton sky each and every day during the coldest blasts of winter descending from the Northwest Territories. This is NOT the Alberta I grew up in, this is a new artificial environment of severe cold mixed with Billions of Tons of WATER injected into the Edmonton atmosphere in order to cool the Tar Glop operations at the massive refineries that surround this city. This is why we suffer from so many severe FOG events in the coldest months of the year in Edmonton and especially to the north of the city from the massive Tar Glop refining plants at Fort Saskatchewan. This artifical weather makes is so that on most days I simply CANNOT go outside in the Super Cold 80% humidity of Edmonton Hellberta, during December and January. This horrific combination of Industrial created artificial weather delivers KILLER PAIN to my mangled spinal column, that pushes the envelope of how much pain my body can endure in the mega-Industrial wasteland of Edmonton, Hellberta.
 I don't dream of being saved by my government anymore, that dream is dead. I mostly pray for death each and every single day that I wake up in this hellhole of Medical punishment and abuse. I do not dream about living a long and productive life in the MIRAGE we call Canada, because it is not a real dream. Canada is a LIFE SENTENCE to hell for me, because I was not fortunate enough to work for the Government and be part of their special CLUB that actually receives ACCESS to medical treatment. The very first thing that enters my mind when I wake up each day is thinking about suicide, because I know that for each and every moment that I remain in this Industrial Hellhole, is one more minute that I know that I will NEVER be able to be medically treated.