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Sunday, January 8, 2017

WCB AB and Alberta PC Govt CULTURE of Entitlement

 The Alberta WCB CULTURE of entitlement, that drives these overpaid govt. schadenfreude recruits is shocking and disgusting, mostly because the Aura of Entitlement in the WCB is not isolated to the WCB.
The most striking thing that continually slaps in the face and just adds to the Trauma I have suffered at the hands of the PC Govt., is that this Culture of Entitlement is pervasive and infects a large number of Alberta govt. offices. As an Albertan you simply will NEVER be able to erase the look of total GLEE on these employees faces as they see how devastating their denial of services is on you as a disabled person seeking help.
 This includes Cops, and especially AB Justice employees they seem to be as gleeful as the WCB fraudsters when they know they have inflicted serious damage to your psyche, they are actually giddy with pleasure that is surging through their veins. The woman at the desk for Legal Aid actually laughed in my face when she realized the impact on me when she told me that I no longer qualified for Legal Aid because AISH had been increased.
 The first lawyer that Legal Aid appointed to me was Francis McMenney, my first meeting with him he actually said to me, "Well you don't look that seriously injured to me". So I showed him my scar which was still pretty ugly.
 I don't understand where this Culture of Entitlement was spawned from. The woman who I spoke to from Capital Region Housing Corporation when I went down to their office to show them that I had WON a decision by the Privacy Commissioner was the absolute QUEEN of over reaching govt. abuse. You could hear the glee in her voice as she laughed telling me there was NO APPEAL mechanism at Capital Region Housing, and even if there were SHE personally would make sure that I did not qualify by simply "Changing the REASON they turned down my application".
 I was floored and completely deflated, because this signaled that I would NEVER be able to win any kind of benefits for a continuation of my housing subsidy. I would never qualify because this woman had taken it upon herself to personally use her govt. position to ATTACK me. I was busy fighting 6 arms of the government ALL at ONE TIME! 
It was simply too overwhelming, and that is when I started to withdraw, withdraw permanently from trying to get any kind of benefit from the government because I simply was not equipped mentally to fight these corrupt govt. departments. So I just gave up trying, it was seriously affecting my health, it was literally KILLING me with all of the stress that these self-entitled government princesses were inflicting on me.
 On December 19th, 2016 I had asked my doctor who had been treating me if he could please refer me to an Orthopedic Spinal Specialist in Calgary. He told me he would. I took him at his word, I believed him especially since I had just had a mental breakdown in his office recounting the horrors that the WCB had inflicted on me over the last 10 years.
 When I visited him on Thursday I was horrified to learn that not only did he NOT forward my referral request to see Dr. Cory Cundal in Calgary, but he told me he was NEVER going to forward the referral. I was stunned, complete panic overcame me as I realized that the WCB had warped the mind of my doctor with their horrific lies. I went to see him about the back pain I am going out of my mind with, and he sent me for blood tests for DIABETES. What in the hell does diabetes and a broken back have in common. 
 Oh yeah, lets see, NOTHING! I told him on the day that he sends that referral I will satisfy his WCB witch hunt with any kind of blood tests he wants. I now see Doctors as nothing more than really high paid Government Employees, 80% of their income is derived directly from the AB Health Services and in my mind that makes them government employees.

WCB give me NO OPTiONS and REFUSES to refer me to a Spinal Specialist in Calgary

  Two minutes after leaving the WCBofffice in downtown Edmonton, after YEARS of constant threats from the WCB to arrest me if I set one foot on their property, as if by some form of magic the WCB phoned me while driving.
  Even though I told the WCB broad that I was driving she continued to berate me with her scripted PLEA that I HAVE to be assessed by WCB Millard.
 WCB MILLARD Health are the bastards that rendered me homeless! Do these overpaid Govt. bastards have ANY idea what that does to a permanently disabled person when you throw them onto the streets, knowing full well that that person is disabled and unable to work?
  I am not in the habit of calling women broads, but that is the only description that is appropriate for these evil misanthropic women. These people are not humans they are MONSTERS, plain and simple.
 Ginne or Jennie or whatever her name is, told me that "She wanted to HELP me", but she repeatedly REFUSED to refer me to the only specialist that is QUALIFIED to assess my condition.

 HOW IN THE HELL is that considered Helping Me? It is NOT HELP, that is just her evil WCB Handlers giving her a script and telling her to STICK to the SCRIPT no matter what Mcgillis says to you, you as a WCB Bimbo have to REFUSE to refer him to a specialist.
 While they all LISTEN in on the conference call, evil fing fraudsters!
 This is just more fffing ABUSE by the WCB, contacting the Minister's Office obviously has had ZERO EFFECT, it is actually making things WORSE because now the WCB is once again buttressing their position, with their old scripted replies to ANY requests for medical treatment.

  I was TRAUMATIZED at WCB MILLARD, I am suffering from PTSD and I welcome the opportunity to go to the Millard and MEET my tormentors. This event will only TRIGGER an uncontrollable PTSD sparked RAGE that I told the WCB broad, "I cannot be held responsible for whatever happens if you send me back to Millard". 
CHECK the Audio tape, I state it very CLEARLY on the tape and ALL of you evil WCB bastards were listening in, plotting how you will SNUFF me out. You people are KILLERS, this is no state secret, this is public knowledge.

  This is WHY I have written about First Responders, because guess what Firemen, Cops and EMT's, I have had to deal with all of this mental anguish with NO MONEY, NO SUPPORT structure from my employer, NO Medical supports to help me cope and while being homeless. First Responders are so fucking pampered it make me want to fucking puke. Phony RICH bastards is all I see.
  Edmonton is just a bunch of phony fucking Cops, phony Firemen and phony First Responders all stumbling around moaning and crying while sporting GOLD PLATED ffing Healthcare supports, they have NO Fucking idea what it is like to be abused by the WCB, not even a fucking clue.
Why is that? Because they are special Government workers and we should ALL BOW to our masters right.

The reason I yell all the time at the WCB fraudsters IS BECAUSE I have suffered a severe mental TRAUMA. The WCB Millard traumatized me, and I am still traumatized. Trauma does not go away without treatment, it is always there lingering, waiting to be reawakened by another trauma event.

All you had to do was approve a simple little piece of paper that would refer me to proper, timely and relevant medical specialists, but you could not even muster that courage because that would mean that a qualified specialist would write a REAL and legitimate medical opinion. But the REAL reason that WCB refuses to refer me to a specialist, is because they have their forgery driven agenda falls apart when the WCB of AB is unable to TOTALLY CONTROL their medical fraud agenda. A REAL medical opinion would not mesh with their massive pile FRAUDULENT documents that you, the WCB of AB have created. I 100% patently reject your offer of MORE WCB Millard FRAUD, but I welcome the opportunity to meet with my tormentors for a final showdown that is sure to please the eager news media that needs an 11 O'clock news feed.
Sending me BACK to the same gang of medical fraudsters will NOT have a different outcome. The WCB of AB had 11 long years to approve my referrals and the ONLY thing they did was to utilize their political influence over the Alberta Health Services to ensure that I NEVER receive, a proper assessment, and that I am TOTALLY BLOCKED from any kind of treatment, the will not even allow me to see my chiropractor, they have repeatedly REFUSED to BUY a man with a broken back a NEW BED! So tell me again 2 cocks Ginnie how you want to help me? It is just MORE of your WCB ABUSE piled onto of the already mountainous pile of ABUSE that you have piled on me for 11 long years. And that is how you become a medical refugee in Canada. Foreign refugees have MORE rights and MORE access to medical treatment that Canada’s own inhabitants.
Alberta is the ONLY place in Canada that you are FORCED to start a Go-Fund Me campaign in order to supply a man who fell at work and broke his back a decent BED to sleep on. Alberta has turned Canada into such a Perfect LIE, this is what is so disgusting about life in Alberta for injured workers.

  I said that I cannot be held responsible, and I meant it because of the precarious mental state that the WCB Abusers at Millard have subjected me to, I cannot be held responsible for any physical confrontations that ensue. The WCB Millard forged documents claiming that I was ready to return to work, that is false. Those documents are forgeries and that has always been the case. If they were not forged then the people who wrote those assessments have NO BUSINESS being employed anywhere NEAR the Healthcare Industry, period. Because they are fraudsters, they are not legitimate healthcare workers, they are just GREEDY ffing bastards.

 So, I want to know; were the documents FORGED at Millard? Did the WCB collude to FORGE documents in the downtown WCB Office? Who was involved? When is the WCB going to hold the fraudsters to account? Oh lets see, NEVER! Are these fraudulent WCB Employees still being paid by WCB Alberta? Of course they are, they are the WCB of Alberta's TOP Performers of the last 10 years, right.
 Evil ffing bitches like Kim Kroetsch, Collen Bamford that used to phone me at home screaming at me so she could get a recording of me swearing. Wendy Hockney, oh yeah she could not be there since good ol' Karma stepped in a mashed her flat as a pancake with a Giant Garbage Truck. If that ain't fate, then I don't know what is.

WCB Ginnie you have been ZERO HELP, you have now effective re traumatized me and I am frightened to know what will happen when you expose me to the FRAUDSTERS that did this to me once again. I am terrified at what is going to happen. All I can say, is that I am sorry for what is to unfold. I am mentally stressed out to the MAX, and if this is my fate, then I am ready to accept my destiny. And may God have mercy on your souls, is all I can say. I am crying while I write this because I am being forced into a confrontation that I have no desire to see happen, but this is the WILL of Guy Kerr and the Alberta WCB Corporate MONSTERS.
  I have accepted my fate and am now going to prepare for what will be the fight of my life, my last and final fight on this Earth, but this is the Hellberta WAY! If they insist on a violent confrontation, then it is violence that they will harvest for their evil corporate agenda. Long live the revolution.

Do you know what you (WCB) harvest when you constantly use THREATS, THREATS and more fucking THREATS against people? One day those people push back, and some of them will push back so fucking hard it is going to knock you ffing brains out.
It is better to die a man, than to live as a Medical REFUGEE in your own country, tortured to DEATH by a hateful dictator like Guy Kerr. I reject Guy Kerr's dictatorship, and I will gladly fight to the death rather than live this oppression another day. Fuck Guy Kerr and his WCB Soldiers of DEATH and suffering! I hope he meets a fffng Garbage Truck and dies under the wheels of a semi, it is his destiny. We are now on a collision course, there is no avoiding it now the WCB of Alberta has written the rules of engagement, who am I to change the will of a wicked tyrant like Guy Kerr? I have no choice but to fully engage these phony Forgers and misanthropic miscreants and take my place in history as a martyr that tried the governments WAY, but it has failed. I tried for 11 long years, I am spent, depleted, exhausted and eager to meet my maker.
  Bring it on WCB, bring on the WCB Millard tormentors and lets gets this done, no more pissing around. You want to bring my life to an end with constant threats, lets do it. There can be no greater finale than Death by Cop right? 
  The bimbo broad that the WCB CHOSE to phone me with her SCRIPT of Responses, told me that she REFUSES to approve my referral of an Orthopedic Spinal Specialist.
  The WCB bimbo either is too dumb to know that an Orthopedic Spinal Specialist is the ONLY medical expert that is QUALIFIED to make an assessment on my back condition; Or maybe she just is the new girl on the block and has chosen to take 2 cocks in her mouth at one time. I can understand why she would engorge herself this way, I mean THIS IS HOW WCB makes their Claims Managers into millionaires that JACKPOT when they leave the WCB to become what the WCB calls WCB "Consultants".

  The WCB Consultants still go out and party with the WCB bastards because that is what they do, they ALL know that the resolution to any claimants claim is no harder than pushing the APPROVED button. But they go through this great big drawn out phony act, and the use this fraudulent act to make it SEEM like their giant fraud scheme is legitimate.

 The WCB of Alberta has BLOCKED ALL ATTEMPTS and ALL referrals by my doctor to ANY Orthopedic Specialists for 11 Long FUCKING YEARS!
 There is No Legitimate EXCUSE for this WCB behavior, this is nothing more than pure Medical FRAUD by the WCB of Alberta

And everybody in Canada knows this to be true. It is 100% fact, that the AB WCB is a FRAUD organization. If 2 cocks Ginnie does not know 

this by now, then next week, she is going to end up being 3 cocks WCB Ginnie. She is just looking to get a great big giant BONUS CHEQUE, she can hardly wait to CASH in on Mcgillis and his disability.
 What a sad state of affairs.

DONT COME to ALBERTA, because this is the worst WCB in North America, these guys are fraudulent fucking bastards and the whole world knows this to be true.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Radiology of Spine Trauma

I have decided that it is now necessary to post this video for the benefit of my doctor, Dr. Akpede. I have never wanted to ever get into a verbal confrontation with any doctor who is treating me, but I was unaware that there are doctors who are licensed in the province of Alberta who do NOT understand that this is Canada a country with MODERN DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING machinery. Dr. Akpede was reciting word for word the procedure that would normally be followed for a patient who had experienced a Mild Back Sprain. I FELL OFF A BUILDING AND LANDED FLAT ON MY IRONWORKER TOOLS FLAT ON MY BACK.
 I don't need any X-rays. I just had a CT Scan last year, it is unhealthy to expose any patient to excessive X-rays that are going to SHOW NOTHING! You don't even need the smallest of educations to know that and X-Ray is completely UNABLE to show ANY nerve impingement.
 This is the end product of Alberta Health Services and their propaganda that tells physicians that they need to order an X-ray to find the source of pain for a man who has fallen and broken his back; THIS is what is so ABSURD about the AHS policy framework. The Alberta Health Services policies are written by Goddamned morons, these were political policies that have ZERO to do with actual medical practices in ANY modern western civilization.

 If you (Dr.) can ONLY recite AHS propaganda, then guess what? Alberta Health does not NEED you as a doctor anymore you will be replaced with a ROBOT Kiosk down a the local MALL.
 The ROBOT Doctors now hired by AHS are likely not even aware that there is a private clinic in Kamloops that has a Vertical Stand-Up MRI Machine to diagnose serious back injuries, to better illustrate the back in its natural position supporting the load of your own body. Makes sense RIGHT? Not in Hellberta!
 We are so FAR back in the bayou that AB hillbillies don't even know this stuff even exists, that is sad. Sad to live in Hellberta that is!
 This is BIZARRE that I would have to tell a physician HOW to diagnose a serious spinal injury. This is what is so goddamned fucking bizarre in Alberta and the reason that I have now been officially designated as a Medical Refugee in my own country. It is sad and makes we want to cry, because the BRAINWASHING of Alberta Doctors is so complete that a I would actually have to argue with a doctor to get a simple goddamned REFERRAL to an Orthopedic Specialist. I am beginning to think that Dr. Akpede is a WCB hack doctor with his absurd ideas. I am so distraught at this outcome, I simply cannot begin to tell you how this saddens me.
 It absolutely FLOORS me that I would have to tell a doctor HOW to diagnose a serious spinal injury, that is just beyond the wildest most horrible nightmare medical scenarios that I could possibly imagine! It just goes to show you how Fucked-UP the Alberta Health Services IS in Alberta. It is beyond terrible.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

City of Edmonton Disability BETTER than winning the LOTTERY!

  "In Canada, there is a growing movement to try to treat PTSD in emergency responders. British Columbia and Alberta have recently changed worker compensation laws to make PTSD a presumptive condition. That means emergency responders suffering from the disorder will be presumed to have it as a direct result of their jobs, making it easier to qualify for compensation and treatment." Source: Macleans

  I do NOT agree that all of these government workers are able to get permanent disability as a matter of fact because they are already presumed to be suffering from this condition by default of their employment as a government employee. Why you ask? Because government employees are NOT any more predisposed to any kind of medical condition than you or I. Do you know how I know this to be true? Because I was born with precisely the SAME number of nerves, nerved endings and feelings as any other red blooded human being living and working in this province. Exactly the same number, no more and no less, so the idea of "Presumptive Injury" to me is patently ridiculous and a manifestation of Government Employees looking after more Government Employees. This is a troubling trend in Canada that needs to end, every day we open the newspaper and the special group that we call "Government Employees" are standing there with their hands out looking for yet ANOTHER presumptive condition that the WCB does not challenge, investigate nor question any of the treatments or diagnosis of this ONE SPECIAL group of workers.
  I was unfortunate enough that I was NOT a Government Employee on the day I fell, because if I was then I would have been given "Presumptive Treatment" and would have NEVER experienced ANY problems accessing proper, timely and relevant medical treatments and an actual diagnosis for my broken back. But since I was born just a regular guy who went to work and slipped and fell in front of his boss and the job Superintendent, I get the Jackboot end of the shaft from WCB Alberta.
  That whole premise of presumptive injury to me is nothing more than DISCRIMINATION wrapped nicely in a giant bleeding heart package of overblown sympathy for Government Workers! That outrages me because it measures regular working people in the private sector as "SECOND CLASS citizens", and that is discrimination as far as I am concerned. Just because you were a Prison guard, a Police Officer, a Fireman or an Ambulance Driver, you should not be "ENTITLED to better treatment" than somebody working in the private sector building a house or laying a sewer line.
  Where is the EQUALITY in this legislation that is changed almost monthly now to accommodate to growing number of Government Workers who are climbing over each other to claim PTSD? Ever since the cities of AB amalgamated the Ambulance Drivers (EMT's) into one agency making them ALL employees of the province of Alberta, the rate of Ambulance Drivers claiming PTSD has increased at least 500%. There is something going on here and nobody is investigating the legitimacy of these claims.

  The end product is that for a "First Responder" that was fully aware of the job duties and they were fully aware of the horrors of picking up mangled bodies would be part of their daily routine, now since they are no longer happy with their employer they can easily claim PTSD because this is now a "Presumptive Condition". That is BS as far as I am concerned because when a City of Edmonton Employee does claim WCB and is awarded a permanent disability award as part of this "Presumptive Condition" that "First Responder" has just won a pile of cash that is better than Winning the Lottery because that guy will never go broke. A City of Edmonton Employee gets 100% of their wages, benefits replaced in ANY WCB Claim. The City of Edmonton Employees have it written into their agreement, if the WCB only pays 80%, the City of Edmonton will TOP OFF that amount to 100%, and it is TAX FREE!
  Don't forget that these permanent disability claims are not taxable because you are permanently disabled, so the disabled City Employee from the remand center that has claimed PTSD is now taking home MORE money than they could possible EVER take home working for the City. This is a troubling trend in cities across Canada, government workers using the WCB Presumptive Conditions so they can lay on the beach in Mexico getting bombed while the rest of you poor working slobs slug it out in the trenches for a living. That is a crying shame that this is what our bleeding heart Government Workers have designed into their collective agreements so they can check out and cash out any time they like. That is just wrong considering the treatment and abuse that I have suffered from the WCB of Alberta.
  And that folks is WHY I have written for YEARS now that WCB is for Government Workers ONLY. It is THEIR special retirement club, CLUB MED that is, and you are NOT invited.
  I 100% do NOT agree with Government workers getting any SPECIAL Presumptive TREAMENTs, period. That is discrimination of the worst kind because it discriminates against regular working stiffs like me and thousands of other injured Canadians across this country that have risked their life and limb to bring home the bacon to mom and the kids.

In Canada, there is a growing movement to try to treat PTSD in emergency responders. British Columbia and Alberta have recently changed worker compensation laws to make PTSD a presumptive condition. That means emergency responders suffering from the disorder will be presumed to have it as a direct result of their jobs, making it easier to qualify for compensation and treatment. Here is the excerpt from the  City of Edmonton & Civic Service Union 52 Collective Agreement
 On page 36
    8.04 Supplementation of Compensation Award
   If an employee is prevented from performing the employee's  regular work with the City on account of an occupational accident that is recognized by the Workers'  Compensation Board as compensable within the meaning of the Workers' Compensation Act, the City will supplement the award made by the Workers' Compensation Board for loss of wages to the employee by such an amount that the award of the Workers' Compensation Board for loss of wages (excluding non-economic loss payment), together with the supplementation by the City, will equal 100% of the employee's regular net wage (gross pay less statutory deductions, union dues and required benefit plan contributions). 

  This is the WHY is there so many "First Responders" claiming PTSD, is my opinion. It is all about the money is what I see going on here and City and Provincial Governments have FED this trend by creating the discriminatory conditions necessary with the regimen of the WCB Acts across Canada. If you notice when there is EVER any question of WCB motives the governing Provincial Government will THROW up their ARMS and claim their hands are tied and they cannot interfere with WCB since it is a private organization here in Alberta. But is there is a group of GOVERNMENT workers who want special treatment and for the government to discriminate against regular working stiffs, the WCB is thrown into action in a moments notice a press conference is arraigned and the appropriate Government Officials gather to pat each other on the back for creating YET ANOTHER DISCRIMINATION LAW into effect!

  This IS WHERE the Alberta Government GOT IT's "Aura of Entitlement FROM", is this kind of discriminatory legislation that only helps THEM! This government Culture of Entitlement has been nurtured and fueled for decades now here in Alberta and it is time for ALL CITIZENS of Alberta to be treated with the SAME common decency that you would extend to any guest in your house, that is not the case here in Hellberta right now. The SPECIAL, the ENTITLED, and the GOVERNMENT WORKER rule this land, and it is time to put an end to this practice of discrimination against regular working joes in this province.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Dinner, just another depressing Milestone denied because of AB WCB Government Abuse


Today on the day that Christ was born, I am unable to overcome my Sciatica Pain as it radiates across my left side from my left knee right up to my shoulder blade. It feels like on giant Leg Cramp, but it is not, what I am experiencing is my whole Spine locks up and I cannot move. Just taking steps causes me extreme pain. This is why I envy people who can walk pain free. I am envious of people who "take the act of walking for granted". To them life seems so carefree and they are full of life, because without movement there is no life. When your joints in your body are all seized up, this is not a life, this is a Life Sentence to Hell, Hell in Hellberta, because I live in a City that embraces abusing Seriously Injured Workers with such Zeal, that the City of Edmonton City Councilors under Stephen Mandel secretly crafted a plan to remove the rights of Injured Workers by removing their natural implied right to gather as an Identified Group that the Corporate Cronies who make up city council did not want gathering in THEIR private PALACE. The City of Edmonton did not want Injured Workers who Mandel and his Corporate masters had labelled as "Undesirables" gathering anywhere near the place they hold their "Secret Meetings" at.

 Not only is this a milestone in my disability list of missed family events, including missed funerals, weddings, christenings, graduations and babies born but this month is a milestone in how I view the care that my doctor and his medical partners deliver. I requested a referral to a Spinal Ortho Specialist as per instructions of another injured worker in Vancouver who phoned me to tell me this doctor he knew. My own doctor is now arguing with me about the abusive treatment by Alberta Health Services.

 I have lost confidence in my doctor and his ability to give me a referral that is worth more than the half of a penny that the piece of paper he wrote it on is worth. Every time I am referred to a Specialist or attempt to access proper, timely and relevant medical treatments the WCB of Alberta interferes to INJECT

their own CROOK Doctor, that writes there is nothing wrong with my back. Which in of itself is patently ridiculous, but that is what the end product of what (Self-entitled RW Schadenfreude’s) the Alberta Government is, this is the ONLY product that they have produced for decades and they see nothing wrong with continuing with this practice;

THIS is the Hellberta WAY! Or to put it more correctly in the interest of accuracy; The WCB deliberately tries to Inflict a serious PTSD injury on the WCB Client, alienate him so completely that now he is suffering from a mental disability that the WCB has inflicted on him. Now he is so completely disabled as a disenfranchised victim of their continual and unabated ABUSE, in his exasperated desperation to seek medical treatment that he lashes out at the WCB, the WCB then uses the mental injury that the WCB INFLICTED on the Claimant, to vilify and they then use this information to put the Claimant in JAIL Permanently.
Need proof? See: Patrick Clayton
The WCB’s sole objective is to PUNISH Seriously Injured workers until they DIE, THIS is the WCB Hellberta WAY!

 I am mentally and physically exhausted as a consequence of receiving no help from the WCB and since the WCB of Alberta has fully CHOKED OFF any hope of accessing decent care, WHY would I continue living in Edmonton.

 NOTHING HAS CHANGED in Hellberta, I STILL CANNOT ACCESS proper, timely and relevant medical care in Edmonton, it is like being Chained in a Dungeon living as a disabled worker in this Corporate Hellpit of a city.

 I see Edmonton as nothing more than a life support system for habitual misanthropic government workers who extract extreme GLEE from being mental abusers. To me Edmonton has congealed into a seething pit of Corporate corruption, and since these Gov. workers were put into Government positions of power to ensure that KEY Corporate employers will NEVER have to contribute to the financial burdens of permanently disabled workers.
 I have made the decision to LEAVE Hellberta, it is the ONLY WAY I will ever be able to access a proper Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and have him or her write a proper diagnosis, and a long term prognosis for my condition. It is only AFTER I receive a proper diagnosis that I will be able to access proper long term care for my condition. I have waited a lifetime, 11 long YEARS and I just cannot wait anymore for a government solution in Alberta.
I simply don't believe that the NDP has the right stuff to truly put an end to the WCB HORROR SHOW, and if it ever does it will be too late for me anyways. I have waited before and then only to find that once again the WCB of Alberta had screwed me, so why remain here in this seeing pit of corruption?

 I have to ESCAPE this corporate Hellpit that Mayor Iveson and his Corporate YES MEN Cronies have created here in the Capitol of Alberta. It is sad reality that many injured workers face in Hellberta, they are FORCED to LEAVE in order to be ALLOWED ACCESS to medical care. That is upsetting, but not as upsetting as missing Christmas Dinner, it is just the final humiliation in a long line of humiliating experiences in this mega-corrupt City of Edmonton.

 Living in the city that Mr. Burns created that is based on secrecy, lies, deception and the PC Conservative Dystopian dream of downtown is just one giant parking lot eyesore (The Quarters), this is what Mandel and his Pupil Iveson that was weaned on Corporate Cronyism as a WAY-of-Life has produced the Mandel Parking LOT DREAM, turning Edmonton into a Corporate Sterilization experiment envisioned by his master Mandel (Mr. Burns).

 There is nothing to stay in Edmonton Hellberta FOR. The NDP has been in power for over a year now, and I live with the fear that they are too afraid to take this monster WCB by the reigns because of how much power and influence the WCB had and does continue to wield in this province.

  2 More "Lost Days" of my life as I like to call them. That is how these cold snaps affect me, I cannot walk I get so crippled up that my joints refuse to move. Just 2 more days to add to the hundreds of lost days since my injury! The Mayo Clinic reported a couple of years back that if you suffer any kind of Spinal Trauma, that your life will be shortened by a minimum of 10 years, I am going to have to say that estimate is not only accurate but probably a little on the short side. As the years tick by from the date of my fall at work, my coworkers long ago quit calling, I miss the comradery of working. As the years tick by I miss simply being able to go visit my relatives and share time with family. WCB was designed to eliminate the burden of injured workers on their families, but Guy Kerr and his gerrymandering band of misanthropes have robbed hard working Albertans of the most precious gift you can give to your family, and that is your time. And for that I am sad this Christmas.

  The City of Edmonton policy makers at City Hall have made it a priority to "MONITIZE Poverty" by utilizing Chief of Police Rod Knecht as their Corporate HAMMER to stomp poor people into the ground.

 Mayor Iveson has cemented policy in place that seeks to profit on the backs of the poor people, he and his misanthropic cronies have MONITIZED POVERTY by targeting poor people with non-stop fines for everything.  How can this man stand in front of television cameras proclaiming that his City Council seeks Reconciliation with the indigenous population of Edmonton? It is preposterous and his is a big phony who is really good at making all of these wonderful "Feel Good Speeches" that are completely devoid of any kind of TRUTH!

  If you (Iveson) ONLY focus on punishing and doling out tickets to POOR people in Edmonton, to which a large degree are our indigenous population, and Iveson policy is to do this AGAIN and AGAIN; this only stigmatizes and places a permanent financial burden that the people you pretend you want to help.

  The Enemies of Democracy in Edmonton voted themselves into office without ANY public consultation, and they did this so they could use their office to do an end run around the will of the people when they extended their mandate to 4 years. A mandate implies that the people elected you on that platform, when in fact no such political platform for this extension existed at the time of the election or after. They did this so they could imprint their Corporate Brand of fascism on Edmonton voters. This city council is anti-reconciliation and anti-poor people. This city council is only concerned with giving hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to their corporate masters, while poor people live on the street. These fascist bastards are so damned creepy, they have City SPIES that follow the Garbage man around and SPY on the Garbage man. That is some sick weirdo shit right there.

  Now I don't know how many people are lined up to become a garbage man, but I am pretty sure that you have just WACKED half of all of the applicants from the list because of Don Iveson Garbage Spies. Being a garbage man is not a glam job, and it is my opinion that this behavior by the City of Edmonton is a violation of their basic human rights as employees of this city. The City has obviously deemed the Garbage man to guilty of some kind of crime and as such they are now paying RAT EMPLOYEES to SPY on the garbageman, that is an outrage. It is outrageous because Garbage men/women work VERY hard for their paycheque, and the last thing they need is a cloud of suspicion hanging over them because Team Iveson has bankrupted this city.

 The City of Edmonton was able to HIDE the amount they paid for the old York Hotel; it is rumored to have cost 5 million dollars. So if they can HIDE 5 Million dollars, they can easily hide the sad state of this City's finances until the next City Election is done. There have been too many secret deals and secret meetings by this city that pretends to want to help the disadvantaged people while standing on their throats, that is a sad fact that did not exist when I grew up in Edmonton as a kid. This huge imbalance of privilege in Edmonton is WHAT has contributed to the crime rate in Edmonton. 4 more years of Iveson and his misanthrope cronies will only magnify this problem and harm more of the Indigenous people he pretends on TV, that he wants to help. Team Iveson and his gang are the WORST city council this city has ever known, and that is saying something because Mandel his mentor was easily the worst as Iveson's teacher and predecessor.

  You need to look NO FURTHER than the massive increase in Cops, Firemen and EMT's in this city that are now on permanent disability by claiming PTSD. The amount of City of Edmonton government workers that are now living on a beach in Mexico sucking on PiƱa coladas is something that should be ringing off alarm bells at city hall but there is no panic. Why? Because the WCB of Alberta is FOR Government Workers, all government workers know this and they know that they ALL can go see the same kook doctor to diagnose them with PTSD and POOF, they are now on permanent disability.

  Just so you know when a city employee goes on permanent WCB disability, the City of Edmonton shores up their WCB benefits to 100% of their wage. Going on permanent WCB disability for government workers is like winning the lottery, no wait it is better than winning the lottery because they know that the WCB of Alberta does not even bother to CHECK up on government workers like Cops, Firemen or EMT's who are now claiming PTSD disability in droves, why is that? Just to make sure nobody is going to see them having fun on the beach, they jet off to Mexico where it is cheap to live with your own housekeepers and no nosy WCB spies to check up on you. That is the reality of the modern age Alberta that the WCB of Alberta has created for Government workers who are on disability. That is the "Magic of working for the government" in Alberta.