Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medical Marijuana patients can keep on growing own Pot says Federal Court

When you reach the point in your life when your entire existence relies on you saturating your own body with a whole plethora of Corporately made "Cheap" generic drugs that have a whole range of side effects; some good side effects and a great deal of them bad side effects you will be awakened to the reality that what the Government (In Canada Doctors ARE Government Employees) is PUSHING at you is not always entirely good for you. Many of these drugs have long term harmful effects that are cumulative in nature, thus you WILL reach a point at which your body can no longer sustain the constant bombardment of your internal organs by chemically derived drugs and medications. This is precisely why Marijuana is such a good medical treatment. At the very point this happens you are going to be faced with a number of "End of Life" dilemmas, some of which are acute and Life threatening. Because thehuman body has naturally built in defenses that help ensure that you as a bi-pod mammal are able to sustain low level environmental poisoning, chronic alcoholism and long term chemical poisoning via the ingestion of GovernmentApproved Drugs and medications. You need to look no further than the drug induced realities that are faced by Transplant Organ recipients, some of the drugs these patients rely on have well recognized Long Term serious sideeffects on the human body. Over the course of many years some of these drugs for Transplant patients WILL eat away at other critical organs in the body like your liver, kidneys, spleen and in some cases their thyroid and pituitary glands. The medical response required by the patient’s Transplant Team is far beyond any discussion in a comment thread. Suffice it to say that the response will be very expensive, invasive, long term that may include Additional Transplants to save the patient. What the Harper Government has attempted to do to Health Care in Canada, is TRASH it completely just like they did here in Alberta. The Alliance Church Deformed Party loves to play GOD, it gives them that biblical RUSH that they can only get from depriving other living humans oftheir right to live by turning you into a human experiment. In Alberta where I grew up in a wonderful Medical System the Government was not happy until Drunk Ralph took it upon himself to RIP theHealth Care System to pieces, repeatedly. This is a theme that continues to this very day, creating a piece meal Health Care system that spends most of its time and efforts trying to battle the Government induced Administrative WALLS that have been erected to ensure that only Top Level Tories can Okay expensive medical interventions. A Class system of delivering medicine is their ultimate goal, ithas zero to do with cost. What it comes down to is that a rich person does not want to look at the bed next to them and see a poor person; the wealthy patient feels they are “Entitled” to better treatment, it is the Hellberta WAY! The damage the AB Government has caused our Health-scare system is appalling. Please help stop the Harper Agenda that will severely hurt Canadians not just physically but financially, in the costs the RW Christian Fundamentalists will burden this countries Health Care systems with. For true suffers of Chronic Pain Judge Michael Manson made the correct ruling on this matter, because the medical benefits of this medication far outweighs the Propaganda Benefits that the Harper Conservatives love to bask in to further their bogus CrimeLegislation Agenda.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

WCB Hostage taker Patrick Clayton simply does not understand how RIGGED AB Justice really is

 The only reason I responded to the Edmonton Journal article WCB hostage-taker wants all convictions dropped was because when I read some of the statements made by the Alberta Court of Appeals Judge, I knew immediately that the fix was in. This is how Justice is doled out in the province of Alberta, no one knows better than Albertans themselves about how the Alberta Railroad Justice System really works. You have to witness it in order to understand how perverted the Alberta Justice System really is. I never ever had any doubt in my mind that Patrick Clayton was being co-erced while he was being held in the Edmonton Remand Center, this is how Justice is doled out here. First typically they like to implant someone to give him bad advice, second and the most disturbing is the withholding of critically necessary medications while you are locked up. This is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) here in Alberta and has been for many years. A severely depressed person is not just reliant on medications while in Jail, the deliberate co-ercive withholding of these Meds could potentially KILL an inmate. For Right Wing Conservative Prison operators this is just another day at the office, they have been getting away with this stuff for decades. The most curious of events that occurred during Patrick Clayton's pre-trial incarceration was when the Judge went to visit Patrick while he was in Remand. In my lifetime I have never heard of such an event. Then as a final insult here in Alberta in order to fully round out the Railroad Justice System, you are going to need fully compliant crony Lawyers appointed by Alberta Legal Aid. The Railroad Lawyers job is to immediately announce to the Judge proceeding over any appearance that his client is "Pleading Guilty". When the client resists this common every day event in Alberta Justice proceedings by promptly firing his Lawyer, he must be returned to cells and starved of more medications; whereby if he protests this maltreatment by Alberta Railroad Justice he will be beaten and maybe even starved of food. This is how Remand works in Alberta. The possibility that the Jail Guards could potentially KILL and inmate is of little importance to them. This is just another day in Hellberta. There is NO possible way that any human could be able to function let alone be able to mount any kind of Legal Defense while locked up in Hellberta. It is the Hellberta WAY.

What is wrong with Alberta's Appeal Court and WHY Patrick Clayton has no chance

There are a number of serious breaches of Law when it comes to the case of when we witnessed Edmonton City Police Staff Sergeant Bill Clark and his son appear before an Alberta Appeals Court Judge. The first and most aggregious violation of the trust that is empowered to an Appeals Court Justice is the implicit concept of impartiality. The base principle of impartiality that Justice Systems are based on is not some abstract idea, this is a very real and concrete Legal Quantum that all Justices serving on the bench have to abide by. When this is not applied equally to all citizens of a district, republic or territory then the Social Contract has been broken. When the court system is severely skewed in order to serve the connected and the wealthy, the Social Contract no longer exists.
In Contemporary Jurisprudence this hearing violates the very essence and principles of Natural Law in "That the meaning of law is such that its content cannot be determined except by reference to moral principle." Secondly and also a very serious violation of principles this Judge was sworn to uphold is the fact that he "Aided and Abetted" the prosecutor in concocting a very flimsy excuse for a legitimate Appeal, so that the son of a very prominent Murder Detective in the Edmonton Police Service could get a second trial date, when any Joe off of the street would be promptly denied such luxuries. These are very disturbing revelations of how things REALLY work inside of the Alberta Court of Appeal. As such Patrick Clayton has NO Chance of the Alberta Court of Appeals paying even a passing fancy at the statements Patrick is making in the court room. Thirdly and also a very serious violation of the rules of court, are that a prosecutor working for the Appeals Court and the Government of Alberta Justice Department would be part and party to this obvious obfuscation of the application of the Laws of Alberta. This is disturbing that the prosecutor and the Judge did not recuse themselves from illegally creating a false defense for any citizen, let alone for a famous Murder Detective who obviously wields great influence in this community. Regular Joes are not pampered within the halls of Justice in Edmonton, like the Detective and his son. I was shocked and very disturbed to witness how flip and openly casual the Crown Prosecutor was, and equally as shocked at the openly gleeful manner in which the Judge twisted the Law for an Edmonton City Police officer, when he does NOT offer the very same services for the rest of the members of this community. At the end of this very bizarre legal event, the Judge gave some advice to the detective, he said; "Next time bring a lawyer to court".
 Why bother when you have the Judge AND the Crown prosecutor both working for you, FOR FREE?
How can you possibly create a better bogus defense than that? Impossible really, and it really did happen right here in a Alberta Court of Appeal last year. I was there, as was a lawyer and my friend.

WCB Abused Claimant Patrick Clayton and the RIGGED Alberta Appeals Court

The reason I posted this post about the Appeals Court of Alberta is because I got to witness close-up in person a totally rigged Appeals Court hearing in which the top Murder Detective in the city of Edmonton appeared on behalf of his son in a case that had absolutely NO Merit in an Appeals Court. The decision that was being appealed was that his son had failed to appear for a driving offense in Ft. Saskatchewan, AB. Since the top Murder Detective for the city of Edmonton appearing on behalf of his son had no legal representation present (A lawyer). The Appeals Court Judge worked in unison with the Crown Prosecutor present that day to concoct a legal defense for EPS's Staff Sargeant Bill Clark's son, in order that he would be escape prosecution on his charges; and that via the Appellate Court he would be given a second hearing date since he could not be bothered to appear on the actual court date in question. There were three of us who were witnesses to this severe violation of the sanctity of our Justice System. The Appeals Court Judge did in fact, excuse the appellant EPS Staff Sergeant Bill Clark's son from being convicted as a result of being a "no-show" for court. Which in most Jurisdictions would clearly indicate that the accused had surrendered his right to appear in court and defend his actions before a legitimate Judge, most likely a circuit Judge in the Fort Saskatchewan, AB. 

WCB hostage taker Patrick Clayton wants all convictions dropped

I read the article today in the Edmonton Journal, and I understand where Patrick is coming from in his Appeal, but he has no hope of overturning the Alberta Justice System Railroad Job. None, sorry but Justice Sanderman was put on the bench because of all of the courtroom chaos that was going on leading up to his trial. Sanderman went to Patrick Clayton's cell to scare the bi-Jesus out of him, of what could be in the sentencing. It worked. This is why in AB court ordered media bans are so common. This is Alberta and this is how the AB Justice System Railroad Job is done. With no legal representation to help Patrick, his Appeal is dead. I do not know who the Appeal Judge is but I got to see an Appellate Judge in action last summer while watching a friends appeal, and I can tell you the Appellate Court of Alberta is totally RIGGED.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 11, Chronic Pain

Here is a link to a discussion about the brain that Charlie Rose did, it was an entire series. This is the Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 11. In this episode Charlie and a World renowned panel of experts on the Brain discuss how Chronic Pain permanently alters the Brain. This series in some parts of Canada is only viewable on Hulu, which may require certain mods to your IP Address in order to view. Hope this helps some people who watch this episode.

And more importantly perhaps watching this video will help your loved ones and your medical team help understand what you are experiencing as a Chronic Pain Suffer. Here is the link to the Hulu site for those experiencing trouble watching the video in full size.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AUPE and province reach deal to end wildcat strike

The underlying problem of Lukaszuk an industry crony Employment and Immigration(now Human Services) minister overlooking the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta persists. Thomas’s greatest achievement in the Labor and Employment portfolio was to announce EVERY year, even during the worst Recession years in my lifetime, that;
 Alberta needed ANOTHER 70,000 Temporary foreign workers! EVERY YEAR!

Now he heads the AB Government. This man was still listed as an executive of his Injured Workers Advocate business for months after he took the Employment portfolio. This crisis is further compounded by the fact that the Justice Minister at the time of the Patrick Clayton hostage crisis was Alison Redford. 600 Government workers flee into the streets and the Justice Minister order NO Investigation? WTH? Injured worker Penny Caron's husband Rick was very careful to make sure that all of her documents were sworn by a commissioner of oaths so that WCB Alberta and the Justice Department could not arbitrarily delete these files as official sworn documents. Unless they break the law, but hey why stop now.(sic) When Rick dropped the evidence of document tampering within the Workers Compensation Appeals Commission on the desk of now Premier Alison Redford desk and asked that the then Minister of Justice investigate given the undeniable proof that she was given. Alison Redford returned a hand signed letter that I personally held in my hand in Rick and Penny's kitchen, that read, "There is NO evidence." So, given the fact that both of these senior government officials seem to have an extreme prejudice against injured workers and their families, how is it possible that they would give the Jail Guards any kind of due diligence or proper investigation of serious underlying safety issues within the largest Jail-house in Canada? Why do you think that the Premier was so hands off on this issue? She knows that if the strike were to drag on these ugly buried transgressions would ultimately come oozing out onto the National stage. Tommy Gunn Lukaszuk routinely ignored blatant safety issues across the province of Alberta in his previous role as Minister of Labor directly responsible for the safety of workers via the Workers Compation Board of Alberta. Thomas Lukaszuk is accustomed to having a cavalier approach to safety during his tenure in charge of the WCB AB, by forewarning contractors of inspections. Thomas Lukaszuk is the "Perfect" hatchet man given that he is already routinely accustomed to crushing any uprisings by injured workers or their families. This government has played Pol Pot for far too long. These blatant abuses of senior public office are routine in Hellberta. It is NO surprise to see him seething with revulsion towards Prison Guards, Enraged that ANY worker would defy the Hand of GOD almighty (Tommy Gunn) Lukaszuk!
 This is worse than a bad Rocky movie with all of the actors being Alberta Rednecks, pathetic performance by senior government officials. I already disliked most lawyers, and it is NO ACCIDENT that Ms. Redford is keeping the legend of the most despised profession on earth alive for a reason. There is not one brave Albertan with power or the guts to take on ALL of the corruption that goes on in Alberta. Because of 40 years of corrupt behavior of the PC government, Albertans HAVE NO POWER!
All of these facts are easily verifiable because of the diligence of Rick Caron. Rick believed that if he took his carefully documented proof to the Justice Minister of Alberta that she would take action. Remember this when YOU seek Justice in Alberta. As Martin Niemöller famously said, "First they came for the Socialists"
This government has thumbed it's nose at Workplace Safety for decades now, nothing ever changes in 1953 Hellberta because our government NEVER changes!


Monday, August 13, 2012

HealthPointe Dr. Chueng and Dr. Jiang the WCB Alberta Hacks & Quacks

On Friday August 10th, I had an appointment @ HealthPointe in the Edmonton Hys Center beside the Royal Alexandra Hospital with Dr. Garvin Cheung. This is by far the most horrific medical doctor that I have ever met within the Workers Compensation Board predetermined Outcome Medical Assessment System in Alberta.
Dr. Garvin Chueng was not only extremely "condescending", rude, aggressively combative, insulting, arrogant and immature. His conduct from the very second he opened the door and entered my examination room was completely lacking professional conduct.
Dr. Garvin Chueng's combative manner is shockingly parallel to what kind of behavior an injured worker can expect from a WCB Millard Center doctor, and a WCB Alberta Claims manager.
I recognized him immediately as being the doctor who hurt me when he needlessly dug his thumbs into my spine during his previous Spinal Assessment what I now know to be a very EXCLUSIVE "Spinal Treatment Center".
I was cut off of the treatment that I "was" receiving @ the U of A Chronic Pain Clinic as a DIRECT result of Dr. Garvin Chueng's report where he wrote that I exaggerated when I jumped of f of the examination table screaming after he DUG his thumbs into my back, a patient that has been complaining of severe back pain and has been suffering these horrible symptoms for years.
What does that tell you about the Medical Qualifications of this doctor?
Inept and KOOKY Quack is my assessment?
It is my opinion that Dr. Garvin Chueng did with cognitive Malice, intentionally intent to inflict harm upon myself.
What other explanation can there be for this CRAZY medical behavior that borders on malpractice?
This is his conduct to: Try to inflict physical harm before even looking at my MRI, on BOTH occasions?
Doctors with low level Medical competency really do demean the entire Medical Profession in Edmonton, Alberta.
For the College to continue to license these Crackpot doctors really only continues to highlight the severe fractures in the Corporate Structure of tired old cronies within the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.
Whatever happened to competency tests in this profession?
Insurance crony doctors getting super wealthy seems to be the primary goal of this organization, and "not" the protection of patients from abuses by crony physicians.
The only kind of treatment that Dr. Garvin Chueng has displayed to this point, is one of inflicting intentional harm and then terminating my Pain Clinic treatment.
Welcome to the KOOKY world of Back Surgery in Edmonton, Hellberta.
 While we are on the subject, it is important to note that Dr. Jiang who operated on me to this day cowers from the WCB Alberta, because he knows that he conspired with Dr. Leslie Delima in March of 2006 to deny me critically necessary treatment for my neck injury suffered when I fell.
Dr. Jiang's conduct was nothing short of reprehensible when he conspired with Dr. Leslie Delima. The Royal Alexandra Hospitals actions of misconduct for allowing WCB Doctors to operate freely without supervision. The Royal Alex Hospital, Edmonton is allowing these WCB Alberta Doctors to "Freewheel" within their hospital without filing reports of their obviously ILLEGAL practices of plotting against helpless and seriously injured workers in this hospitals care.

To bad I am not part of this WCB Alberta conservative crony culture, because if I was I would then at least be able to DREAM about being treated someday.
Dr. Chueng was quick to point out that it was not "HIS" fault that the HealthPointe Pain Specialist Dr. D. Yakunchikov deliberately and with cognitive malice under the instructions from the WCB Alberta, did conspire to "Trick Me" into switching from the University of Alberta Chronic Pain Clinic to the VERY Exclusive HealthPointe Spinal Treatment Clinic.
He was very firm that it is not "His Fault" that I do not have "Sufficient Insurance" to pay for my Chronic Pain Clinic at the now famous and VERY EXCLUSIVE HealthPointe Chronic Pain Clinic.

Dr. Garvin Chueng was extremely "FLIP" and completely UNCARING about the plight of a seriously injured worker sitting in front of him telling him how horrific it is to have NO CHRONIC PAIN Clinic as a direct result of the abusive policies of the HealthPointe Spinal Treatment Clinic and the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta's abusive policy of denying critically necessary medical treatments to seriously injured workers!

This visit with Dr. Cheung was different because I took a witness with me so that Deb could witness the kind of deliberate focused abuse that is aimed directly at me with deliberate and cognitive Malice, simply more cruel and inhuman treatment by what is obviously now known as a direct WCB Alberta corporate crony Medical Practitioners Network.
It is No coincidence that the  U.S. Corporate Giant in Spinal Treatment facilities in America, HealthPoint was given massive fines for Medicare fraud across the U.S.A. that were prosecuted by the U.S. DOJ
Or MPN's as they are known in the United States. Dr. Garvin Chueng made absolutely NO EFFORTS to hide his obvious disdain for being reduced to the level of having to meet a Medicaid (AHS) patient such as myself.
Albertans do not understand the intertwined policies of the WCB Alberta & Alberta Health Services, they do not understand that the AHS has simply adopted the same policy of NOT TREATING patients into the AHS portfolio in order to slash costs.
For Dr. Garvin Cheung to even attempt to weasel out of HealthPointe's "DUTY of CARE" to; deliver unbiased, UN-bigoted and non discriminatory medical care to a seriously injured worker, is simply one more sad and pathetic attempt to escape legal culpability in what clearly in my opinion is a case of deliberately focused and cognitive Medical Abuse of a Seriously Injured Worker based on the "Disability of the Injured Worker".
This is a clearcut violation of Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by HealthPointe Edmonton, which states it is illegal to discriminate against Canadian citizens because of their disability.

Dr. Jiang's office has been extremely clever under the direction of the WCB AB, because WCB Alberta's crack team of legal hacks has determined that if Dr. Jiang never treats me for a period of 6 years they will be able to side step prosecution for the crime of deliberately denying me access to a TRUE Neurosurgeon, and colluding with Dr. Leslie DeLima within the Royal Alexandra Hospital to deny my treatment for my neck Injury on March 04, 2006.
This is all in keeping with the Royal Alexandra Hospitals ability to attract and keep a team of hack WCB Surgeons and other medical Quacks operating under full steam at the Alberta Health Services fully recognized primary WCB Alberta Hospital, the Royal Alexandra Hospital in downtown Edmonton.
It is NO accident that HealthPointe is located beside the Royal Alex (WCB) hospital.
During this Spinal Assessment exam I specifically asked Dr. Cheung to ask his close pal Dr. Jiang exactly what was discussed between Dr. Leslie DeLima and Dr. Jiang while I was drugged out of my mind on Morphine, and laying helpless in a RAH hospital bed with a broken back in March of 2006. He did not respond.
Just as in the Spinal Assessment that Dr. Garvin Chueng wrote 2 YEARS AGO @ HealthPointe when I asked him how could I actually accept HealthPointe as a legitimate Chronic Pain Clinic and Spinal Assessment facility when he was relying on MRI imaging that was OVER 1 YEAR OLD?
The very same blank stare looked back at me this time as 2 Years Ago when the HealthPointe Clinic deliberately conspired to deny me access to critically necessary treatments that are required for a patient who has suffered a Spinal Injury.
I told Dr. Cheung that it was not until earlier this year that I discovered that Dr. Leslie DeLima was a WCB Hack Doctor, and that Dr. Leslie DeLima entered my room and removed my neck brace causing me to cry out in pain, he then announced "There is nothing wrong with your neck". "That was your test?", I responded in terrible pain.
The WCB Alberta HACK doctor Dr. Leslie DeLima not only lied to a seriously injured patient who had just suffered a terrible trauma accident in the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital; but he fully "MISREPRESENTED" himself when he told me he was Dr. Jiang's "Right Hand Man". How, odd I thought, given that I had never seen the two men together in the hospital.
I was terribly distraught and under severe mental and physical duress, I was almost inconsolable when Dr. Leslie DeLima sat on my bed beside me and lied to me about who he was, he never once told me he was the WCB Alberta Hack Doctor. Frightening really, given that the WCB Alberta had refused to deliver their own accident forms to me in the hospital at the request of my brother. My brother had to go pick them up for me, but yet the WCB Alberta "did" have the time to implant a crooked WCB Hack Doctor into my hospital room to Medically DEFRAUD me while I was under heavy sedation with repeated injections of Morphine Bi-hourly.
Since I was so heavily sedated, I did manage to scratch out a letter to my Neurosurgeon, that I now know Dr. Leslie DeLima never delivered or conferred. I now know that Dr. Leslie DeLima pulled the strings that ejected me from the Royal Alexandra Hospital WITH NO HOME CARE.
This was one of the most important things for me, I was seriously concerned that the Hospital had NOT investigated my injuries fully and that I would arrive home with NO CARE.
And that is exactly what happened when the WCB AB did not arrange for home care for me for another 4 days after I arrived home.
I would file a complaint to the Alberta College of Physicians, but I have already gone down that dead end road of filing a complaint to the CPSA.
 When the Registrar sits on all the Medical Review panels including the WCB Alberta and Insurance boards, guess what? There NEVER will be an investigation into WCB Alberta's network of bogus WCB Hacks & Quacks. Injured Workers have long known what a WCB Alberta crony Olhauser and his buddies are, we know who constructed Alberta's MPN or Medical Practitioners Network. The Network of Quacks and WCB Hacks for the specific purpose of denying seriously injured workers quality, relevant and timely medical treatments for their injuries.
This is my opinion. There can be no other conclusions given the HORRIFIC treatment that I have received at the hands of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
To add even more severe mental and physical duress, when my family doctor would contact the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta and tell them that I urgently needed a treatment, medication or something so simple for a patient with a broken back like a bed: Whomever my doctor would speak to when he phoned WCB Ab to talk to their WCB Alberta HACK doctor, he would respond with: "Well he NEVER complained of Neck Pain when he was in the Hospital".
Only one Kooky Doctor who could repeat this WCB Ab LIE, Dr. Leslie DeLima.
This statement by the WCB Hacks and Quacks left me so emotionally stressed out that I would leave my doctors office and go home crying in pain, in a state of horrific mental duress knowing full well that this signaled that I WOULD NEVER be Medically Treated for my Injuries. These repeated malicious and mentally torturing events have sent me into severe depressions on many occasions. This is what forces severely injured workers into committing suicide, it is horrifically taxing on my body when these events occur, which is much to the sicko delight of the Alberta Workers Compensation Board.
This calculated and malicious attack on me by Alberta PC Government Gangsters can only be classified as deliberate CORPORATE GENOCIDE aimed @ seriously injured workers by our corrupt PC Government. These hate filled policies are deliberately targeting the destruction of Workers families as a direct result of these Sociopathic policies.
I am scanning my original letter to Dr. Jiang my Neurosurgeon who I now know, NEVER received the letter Dr. Leslie DeLima promised me he would forward to Dr. Hong Xing Jiang. I am posting it with my other documents at the bottom of the page.

Obviously the HealthPointe Health Clinic as they bill it, must be part of Alison Redford's new "Family Care Clinics" that she is proposing.
The glaring problem with these privatized care clinics is precisely what I was duped into believing was a legitimate referral to a legitimate Chronic Pain Clinic.
I was completely unaware that I was being lured into a WCB Alberta Medical Practitioners TRAP. This MPN Trap was designed to trick me into believing that I would actually be receiving the same or better care than what I was already receiving at the University of Alberta's Chronic Pain Clinic. that I waited a year for admission to the U of A program.
Then of course was the ultimate humility that looms larger than any dirty sinister trick that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta has ever pulled on me, and that is using the bogus HealthPointe Spinal Assessment Clinic to DENY me ACCESS to critically necessary medical treatments for my condition.
These events have exposed the HealthPointe Medical Clinic as just another sinister manifestation of the Workers Compensation Medical Denial program.
The very saddest part of this entire HealthPointe fiasco is that this is the very best that the province of Alberta can come up with, considering that there are seriously injured workers like Ralph Teed who have been fighting this horrifically corrupt system for over 20 YEARS now!
Alison Redford's "new" Health Care Clinics are in my mind a new program to ensure that victims of workplace accidents and work related disease are funneled directly into the arms of these Workers Compensation Board of Alberta approved MPN's or Medical Practitioner Networks as they are more appropriately named in the U.S.
Well here is the proof that the privatization of HealthCare in Alberta is already complete, because private Health Clinics like HealthPointe have now on two occasions over a period of over 2 years have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that PRIVATE HEALTHCARE is here to stay in Alberta, and it is alive and fully functioning just like Klein envisioned; DENYING seriously injured workers proper, timely relevant medical treatment.
Why is it that the old tired cronies like Dr. John F. Cowell who now runs the Health Quality Council is still having money heaped on him in the new bogus HQCA?
Dr. John F. Cowell was the CEO of the Workers Compensation Board back in 1997, and was directly involved in slashing the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta Budget in HALF! How did he do it?
Simple: The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta simply STOPPED treating treating patients! That is what is so ingenious in the WCB AB plan. It is so simplistic in its approach.
So now the AHS has simply transposed those Medical Treatment Denials into their approach to Health Care in Alberta, and guess what? Costs go down.
And now we are to believe that Dr. John F. Cowell is going to investigate the very bastards who are inflicting so much pain and suffering when they conspire to DENY critically necessary medical treatments within our Hospital system, the WCB of Alberta? His old BOSS?
Who exactly do you believe was responsible for DOCTOR INTIMIDATION in Alberta? The WCB Alberta that is who! Why do you think that Alison Redford is allowing the HQCA CEO to determine the "Terms of Reference" in this investigation.
Do you know who else regularly uses this very terminology? Correct, the WCB Ab, that is who.
So to summarize, having Dr. John F. Cowell direct the investigation into DOCTOR INTIMIDATION is like having the Edmonton Police Service investigate themselves, it always has the exact same outcome: "There is no evidence of wrongdoing".
This is the Hellberta WAY, hiring old cronies to investigate their own corrupt ex employers.
I was correct, Alison Redford is simply one more "Chosen ONE" for the PC Assoc. of AB. Oops I stand corrected, it now appears Mr. Katz is her star supporter.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

U.S. Citizens face TOXIC WCB Combative Environment in Alberta

 U.S. Citizens Warning:
U.S. Citizens will face Combative/Abusive WCB Alberta that have NO Legitimate PLANS to treat Seriously Injured Workers.

U.S. citizens working in Alberta will require some serious amounts of HealthCare Insurance. Don't buy Canadian Insurance like ManuLife because they will treat you WORSE than the WCB AB.
 U.S. citizens are familiar with private Medical Insurance, Alberta is the closest thing in Canada that you will find to a U.S. State when it comes to Workers Comp. and Private Medical Insurance.
U.S. citizens will recognize Alberta Health Services (AHS) as Medicaid in the U.S.
 As such U.S. citizens should be aware of how abusive the Workers Compensation System in Alberta really is.
The best thing U.S. citizens can do to protect yourself from the Abusive Alberta Health Services working in conjunction with WCB Alberta is to buy top quality Insurance from the United States, not Canada our insurers are crap.
 As a U.S. citizen seeking work in Alberta it is important for you to know that if you are working in Northern Alberta we have the WORST Health Care System in Canada.
Edmonton, Alberta is full of Hack Doctors, Surgeons & Specialists.
If you are injured in Northern Alberta and use the WCB Alberta system, the only doctors you will be exposed to are the Northern Alberta Hacks!
 If you are injured in Northern Alberta, get your insurer to have you transported to a hospital in Calgary or an American Hospital.
 U.S. citizen seeking work in Northern Alberta becomes injured, they will automatically transport you to the WCB Alberta Hack Hospital known as the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in Edmonton.
 The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton Alberta is the recognized WCB Hospital for Northern Alberta, and is a "Training facility" for WCB Hack Doctors, Nurses and all other personnel.
  Are a U.S. citizen looking to work in Northern Alberta? You are probably used to being treated at a hospital with real Health Care professionals so be forewarned: Do not allow them to take you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, this is the WCB Hospital and full of WCB Quacks and Hacks.
 The WCB Alberta Quack doctors will release you from the Hospital without fully treating your injuries, and you will spend the rest of your life fighting these WCB Hack Doctors, and the Alberta Workers Compensation Board for the rest of your life.
 U.S. Citizens please be warned of the WCB Alberta Medical Fraud Danger that truly exists when you allow them to transport you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

It is clear that Dave Hancock in our new "Do-nothing" Minister responsible for the Workers Compensation Board is simply another "Do-nothing" LAWYER in charge of WCB Alberta.
Nothing ever changes in Hellberta.

If you are moving here for work from the United States, be warned that our WCB System is overlooked by a "Do-nothing" Conservative LAWYER, who does not give a good Goddamn about workers health or their treatment when they become injured.

U.S. Citizens be warned if you become seriously injured in Alberta the Minister Responsible for the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta will simply throw up his arms and claim since the WCB AB is a privately run Corporation that he has NO JURISDICTION.
I know, I know this sounds absurd coming from the mouth of a LAWYER who is in charge of this Corporate Entity, but it is true. This the how the Conservatives work in Canada just like your Republicans. Shills for Corporations, and "Sorry we are powerless" for every single hard working person in Alberta. It is the Conservative WAY!
Facts about Alberta:
1. Gas is $5.00/Gallon+ 2. Rent is $1000-2000 month/1 bdrm  3. Cigaretters = $13.50+ per pack  4. Beer = $25.00 + 5. Auto Insurance = $2000+ for non residents Insurance company gouge  6. Alberta is the bigotry Capitol of Canada  7: Health Care = Free But you get what you pay for  7: Buy private Health Care Insurance because this province is like America  8: Buy $1 Million Life Insurance because WCB Alberta will not pay! 9: Electricity is the most expensive in Canada = $100/month +  10: Natural Gas for Heat = $300/month +  11: DMV is privatized so each document costs $25-$200 Cdn  12: Canadian Spy Agency spies on Canadians Internet usage  13: Some Alberta small cities carpeted with thousands of Cameras at every intersection  14: WCB Alberta Rate for Alberta employers kept artificially low by simply NOT Treating Injured Workers Largest Employers only pay $1.20/hr in WCB rates. So for Washington State workers they will be shocked when they are kicked back to work untreated and still injured. 15: Phoney Justice System: Allows killer Terror bombing cops to walk free on $10,000 bail. Predatory Sex Crimes Teachers get 3 month jail.  15: Auto Parts in Alberta are 3X what U.S. residents pay because Auto Parts Industry protected in Canada  16:  Income Taxes in Canada are ridiculously high  17: It really does go to -40 Celsius in Edmonton & North  18: Ft. McMurray the most polluted City in Canada better bring lots of Inhalers for the kids. 19: Do not go to Ft. McMurray unless you have a job, rent is retard expensive.  19:  Edmonton has NO rental protections, We have something called a rental "Advisory Board", and as such has NO Powers!  20:  Edmonton is carpeted with slum Apartments, overpriced condo's, and a severe shortage of quality affordable Apartments.  21:  A bus pass on our Peasant Wagon system of Sweaty old Non Air Conditioned Buses cost almost $85 dollars = $100 USD  22: Beheadings, beatings and other crime is rampant on our bus systems across Canada  22: 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Injured Workers Rally

Please come out and support the Injured Workers Rally on February 29th, March 01, 02, 2012. The rally is being held at the Workers Compensation Board in downtown Edmonton. If you are an injured worker or family support member of an injured worker please show up and help support Real Change not only in the Workers Compensation System, but the systemic abuse and corruption that is the trademark of the Alberta PC Government.
For more information Go To: