Brent McGillis: Mar 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

President Obama's remarks on health care overhaul

I have been watching the American Congress debate on Health Care Reform with great interest. Particularly President Obama's remarks on health care overhaul. Barack Obama is a great human and a NOBEL Peace Prize winner because of his unwaivering resolve to make this bill a reality. And I quote:

"Good evening, everybody. Tonight, after nearly 100 years of talk and frustration, after decades of trying, and a year of sustained effort and debate, the United States Congress finally declared that America's workers and America's families and America's small businesses deserve the security of knowing that here, in this country, neither illness nor accident should endanger the dreams they've worked a lifetime to achieve.

To the Neo-Conservative elite who would lead you to believe, that American policies and Politics have no parallels to Canada. Untrue, as a Seriously Injured Worker this unfolding story in Washington IS our story. Steve the fascist and his crew cannot gallop abroad bragging about human rights. Why? Because at the very absolute core of the Injured Workers Paradigm is the implied human right to self dignity and complete access to Quality Health Care delivered in a timely, respectful manner. Without these basic core values, our society cannot even begin to start the process of properly rehabilitating seriously injured workers. I have always said right from the beginning of my injuries in 1990, that you have to medically treat my physical injuries BEFORE you can introduce me to a strict physiotherapy regimen. The WCB Alberta functions EXACTLY as an American HMO .
Here in Hellberta, we are being Carpet Bombed with "Supplemental" Health Care Insurance from Manulife. Why? DE-listing services is not coming! IT IS already here. SUPERBOARD HC Politics is here now! The re-organization of Health Care is happening before your very eyes, while you are being told otherwise. WTFU. There are no more regional board because then you actually had a name and a face to write an appeal to. Doesn't exist anymore. The PC's discovered a long time ago, if you make it into a quasi-private entity you can abuse appellants simply by shredding their stuff. It helps to have the privacy commission in your pocket as well. Try to get a written decision out of those guys, Hah! And BTW, rich PC Cronies can get instant care with a simple phone call to their Super Board Pals. Thanks ED, giving two tier health, some REAL Guts. It took a year and a half to get a MRI on my back and neck, JUST BECAUSE I GOT HURT AT WORK?
Seriously Injured workers in Canada are being subjected to EXACTLY the same abuses families without enough insurance in the United States have been experiencing. These super corrupt Health & Injury Insurance Schemes span across the border.
This issue absolutely burns a crook in the craw of the Rich White Arrogant KKK Republicans in the US House. This issue for the Americans is as much about Race as it is about the implied human right to health care in America. It is White vs. Colored, without question. The rich white cone heads cannot let go of their Vision apartheid America. How come these rich white bigots are all church going? What the Hell is up with that? It is no different here in Hellberta. Sieg Heil capital of Canada.

Taxpayers here in Alberta walked straight into the PC ambush, when they let the government pay their premiums. At that very point the taxpayer has given up ANY kind of leverage they had in receiving proper, timely care. Conservatives voters are duped easily by their handlers. If you listen to the "CENTRALIZATION" of emergency responders, I mean holy Christ. Sound like a communist country to you? Uhuh! That is why I call him Comrade ED. Centralization of the Health Boards, more commie stuff. The PC's use your public TAX dollars to build a new mental health facility, and then turn it over to be run by a private health group. These are all to facilitate "Staff reorganizations", that will be initiated down the road. This is what I mean when I talk about PC's picking off their opponents one by one. If all the Health Care workers do not unite now, there won't be anyone left to unite.
The Americans are making Gargantuan strides forward in their Health Care, and good Ol' Canada is going FULL SPEED backwards. These bastards are only shoring up their insulated private little world more and more each day.
They have no plans of fixing the WCB. Now they are just "rebranding" the private HMO, as "WorkSafe Alberta". What a joke. Conservatives are across the board, totally incompetent. These morons are so completely blinded by their own corporate greed, that they simply can't even see the future coming at them full speed. We are being governed by simpletons. I mean who's stupid Idea was it to turn the mental patients loose in West Edmonton Anyways. If I were a homeowner within 5 miles I would demand compensation for my depreciated property value. Especially if I owned a large mall.

And that is why I watch political events in the United States unfold. Because as Seriously Injured Workers we have been subjected to the same heinous Health Care denial crimes and human rights abuses. The bastards responsible, are dutifully and with willful malicious intent, engaged in the destruction of the nuclear family.
Barack Obama is the bravest, hardest working human in our lifetime, who instills a desire to do more for your country, do more for your neighborhood. And ultimately do more for the betterment of humanity. Good Job Barack Obama. Sadly for Albertans, and Canadians......we got the pack of morons(PC's) to run our country, great, just friggin' great.