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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Workers would NEVER have approved of the WCB Meredith Principle -- Cops, Firemen and Government Workers cooked up this scheme

  It has bothered me for many years now, exactly how did we arrive with the totally F/U Workers Compensation Fraudulent scheme that we as Seriously Injured Workers are now victims of? I have always knew in my mind that for certain there was NEVER any consultation with injured workers.
 The Meredith Principle is all a great big Goddamned LIE told by Government A+holes!
 No worker with any good Legal representation would have agreed to the bogus plan called for by the Meridith Principle. It is all a great big LIE, the biggest LIE ever told to workers.
 WCB Government workers sign the SAME collective agreements.
Here is the link to the "Shared Agreement" with Alberta Health Workers.
  Because this is a shared collective agreement the Government Health Care Employees will spend  every single moment of their self-serving administrative capabilities exhausting Your TAX dollars on THEMSELVES -- the government workers!
  The Government Workers have made it their corporate DUTY to deplete ALL of our medical system resources paid for Private sector workers in order to Fuel and Funnel ALL of our Health Care resources into treating GOVERNMENT workers.
  You know the FULLY INSURED government workers I am talking about; the ones driving around in Light Armored Vehicles like the Grizzly TANKS to keep YOU inline when you raise voice after sitting in a Emerg Dept. for 9 hours untreated.
 WCB is enabled and encouraged by our Corrupt AB Laws to Mack on Seriously Injured Workers. The WCB acts like a bunch of pedophiles (Pedophiles only prey on the vulnerable). I cannot think of any other word association that explains the WCB behavior other than a bunch of Macks looking to Mack on the innocent. What a sick FUBAR organization the WCB really is.
 Every single worker fully understood that without the protection of the courts the WCB is fully enabled by Law to abuse and run roughshod all over seriously injured workers until they push them to suicide. Meredith was a lawyer who knew that removing the rights of workers to sue employers was ALL the powers that Corporations needed to strip workers of their rights.
  Meredith was NEVER about workers rights, only the rights of Government workers.
 Meredith Principle is nothing more than fantasy Bullshit, it is a fantasy designed for private sector Injured Workers to get all DREAMY about.
 Why do you think that NO self respecting lawyer in Alberta will touch a WCB case? That is fact!
  This entire scheme was concocted and put into action by Government Unions (Cops, Firemen, Health workers and Gov't workers) to look after themselves while screwing the general public.
  Until the day comes when somebody here in Canada actually challenges the validity of Meridith within the scope of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Government Unions will still be doted over by their government Pals. The Govt. workers get complete access to ALL treatments, scans and medications when it comes to medical treatment in our hospitals when their employer makes them sick or injures them.
 Pushing workers to commit Suicide IS the #1 goal of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, initiating their prime directive to inflict fatal mental anguish into the minds of seriously injured workers, forcing them to take their own life.
 It occurred to me that this entire scheme was centered around screwing the average worker and their employers by NOT medically treating workers who are seriously injured, and then taking all of those  monies that they STEAL from dead and seriously mangled workers and to make sure that all of the Cops, Firemen, Hospital workers and all government workers get FULL medical treatment with Workers Comp benefits.
 The entire WCB fraudulent system of screwing workers rotates around guaranteeing Workers Compensation benefits to all government workers. This is the WHY in how the AB PC government always tippy toes around Workers Compensation abuses and continues to allow these heinous crimes to continue unabated.
 As long as the Hospital workers, the Cops, the Firemen and all of the slacker government workers are being agressively medically treated and looked after financially everything is O.K. (Sic)
 With government slackers totally covered by WCB the Govt. sees absolutely NO need to bring Seriously Injured Canadians under the same protective umbrella of legal protections as the government gangsters who cooked up this Money Laundering scheme up in the first place.
 This is WHY cops will never investigate ANY FRAUD crimes by WCB in Canada; because THEY (Cops) get treated at the BEST facilities that regular joes have NO Access to.
 The current state of affairs here in Hellberta is that all of this Government back-slapping corruption is beginning to filter out. Our new Premier has been brought in as the miracle worker to try and put a lid on the rapid decay in their Party approval. He has to pull off a miracle, so that the Government workers can keep on High fiving and making sure that THEY are totally looked after with proper, timely and relevant Health Care when they are sick and injured. Killing workers for fun and profit is the Hellberta WAY, and has been for all of my working life.
  Will I live to see change, I honestly do not beleive that Albertans have the balls to see this thing through to REAL change that will help save workers and will help save their families from the devastating effects of not having their mom or dad come home from work.
 In the final analysis, do the people care enough about their own fate and the fate of their families to actually stand up and say, "I have had enough, and I am not going to take this anymore"? I do not believe I will live long enough to see that day.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alberta WCB SHIELDS Corporations who Seriously Injure and Kill workers PART #2

This is a follow up to my last blog entry. Here is a comment from Brian Fitzpatrick that he made about an electrician who was electrocuted and killed while working on a Suncor site in Ft. McSpooge. Brian Fitzpatrick made this comment in the Gobe and Mail on April 20, 2014. I am posting this because he is basically saying the exact same thing that I said in my last post. Here it is the link to the story
Here is his comment:

Brian Fitzpatrick 143 days ago
I too agree that accidents do happen. But not all 'accidents' are accidental.
Too many serious injuries and deaths occurs to workers who are victims of their employer's reckless disregard for their safety.
Often such incidents are neither casual nor inadvertent. Often they are the result of studious and willful planning which persisted over an extended period of time.
In the past 10 years, 9,000 Canadian workers were killed at work. All of these deaths were not the result of accidents.
Few , not more than about two or 3 employers were charged under criminal law and nobody went to jail. All cases dismissed.
Many of these injuries and deaths were caused by an employer's willful neglect of an employee's safety which resulted in serious injury or death.
If an incident of this nature; disregard for others safety occurred away from the job site, the police would be involved in a Charter approved criminal investigation.

Workers do not receive proper police investigations nor are they allowed access to civil court.
Workers are not equally protected by the Charter.
The Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) and or Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) OHS are in charge.
The WCB and the OHS are not the police.
The WCB and OHS have effectively immunized reckless employers from criminal law.
In Canada, manslaughter, a form of murder punishable by up to 25 years in prison is not a crime if it occurs while one is at work.
Here is Brian Fitzpatrick's second comment:

Just to be clear: when I indicated in my previous post that some injuries and deaths of workers can be the result of studious planning by an employer, I wasn't saying there was intent or malice involved in the studious but reckless planning.
That would be murder.
I was merely stating that serious incidents are often the result of long term stupidity/recklessness with regard to safety on the part of an employer who knowingly exposes workers to known dangers.
In other words: closing both eyes to a risky plan or action. One can still see after closing a blind eye.
The WCB and OHS were created to mitigate this reality on behalf of workers. The greatest success that the WCB and OHS has achieved is to deny workers their Charter right to be secure in their person while at work by immunizing employers from criminal charges.
Some employers are unconcerned with the consequences of a charge of manslaughter when, as is the case in Canada, reckless disregard for safety resulting in death is not a crime if it occurs on the work site.
It is merely an infraction of the Worker's Compensation Act. No biggie.
I hope this clears up my previous and somewhat clumsy comment.

Alberta WCB 100% INSULATES corporations from criminal charges for KILLING workers! BEWARE

  Here is a link to a business in the State of California that was investigated, charged and then fully penalized with CASH fines and penalties totalling $1 Million dollars USD for killing a worker in a knitting machine|70|329|75|304|92. This kind of investigation and subsequent prosecution will NEVER happen as long as the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta continues to run Hellberta. Because of the current PC Party corruption crisis, CIBC Bank has sent in their best trained Political Mercenary that the Harper government can spare.
  Alberta Justice Department uses what it likes to call "Creative Sentencing". Creative Sentencing is literally another kickback scheme that the WCB of Ab funnels directly back to the Foreign owned Transnational Corporations. This corrupt practice makes sure that the offending employer who carelessly KILLS workers will get most of their fines BACK in the form of bogus training centers run by THE company who killed your loved one.
 Q. Who was the last Justice Minister before Alison Redford became Premier of Alberta?
    A. Alison Redford is correct.
Rick Caron and his injured wife Penny took undeniable proof of Document Tampering at the WCB Appeals Commission to then Justice Minister Alison Redford asking her to investigate. She returned a hand signed letter stating that "There was no evidence of impropriety or document tampering within the Appeals Commission". It is my opinion that on that day Alison Redford broke the Law in Alberta.
Knowingly signing false documentation as the sitting Justice Minister is grounds for criminal charges without a doubt in my mind.
  A Fascism style government of super corrupt corporately PAID for government cronies CANNOT exist without the explicit complicity of the National Constabulary {RCMP}. And now you know the WHY in why the RCMP and ALL City Police Departments in Alberta refuse to investigate ANY complaints about FRAUD activities within the Alberta Workers Compensation Board and its Satellite offices like the Appeals Commission.
  There is ONE {1} constant in the behavior of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and all other Cop/Firemen and Government worker organizations: There are 2 Rules when you F/U as a Cop/ Government worker.
  Rule #1: Cover your own ASS! The acronym CYOA is spoke fluently in Cop and Gov. worker circles.
  Rule #2: If millions of taxpayer dollars to blame somebody else fails: For Gods Sake CYOA!
Killing workers with reckless policies and then blaming some else for your failure to protect workers under your command is S.O.P. {Standard Operating Procedure} for Cops/Government in Hellberta. Here in Canada the Mr. Big Sting by our national constabulary is used widely to INSULATE Cops from their culpability. Bogus Ab Justice fines maintain a Litigious Insulation Blanket around Foreign owned corporations, thus saving them from expensive litigation. WCB Alberta is Bulletproof Litigious INSULATION blanket protecting Cops/Government and PC Crony Corporations from prosecution for recklessly endangering workers under their command.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alberta WCB Fucks over Disabled Workers who are NOT Cops/Firemen/Government workers

  The cops in this town are so flaccid they cannot even investigate a WCB doctor who lied to me about who he was, that amounts to fraudulent misrepresentation. Dr. Leslie de Lima committed a physical assault when he took off my neck collar and squeezed my neck until I screamed out! The Hospital and the WCB CROOK Doctors cannot claim I signed a release paper, because there is no release paper in the world that is legal and binding when the patient is under severe duress and has just suffered a Spinal trauma injury that necessitates heavy sedation on morphine. My signature on any release means nothing before a court of law since I lacked mental capacity after suffering my fall and breaking my back.
  The only thing the RAH emerg doctor told me was if I did not have surgery immediately I would become a Quadrapalegic. I was under severe mental and physical Duress driven by FEAR!
Newsflash: You never hear about WCB AB pulling this shit on Cops! Because they know the cops have guns and what would happen if they ever tried any of this shit on a Cop. Bam! Bam!, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam! Reload. No surpise the Harper Federal gang of crooks has 8 ex-Cops that I know of.

This is what the WCB of Alberta has bastardized the WCB Meridith Principle into. This is NOT a legitimate Workers Compensation Insurance scheme, this is Legalazed FRAUD towing in over 1 Billion dollars per year. The very existence of Seriously Injured Workers who cannot get access to medical treatments, scans and medications is proof that the WCB of Alberta is a Government Sponsored FRAUD scheme. Police Departments FULLY support this fraudulent organization, why?    The Cops could care less about protecting the public, they ONLY care that THEY as Government Employees are fully covered, they get to go to legitimate Medical Rehabilitation like the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton. CYOA cops eat donuts and allow Disabled Persons to be willfully defrauded by the WCB of Alberta, at the whim and will of the CEO himself Guy Kerr.

  The 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms was designed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Premiers of Canada to protect the rights of vulnerable persons facing racial discrimination and those who are permanently disabled and facing discrimination. The Harper government and the Alberta PC's have embarked on a deliberate plan to "Bring Back Discrimination" and are making a legislative mockery of the Charter of Rights in Canada.

15) Equality Rights: Equality before and under the law and equal protection and benefit of law

(1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

  This brings me to Guy Kerr is godamned fraud and a criminal is my opinon, and the last time I looked it is not illegal to have an opinion yet.
Fundamental Freedoms       

Section 2)  Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
 (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and
      expression, including freedom of the press and
      other media of communication;
  (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
   (d) freedom of association.

Harper has not made opinions illegal just yet, but his team of sleazy lawyers and ex-Cops are working hard on this problem. Kerr and his entire board are getting filthy RICH abusing the rights guaranteed under the Charter of Rights for disabled workers.

   I run the ONLY functional and current web page in Canada exposing the crimes of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. I am the only person who has any balls at all to stand up to these fraudulent PC bastards. I am permanently disabled. That is a fact. The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta heinous abuse of my rights exposes how easy it is for these crooked bastards to abuse a Disabled Person in Canada. I hope these crooked pricks rot in friggin' hell, or under the wheels of a large truck will suffice.

Dr. Lorri Galbraith is totally fine with abusing the Rights of Injured Workers and WILL be compelled to Testify

  Dr. Lorri Galbraith is totally well versed in abusing the rights of Seriously Injured Workers for the sole purpose of denying NON-Government workers the right to appeal decisions. She is also very deft at working vigilantly to deny them their Procedural Fairness Rights, by using crooked methodology to complete an end-run around the Alberta WCB Appeals Commission.

Guy Kerr the crooked PC Crony bastard mourns the loss of the WCB of Alberta's Dr. Lorri the Hack Galbraith at the Court of Queens Bench. Dr. Lorri Galbraith and her band of Crooked and bigoted Claims Managers failed to avoid having Crooked WCB Hacks and Quacks doctors testify in front of not only the WCB Appeals Commission, but ANY court of Law.
  Abusing the Rights of seriously injured workers is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the WCB Hacks and Quacks doctors who troll our major city hospitals in Alberta. As you already know, the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton is the designated WCB Hospital in Northern Alberta, this is a fact that Alberta Health Services will confirm.
  In the Court of Queens Bench case Johnson v. Alberta (Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation), 2011 ABCA 345 , this was a landmark decision on Procedural Fairness in 2011, 6 years after the WCB of Alberta denied William Johnson benefits.
  This landmark decision preserved and vindicated all injured workers Natural Justice Rights to cross-examine the Hacks and Quacks doctors posing as medical witnesses. William Johnson was seeking relief in his Appeal from the routine WCB of Alberta practice of producing false Medical evidence in order for the WCB AB to deny Seriously Injured Workers their rights to proper, timely and relevant medical scans, treatments and medications. Hellberta. Dr. Lorri Galbraith and 3 other hacks doctors lost their bid to be faceless anonymous Hack doctors who falsely malign seriously injured workers.
  These doctors are fully licensed by the CPSA, and the directors of the College of Physicians Surgeons of Alberta are fully cognizant of how seriously damaging these bogus doctors Medical Reports are to patient care. This kind of corporate abuse is fully supported by the College, the College is operating with the full knowledge of how damaging these phony College approved Doctors are when they produce false reports about patients they have never met
  The College of Physicians only cares about licensing bogus doctors that they are instructed to license by some of the most influential corporate crony doctors in Alberta. Just another CROOK organization that is polluting our Health Care system in Alberta is my opinion. Sickens me to know this is going on, and was designed by top PC cronies in Hellberta.
  Here is the link to Dr. Leslie DeLima place of employment, notice how the map location is wrong but the address for the WCB @ 9912-107street in downtown Edmonton is correct. 
  Dr. Lorri Galbraith lives on with these same aspirations today given that there are NO consequences to her Quack behavior as a hack WCB Shill doctor. A Shill sells people down the road for money, while hiding who they represent. She also wrote a bogus medical report on my medical condition, Dr. Lorri Galbraith supposedly works out of a Post Office Box on Jasper and 112st, but ALL of her paychecks come from Alberta WCB.
 If you are seriously injured worker who is NOT a Government worker/Cop/Firemen you will find that you CANNOT expect to get proper, timely and relevant treatments when you become permanently disabled from work related injuries in Alberta. The WCB Alberta rolls out their bogus line-up of Hacks and Quacks doctors to malign your reputation and this results in the destruction of thousands of workers lives as a direct result. Her conclusions could only come from a complete QUACK doctor, no legitimate doctor would write such total TRIPE.
 Like I have written many times, the WCB Alberta is really Legalized Money laundering for corporations because they get to pretend that they are paying into an accident fund. The truth is that the WCB of Alberta is giant Legal STONEWALL machine designed to mentally stress the Seriously Injured Claimants into committing suicide in desperation to escape from Hellberta. But hey if you are a Cop or a Fireman or government worker the entire process runs totally SMOOTH. These government workers pampering each other makes me want to puke, while regular working joes starve. The corruption runs deep in Hellberta, really deep.
 Fucking Workers over "IS" the Hellberta WAY!
You don't believe me? Need proof? See: Thomas Lukaszuk the greatest champion of TFW's Hellberta has ever known. My uncle Vernon who served in WWII is rolling in his grave, he would have never gone to Europe if he knew Polish shills would pull this crap on Canadians.
Thanks Gary Mar for bringing Chinese Work Camps to Hellberta. (Sic).

WCB Crony Surgeons with WCB Hacks and Quacks routinely LIE about patient complaints and diagnosis

Here is a link to my Back Surgeons routine report from June 13 of 2006 submitted to the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta by Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Hongxing Jiang. If you examine the document you can see that the Surgeon writes F/U (shorthand for Follow-Up) in 1 Year! He was so concerned with my condition that it was not possible for me to see another Spinal doctor for One full year? According to documents filed by another WCB Hacks and Quacks family physician that the WCB Ab designates as a "Consultant" doctor. When doctor Lorri Galbraith wrote her bogus WCB Medical Consultant report, the report is really just a pile of pure fucking Bullshit. But hey that is "WHY" the Alberta College of Physicians enjoys licensing Hacks and Quacks for doctors in Hellberta. They do this is direct collusion with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in order to deliver a sufficient number of Quack doctors into Alberta so they can continue to use the WCB of Alberta #1 Tool to kill legitimately entitled claimants any and ALL access to benefits, scans, treatments and even a BED for thousands of Seriously Injured Workers. Fucking over the disabled is the WCB of Alberta Hellberta WAY!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drop seen in Injuries to Alberta Workers

Well here we have a link to a story coming out of the website and the guy who writes their blogs. This article is offensive to me as a Seriously Injured Worker because the writer fails to recognize the extreme stress this puts on the families of the 188 Canadian workers who DIED last year on the job in Alberta. Alberta continues to lead the country in the number of dead workers who were killed on the job working in Hellberta.
 The real truth lies in Northern Alberta The reality is that the WCB of Alberta fluked the number of deaths in 2013 is my opinion. The Workers Comp Blogwire is trying to print propaganda to prop up one of their member WCB Offices. The reality for workers in Hellberta is quite different from the rosy picture than is painting.

 Those Canadian men and women have families that will never see mom or dad walk through the back door of their house ever again. The breadwinner and maybe the only parent of the house are gone forever. This is nothing more than the American Association of State Compensation Funds producing propaganda for one of their member Funds. Click on their page and you will be able to link direct to WCB of Alberta with their interactive map. Killing 200 or more workers per year is nothing to brag about for 2 Million workers is my opinion. WCB Alberta don't care, you CAN'T make them care, they are too busy partying on their Bonus cheques to care. More shit brought to you by the same folks who brought you Globalization. Canada is morphing into Mexico North where the Global Corporations can kill as many Canadians as they see necessary in order to pump Tar Glop down a pipe on the CHEAP. It is the Hellberta WAY.