Brent McGillis: 03/01/2016 - 04/01/2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Byzantine WCB and Alberta Justice in desperate need of Law Reform!

 The core complaint from seriously injured workers who are legally entitled to WCB benefits is the constant, systematic Abuse of Process doled out by WCB AB staff, at ALL levels of their organization. This includes the same type of abuses at the WCB Appeals Commission.
 The WCB of AB has many different mechanisms that are specifically designed by corrupt lawyers who are paid for by YOUR WCB contributions. These mechanisms are tailor made and ready for your zealot WCB Claims Manager to initiate, designed to drag you into their Abuse of Process psychological meat grinder.
 We as injured workers have known as victims of these litigious abusers for decades about the deliberate systemic Abuse of process at the WCB Appeals Commission.
 I have written about how the WCB of AB abuses the rights of Serious Injured Workers for years now, to NO effect.
 I used to read the pack of lies and bullshit that the WCB of Ab publishes on their webpage, but there is no point. I look at that pile of BS and lies and I want to projectile vomit on Guy Kerr's Porsche. 

 These abusers of the powers entrusted to them by the Ministry of Justice have been trained in the art of crafting deliberately deceptive illegal means to achieve their illegal objective: These Administrative Tribunals are actually proud of their crudely written DRDRB decisions that appear as though they were written by a Grade 3 student, are full of their illegal lies and acts of deception. The DRDRB, as you would expect is full of the old PC WCB cronies, some of which are reportedly made up of dysfunctional claims managers and other deceptive old WCB hacks.
 The whole PHONY Meredith Principles Bible is based on the idea of reducing litigation costs by the elimination of needless complexity and redundant Byzantine layers of Government WASTE~that needlessly is spiking the litigation costs of a Workers Compensation Claim.
 The ENTIRE Meredith Principle was intended to remove Byzantine litigious complexity, and the needless perpetual merry-go-round of corrupt and rigged WCB Appeals. During the Byzantine Empire of the PC's that lasted 40 years, the Appeals Mechanism has been totally corrupted into the Byzantine Govt. Administration that we experience today.
 The WCB of Alberta acts as a systematic corporate abuse response that has been designed and saturated with systemic corruption; that employs every known Abuse of Process available to them as Administrative Law officers of the court overseen by the AB Justice Department.
 The entire phony process I call systematic because the entire corporation is designed to respond to your application for proper, timely and relevant care with a perverted response that is deliberately crafted by hack lawyers to make your legal application completely impossible. 
 The Meredith Principle is being abused as it is being falsely blamed for the delays in Justice. The WCB Abuses of Process at EVERY level of their phony organization, is using deceptive practices for their ulterior corrupted motives of Self-enrichment as a bonus on all WCB employees final pay.
 The WCB illegally used their threats of termination of my benefits to gain a collateral advantage in order to illegally force me to sign legally binding documents
while I was under mental and severe physical Duress "before I could be admitted for rehabilitation at the Millard."
 The WCB of Alberta Dr. Leslie DeLima did covertly lie to me while I was drugged on Morphine in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, hiding his intentions as WCB Troll.
 I was so high on Morphine I did not even know who some of my own family that came to visit me in hospital, and he used this opportunity to pry information from me as he repeatedly asked me if I had a lawyer.
 I did not know what was going on in my medically induced morphine haze, and I had NO legal counsel to advise me that a WCB Hacks and Quacks RAH Troll was sitting on my hospital bed next to me lying his face off.

At every single level, from the moment I fell to this day the WCB of Alberta has been deceitful, threatening, menacing, cruel; displaying tendencies that are indicative of schadenfreude fetishism.
 In my mind the WCB Hack doctor Leslie DeLima and his act of lying to me to gain info that I had no legal counsel constitutes an abuse of process, because Dr. Delima and the WCB knew for a fact that this would give the Alberta WCB wide open license to abuse my rights and start abusing them from that moment until today.
 This was NO accidental abuse by Dr. Leslie DeLima, this was a planned and deliberate act designed to inflict long lasting collateral damage on my person, permanently irreparably damaging my ability to ever return to work by denying me access to proper, timely and relevant Healthcare. THIS WCB is the Hellberta WAY!
 Dr. Delima and his covert gang of Lawyer misanthropes in WCB Edmonton knew full well that their actions would constitute the WCB of Alberta gaining a collateral advantage that I would never be able to overcome, thus fully disabling me for my entire life. This is so sad on so many different levels, it hurts just writing it.                                                  
 A proceeding that is conducted in Bad Faith constitutes an Abuse of Process.
Without question the DRDRB phony panels of old PC Hacks and Hatchet-men are proceedings that are conducted in Bad Faith.

 It is disturbing when you repeatedly see the DRDRB Abuse of Process is so blatantly obvious, that the corruption motive of self enrichment is an Abuse of the Entire Administrative Law mechanism rendering this arm of the Justice Department as nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme.
 It is a Ponzi-Scheme because the largest companies get the biggest rewards based on their phony Safety programs that hands out trinkets and beads, and then lays ALL blame on workers. These giant corporate crooks actually force workers to sign legal documents saying that in the event of an accident; It is entirely the Workers Fault! The biggest companies from across the Globe can come here and expect to get 70-80% of their premiums returned to them, while the small to medium sized companies pay ALL the premiums.

In order for this Ponzi Scheme companies like CNRHell amazingly JACKPOT's and gets a GIANT premiums rebate for repeatedly KILLING WORKERS!
 In order for the big Tar Glop corporations to continue to enjoy this Ponzi scheme, the WCBof AB "NEEDS" a constant supply of NEW rate payers to keep their premiums artificially LOW.
 ENTER the Farmers, because these are small to medium companies with lots of CASH that the WCB needs to TAP into, for a giant CASH injection to save this Transnational Oil Corporation PONZI.
 The WCB Appeals Commission is no different, they have their select panels of hacks, quacks and hatchet men and women and waiting to deliver their own individual brand of shadenfraude to unsuspecting claimants.

 When the WCB Decision Review hands down yet another decision with NO legal basis, or medical opinions based on fact, this is just another routine day at the office of WCB Judicial Abuses, that you would commonly know as Administrative Law Tribunals. We know this to be true based on historic records of the long storied history of the WCB Appeals Commission. We know they are cronies of the PC Government, and typically from or related to key people in very preferential companies and industries who have great influence on the Alberta government.

The Ontario government now has legislation that is 100% dedicated to bringing litigation to bear on the misanthope gangs of Government paid Abusers who routinely abuse the Rights of every day citizens that apply for programs and compensation for wrongs performed by these lay-about do-nothing govt. employees.
 This (Misanthropic Abuse) IS what the PC Government Sense of Entitlement is all about, these govt. abusers actually believe that it is their implied Right to knowingly improperly apply their own distorted and bastardized version of the Law to abuse workers and citizens. Their own egos have been so artificially inflated to the point that their brains [Egos] may actually explode {Stroke}from the Ideological Imperatives that their superiors have instilled in their minds. [We can collectively dream as a group of injured workers that these bastards get their punishment one day.]
 Central to this conservative ideological imperative is the core belief that they are actually superior in intellect and mental abilities combined with their belief that they are physically more capable than Seriously Injured and Disabled Workers. This intellectual genome is the genesis that spawns their devil worship feelings of Self-Entitlement. Getting shit-faced drunk with their co-workers who also share the Self-Entitled Superiority Complex goes a long way to reinforcing their feelings of Unbelievable Greatness that surges through the corpuscles of their sotted brains.
 Well they used to, and as far as I know I have not heard of any Earth shattering {Fracking} change at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, nothing substantial that would lead us to conclude that the NDP Government of AB is going to make any real strides in reforming this uber-corrupt and bogus Injury Compensation program for injured workers who are NOT government employees.
Chronic fatigue has arrived again..more later.
 The truly biggest disappointment with this entire horrific medical care system in Hellberta is the fact that the entire privatized medical care program is now so horribly skewed both structurally and on the operations side toward "Denying your injuries or that sufferers of the AB industrial disease symptoms EVEN EXIST!"
 The Alberta Health Care system has been DESIGNED by PC's around the core principle of DENYING there is anything wrong with you in the first place!
 How can we ever have any meaningful Healthcare reform in Alberta when our entire Health delivery system is so systemically corrupt and distorted?

 We as Albertans are now victims of the multi-tiered Medical Care model that was designed and implemented around the American privatized Medical Care system. In the American privatized Medical delivery system the individual U.S. State would retain the ownership of the physical Bricks & Mortar structures of their State Hospitals, while letting privatized "American Health Groups" like Covenant Health and The Grey Nuns to actually take care of the Administrative Functions of the Hospitals.
 In short, the American Hospital Groups get to decide who lives and who dies. They hold the purse strings and hold TIGHT CONTROL over who is treated and who is NOT.

On the surface this seems like such a rosy, happy and serene way to operate hospitals, because they have these SUPER-efficient and highly experienced U.S. hospital experts in their field of running State owned hospitals in the U.S.A.
What could be more desirable than aspiring to be "Wannabe Americans", right? (Sic) I mean, "what could possibly go wrong;" is the proverbial Conservative dogmatic question.
 The problems this creates on the operational side of Hospital operation when it comes to deciding who will get treated is complicated to say the least. This means that in the twisted minds of the WCB Hacks and Quacks medical group, they have NO choice but to discriminate against workers they do not like. This results in the Hospital deciding that there are mangled workers who they have identified as Caucasion challenged patients, who do not qualify for care in their Hospitals. Wow, MORE Alberta Healthcare discrimination!

 The #1 Key to the Covenant Health Fast-Trak to the absolute BEST treatment is that you are employed by any Level of Government in Alberta, and are on the Alberta Gold Plated Health Benefits for Police, Guards, Firemen, and all government workers.

 Since the U.S. privatized Operators of Alberta Hospitals have always placed the WCB of Alberta as the #1 Priority when it comes to who they are committed to treating when a patient arrives in one of their trauma centers, this means that YOU the Seriously Injured Worker are ALREADY at a disadvantage when it comes to your treatment as a patient, and this means that your Health and your LIFE is in mortal peril as the hospital is treating you like a 2nd Class citizen the moment that you arrive in the E.R. department.
 It is hard to complete any writing when you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. More to come....