Brent McGillis: 05/01/2017 - 06/01/2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

WCB refused to buy me a bed that my Doctor PRESCRIBED, How CORRUPT is THAT huh?

 Jamie, my current WCB Claims manager continues to maintain that because I fell at work and broke my back when I landed flat on my back on the Kenworth/PacLease site in March of 2006, that I do not qualify for the WCB to buy me an orthopaedic bed.
 Well if I do not qualify Jamie, then please tell me who in the hell does qualify? Workers squashed flat as a pancake? Dead workers? Who Jamie, please tell me because there is not 1 single Albertan that I have ever been able to find who would agree with your assessment.
 This is how I know that the WCB of Alberta is still just as corrupt as it has always been. Nothing has changed at the Alberta WCB, not a single thing. Corruption still rules at the AB WCB.

Just so you know Jamie, my doctor PRESCRIBED me an orthopaedic bed after I requested he write me a prescription. If you look back on my case you will find that prescription.
How can a claims manager deny a bed that is prescribed by your doctor?
 Let us go back to the beginning, when I had to wait 4 days for the Super CORRUPT WCB useless homecare people to show up to supposedly help me shower and clean up around the house. First of all the useless homecare people rarely did anything but watch television. They refused to go down the stairs to help me up to the shower because the lightswitch was broken, they said they were not allowed to because it was too dangerous. But it was OK for a severely injured worker to go up and down those stairs by himself. This is what makes the WCB such a horrible and miserable JOKE on the injured worker.
 These very SAME useless homecare people repeatedly told me that they would get me a new bed, but off course since these useless tits did nothing all day and refused to help me up the stairs. I would ask well, when is that bed showing up. Yup, yeah we are working on that they would say, it was all BS. I believed them, just like I believed Dr. Hong Xing Jiang when he told me that I would make a full recovery and would be able to return to work for many years to come, it was all just more WCB Bullshit and lies.
 This fight over the WCB providing a bed to a man who has broken his back at work is the pinnacle of their stupidity, the WCB of AB cannot claim to be a legitimate provider of medical care and medical needs for severely injured workers as it continues to deny me the right to a bed.
 The WCB of Alberta has the "Duty of Care" to provide me with high quality beds for the REST of MY Life, for as long as I live and breathe air on this Earth, they have to provide me with quality beds to sleep on. That is a fact of being an injury insurer. If you have ever known any person who had any kind of injury to their spinal column, even a whiplash injury you will know that one of the very first things the Auto Insurance company will provide is a bed to sleep on.
 How can you even begin to approach your day without a good nights sleep, ESPECIALLY if you have suffered a Spinal TRAUMA? It is ridiculous that I would even have to explain this to Jamie the WCB Claims Manager.
 This is WHY I know that nothing has changed at the WCB of Alberta, it is still FUBAR and it is STILL being run by Guy Kerr. He is the root of all of the corruption at the WCB, because he is pals with the corrupt architects who deliberately designed the AB WCB to abuse seriously injured workers back in 1995 when Ralph Klein implanted

Dr. John Cowell to RIG the WCB against injured workers. I know this because all of these WCB people are all part of a WCB clique, they screw over so many people the only people they can relate to are other WCB and ex-WCB people they all belong to their very own special little club of medical abusers. Dr. Cowell was a leftover from the Klein era, all of the troubles began at the Alberta WCB way back in 1995 when Ralph Klein our then Premier implanted Cowell as one of his chief cronies and without a doubt he was a key player as architect of the ambushing of the WCB policies that remain to this day to abuse seriously injured workers in Alberta. Then Ralph Klein coined the phrase, "The Alberta Advantage". Guy Kerr is one of those old Klein era cronies, part of the Alberta PC Old Boys Club that deliberately decided to build Alberta's fortunes on the backs of dead and dying seriously injured workers in Alberta. What a horrible legacy, Alberta corporations building their wealth on the backs of workers who literally did break their backs.
 And now folks, you know the REST of the story of Alberta,
 and how the horrific policies of the Alberta WCB came to be Jerrymandered by the Alberta Progressive Conservatives and their corporate cronies. The Alberta PC Party paved over the graves of dead workers to satisfy their intense NEED for GREED. Remember that the next time you hear Kevin O'Leary chirping off about how Alberta is being mismanaged.

It is hard to write when you are in constant unending pain, it is hard to get my head clear enough to write most days, especially when the WCB and my claims manager Jamie continue to deny me the right to a decent nights sleep. This is why the old deadwood bureaucrats like Guy Kerr have to GO. Not in a couple of years, but right now. Payout that do-nothing and move on, paying Old Boy cronies like Kerr only prolongs the pain and suffering of seriously injured workers. Fire him now and lets truly move forward into the future Premier Notley.