Brent McGillis: Oct 5, 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017

WCB puts Cart before Horse in Byzantine Alberta rehab scheme

 To this day, after 11 years and 7 months, the WCB of Alberta and my claims manager continues to refuse to refer me to an Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon.

Houston we have a problem: The WCB Millard cannot overcome their drunken addiction to the nefarious Hocus Pocus propaganda that they are selling as Neuroplastix. The severe danger of selling Hocus Pocus as real medicine in that; This practice of giving the clinicians their #1 priority of selling NeuroSpaztix is dangerous because it denies the injured worker ACCESS to proper, timely and relevant medical care, treatments and medications.
 This naturally feeds into the WCB narrative of convincing the seriously injured worker that the pain from their injury is a product of YOUR improperly wired brain, and that if you READ enough of their propaganda your pain will magically vanish. This switch and bait technique feeds into their own need to put the CART (Physical Rehab) before the proverbial horse (Medical Specialist).

 The WCB of Alberta has not changed 1 iota in 27 years, they insist on physically torturing a patient who is suffering from REAL pain from a REAL injury and needs an expert opinion on his condition, and to find out if there are any further available surgeries or treatments of his condition BEFORE advancing his physiotherapy.
 They did the SAME thing back in 1990 for my original back injury, and told me they were going to subject me to 8 hrs per day of intense physical therapy BEFORE even bothering to treat my severe back strain. Nothing has changed in 27 years, yup folks it really still is 1959 in Hellberta. Nothing ever changes in this province, govt's come and go but the WCB Mantra remains......unchanged since Mr. Slate owned the rock quarry in Bedrock.
 The WCB refuses to refer me to a REAL Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon because they do not want me to EVER receive a real legitimate diagnosis and long term prognosis. But more importantly for the WCB they know that any potential treatments will cost money, they are simply cheaping out. It really is that cut and dried simple, this is an abuse of process because it denies me access to relevant specialists and treatment.

 It is clear to me in my mind that now I am have to drive to Calgary to get my referral forwarded since the Neuroplastix programming of WCB employees is so complete. People in Edmonton are so far up the Bayou, that people in N. AB don't even know we live in a bayou. This is the end of the road, do you thing the best medical minds in North America want to live in the Bayou? No, you are correct, they don't and that is why we get such second rate medical care here, and the system is free. The men and women who populate the Salt Mines get what they pay for, Free Medical Care is precisely what it sounds like CHEAP!

 The WCB of Alberta in their typical Byzantine Empire behavior have managed to refer me to a whole list of OTHER specialists, but refuse to refer me to a real living Orthopedic Spinal Specialist. That is not an accident, this is deliberate medical abuse and an abuse of process because they are denying me access to get a proper diagnosis from the ONLY medical specialist that is qualified to write a legitimate medical opinion on my condition.
 This includes not only a diagnosis, but a long term prognosis for treatments and the side effects that I can expect to suffer from for the rest of my life. Without this long term prognosis, any kind of long term treatment planned by the WCB of Alberta is nothing more than something that was dreamt up out of their own Byzantine medical Fantasy, and not a legitimate medical opinion based on fact or medical expertise.

And so it goes in this Byzantine Fantasy world that the Flintstones (PC Party of AB) created for rednecks to overdose on.
 If you still do not believe me that Fred Flintstone is having wet dreams about his desire to be the next bobble-head for the Byzantine Empire, all you need to do is check the anotomical dimensions of their next hero Jason. You will find he has the very same collar size as Fred Flintstone, the only thing missing is his sidekick Barney Rubble. Man that Barney Rubble should could act, huh? (Sic)

 Worse than that, is that an Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon is likely the only person who can refer me to further spinal treatments that could potentially be beneficial to help reduce my suffering.

 The Byzantine Empire was most famous for the creation of the most complex government institutions in Roman times, the Byzantine Empire just like the rule of the PC govt in Alberta lasted for centuries. Just like the Alberta Govt created by the conservatives, the Byzantine govt relied on creating omnipotent puppet administrators that were appointed not for their amazing administrative skills but rather for their crony abilities to exercise the will of the Emperor. Sound familiar, remember Alison Redford and her Palace in the sky?
 Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about government during the Byzantine Empire:

Officials were arranged in strict order around the emperor, and depended upon the imperial will for their ranks. There were also actual administrative jobs, but authority could be vested in individuals rather than offices.
 Wow, does that sound like Guy Kerr and how he runs the WCB? Sure does. His panel of CEO's are nothing more than appointees (cronies of the PC Govt) who do not want to actually get their hands dirty in the actual work of creating a REAL Workers Compensation Board that helps injured workers. That is WHY nothing concrete has ever came out of the WCB Board of executives, they are too busy on the golf course, shopping, relaxing on the beach in a foreign country, shopping for an Asian bride etc., to be bothered with the nuances of serving the hard working people of Alberta.

 The WCB as an retirement villa for PC Cronies, is a grotesque emancipation of any legal responsibility to injured workers, and what happens to government when the tired old cronies of a corrupt Conservative government are left to metastasize themselves into a modern day version of the Byzantine Empire.

The biggest problem with the Byzantine Empire the PC's created with Guy Kerr at the helm of the WCB is that the WCB was bastardized into an organization that is 99% dedicated to insulating employers from the actual cost of seriously injured workers, and only 1% dedicated to injured workers. This is no longer a problem, but rather a crisis that began back in the 90's when Ralph Teed and Frank Pagnotta were abused by the WCB. Frank and Ralphy know more about the bastardization of this organization than just about anybody alive. Anthony Hughes is probably the most knowledgeable about this Byzantine abortion come to life, sadly he is in poor health these days.

 Frank and Ralph were the proverbial "Canaries in a coal mine", and were the first sign of the dangers of letting a government like the PC's hold onto power long enough to become their own little Tito's of our modern day politics in Alberta. When Frank and Ralphy started their protest outside of the WCB offices in downtown Edmonton back in the late 90's, they were the very first to actively RESIST the corporate fascism doctrine of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party. They were among the first of the injured Albertans to recognize that something was severely amiss within the WCB of Alberta and within the larger context of the Alberta Govt.
 I felt it was necessary to recognize Ralph Teed and Frank Pagnotta for their tireless resistance and efforts to expose the corrupt PC Govt for what they did to injured workers for decades here in Alberta. Their sacrifices and early resistance have inspired hundreds of Albertans for the need to RESIST the fascism of corporatism that has dominated the AB politics for decades now, and their resistance of Govt abuses over the years; and thus I felt it was important to recognize the contributions the early pioneers of the Injured Workers Resistance have made so that others may benefit from their struggle over the years. Anthony Hughes is another man who deserves recognition for his struggle against the evils of corporatism abuse in Alberta in recent decades.
 It all makes sense now, as the Byzantine Empire now feels threatened by the current government, it is no accident that Fred Flinstone comes riding into town in a pickup truck with the back seat full of Timmies donuts to keep him company. Flintstone sees the need to showcase what he sees as the shining star of the technological achievements of the Luddites in what he believes is a new invention, The Internal Combustion Engine. Jason who is always up for a challenge working in Mr. Slates mine is trying to sell the next generation on the LAST generations technology of pollution barfing machines. But more importantly the CPC's newest Luddite is here to protect the Byzantine Empire and their chokehold on useless lay-about do-nothing crony appointments running the various corporations and boards of the AB Govt. That is why he is really here, Guy Kerr cannot let go of his Million dollar pay-day bonuses for championing the deaths of over 100 workers every year for decades now!
 The Canadian Federation of Independant Business (CFIB) is the number one supporter of Flinstone and his policies because the CFIB is his biggest supporter. Remember
Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Party? Yeah, well she used to be the El Presidente of the Alberta chapter of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. The CFIB is nothing more than a fundraising mechanism of the CPC and should be properly identified as an official LOBBY GROUP and not as a non-profit organization is my opinion because their #1 identifiable occupation is LOBBYING the govt in an all out assault on the working man (and women) of Canada. Jason Kenney is just one more opportunist in a long line of opportunistic Conservatives that want to return to the "Old days of Ralph De-Kline-ism", his Fred Flintsone philosophy is the greatest threat to our democracy and he is the greatest threat to hard working young people across this province is my opinion. He is an opportunist populist just like his hero Trump, and his desire to keep Alberta squarely in the middle of "Backwardsville Alberta", is truly an insult to higher education and any Canadians desire to leave our children a legacy of respect for the critical need for building open communities and not erecting barriers to keep the "Unwashed non-believers out."
 It takes a community to raise a child, and it takes the very same community to heal that child when they become ill or become mentally broken. Most people will be born, grow up work and die in the very same town they were born in, we are all just grown up versions of who we were when we were children, there is no escaping that reality. The United Party vs. Colored (UPC) people is the greatest danger to working people in Western Canada right now, because they seek to grasp the wave of populism sweeping the globe and once they have duped voters into their false flag populism, they will roll back this province straight into the dark ages of Ralph Kline and his brand of De-Kline-ism.
 The reason it is important to point this out is because that very same brand of politics is what launched Kline into the Premiers chair, and what followed was decades of an all out attack on the working man and woman in this province. That very same populism led to the appointment of Dr. John Cowell who dismantled the WCB in 1 year as the #1 Crony of the Ralph Kline Agenda, and afterwards he left his post as the CEO of the Workers Compensation Board and he was then followed by Guy Kerr who has been the #1 Champion AGAINST seriously injured workers here in Alberta for DECADES now. Fred Flinstone and his gang of CFIB gerrymanderers will throw Alberta backwards into the 1970's if given the chance. So please, on election day, please vote ABC.
 Thankyou and good night.

Chronic Pain has come to visit........more to come.