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Monday, October 20, 2014

Royal Alex Hospital LIES to patients about their Role as "THE Workers Compensation Hospital" for AHS.

 These page that I am posting are the hand written pages of the Letter that I personally gave to Dr. Leslie DeLima, while he sat beside me on my hospital bed Bare Faced LYING to me. I was under extremed physical and emotional DURESS, I had no Idea that the Royal Alexandra Hospital would
physically AMBUSH a seriously injured worker in their CARE! I did not know that the Royal Alex was in the business of Ambushing Patients, I know now! In the letter I wrote on that day, I was begging Dr. Jiang and the Royal Alex Hospital to NOT discharge me on Mar. 09, 2006.
Page 1 of letter given to Dr. Leslie DeLima begging Dr. Jiang NOT to discharge me from Royal Alexandra Hospital

Page 2 of letter given to Dr. Leslie DeLima that I wrote under extreme duress and under extremely heavy sedation. To this day I do not know how I even managed to print on the paper the nursing staff provided. It amazes me what a human can do when under attack by hostile Hospital staff.

In Page 3 of letter I gave to Dr. Leslie DeLima, it is now clear to me that even at that moment in time, I was keenly cognizant of being careful not to attack the Ward Hospital Nursing staff, because I was obviously keenly aware of the connotations of writing a scathing attack on staff. I was unaware the Hospital Nursing staff were also Bare Faced lying to me in the meeting with the Hospital social worker. The entire Nursing staff was lying to me as a GROUP in the convened meeting. I was struggling and at a clear disadvantage and heavily drugged while trying to protect my rights as a patient who had just suffered a Spinal Trauma. I never seen the "WCB Trauma patient Blind Side coming". I was completely caught off guard that a Hospital would maltreat a Trauma patient suffering under extreme mental and physical duress. Looking back on those events, it is even more horrible than I originally thought was possible from an Alberta Health Services Hospital where I was born. It is no longer a hospital, it is more like some kind of Hacks & Quacks factory "MASH Unit" slapped together in a war zone where the doctors perform "Meatball Surgery".

  I wrote this letter after we had convened a meeting with the nursing TEAM from the ward I was stationed on, begging THE NURSES to NOT discharge me because the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta had made NO efforts to arrange Home Care assistance for my arrival at home. At NO TIME did any of the Hospital Staff inform me that the WCB Crony Hack Dr. Leslie DeLima was meddling in my care within the hospital; No Staff members alerted me to this fact. Home Care did not show up for 3 days to even do an assessment of my medical needs, shameful shitty service is the Alberta WCB WAY!

  I personally know what it is to be a home-care aide and to look after another human being who is physically disabled, because the University Hospital and Dr. Lien made me sign a letter committing to the care of my brother in order for him to be released from the U of A Hospital after his transplant. I made the decision to care for my foster brother with honor, almost a year to the day prior to my fall, whereby I agreed to be his care giver after he was discharged from the U of A Hospital as Canada's 33rd Heart and Double Lung recipient. I know what it is to be a care giver and how critical it is to have Home Care supports in place when a severely injured or disabled person arrives at their home. I know what it is to be that person. The WCB of Alberta is a goddamned embarrassment to the very principle of Medicine and Health Care, and further; the Royal Alexandra Hospital should be goddamned ASHAMED of their co-conspiracy in physically ABUSING Patients in their care! Goddamned Ashamed!
They advertise "Priority Needs" on their fund raising website, their very first priority should be to STOP Abusing severely injured Trauma patients.There is NO place for Targeted Discrimination against severely injured patients within our Alberta Hospitals, got it R.A.H.? And WCB AB? I cannot put into words the anguish this has caused me, knowing that I was "Targeted in a Alberta Hospital". It is frightening to know that I cannot expect safety of my person while in the care of the Royal Alex Hospital. I believe that the Royal Alexandra Hospital is racist first, and a WCB Hacks Farm second, what a horrific and terrifying combination.
Christ just imagine what they would do to the Ebola patients. They would ALL end up dead.

  It has taken me many years to even find this 3 page document that I wrote under extreme mental and physical duress after learning that the Royal Alex Hospital was discharging me 7 days after I fell off a Steel Rafter @ Edmonton Kenworth in south Edmonton on March 01,2006 and broke my back. I was absolutely terrified, and the day previous my brother had arraigned a meeting with the R.A.H. Social Worker who brought together the nursing staff and the physio department tech to address my serious concerns regarding the decision by the Royal Alex Hospital to discharge me after only 7 days with NO Home Care supports in place. At the time of the meeting, I was completely unaware that Dr. Leslie DeLima was the WCB embedded TROLL doctor freewheeling within the Royal Alex, and I was also unaware of his meddling in my treatment, physiotherapy and decision to discharge me from the Hospital.
  The Royal Alexandra Hospital did conspire with WCB AB and with full willful intent, they wittingly conspired to mislead me and my family by deliberately concealing and hiding this information from me thus inflicting unnecessary further pain and injury.
  This was the first time I have read this letter in 8 years, and it was not until today that I was reading my letter  that I realized that the Nursing Staff was aware of the status of Dr. Leslie DeLima as the recognized embedded WCB Alberta Troll doctor. Then the nurses made the conscious decision to LIE to me and withhold this critical WCB Troll information regarding whom was pulling the strings in the ongoing care and treatment for the Spinal Trauma that I suffered in a workplace accident. I find this revelation to be a very disturbing revelation about the Administrative Functions of Senior Hospital Management within the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
  The Royal Alexandra Hospital REFUSES to publicly acknowledge that R.A.H. is the "Preferred WCB Hosptial" for WCB patients in the Northern Region of Alberta". The Royal Alex is fully aware of what is going on, and they are 100% complicit with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in cloaking WHO really is in charge of the Royal Alex Hospital.

NO Trauma Patient should ever have to endure the Abuse I was subjected to in the Royal Alexandra Hospital while in a severely weakened and depleted state, EVER! It is unprofessional and dangerous.

  I was heavily sedated and in a severely weakened state when I wrote the letter to my Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon on the 9th day of March 2006. But I still knew instinctively that the Royal Alexandra Hospital was treating a severely injured man like SHIT! I knew that much. It was extremely difficult to write the letter in my depleted condition, that I gave to Dr. Leslie DeLima and at that time he promised me he would forward that letter to Dr. Jiang who was my Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon.
  I now know that he lied to my face that day that the letter was NEVER delivered to Dr. Jiang. The entire nursing staff on my Ward at the Royal Alexandra Hospital LIED to me, and then discharged me. These are serious and disturbing management practices, that are obviously Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) within the confines of the Royal Alex Hospital.
  All of this coupled with the Physical Assault on my person by a doctor who was never part of my Medical Treatment TEAM, and had absolutely NO authority to touch any part of my person when he illegally removed my neck brace and squeezed my neck hard. I am really fucking pissed off now.
  Because Edmonton is the Corporate dick sucking Capital of Canada,   there will be NO Legal consequences to these felonious and illegal acts by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. One might ask the completely valid question: Why will the Justice Minister of Hellberta (Alberta) not charge these felonious WCB bastards?
  Has the Alberta PC Government ran out of their favorite Corporate Barbeque Sauce?
  The reason that there will never be any charges laid against the unauthorized  WCB Hack doctors for physical Assault is in my opinion because there were NO Cops, 
No Firemen, No Prison Guards or any other government employees physically or emotionally harmed in this deliberate and targeted Physical Assault on my person by one of their government sanctioned corporate Dick Sucker pals. No Corporate Dick Suckers were harmed is the answer!

There I have put my Trauma Accident experience inside the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton in the plainest possible terms that all corporate AB Govt. dick suckers automatically  understand. Macking on the innocent Trauma patients within the Royal Alex and the most vulnerable persons in Alberta's fake Democracy IS the Alberta Govt. Corporate Dick Sucker WAY!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shooting a Nevada WCB Advocate sparks "Warning to ALL Claims Managers" writes WCB Blogger

  Yup, it was sure to happen eventually folks. The shooting of a Nevada Workers Compensation "Advocate" has sparked panic as a Blogger from writes about a "Warning to ALL". This was an armed confrontation in a Las Vegas State hearing office building. The shooting happened in the hallway of the Nevada Department of Administration, Hearings Division in Las Vegas, NV.
  Bob writes in his Blog about how "Ignorant" the general public is when it comes to Workers Compensation. Yeah Bob, we know full well that Injured Workers were misled into believing all of the Meredith BS that Meredith cooked up for stupid ass injured workers who have been duped into believing that they are actually INSURED when an Ironworker FALLS from a building.
  I mean Jesus fffing Christ, where in the hell did they get such a stupid idea Bob? (Sic)
80,000 pages of pure friggin' B.S. is what the Workers Compensation Act "IS", was and will always be as long as crooked Corporate Dick Sucking WCB Cronies run Alberta and Canada into the ground.
 Alberta is the CHAMP of Workers Compensation Abuse! Alberta stands alone atop this accumulating mountain of dead and seriously mangled workers, claiming First Place in the Conservative Government initiated RACE to the BOTTOM in our standard of living here in Canada. Drunken legislators like King Ralph made ALL of this possible when the PC government legislated legal tools enabling the WCB of Alberta the letigious tools necessary for the WCB of AB to needlessly torture, abuse and torment Seriously Injured Workers. When a government empowers any entity to medically torture injured workers who are left permanently disabled, then you can no longer claim you are a civilized nation.
Guy Kerr CEO of WCB took home $616,000 in pay and bonuses for killing almost 200 workers.
  Democracy in Canada is a total fffing lie, it is all pure B.S.
Bob writes in his Blog representing the an acronym for American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds that has 28 member U.S. States and Provinces
 in it's membership, that Seriously Injured Workers and the general public are "Ignorant". Yes Bob, I suppose we are.
 The estranged injured worker that Blogger Bob labels as an ignorant member of the public, was so dumb that he was able to track Mr. Sullivan 10 years later, an amazing feat for a man deemed stupid by government minions.
  As luck would have it for the Workers Advocate (Overpaid Back-stabbers), Leonard Sullivan had just enough education enabling him to be able to read and interpret the meaning of the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution, that was enabled by the Bill of Rights in December of 1791. To bad for Mike that Leonard can read huh? (Sic)

The Second Amendment (Source: Wikipedia)
The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of individuals[1][2] to keep and bear arms.[3][4][5][6] The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right vests in individuals, not merely collective militias, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices.[7] State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right per the incorporation of the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments comprising the Bill of Rights.
The Second Amendment was based partially on the right to keep and bear arms in English common-law and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state.[8

 Bob writes in his Blog on 
that Seriously Injured workers and the public suffer from a "Tremendous Ignorance" of how Workers Compensation works. No Bob, we are fully cognizant of when we are being royally fucked Okay? 
There is no mystery or ignorance of understanding in what it is to be deliberately "targeted for abuse".    
 Workers injured in Alberta are completely UNAWARE that their medical care is being manipulated by the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network that works in Tandem with Alberta Health Services  Hospitals to target helpless Trauma patients who are sandbagged to block their escape. Targeting and victimizing Trauma patients by physically assaulting them when they are doped up with Morphine in the Royal Alexandra Hospital is a crime. I had no idea Edmonton Hospitals and AHS would commit such crimes.
 Cops, Firemen, guards and government workers "never" have to worry about the Hacks and Quacks Network "Macking" on them, because they belong to the "Special Club".
  Wait a minute, hold up there Hoss, there is no need to call the Cops to report an assault within R.A.H., because guess what? Cops DO NOT CARE, they are too busy playing CYOA {Cover your own ass}. You don't actually think the Cops want the WCB medical abuse machine to be activated when the COPS get hurt do you? They are government workers dammit, Cops are "Special".
  WCB definitely fears Cops defending "Their 2nd Amendment Rights".
The AHS preferred Hospital for WCB Trauma in Northern Alberta is the Royal Alexandra and the hospital Surgeons and staff "Profile" trauma patients to be defrauded and physically ASSAULTED by the Hacks and Quacks (MPN's) that are allowed to freewheel and abuse patients in the care of the central metropolitan Hospital in Edmonton, Hellberta, Canada. We fully understand Bob, there is NO mistaking being fucked by WCB Alberta, non whatsoever.
 MPN acronym stands for Medical Practitioners Network, and is brought to you BY the Great State of Texas where killing workers is becoming a real profession. (Sic)
 Good Ol' Hellberta, we (Govt.) simply do as we are TOLD by Alberta's real boss: Houston, Texas.

  As Bob writes; "Add to that mix pain, anger, depression, rampant paranoia; and stir in a healthy dose of largely inappropriate medications, and you have a true recipe for disaster." Who would NOT be paranoid of Hacks and Quacks WCB Doctors trolling the hallways of R.A.H. and physically assaulting helpless trauma patients? All with the FULL support of the Hospital Administration? That is not paranoia Bob, that is total FEAR that this is what I can expect when admitted to an Alberta Hospital.
  Pain? Pain is what you get when a Hack WCB doctor enters your hospital room, lies to you about his identity and concealing who he works for when he tells you he is your Spinal Orthopedic Surgeons RIGHT HAND MAN! Then he removes your neck brace from your neck that you injured in the fall flat onto your back at Kenworth in south Edmonton, and squeezes HARD! I screamed out in pain, then Dr. Leslie DeLima informed me that there was nothing wrong with my neck. "That was your test?", I cried out.
  What a Mack-Hack GONG show the Royal Alex hospital is. This horrific experience has cemented the conviction in my mind, that I would rather Jump Off of the High Level bridge; before I will ever let a WCB Alberta Hack hospital in Hellberta ever touch me again.
  Bob do you think that having WCB Hack doctor Leslie DeLima "Mack on Me" while in the care of R.A.H. would produce illicit feelings of anger Bob? Do you think perhaps there was a small chance that being denied medical treatments could result in Leonard Sullivan developing feelings of a victim, thereby triggering bouts of depression? I know that I became depressed as a direct natural human response to being rendered homeless as a direct consequence of these acts of Medical Fraud perpetrated within a government hospital? It took me a long time to get over those feelings when I found out the Truth about what had happens inside an Alberta Hospital. I am permanently psychologically scarred as a direct consequence of this abuse by government D*ck suckers.
  Leonard Sullivan may have thought in his severely depressed state of mind that the workers advocate simply did not understand the "dosage of medication" {lead pills} that were being administered by a Non-governmental ignoramus like Leonard. Of course Leo was being assisted in this medical procedure by Dr's Smith and Dr. Wesson.
 It is plausible that in the mind of a man under severe mental duress that in Leonard's mind he was only seeking to fulfill his Second Amendment rights to defend his security of person and show his resistance to what he obviously perceived as "oppression by the state".
  For those of you who have never been subjected to abject homelessness because of abusive actions initiated by the WCB, you will likely have trouble understanding the overwhelming feeling of FEAR and panic that grips you as a Seriously Injured Worker who can no longer work in order to provide a roof for over your head. Just writing about this is difficult.
 The reality of the Workers Compensation scheme is that that The Justice Department is NOT initiating ANY checks and balances to ensure that these little Puppet dictators that are operating their own little fiefdoms of Administrative Tribunals, are acting in fair and balanced manners.
  What Jonathan Denis, Alison Redford and any number of Corporate Crony Justice Ministers that went before them, are incapable of grasping is that: Justice IS NOT A ONE WAY STREET.
  Do NOT expect Natural Justice from Harpers CRONY Justice Ministers like Jonathan Denis. Here is his Wikipedia bio: Read his career section
  At the end of the day, Justice must be seen to be done! This is the founding anchor principle by which all Courts of Law must conduct themselves, if they DO NOT, then the Social Contract has been broken and by English Common Law the people have the right to riot until such time as the Crown re-institutes a fair and impartial Court of Law. 

These are the fundamental underlying principles of Natural Justice, and the foundation anchors that bond society together into a Democracy.
  Without a fair and Just Judiciary, that is free from influence by your regional bogus {Executive branch} government, your State/Province CANNOT claim to be a legitimate Democracy. You have created nothing more than a thinly veiled Fascist regime, that is propped up, financed and maintained by the Wealthiest Corporate Interests in your particular CORRUPT corner of this Earth. 
  If you are not familiar with Natural Justice I would urge you to read the Wikipedia entry on Natural Justice in its entirety. 
 Welcome to the uber corrupt fascism worshiping province of Hellberta, where the Cronies strangely get EVERYTHING and you get JACK SH*T. If you believe that Hellberta is a Democracy you are as dumb as shit, and you probably should give up driving as you are clearly endangering others.


WCB Alberta victims blog will exceed 30k hits/yr

I never used to look at my Google analytics, but the number of page hits is surprising given that this is higher than during the days of the Patrick Clayton hostage taking in downtown Edmonton. That was when Patrick Clayton entered the WCB building at 107th Street and 99th Avenue  armed with a rifle around 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 21, 2009. Well at least my message is getting out, as the majority of web pages about WCB in Canada have been taken down as the proprietors of the sites either were driven out by cost of maintaining their sites or they gave up, were sent to prison under severe stress and in a state of mental duress. Canada is NOT a Democracy, because the conservative perverts know how to RIG our electoral system. Our Democracy is FAKE, and the conservative government knows this and they are laughing their heads off in Ottawa, and Edmonton because they know what they have done, and they are preparing to DO IT AGAIN. With no electoral observers and the Elections Office stuffed with PC Cronies that pick up the ballot boxes to be whisked away by Conservative Cronies shows how the Conservatives here in Canada are enabled to make a mockery of what was once a great country. Canada is a LIE in my opinion, a country that now revels in the discriminatory behavior of our government. Sad that I have lived long enough to witness the theft of democracy, and even sadder that I live on as a disabled Seriously Injured Worker that the WCB of Alberta REFUSES to engage to resolve my claim. This is an abuse of DUE PROCESS initiated at ALL levels of the WCB of Alberta systematic ABUSE program that is triggered when you become injured in the province of Hellberta.
 The highest hit count for any one given day in the history of my blog, came on the June 07, 2014 when I posted "WCB and Social Media like Facebook etc.". That is a post where I received an unprecedented # of page hits that day. I received a # of phone calls from other injured workers as well. It saddens me that the IWAACsite was taken offline, because it clearly was the biggest website in Canada representing injured workers. In the final days of the "Injured Workers All Across Canada" it was getting kinda weird because of the non-WCB related subject matter like conspiracy theories and such. I always thought, that content of that nature was completely off subject but I suspect that Pete Claire finally settled with the WCB in Ontario and shut the site down permanently is my opinion. Either that or the government threatened him or his family with litigation or worse, that is very common here in Canada.

Friday, October 17, 2014

WCB and Alberta Health Services

  Watching the current crisis in the Alberta Health Services makes me think about the relationship between the WCB of Alberta and their ability to access services quickly for Seriously Injured Workers. If the AHS is experiencing a crisis in caring for acutely ill and injured patients that enter the AHS Hospital system, this can only signal that there exists a service vaccuum for Seriously Injured Workers who are seeking timely, relevant and quality care providers for their injuries in Alberta.
  How sad is it when the Hospital locator on the AHS Webpage is totally broken and does not function. Just like AHS!
  For me, that was never the case given that the WCB of Alberta had chosen to immediately AMBUSH my medical care the moment I entered the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Because the WCB Hacks and Quacks that are "Encouraged" to troll the halls of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, I was backstabbed and medically ambushed from the very moment I entered the emergency department at the RAH.
  I have often wondered, is this because ALL INJURED Workers are treated like SHIT when they are entering R.A.H. by the WCB Administrators who operate the Royal Alexandra Hospital as the Hospital designated for the care of WCB Seriously Injured Workers?
  Or was I deliberately assessed and targeted for abuse and early release without any proper rehabilitation because of factors that the WCB of Alberta had analysed as a potential TARGET for Medical Abuse by Dr. Leslie DeLima of the Workers Compensation Board?
  Was I chosen as a target for abuse and denial of proper, timely and relevant treatments because of a Injury Profile Computer Program run by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta? Or was this simply a case of targeted discrimination by Dr. Leslie DeLima of the WCB of Alberta as the head TROLL Doctor freely trolling the Royal Alexandra Hospital in order to physically assault Seriously Injured Patients under the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital?
  Interesting questions for interesting times as the Patient Care Crisis rolls on at the Alberta Health Services across the province. Interesting questions that potential patients need to ask themselves before they are allowed to be shovelled off in the emergency department of this provinces Hospitals.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Las Vegas shooting over apparent Workmans Compensation claim

 Here is a link to a shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada that was apparently sparked over a long simmering Workers Compensation claim. It is reported that Michael Kogler had passed the victim in the hallway of the Nevada Department of Administration, Hearings Division in Las Vegas, NV. The shooter who has been identified as 73-year-old Leonard Sullivan is reported to have been a co-worker with Mr. Kogler at MGM Properties 10 years ago where Mr. Kogler was employed as a claims adjuster for MGM 10 years ago. Mr. Sullivan was disarmed and handcuffed by a security officer attending a hearing in the Hearings Division Administration offices. It was reported that Mr. Sullivan had been making suicidal remarks the day before the shooting.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Alberta Government workers responsible for the BULK of Workers Compensation Costs

This post is a follow up to Here is a recent article about Workers Compensation Claims in a U.S. State, the story is about how Government Workers file Twice as many claims for chronic injuries and illnesses caused at work.

  This study of the overall costs of a Workers Compensation system, echoes the very same studies that have been performed in other states of the U.S. I read an article a few years back on the State of Washington, that was trying to come to grips with their spiralling Workers Comp costs. The writers had thought that they were going to discover that certain extremely dangerous Industries like logging, fishing, farming and construction were going to be the main culprits of the majority of Workers Compensation costs, but they were wrong. Instead the data the uncovered was that Governments at the Civic, State and Federal levels and their workers were responsible for the majority of Workers Compensation costs. Further, that they were the most likely to file for long term disability caused by a whole litany of Chronic conditions, that obviously the private sector does not suffer from for some strange inexplicable reason.
  Naturally it would follow that Government workers in Alberta are responsible for being the largest WCB Offender when it comes to workers compensation claims. This is WHY the Alberta Government did NOT out the Alberta provincial workers and other government workers in the province for their massive contributions to the overall Workers Compensation Claims. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is the single largest employer in the province of Alberta, so it only stands to reason that they would be responsible for a very large chunk of these costs. It only stands to reason that if the AUPE is the largest employer, and a government employer that workers compensation studies have proven to have DOUBLE the number of serious and long term chronic injuries, that they would be the largest contributor to the overall costs.
  In Alberta where our PC government is being exposed on a daily basis for all of the corruption, free rides, abuses of taxpayers money and crony contracts to their pals companies. It follows that the Workers Compensation Board is covering up the true costs of our government employees. It is only logical to conclude that government workers at all levels of government are the largest contributor of overall costs associated within the WCB AB scheme.
 The quoted study included Prison guards, cops, firemen and workers of all government stripes.
  Thomas Lukaszuk revealed on his WCB sponsored webpage supposedly outing offending companies for their excessive injuries and deaths, it then was revealed that the WCB of Alberta does not even INCLUDE Seriously Injured Workers like myself in their bogus web pages.
 The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta does not even bother to list Seriously Injured Workers who they have shovelled off onto the backs of Taxpayers of Alberta via the AISH program for the severely handicapped. I am the living proof that the propaganda data that WCB Alberta publishes is not only erroneous, but patently false. More accurately this is fraudulent in my opinion, which would be more in step with the rest of their felonious operations within the scope of the Alberta government.
  It is no secret that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is completely RIPE with fraudulent business practices designed to strip Seriously Injured Workers of their right to Due Process:
When a government harms a person by deliberately disobeying the exact course of Legislated law as it is written, this constitutes a due-process violation, which offends against the rule of law. Typical abuse from this AB PC Government Sponsored FRAUD organization. Fraudsters empowering a Fraudulent organization is what I see.
 All of the FRAUD activities by Employees of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta has been promoting for the last 20 years is all a matter of public record by the media. The rampant FRAUD that saturates the WCB of Alberta is well publicized and well known to all workers across Canada.
 All Government Workers are given blanket imunity from these fraudulent WCB Alberta practices, as this would be in direct violation of their Union Agreements with the province of Alberta. Remember Meredith, this is Meredith in action.
  All of this rampant out of control Corruption within the Workers Compensation Board is going to come out, just like all of the rest of the PC crony corruption that covers the Front page of our daily newspapers each day. This is a tide of change that even the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta cannot stand against, they too will be exposed for their crimes and all of the backroom crony glad handing that has been going on for decades. I believe the WCB AB will be exposed for sweetheart Compo rates for cronies while downloading 90% of the WCB costs onto small to medium businesses operating in Alberta. I see this as a ponzy style government scheme, and a form of Corporate Welfare reserved for the largest crony corporations in Hellberta.
 The Government of the day will fall unless they simply SWAP the Election memory cards, but how hard can that be given that an ex Govt. MLA is a computer genius? If the PC Government collapses workers across this province are going to celebrate the end of this tyrannical Gang of Corporate Crony dick suckers in Alberta. Change is coming, and with change is going to be the exposure to what the REAL costs of our government are in Hellberta.
  The days of Guy Kerr simply putting some more Chap-stick on his lips that he has voluntarily abused by servicing the wishes of his largest Corporate Crony masters is coming to an end. All of this Corporate Dick Sucking is going to come to a head.
 Source: Joyreactor
The taxpayers of Alberta are tired of sheer size of Corporate Welfare that is being paid to a do-nothing corporate Air Dick Sucker like Guy Kerr for the Workers Compensation Board.
 This guy is getting paid over a half Million dollars per year to Fuck-over disabled WORKERS! And consistently kill 200 workers per YEAR? Like REALLY? Is that what this country is made of? Is Alberta proud to be a province of Corporate Dick Suckers
that will stand by and watch this stuff go on for decades? If so, what makes this place any different than any 3rd World Arab Dictatorship? Nothing, is the correct answer.
  All of this rampant out of control Corporate Dick Sucking is to be expected from the government employees who get benefits that workers in the private sector can NEVER even dream of working in the private sector. Government workers do not want this dick-sucking GRAVY train to EVER end.
 But everyday working the hard working men and women are repulsed watching these pompous asses as they strut around knowing full well the crimes they have committed and they smirk about it. They smirk like Donald Cormie did because they have the full backing of the Corporate Dick Sucking government of Alberta. Albertans naturally expect that the Cops and the RCMP will do absolutely nothing because they are fed by the GRAVY TRAIN! Hell, all of the cops volutarily bought tickets to RIDE on the Corporate Dick Sucking Train for god sakes.
  Nobody on the Corporate Dick Sucking GRAVY TRAIN wants this FREE ride to end. For all of the government workers the present system is Awesome! Change is coming, I can feel it in the wind. Young people are pissed off at what is going on, and they are not happy that their fat, lazy old parents are not doing anything to bring about change so that they too can have opportunities in future.

Monday, October 6, 2014 Look you too can get paid too Fuck Over Seriously Injured Workers

Here it is folks, a link to the employer that can turn YOU into a total dink. Yup, you too can become a claims manager with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. Yes ladies and gents, you too can become a total Effing Arshole and Corporate Dick Sucking Troll for the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
 Yes that is correct, you too can enjoy the benefits of driving Seriously Injured Workers to their own suicides with absolutely NO POSSIBILITY of being prosecuted anywhere in Canada. You heard me right kids, you get to maliciously KILL Seriously Injured Workers to satisfy your naturally inbred Schadenfreude urges. You get to SHARE the profits of this targeted genocide with the entire WCB organization who all share in the profits of your mean spirited passion. Here is your Employee Special Security Clearance code:
Dode 583: Guy Kerr Corporate Air Dick Sucker Team
Yes folks simply copy and paste the special code above into line 51 of your online application and you are on fast tracked into a Schadenfreude WCB AB career, enjoying holidays in the tropics. You will be joined by a special TEAM of corporate dick suckers who you will be able to build a drunken BOND with. Yes folks, this means you too as a WCB Claims Manager can join the drunken "Bitches Club", and share in good times getting corked out of your mind at local pubs and Sucking up to your mentors coaching your Corporate duties. Time and spaces are limited, so please remember to apply now and apply often, this is your Freedom 55 ticket to good times f*cking over Seriously Injured Workers and their families.
 Here again is the link to rounding out your Schadenfreude Medical career. There is no other employer in Canada where you will be able to satisfy your need to torture innocent human beings.
 Yes, that is correct you will be fully empowered by the legislative directives of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta to totally destroy the lives of seriously injured workers who are legally entitled to benefits under the WCB AB Act. No need to worry about violating the workers rights, because in the province of Alberta; Workers HAVE NO RIGHTS.
 In your new found career you can feel free to act with full impunity,  there are no government agencies like cops or those annoying Justice workers that will come to the aide of workers you abuse. Schadenfreude management urges that left you feeling unfulfilled in previous corporate dick sucking positions at Walmart will vanish. Your clients will enjoy untold suffering as you and your peers have been out all night getting corked as hell and laughing about the claims workload, that they will NEVER be compelled to actually process.
 Your bosses' only commitment is that his bonus cheque must exceed the $200,000 mark.
 You will receive automatic membership in the WCB Alberta Claims Managers "Bitches Club" which entitles you to Highball specials at their favorite drunken watering holes. Hurry spaces are limited.
 Do you have a degree purchased cheap from U oaf C? Did you buy your final thesis online? Yes? Your application will be fast tracked and you can begin climbing the corporate dick sucker ladder el' rapido.
 Top performing Claims Managers receive AutoGen electronically signed picture of the Prime Minister. This electronically signed photograph is to remind claims managers of how easy it is to generate bogus medical documents to screw Seriously Injured Workers out of benefits and medical treatments. And don't forget these documents will only ADD to your "banked annual" bonus cheque that ALL WCB Alberta employees share in. You will feel like you are an integral working mechanism of the medical abuse Machine! That is correct, your Team will share in an excellent bonus Scheme skimmed off the Billions of dollars in forced contributions skimmed from 2 million workers who are working day and night to build this province.
 You and your team will be fully backed up by not so professional drunken Lawyers who are busy spending workers contributions guzzling tens of thousands of dollars per week in booze directly across the street from your office. As a bonus you will receive 50 Free shares in Liqour World.
 Your erratic abusive behavior and booze fueled unpredictable wide mood swings brought on by excessive alcohol and drug abuse cannot be litigated against in the province of Alberta, so you can feel confident in your ability to go out and get shit-faced drunk every night and stay up till dawn getting corked as old hell. And since this is a government job where you will sign the same collective agreement as Alberta Health Services, you will only be required to show up Hung-over for a maximum of 3 days per week. And if 3 days is too stressful under your workload of getting shit-faced drunk every night, you can simply claim STRESS take PAID stress leave.
  That's right kids, take as long as you need to go on a Government Paid Holiday in the tropics guzzling booze until you have to be rescued from your own vomit on some equatorial beach at a tropical Mexican resort for seriously addicted drunks. When you return, nobody in your abuse Team will even notice that you have been gone. This will be an appropriate time to go out and buy your fantasy Monster gas-guzzling SUV to show off how good it is to be a government employee to your friends and family, because there is NO finance company in Canada that will turn down a Government Employee for financing! Hell buy a diesel powered mini-bus and PIMP it out.
 How can you NOT apply for this job. If staying out all night drinking heavy is your favorite hobby, this job is an opportunity that you simply cannot Miss. Apply now and apply often. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Working In Alberta: You may be SHOT or STABBED to death at work!

 The horrific saga of Murders and multiple murders of workers while they are on the job continues to accumulate in Alberta. What is going on in Hellberta? The prospect of being murdered at work today by a fellow worker is a very real possibility. Murder at Work is disturbing and not without the underlying Culture of Greed here in Alberta.
 The first case I will examine was was perpetrated by Travis Baumgartner at the Hub Mall in Edmonton, on June 15th, 2012. Baumgartner slaughtered 3 of his co-workers with his service revolver, and seriously wounded the 4th who survived his injuries with a debilitating permanent brain injury from the bullet. He was sentenced to 40 years under a new law that allows consecutive sentencing on Sept. 11, 2013. Hellberta Greed was the cause.
 The most recent work related murder occurred only days ago in the sleepy little town of Consort, AB. The killer was reported to be a employee who had recently been fired by the owner of a small Oil Service Company in town.
 In Alberta we have a culture of greed that is driving the most lucrative illegal DRUG distribution network in all of Canada ( as a DIRECT result of the Oil and Gas Boom that is being driven by a combination of Tar Sands mining and Massive Foreign Owned SAGD projects, the most aggressive Fracking Drilling in all of Canada combined with the biggest Oil & Gas Pipeline expansion in Alberta since the 1970's. These Drug distribution networks are bringing in absolutely massive quantities of illegal Anabolic Steroids. the entire Steroid Gold Rush is being driven by large amounts of disposable income from Oil & Gas operations across the province. These illegal drugs are widely used not only by regular working persons to spike their performance at work; but it is no secret that Police Force personnel particularly in Calgary and Edmonton use Anabolic Steroids to bulk up for the intimidation factor and to enhance their abilities to Beat up untried criminals would be my logical assumption.
 This massive Drug Bust raises many questions about the safety of workers while doping themselves up on these drugs. Obviously these workers all "Stoked Up" on Steroids pose a significant safety threat to not only themselves but all of their co-workers around them.
  Workers using Steroids is clearly a huge RISK to other workers as the people who are abusing these drugs easily can become highly agitated, aggressive and could crash equipment like forklifts and heavy equipment. The dangers of equipment crashes at work include automobiles and trucks, but the Steroid users pose a very significant risk to co-workers if the abusers mind is permanently altered affecting their ability to properly process incoming mental stimuli.
  The reason that I mention Cops is because when their mental processing skills are affected by these drugs the Cops pose a significant risk to the General Public. The public are unaware that government employees they are interacting with are struggling with negative and possibly dangerous side effects of these stimulants on the officers brain. Here is an example of what happens when officers cognitive skills are impaired by unknown stimulants and become overly aggressive to the point of inflicting injuries on the public.
 Next we need to examine the case of Jayme Pasieka the SuperStore warehouse employee that went on a killing spree at work inside the distribution center for Real Canadian Wholesale. At 2 p.m. on February 28th Mr. Pasieka went berserk inside the distribution warehouse chasing his co-workers around with knives stabbing them. 2 workers succumbed to their injuries and died, 4 more were injured in the attack. The Crown seems to be very determined to rush this case through the courts, and as such because we live in Hellberta where I have witnessed the corruption of our Judiciary on numerous occasions. Because of our corrupt Judiciary in Hellberta the general public many never know what happened on that terrible day at the Loblaws warehouse in Edmonton.
  Just look at what happened in the murder of the 4 mounties outside of Mayerthorpe back in March of 2005 and how the AB Justice working with the RCMP, they managed to hang ALL of the Blame for the Mayerthorpe Tragedy on Dennis Cheeseman and Shawn Hennessey. They swung their Mr. Big Sting into action and the AB Justice Railroad Justice System that is proficient at these kinds of convictions. Hellberta Justice and the cops Railroad 2 victims that were allowed to be terrorized along with the entire community for years. These two men carry the full blame for the failings of the Alberta RCMP K-division as a unit to stop James Roszko from bullying an entire community of Mayerthorpe. None of these Railroad proceedings would have been possible without the full co-operation of Cheeseman and Hennessey's Lawyer.
  Most Lawyers in Hellberta are on the Oil Welfare system, and as such are not interested in actually building a defense for you, it would put their firm out of business.
  Their Lawyer failed to protect them from Malicious prosecution. They were sold down the river so that with his co-operation to convince Cheeseman and Hennessey to "Plead Out". All of this was done to relieve the RCMP K-division of ANY kind of blame. CYOA government employees in action. He convinced them to to plead to what the Crown was "selling" as the lesser crime of manslaughter rather than fight the Bogus RCMP created Mr. Big crimes. They were convinced if they did so, the Crown would go easy on them. 10 years is hardly what I would describe as being let off easy for the RCMP K-divisions ineptitude in protecting the citizens of Mayerthorpe from a sociopath who bullied an entire community.
  You see here in Hellberta when you "Plead Out" to a lesser crime, you just fucked yourself for ANY kind of Appeal in the corrupt Alberta Court of Appeal that derives great glee in making fun of you and your lawyers as you flail helplessly because YOU signed an "Agreed Statement of facts".
  Choo, Choo, lookout here comes the Alberta Railroad Justice System, Full Steam ahead!

This is how 90% of all criminal convictions are successfully prosecuted in Hellberta, your sleazy back-stabbing Hellberta Lawyer takes his money from Legal Aid, and then he backstabs you and sells you down the river! Fucking over your neighbor IS The Hellberta WAY!
 That is how the AB Railroad Justice System is able to achieve such a high level of convictions in just about any kind of crime the Cops want a guaranteed conviction in. This is precisely what is wrong with our bogus Justice Department in Hellberta. I always thought, what a gutless move by the RCMP K-Division to hang the whole disaster on 2 young men who were victimized by James Roszko.
 But this is Hellberta where you could be shot dead at work even if you are a fully armed RCMP officer.
  There is no other province in the Dominion of Canada that so desperately NEEDS Legal REFORM.

 It says in the CBC news report that Jayme Pasieka's father says he suffered a head injury back in 2006 according to statements made to the court in 2009. I am wondering did Jayme Pasieka suffer a head injury at work. Was he an injured worker who was returned to work with a brain injury, or was his injury totally unrelated to his occupation at the time? Seeing as how this is Hellberta, the likelihood that these details or any other will come out in court is very slim to none at best.
 The court system is so tightly controlled by the Government of Alberta, that if and when these cases do arise that involve seriously injured workers and the WCB of AB, the Crown will move to issue a court ordered media ban. In other cases the injured worker will simply be denied the opportunity to state their case and the underlying causes in Court of Queens bench. This is and has always been the case within the Judiciary in Hellberta.
  As I have written many times, the Judiciary of Alberta is totally corrupt right to the very pinnacle of the Justice Department in Alberta. As I have written about Alison Redford when she was the Justice Minister, she was presented with undeniable evidence of document tampering within the WCB Appeals Commission, and she chose to simply "Look the other WAY". Looking the other way IS by definition: Corruption. Alison Redford went on to become Premier of the province of Alberta.
  It is my belief that the Crown will move to have Jayme Pasieka declared Mentally Incompetent and unfit to stand trial. If this happens Mr. Pasieka will NOT be allowed to testify, and ALL of the underlying facts, issues and government blunders that have led up to this terrible tragedy that has ruined so many families lives, will not be explained. Why did these workers who simply went to work, why did they end up dead as a direct result of trying to feed their families.
  It is my opinion that the statements made by Jayme Pasieka after he was arrested are so disturbing that the Government of Alberta is vehemently opposed to these details ever seeing the light of day. I believe that this IS the reason that the Crown has denied to provide Mr. Pasieka with legal aid to defend himself in a court of Law. This all goes against ALL principles of a Democracy and is a clear violation of the Principles of Natural Justice with a legitimate Judiciary branch of the Government that is independent and separate from the Executive Branch of the government.
  I am horrified by Jayme Pasieka's actions that took the lives of 2 men, and scarred the lives of many more workers and families who continue to suffer with the nightmares of what happened on that day in February, 2014. Those people are still struggling to come to grips with what happened.
  I am haunted with the realization that given all that I have witnessed in the Court of Queens bench and the Alberta Court of Appeals, that the government may move to silence the proceedings in order to SHIELD any culpability on behalf of the WCB of Alberta. This has been their practice in the past. Need proof? See: Patrick Clayton Trial
  If discovery reveals that Jayme Pasieka was suffering from a previous work related injury and then returned to work without proper Mental Health supports in place to manage his condition, this means that the WCB of Alberta will have to shoulder the full weight of responsibility, and culpability for NOT protecting the rights of his co-workers and ensuring their safety. I am sure that many of his co-workers and their families are still suffering from this horrific act of murder. But sadly like I said, we may never learn the details of how this incident came to scar the lives of so many workers. All workers in AB should be able to expect to return safely home each and every night to their loved ones.
More to come...

 Chronic Pain produces Chronic Fatigue. Thks for yr patience.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Meredith Principle is a FANTASY AGREEMENT that NEVER HAPPENED!

 That's right folks, you been plain outright lied to. Sorry to bust your bubble, but if there EVER was such an agreement, then there would be pictures of the signatories representing Labour, Government and business. No such Agreement exists! Pure fucking LIE!
 The entire felonious idea of Meredith floats on the idea that Workers were too DUMB to get legal representation a.k.a. Lawyers to represent themselves in this bogus document.
 How absurd is this idea of workers having no Lawyer present to sign on their behalf? Fucking absurd is the anwer because a LAWYER wrote this bogus document for private sector worker to fantasize about for the next 100 years!
Meredith IS and always was a bogus agreement to protect GOVERNMENT WORKERS, thats it. Not you you dummy, that is the genuis of this Government SPAWNED Fantasy document.
 Seriously Injured Workers have been killing themselves with suicide for a CENTURY over a fucking bogus GOVERNMENT Spawned document! Meredith ONLY has any powers within the realm of Public Employees. Why is this so? Because no WORKERS from the private sector ever signed into this fantasy bullshit. If they did, then they clearly would have had LAWYERS representing them, and they would have the names of the Private Sector WORKERS emblazoned into the document for all of eternity.
 We would celebrate these pioneers of labour, but no such people exist it is all made up. This kind of freaky Wizard of OZ type shit was acceptable to a very stupid public over a hundred years ago.
 But no such signatories EXIST or ever did, it is ALL pure f*cking bullshit. Fantasy bullshit designed to make your average everyday dumb slug believe that he is actually covered by this bogus sham document!
  Meredith is ALL pure fantasy Government CRAP that ALL of the Government UNIONS signed onto, and thus the WCB Government Employees feel that they have absolutely NO DUTY to compensate or protect really goddamed dumb private sector employees. That is 100% FACT.
Why do you think that cops just look at you dumb when somebody takes a gun into WCB? Because they know damned well what is going on, they think think this shit is funny and guarantees that they will have a JOB FOREVER! It is the PERFECT government LIE! The BIG LIE.
 It follows that if Meridith was a true binding document, then there would have been similar types of signing agreements throughout the Dominion of Canada back in the day. There would have been ceremonies of pomp and circumstance celebrating the signing of these important Historical Documents in every province across Canada and the United States. But that never happened because it was ALL fucking Fantasy!
 Union Government Employees celebrated with great happiness, as they were guaranteed Medical Coverage for their injuries that include ongoing complications from these serious career ending injuries. Government Employees realized that they would be covered for eternity for their medications, and of course for critically necessary Radiography type Scans that their doctors would require for diagnosis of their injuries and complications that for many last a lifetime.
 Government Employees REALIZED that for them, there would NEVER be line-ups for care! And boy there never has been a time when they are jumping for joy because for them their is NO CUE.
 Obviously back in the day, there NEVER WAS a need for these celebrations and Meredith signing ceremonies across North America, because for the private sector the Meridith Document is pure Fffing government BULLSHIT. And the people jumped at the bait, hook, line and sinker.
 The people were lied to! The whole f*cking WCB AB organization is nothing more than fantasy f*cking crap designed to drive you into a mental hospital, or to FORCE you to fucking commit suicide and KILL yourself so that the Government does not have to carry out this duty for you. That is the reality of the Meredith Principle in a nutshell.
  If in fact Meredith was a legally binding document, and a truly "Living Legal Document", then the Meredith Principle and all of the BULLSHIT fucking WCB policies that have been dreamed up by their dick-sucking WCB Government Employees that are deliberately designed to drive legally entitled claimants into a delirium of heightened severe Mental Duress would have to be brought under the same legal Umbrella as a REAL Canadian document that DOES stand up for the protection of citizens of the Dominion of Canada.
  You have to realize that ALL of the Doctors in our medical system ARE Government Emplyees, they are forced to do as they are told or the WCB of Alberta will force them out of the province!
You know the REAL document I am talking about, it is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The entire WCB Bogus Meredith system of Fantasy f*cking bullshit will then die a proper f*cking death and be erased from our Canadian society forever.
 And guess what? That document was not written by some corporate dick sucker like Harper. The Canadian Charter was co-written by REAL leaders of the time led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Premiers of the Provinces of Canada at that time in our Canadian History.
The Charter of Rights is REAL binding document and never was a Fantasy Document like Meredith.