Brent McGillis: Nov 16, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

US & Canadian Workers Compensation Insurer Produced Fraud

Here is the link to videos from the Injured Workers who started it all here in AB, with their Hunger Strike at the downtown Edmonton WCB offices. Frank and Ralph started all this back in the 90's. These videos are really worth watching. Just double click on the video window and it will take you to their You Tube Page with all of their videos. Thanks goes out to Anthony Hughes, and all the Injured Workers I met at the bail hearing. I wish for good things for the Clayton family. I am in constant awe of all the injured men and women, and their families that have sacrificed and struggled for so long against this evil global machine. These families will pass through the window of history knowing that they gave their ALL. These persons who have been stripped of their human rights will leave a indelible imprint in the sands of time. They will be remembered for having a true sense of human compassion and for working tirelessly for the betterment of all society. What we are witnessing is just one more horror in the American Financial Atomic Bomb fallout perpetrated by the Right Wing Crazies (Political and Corporate). The Corporate Right Wing cannot let go of their Fanatic Agenda. Why? Because their complicity will be uncovered. I read at least one hundred Compensation news stories a month. These felonious operations are big at patting themselves on the back. Worse yet they seem to like to create symposium workshop's with Industry created educational Milestone courses. It is their very own back patting program of Systemic Justification, and a bogus Industry self Accreditation school. This is also a clever cloak for get away parties, all paid for with your dollars. 

 It looks like I am going to have to resume my letter writing campaign to US Congress members and their Senate and their Trade Committee members. Because, after all Canada is not living up to their trade obligations under the trade treaty. Until these abuses start costing Canadian business, nothing will change. I am embedding a video from the National Organization Injured Workers,

 This is a very important video to watch. It is lengthy, but enormously informative. Rampant out of control, unregulated and unsupervised corporatism is at the root of all of our problems today. Unfettered conservative policies have led to this. It is no different than what caused the Great Depression. How many times have we heard the words "Deregulation" and "Privatization", in the last 20 years. Too many. George Bush lied, Harper lied in order to win a election. He sacrificed Canada, just like Ed did by fear mongering. It is the only way they can win a election is by FEAR mongering, by fabricating a "BOOGIE MAN". Out of control conservative policies are destroying Canada and the United States. The greed of the few is wrecking most of our most sacred institutions for the rest of the population. Thanks goes out to Sam Gold. Sam Gold phoned me one evening and we discussed the parallels of "Socially Bankrupt Conservatives" blinded by greed (secret Bonus')running our governments. Lucidly executing destructive anti-worker policies that inflict horrible suffering on seriously injured workers. Anyways it was a good talk. Watch the Video 

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