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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guy Boutilier gets booted is a good thing!!

Well Guy getting booted is good. A MLA standing up against "ToryCorP" is a gallant gesture. Now Guy Boutilier knows how the opposition to the government feels every day. I could go on about what a brave soul he is. But I have no time to beat his drum, I stand alone against this government every day. It is a lonely battle, with "no" rewards except more pain. Time to put my blog back on track. I originally started this blog not to rail against the government. That is no longer a lonely sport for the political outcasts. I started this Blog to educate the uneducated on my condition and situation. I have gone way off target on my original intent to supply relevant and educational subject matter to the masses who do not understand the all the medical issues regarding my condition and treatment, or lack thereof. And some of the policy distortions, perversions and abuses that I have been subjected to. I feel for Guy Boutilier, but you should try standing against the machine with absolutely no support or financial help. This government governs by fear. They keep everyone, contractors, teachers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, municipalities in line with the implied understanding that if you buck the government. They will starve you.
Anyways, I am going to spend this week posting documents, both medical and administrative. It is a huge learning curve for me, learning all this new technology. Just for a faint glimmer of hope that is fainter than a distant star, that maybe with a huge stroke of luck, my government might throw me a cookie crumb. It has been over three years now, that a seriously Injured worker with a broken back has been asking for a orthopedic bed. Updating my blog is limited to how long I can sit without laying down for awhile and resting my back. Dammit, I looked outside and Gravity is still working. I just find it laughable that this government has advocated for years, less government. If that ain't the Pot calling the Kettle black. All I do now is fill out forms.

Brent McGillis

Candian Forces mission in Afghanishtan

Canada sends its brave young men and women overseas to protect our sacred values and beliefs. Brave young Men and Women are dying overseas to protect our human rights. Yet there are individuals and corporations that are allowed to operate outside of those values and laws that we hold so dear to our hearts. And it is high time that our federal government stood up and be counted. It is time they (fed gov.) pursue these white collar criminals that pervert our laws and values. They operate under the guise of legitimate insurance corporations. You would know them as the WCB. I am a Canadian. I come from a long line of Canadians, and I do not enjoy having my individual rights and freedoms stripped from me, simply because I was injured at work. The charter was not written for persons or corporations to simply "Opt out" at will. Our charter is universal in its application across this great land, and it is time that these criminals are brought to justice for their crimes against innocent citizens in our society.

As it turns out the WCB Kook doctor that they claim is their expert is in fact a family physician. His is in no way an expert, or in anyway qualified to make a rational determination of my spinal condition. As stated previously, the AMA Guide to permanent impairment is the clinical benchmark for determining my permanent disability. The WCB Alberta organization producing this person as a qualified specialist in this field is just one more act of malicious fraud perpetrated by their claims managers. They do this every day. It is nothing new for them. That is why the majority of their documentation is not even signed by them personally. It is so they can avoid prosecution. They produce documents with mechanical signatures. They willfully put the wrong date on documents or simply no date at all. Apparently they don't have access to Microsoft Word. When called upon to produce a response, they just wave around old documentation. This corporation has fraud written all over their faces. For any doctor to come to the conclusion that their is nothing wrong with my back is a blatantly fraudulent conclusion. Perhaps these WCB doctors should read their own guidlines on page 35, even though it is more than 10 years old. Yep this is Alberta alright, stuck in the last century.
Considering the fact that, that same doctor, Dr. E.D. Charleton works within the confines of the Millard Health Center, he knows full well that they never did order, nor complete my IME. He and their organization are fully cognizant of this fact. The also are completely aware that the only way my condition can be fully examined is by the completion of a proper IME according to the standards laid out in the AMA Guide to permanent impairment. Any other determination is a act of outright malicious fraud. These self professed specialists, and experts have full access to all of my medical information. The don't even bother to read their own guidlines.
For any medical professional to produce documents of this nature, considering the fact that they are claiming some sort of expertise in the Spinal Injury field of medicine is outright malicious defamatory fraud. These professionals are acting with deliberate malicious fraudulent intent. And they are acting willfully and with the full cognizant awareness that their false misrepresentations are malicious and fraudulent in nature. To claim that they have reviewed my case or all available documentation is 100% pure malicious fraud. These professionals and the corporation of the WCB Alberta are colluding in the production of malicious fraudulent documents.
Which is punishable by law.
By their continued determination that my current neck difficulties are not related to my fall backwards onto the frozen earth, is in itself evidence that they have not in any way, shape or form reviewed or investigated my evidence or claim. Their statements are false, malicious and outright lies, perpetrated by their own doctors and claims managers. There is clear cut evidence of a conspiracy to commit fraud.
It is no secret that the WCB gets there victims to sign a access to information consent form, so that they can share your medical information with doctors and other medical staff, who require it in order to perform their duties. They would hold this up as a legally binding agreement.
However this contract is null and void if one of the participants is acting with malicious and fraudulent intent (Alberta WCB). In any contract their is an unwritten understanding that the party you are signing an agreement with, will not act in an inappropriate malicious fraudulent manner against you. In this case, one of the contractual signatories is guilty of violation of that contract. That being the WCB Alberta. In agreeing to share my medical information, I would only sign into such a contract with the explicit understanding that; any or all of my medical information would only be share with medical professionals who are directly involved in my treatment. Or who are directly interested in assisting me in being medically treated. Why would I want to share my medical information with a Doctor for Hire, who's only vested interest is profiteering from my continued pain. He is not a expert, he is not a Spinal Surgeon. He is not a medical investigator, or he would have come to a different conclusion. His only interest in my medical case or any fool who would come into his gun sights is his own financial gain from producing negative and outright false reports on my condition. The WCB Alberta, the doctors who write these defamatory reports, and the claims managers are all guilty of violating my Access to Information rights.
I did not, do not, and never will consent to the sharing of my private medical information with medical professionals whose intentions are 100% clearly malicious in their intent, and execution. Once again the
has violated my rights.

In the United States of America there are clear cut laws to deal with these felons. They are the RICO Laws and they were created to stop just such activity. Time will tell if our federal government has any true "GUTS".

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