Brent McGillis: Jun 7, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

WCB Alberta

WCB Alberta is a Criminal Organization the organizations' Case managers are
practicing medicine in Alberta

without a license!! My Case manager has completely thrown my referral to my orthopedic spinal surgeon out the window. She is saying there is nothing wrong with my back and is closing my file. My doctor, Dr. Adebayo has referred me back because of my severe pain. A orthopedic spinal "Surgeon" is the only one who can objectively look at my "MRI"'s and give an objective opinion on a spinal injury. Not some fictitious "Rent a Doc", from the Millard fraud clinic. Millard and WCB Alberta, bringing shame to the "Health Sciences of Alberta" for 40 forty years. These people continue to abuse seriously injured workers here in Alberta, despite Patrick Clayton's Plight. Maybe next time WCB will kill themselves laughing at the workers they abuse. What goes around does come around. Here it is almost Christmas and I still do not have a bed that my doctor prescribed. I have had my first visit at the Pain Clinic, hopefully that will lead to true evidence based medicine.

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WCB Alberta Violated my Privacy

The Workers' Compensation Board violated my Privacy Rights when they unlawfully shared medical information regarding my medical treatments, and referrals by my Doctor to specialists who can help treat my disabling medical condition. These "Rent-a-docs", are not part of my medical treatment team. These medical vulchers are not authorized to view, selectively edit, distort and abuse my information without my explicit written consent. These medical fraud artists, are not part of my medical team of experts, and as such they have no vested interest in my case. Their intentions of not helping me medically, are so obviously fraudulent in nature. It is clear these "Medical Consultants" intentions are fraudulent in nature, and as such they are legally liable because their intent is malicious. Their sole purpose is complicity in the fraud that is being perpetrated by Claims managers at the WCB. These claims managers and consultants crime is in their communication for the purpose of committing fraud. In this case, Colleen Bamford and her new felonious doctor who is also going to receive a complaint to the College and to the Privacy Commission. My doctor and my doctor alone will refer and he has the authority to authorize who gets to share my medical information. The medical consultants opinions are between the WCB Alberta and themselves, and they certainly are not authorized to be paid from any compensation monies that Brent McGillis is entitle to. If Colleen Bamford wants to pay rent-a-docs herself that is her perogative. If they want to play the popular WCB Alberta game of "Dream Lawyer", then they are welcome to play with themselves. They can save those opinions for a court room. There is absolutely no room for felonious doctors in the "Real Medical World". More importantly it certainly exposes the WCB of Alberta to litigation and to their predisposition of not helping seriously injured workers.