Brent McGillis: Oct 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Royal Alex Hospital LIES to patients about their Role as "THE Workers Compensation Hospital" for AHS.

 These page that I am posting are the hand written pages of the Letter that I personally gave to Dr. Leslie DeLima, while he sat beside me on my hospital bed Bare Faced LYING to me. I was under extremed physical and emotional DURESS, I had no Idea that the Royal Alexandra Hospital would
physically AMBUSH a seriously injured worker in their CARE! I did not know that the Royal Alex was in the business of Ambushing Patients, I know now! In the letter I wrote on that day, I was begging Dr. Jiang and the Royal Alex Hospital to NOT discharge me on Mar. 09, 2006.
Page 1 of letter given to Dr. Leslie DeLima begging Dr. Jiang NOT to discharge me from Royal Alexandra Hospital

Page 2 of letter given to Dr. Leslie DeLima that I wrote under extreme duress and under extremely heavy sedation. To this day I do not know how I even managed to print on the paper the nursing staff provided. It amazes me what a human can do when under attack by hostile Hospital staff.

In Page 3 of letter I gave to Dr. Leslie DeLima, it is now clear to me that even at that moment in time, I was keenly cognizant of being careful not to attack the Ward Hospital Nursing staff, because I was obviously keenly aware of the connotations of writing a scathing attack on staff. I was unaware the Hospital Nursing staff were also Bare Faced lying to me in the meeting with the Hospital social worker. The entire Nursing staff was lying to me as a GROUP in the convened meeting. I was struggling and at a clear disadvantage and heavily drugged while trying to protect my rights as a patient who had just suffered a Spinal Trauma. I never seen the "WCB Trauma patient Blind Side coming". I was completely caught off guard that a Hospital would maltreat a Trauma patient suffering under extreme mental and physical duress. Looking back on those events, it is even more horrible than I originally thought was possible from an Alberta Health Services Hospital where I was born. It is no longer a hospital, it is more like some kind of Hacks & Quacks factory "MASH Unit" slapped together in a war zone where the doctors perform "Meatball Surgery".

  I wrote this letter after we had convened a meeting with the nursing TEAM from the ward I was stationed on, begging THE NURSES to NOT discharge me because the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta had made NO efforts to arrange Home Care assistance for my arrival at home. At NO TIME did any of the Hospital Staff inform me that the WCB Crony Hack Dr. Leslie DeLima was meddling in my care within the hospital; No Staff members alerted me to this fact. Home Care did not show up for 3 days to even do an assessment of my medical needs, shameful shitty service is the Alberta WCB WAY!

  I personally know what it is to be a home-care aide and to look after another human being who is physically disabled, because the University Hospital and Dr. Lien made me sign a letter committing to the care of my brother in order for him to be released from the U of A Hospital after his transplant. I made the decision to care for my foster brother with honor, almost a year to the day prior to my fall, whereby I agreed to be his care giver after he was discharged from the U of A Hospital as Canada's 33rd Heart and Double Lung recipient. I know what it is to be a care giver and how critical it is to have Home Care supports in place when a severely injured or disabled person arrives at their home. I know what it is to be that person. The WCB of Alberta is a goddamned embarrassment to the very principle of Medicine and Health Care, and further; the Royal Alexandra Hospital should be goddamned ASHAMED of their co-conspiracy in physically ABUSING Patients in their care! Goddamned Ashamed!
They advertise "Priority Needs" on their fund raising website, their very first priority should be to STOP Abusing severely injured Trauma patients.There is NO place for Targeted Discrimination against severely injured patients within our Alberta Hospitals, got it R.A.H.? And WCB AB? I cannot put into words the anguish this has caused me, knowing that I was "Targeted in a Alberta Hospital". It is frightening to know that I cannot expect safety of my person while in the care of the Royal Alex Hospital. I believe that the Royal Alexandra Hospital is racist first, and a WCB Hacks Farm second, what a horrific and terrifying combination.
Christ just imagine what they would do to the Ebola patients. They would ALL end up dead.

  It has taken me many years to even find this 3 page document that I wrote under extreme mental and physical duress after learning that the Royal Alex Hospital was discharging me 7 days after I fell off a Steel Rafter @ Edmonton Kenworth in south Edmonton on March 01,2006 and broke my back. I was absolutely terrified, and the day previous my brother had arraigned a meeting with the R.A.H. Social Worker who brought together the nursing staff and the physio department tech to address my serious concerns regarding the decision by the Royal Alex Hospital to discharge me after only 7 days with NO Home Care supports in place. At the time of the meeting, I was completely unaware that Dr. Leslie DeLima was the WCB embedded TROLL doctor freewheeling within the Royal Alex, and I was also unaware of his meddling in my treatment, physiotherapy and decision to discharge me from the Hospital.
  The Royal Alexandra Hospital did conspire with WCB AB and with full willful intent, they wittingly conspired to mislead me and my family by deliberately concealing and hiding this information from me thus inflicting unnecessary further pain and injury.
  This was the first time I have read this letter in 8 years, and it was not until today that I was reading my letter  that I realized that the Nursing Staff was aware of the status of Dr. Leslie DeLima as the recognized embedded WCB Alberta Troll doctor. Then the nurses made the conscious decision to LIE to me and withhold this critical WCB Troll information regarding whom was pulling the strings in the ongoing care and treatment for the Spinal Trauma that I suffered in a workplace accident. I find this revelation to be a very disturbing revelation about the Administrative Functions of Senior Hospital Management within the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
  The Royal Alexandra Hospital REFUSES to publicly acknowledge that R.A.H. is the "Preferred WCB Hosptial" for WCB patients in the Northern Region of Alberta". The Royal Alex is fully aware of what is going on, and they are 100% complicit with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in cloaking WHO really is in charge of the Royal Alex Hospital.

NO Trauma Patient should ever have to endure the Abuse I was subjected to in the Royal Alexandra Hospital while in a severely weakened and depleted state, EVER! It is unprofessional and dangerous.

  I was heavily sedated and in a severely weakened state when I wrote the letter to my Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon on the 9th day of March 2006. But I still knew instinctively that the Royal Alexandra Hospital was treating a severely injured man like SHIT! I knew that much. It was extremely difficult to write the letter in my depleted condition, that I gave to Dr. Leslie DeLima and at that time he promised me he would forward that letter to Dr. Jiang who was my Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon.
  I now know that he lied to my face that day that the letter was NEVER delivered to Dr. Jiang. The entire nursing staff on my Ward at the Royal Alexandra Hospital LIED to me, and then discharged me. These are serious and disturbing management practices, that are obviously Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) within the confines of the Royal Alex Hospital.
  All of this coupled with the Physical Assault on my person by a doctor who was never part of my Medical Treatment TEAM, and had absolutely NO authority to touch any part of my person when he illegally removed my neck brace and squeezed my neck hard. I am really fucking pissed off now.
  Because Edmonton is the Corporate dick sucking Capital of Canada,   there will be NO Legal consequences to these felonious and illegal acts by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. One might ask the completely valid question: Why will the Justice Minister of Hellberta (Alberta) not charge these felonious WCB bastards?
  Has the Alberta PC Government ran out of their favorite Corporate Barbeque Sauce?
  The reason that there will never be any charges laid against the unauthorized  WCB Hack doctors for physical Assault is in my opinion because there were NO Cops, 
No Firemen, No Prison Guards or any other government employees physically or emotionally harmed in this deliberate and targeted Physical Assault on my person by one of their government sanctioned corporate Dick Sucker pals. No Corporate Dick Suckers were harmed is the answer!

There I have put my Trauma Accident experience inside the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton in the plainest possible terms that all corporate AB Govt. dick suckers automatically  understand. Macking on the innocent Trauma patients within the Royal Alex and the most vulnerable persons in Alberta's fake Democracy IS the Alberta Govt. Corporate Dick Sucker WAY!