Brent McGillis: May 4, 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's time we protected our farm workers

I am shocked and dismayed that Graham Thompson would write an article in support of the Alberta Workers Compensation Board repeated attempts to RAILROAD farmers into being sucked into the WCB Alberta bogus benefits scheme for seriously injured workers.
I will not include DEAD Workers in this discussion since the WCB Alberta pays such a ridiculous amount for dead workers that it is not even worth mentioning. I remember the man in Calgary who had to bury his son who was killed in a trench accident in Calgary, he was disgusted that WCB only paid $5000 for his deceased son who was killed as a direct result of poor safety practices and training. I can not state the obvious as well as your sister paper the Calgary Herald expose did on dead and seriously injured workers, and how the AB government is impotent because they have no balls to take on the Construction Industry in Alberta. The Worked to Death series by the Herald discusses in great length the severe impotence of the Alberta Labor Ministry and its Minister to take any real action and make companies suffer any real consequence as a result of Killing and Maiming thousands of workers in recent years here in Alberta.
 Why would you want to watch the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta drag the farmers into such a farcical Guy Kerr over dramatization of a real Workers Comp Organization? Guy Kerr is STILL Bonusing for KILLING Alberta workers and maiming thousands more.
The WCB of Alberta is run very much like a "Ponzi scheme"; the only way you can make a ponzi scheme work is if you continue to SUCK new potential victims (Farmers) into your scheme. The WCB of Alberta scheme is set-up so that small and medium size businesses carry the BULK of all of the costs of treating injured workers. More precisely the injured workers that they CHOOSE to help!

In reality, the Farmers of Alberta are already paying for Seriously Injured Workers with their Tax dollars to support Injured Workers who are on AISH because WCB AB refuses to help them.

  The bulk of WCB of Alberta's focus is dedicated to generating armies of homeless people that have been injured at work. Since it is impossible to find a Lawyer to represent you in WCB matters in Alberta, confused injured workers are forced onto the Alberta AISH system. These Alberta Government policies has the PC's Parties desired effect of DOWNLOADING Seriously Injured Workers on to the Tax Burden of Albertans in the AB WCB bogus Workers Comp scheme.
 I did actually manage to get the Balazs Law Office to look at my case and they even went so far as to Write a legal opinion for Legal Aid of Alberta. Oddly the Balazs Law Office refused to take my case to Appeal, leaving me in a lurch searching once again for a Lawyer to take my case. Then I had to wait for Legal Aid to assign me another lawyer. After Legal Aid has assigned me a new lawyer, my WCB of Alberta Claims Manager refused to release my Chronological files to my Lawyer. After this smozzle by Legal Aid my Lawyer died suddenly. By this time the 1 yr limit for appeal had long expired. I told this to Legal Aid and they finally assigned me a new Lawyer who told me not to worry about it. All of these events were of no fault of mine, after legal Aid floundered for months to find me another Lawyer. By this time much time had passed and by the time another lawyer was found Legal Aid had informed me that because of the Alison Redford increase in AISH benefits the girls at the front desk of Legal Aid told me that I would be no longer eligible for Legal Aid.
 So there it is, I am locked in a catch 22 with no possible resolution of my case, ever. I have given up on waiting for government agencies that are all in cahoots to see my case fail. I did not create these conditions, the government of Alberta did. I cannot even get the WCB of Alberta to pay for a bed.......I fell and broke my back and I cannot get a BED! How absurd is that? I have tried twice. I recently just wanted some kind of relief for my chronic back pain and was promptly DENIED. Did you know that even people on WELFARE are entitled to at least 6 chiropractic visits per year?
  But if a seriously injured worker requires some help from an approved medical provider in the province of Alberta he is flatly and swiftly DENIED by the WCB of Alberta! AISH supports me and pays for all of my medications because WCB Alberta is such a horrific JOKE. How can any self respecting journalistic writer support this bogus Injured Worker organization? Worse yet, is how can you advocate for the farmers to be dragged into this bogus scheme? I would much rather fight an employer in a legitimate court of Law any day, rather than be abused at the hands of such a horrible Government sponsored Fraud organization. The minister for the WCB was still listed as a director of his Injured Worker Advocate company for many months "AFTER" he was appointed to the position originally. In any other province in Canada there would be public outrage at the complicity of key government figures in private enterprises that they are the Minister responsible FOR! Not in Hellberta, nope it is just another day of business as usual for the Party of Self Entitlement the PC's.