Brent McGillis: Sep 21, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time and the seriously injured worker

 Time, it is billions of years old on this world, the Third rock from the sun. Time is something that seriously injured workers have a lot of, because we are so limited in what we can and cannot do in a single day. Time marches on and cannot be stopped by anyone or anything, it is a basic principle of the Universe, and when your time runs out you are dead.
 There is no person on this Earth than can escape the reality that one day their time will be up on this beautiful floating oasis flying through space faster than a speeding bullet. We will all be dead one day, some of us much sooner than our neighbors or co-workers because we sustained a serious injury at work. Many seriously injured workers do not spend their days wiling away the hours worrying about time or how much of this precious resource we have left. Time is the one resource humans do NOT have an abundance of, it is not a mineral that some wealthy oligarch can simply go dig up and put in his pocket for the day when he will need it.

 There are no persons on this Earth that are more keenly aware of the relentless passing of time, than severely disabled persons. For us, time is precious and something that is not to be squandered or wasted.
 There are too many days in the last 10 years of my life that I have spent simply staring at the ceiling while crying, simply trying to pass from one second to the next with no access to relevant pain killers.
 There are too many days that I have spent simply to numbed by excessive quantities of pain killers, muscle relaxants, the ever increasing doses of antidepressants doled out by the Chronic Pain Clinic, that left me too exhausted to even get out of bed. The cumulative # of days that have been wiped out of my life forever is staggering. When I was going to the Chronic Pain Clinic and Dr. Yakunchikov was doping me up with antidepressants, he kept telling me "Take MORE, take MORE." I did, I believed him that this would help, I wanted so badly to believe him that it rendered me bedridden for months. That winter I lost at least 3 months of my life because I became a slobbering WCB ZOMBIE.

 You see, at the time I was NOT aware that the WCB had taken over paying for my treatment at the Chronic Pain Clinic, nobody ever told me. No paycheques arrived, just like today and the WCB plotted, conspired and ultimately got the pain doctor to convince to switch to the "HealthPointe Pain Clinic". That is where I first met Dr. Garvin Chueng, obviously a top performer for the WCB, possible their #1 Doctor at denying any kind of orthopaedic treatments to WCB Claimants.
 Healthpointe for the uninitiated is very closely associated with of a giant U.S. owned corporation. Their primary focus is on ambushing seriously injured workers with spinal deformaties as a result of workplace injuries, the secondary focus is on MONEY!
 Healthpointe and Dr. Chueng told me that I did not have ENOUGH insurance to be treated at their Hys Center facility. I responded the WCB has a billion dollar budget each year and that is not enough? Wow, these Healthpointe guys must really gouge the executives they spend most of their time chasing, these guys are worse than a bar full of amubulance chasers when it comes to money. Being constantly denied access to proper, timely and relevant medical care gives injured workers a great deal of time to reflect on what has happened, what is happening and what will most likely NEVER happen.
 Like being allowed access to my surgeon as per requested almost 9 months ago, just like my repeated requests for a high quality bed to sleep on, that request has been repeatedly denied by my current Claims Manager and her supervisor.
 For me this only highlights the insincerity of the people at the Millard Health and my current claims management team. Once again they are turning out to be TEAM NO! Well team NO, this may surprise you to know that the #1 thing I have requested for 11 years now is a decent quality bed. I have made a point of asking little children if they were in charge of helping a seriously injured man with a broken back, what would be the very FIRST thing you would buy for this man?
 There answer is always the same and has always been the same, "A bed.," is their response. Now if a little child can figure this out without any advanced education, then WHY is it that these people who CLAIM to have expertise in their field are not capable of pushing the enter button on their computer keyboard so that a man who is dying in pain every single hour of every single day can have a little bit of relief?
 Guy Kerr's insatiable GREED is the only resonable answer that I can conclude. You see in Guy Kerr's super plush playboy lifestyle cruising in his Porsche he is enjoying a pampered and enjoyable lifestyle, he is mobile he has complete use of all of his extremeties to go cycle, walk, run, play, drive his Porsche really fast on a curving road.  His grossly overpaid lifestyle is only possible via torturing, abusing and denying seriously injured workers access to proper, timely and relevant medications, treatments and surgeries and devices. But for us seriously injured workers, Guy Kerr simply can quietly smirk to himself knowing that as he drives by the Gimpies who are suffering not only from their broken backs, but from NOT having a good nights sleep, that he is profiteering from the massive suffering of others.
 We know for a fact that Guy Kerr sleeps on the highest thread count bedsheets ever made, it is how the very wealthy and elite rich people of Alberta pamper themselves as they see themselves as the deserving washed and annoited people of our society. To the rest of us, he is simply a pompous ass. He has made directives that FORBID claims managers from paying for a bed for me despite the fact that my own doctor has on 2 occasions PRESCRIBED an orthopaedic bed for me. But still, I am denied.
 These policy initiatives are truly a product of "The sick and emotionally deprived management team of the AB WCB". This is not a military secret, this is common knowledge backed up by years of stories exposed about the WCB of AB by the news media.

 I understand that it is not the physiotherapy teams fault, they are only towing the company line when it comes to promoting the ideology of the WCB. It is not their fault, they are in some cases the unwilling victims of ideological programming by the WCB organization. WCB has been doing this to claimants, and selling their own staff on their corporate ideology for many decades now. My father Dan McGillis was a flat roofer and fell off a roof back in the early sixties, that is how we (9 kids) became wards of the government when I was 2-1/2. This is why I always say that it is STILL 1959 in Alberta, somethings never change in this backwater bayou of The Great White North.

 I know what it is to be part of a corporate culture, in the end after 10 years of corporate programming the corporate employee will come to learn that the destiny of the Corporation is the only thing that matters to your Corporate masters. As a corporate prodigy you will come to discover one day that you are not the critical component of the company that you believed you were, and that you are just another replacement part for the overall organization that will one day become weary and mentally wear out. That is unless you are a natural born robot, and in that case you will easily mold yourself into "The Corporate Lifer lifestyle"; of blindly following the corporate mindset, no matter how gruesome the negative outcomes are on people's lives. To be a natural born robot, you are going to have to hone your suck-up skills with practice, and more scripted practice.
 Now repeat after me, "Yes sir!", "No sir!", "Can I lick your boots for you sir?"
Once you have perfected these skill sets then you are fully on your way to total Corporate Bliss and you can wow your friends and family with your corporate boot licking skills.

 What in the hell is going on at Millard? When you attend the Millard you will be unamused when you discover that EVERY single doorway that exits the Great Hall, proudly displays "Return to Work". Your recovery is never in doubt at Millard.(Sic)
Making reservations for their wonderful life in the tropics or playing in the mountain parks. The WCB are such a lucky bunch, we should admire and worship them and admire their dreamy lifestyles, and we should all strive to achieve the WCB management lifestyle as a glistening posh retirement home for old Conservative cronies of the PC Govt. Yes folks, the top heavy management of the WCB and Millard is glaringly obvious in their tired old facility because the building is MORE office than it is rehab facility.
 Where is the soft running track to ease seriously injured workers back into pain free walking? Like honestly, making old gimpies walk laps around a glorified office building on hard concrete is like torturing an old lame mare. You would not treat a horse in this manner, but it is totally acceptable to treat injured workers with this kind of Fred Flintstone bogus rehab. I believe it is the governments responsibility to bulldoze the Millard because of the horrors that this facility has unleashed on injured workers, and either build a REAL multidisciplinary rehab facility that is modern, utilizes modern day techniques and equipment or disperse their operations by meshing their duties into already existing clinics in the community.
 I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and that is a real multidisciplinary medical facility that treats patients from across the globe. The Millard does not even come close to replicating the Mayo, for many different reasons but the #1 reason is they do not share any kind of similar Corporate Culture. The Mayo Clinics motto is: "Proper diagnosis is not only possible, it is probable." We know as injured workers that the WCB does not share these very same values, since their (WCB) entire culture rotates around the idea of Culpable Deniability or the idea that they are innocent because they claim that they were unaware that there were being crimes against humanity being committed by their co-workers on injured workers. These are my opinions and I stand by them.

Where is the pool complex for rehabilitative activities? Out of order? C'mon, how can this facility be considered to be leading edge? Alberta is bragged about in the news media as this place that is all flush with cash, yet there is no evidence of this overflowing wealth at this second rate rehab facility. We as Albertans are capable of so much more, and the Millard in its current form really does not measure up to it's own superlative hype because this is a facility that is built on the idea of denial. How can injured workers ever be best served by this facility if the primary directive of this organization is built on the idea of denial? When the primary directive supercedes the need to be properly rehabilitated, then this facility in it's current form can never survive because Corporate Greed supercedes - True rehabilitative NEEDs of the injured worker. IMHO
  But hey, at least the WCB staff all have awesome medical benefits that regular Joe can only dream about. This is why I have always said that the WCB takes every need of the seriously injured worker and turns it into Something about THEM.
 Like when the receptionist told me when I was late for the doctor, "The doctor's time is so precious." Like honestly? So by WCB ideology, this would indicate that MY Time is worthless. I find this proposition to be offensive and absurd. Like I told the receptionist, I stopped talking nice to doctors years ago, I have simply met too many of them now to be in any kind of awe.
 Time, to dream about the benefits of WCB that will NEVER be approved. And so it goes in the city of Deadmonton, in the province of Hellberta.
 And that folks is HOW this province got the moniker "HELLberta".
Peace out.

WCB Millard obsesses to turn my medical condition into a crisis ABOUT THEM!

 Yesterday I was directed to go see yet another doctor at the WCB Millard phony rehabilitation complex. This is now the THIRD doctor I have had to meet with since landing back at the phony rehab facility that so joyously rendered me homeless 11 years ago. The WCB Millard is where the forgery of documents about my medical condition  was performed is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion. It makes sense that the forgery of medical documents by the WCB would take place where all the WCB doctors hang out, right? Just sayin'. You the reader can be the judge about where you think these crimes were committed.

 I was gobsmacked when my physiotherapist excitedly pronounced that they (WCB Millard) now had my MRI's from Welcome Back MRI in their possession, because the response that I received certainly was NOT what I had expected.
 Yup, Vanessa proudly announced that after review, the WCB Millard had determined that there is NO possible way that I can be experiencing this amount of pain as a result of having my Spinal Cord squeeze in not 1, not 2, but in 3 separate places along the length of my Spinal Column.
 She did not give me a copy of this assessment, nor did she credit the WCB Hacks and Quacks doctor who wrote this obviously absurd assessment of my medical condition.

 If I did not know better, I would swear that Dr. Leslie Delima was working out of the Millard Health Center; if it is discovered that this is the case, then that will be the very last day that I will ever darken the doorway of the Millard. I have no use for the hack Dr. Delima because he is the # Hacks and Quacks doctor for the WCB in Edmonton.
 If it is determined that Super Quack is still working out of the Millard, this will without question throw me into a very deep and dark depression. I am getting too old and disabled to survive anymore WCB Trauma forced on my person, I won't pull out of it this time it will be the final straw that breaks the camels back so to speak.

 I can tell you from living in this body that has survived the Experience of being hit by a BUS, that it hurts, it really, really hurts! It really Effing hurts, ALL of the time. I have repeatedly told the doctors, the physiotherapists, the psychologist that CHRONIC PAIN is precisely as it sounds; which means I am in pain constantly and all of the time, morning, noon and night.

 Vanessa proudly showed me a diagram of my body, where my nerves are and how they are connected to my Spine in relation to the individual body parts and limbs. She went on to tell me that in the opinion of some quack at the Millard, I should not be experiencing pain from my back that they are going to help me control this pain with Mind Control.   Like Holy Frig, this is Remed Quack physiotherapy all over again. Remed and Jay Dunn are the quacky cronies of CBI and those are the bastards that made me homeless. But hey, in the words of Remed Rehab, and I quote: "Well, we got paid."
 That in a nutshell encapsulates the feelings across the board in rehabilitation medicine in Edmonton, the physiotherapy quacks see you only as one big giant pay cheque on their way to their plush holidays in the tropics. That is the overwhelming feeling that I get when talking with these people.

 The stress of being abused by Dr. Leslie Delima has come rushing back yesterday as I spoke with Dr. Oljynyck and she informed me that I am now considered a THIRD Party when comes to any requests regarding my medical condition. I was stunned, and caught off guard as I listened to her robotic responses about WCB repressive doctrine. She has it very well rehearsed and has given this speech many times is my opinion.
 If you talk like a robot, and your actions reflect that of a robot, then you can only expect that one day YOU the doctor will be replaced with a robot that will give the very same robotic answers; except in the future you will be able to access substandard WCB Millard  medical advice from a robot kiosk at your local shopping mall.
 I could feel my blood pressure rising to an explosion level, I could feel my blood pressure rising in my brain like I was going to have a stroke. I wondered if this was a deliberate attempt by the WCB to so terribly stress me out with robotic doctors that I would stroke out and become a permanent vegetable unable to read, write or respond to verbal commands as I lay in a hospital bed screaming, but no sound can escape.
 I had immediate flashbacks to Doctor Leslie Delima and his assault on my person while I was helplessly drugged, and trying to recover from my Trauma surgery in the Royal Alexandra Hospital. I had an overwhelming feeling of Dr. Leslie Delima's presence in the Millard phony Health rehab facility.
 I was immediately overcome from fear of this man, since he traumatized me while I lay helpless in my hospital bed back in March of 2006.
 Millard does not practice good sound rehab medicine, they are in the business of selling YOU a dream. The dream is that all of your pain is in your head and thus your own fault and non compensable as far as the WCB Millard is concerned.

 This is "The Dream" that Vanessa has already been working diligently on selling me, as per her handlers. Vanessa told me that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to experiencing this amount of pain based on the fact that I broke my back at my L1 lumbar and my Spinal Canal is seriously comprimised in my neck and my lower spine. According to Vanessa there is NO WAY that I could be experiencing this amount of pain from 3 different injury sites on my Spine.
 Like Holy Fuck, who put her up to this? If this is purely her own clinical experience speaking then she needs to seriously return to medical school because she was incorrectly passed on parts of her graduation exam is my opinion.
 This once again is the WCB Millard and their obsession with turning your trauma accident into "Something about THEM". Oh yeah, with their superior being brains they are able to determine that I am not experiencing pain, like who are these people. The WCB Millard cannot be expected to be taken seriously by ANY recognized rehabilitation facilities, because their agenda is populated by pure unadulterated BS. There is no other way to explain their bizarre approach to rehab medicine.

 These people need to seriously take all of their Hamilton Hall tapes, Dr. Hamilton Hall You-Tube videos and text books and THROW them out the window!
 The Snake Oil that Dr. Hamilton Hall is selling is for people with nondescript mechanical back pain.
 These geniuses' (WCB Millard Executive Staff) have taken his spoken word out of context and warped it into a WCB Millard Dogma that is so far outside of legitimate medicine that it cannot be taken seriously by any real health care givers. The narrative that the WCB Millard seeks to impart on my injury is false, born out of medical speeches taken out of context and then used to abuse seriously injured workers who are truly suffering from back pain.
 The narrative that the WCB Millard seeks to craft is one born out of their extreme tilt towards creating a false narrative that ALL injured workers are fit to return to work, which is functionally false and disengenuous because their goals are "All about them".
 Their #1 primary goal is to push the idea into your mind that the pain you are experiencing is all in your mind. Their entire philosophy rotates around this central theme of Fred Flinstone happiness and joy. If you have any negative memories of the horrors that the WCB has rained down on you, then they work overtime to convince you that those memories will have a negative impact on your ability to recover.

 You are to erase all of the horrible things that WCB did to you, that way they tell you that then you can "move forward". No, the truth of the matter is that when you are being taught Fred Flinstone techniques, you will have a stone age outcome --- "moving forward".

 My request to the doctor yesterday was a request made by my doctor specifically to Dr. Esmail and the doctor said she refused because the request was coming from a 3rd party.

 I can tell you that I am deeply hurt by this allegation and I am deeply offended that myself and my doctor are now considered to be 3rd Parties in this phony rehabilitation operation. I am ready to blow my top again and go directly to the Ministers office with what is really going on in this abortion of the Byzantine Empire.

 Once again we have spent weeks going to the Millard to now be examined by not 1, not 2, but 3 doctors before I can be cleared for rehab. I now know that these people as educated as they claim to be have absolutely NO IDEA what the Byzantine Empire was or when it existed. The WCB Millard is now the modern day living embodiment of the Byzantine Empire that has been resurrected and brought back from the dead annals of govt waste.
 The one true skill that Millard really does have is: The undeniable ability to waste your time, these guys are King in that department.
How many doctors does it take to clear you to walk on a treadmill at Millard? Punchline: Nobody knows, they have never actually achieved that number yet.

On a interesting side note, it is interesting to note that originally Dr. Jiang told me after I got out of surgery that I would go to The Glenrose Hospital for rehabilitation. That all ended after Dr. Leslie DeLima grabbed me by the neck until I screamed in pain and then informed me there is nothing wrong with your neck: the next day the hospital informed me I was being kicked out of the hospital. And now you know the Rest of the Story.