Brent McGillis: Jul 12, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alberta Firefighters Compensation

I just can not understand how a Seriously Injured Ironworker can fall off a building smashing his body in the process and not be covered by Compensation. How that same injured worker in Alberta does not even qualify for a BED after breaking his back. I am flabbergasted at this, and in total disbelief that my Case Manager Colleen Bamford can stand by this determination.
I know firefighters and admire them for their bravery in the execution of their duties. I risked my life for many years and cannot even get my medications paid for by WCB Alberta. I did fall at work and did shatter my vertebrae, and according to Colleen Bamford I don't qualify. I am permanently disabled according to the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairments. (Note: See Links to Documents on bottom of page.) But Colleen Bamford still says I do not qualify, and closed my file due to inactivity she wrote.
Colleen are Ironworkers exempt from coverage when they fall and break their backs?? Why am I being discriminated against?
She did manage to dig up some Rent-a-doc that she tries to pass off as an official medical consultant on my condition. Humpff, strange.. the Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairments is very specific in who is qualified to make that assessment on a spinal injury, and if you read the guide it lays out in specific detail the accompanying combination of scans and X-rays, and other specialists that are required to do a proper and legal assessment of my spinal injury.
Colleen Bamford, I am going to the RCMP and file a fraud complaint against WCB Alberta. You have not acted in good faith, and you have engaged in acts of fraud against a legally entitled seriously injured worker. By producing documents that you know to be fraudulent, you and your organization are liable. This is not some kind of administrative fau paus. This is willful and deliberate fraud. The WCB Alberta has acted with deliberate "Malice".
I know firefighters and have worked with them, and they would not approve of your treatment of a hard working injured Ironworker. People who risk their lives everyday are all cut from the same cloth. It is very tragic their comrade lost his life to his work related medical problems.
I do believe that the WCB Alberta needs to stand up and quit committing fraud against hard working seriously injured citizens of this community. Millard and WCB Alberta, bringing shame to the Health Sciences in Alberta for 30 years.

WCB Alberta employees could never understand this since they have never built anything or contributed anything to this community. BTW, you never hear of any medical miracles coming out of Millard now do you. That's because meat grinders do not produce miracles.
The entire WCB operation from head to toe is one big JOKE operation. Sad part is, the joke is on the injured worker.
The only people who think Millard is great are the ones paid to say so. You never hear of great humans' achievements at Millard do you. I guess that is what happens in a Rehabilitation facility that thinks threats and coercion are useful tools for your recovery. They do have to help some people to put in their magazines, like I said, people who are paid to say so.
Isn't the ruling party of Alberta's corporate solution to everything just frigging great? Huh? Yup, thanks ED, sending people to the poor house. 1000 at a time. Thanks to narrow minded ToryNomics. How many people are unemployed in Alberta now?

Stand by your brothers in arms, at their most perilous time. And others shall bath in warm glow of your memory forever.