Brent McGillis: May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

MLA's Can Help Sometimes

Well it is Friday now and I have to go pick up my scrip over at the pharmacy. The last week has been interesting. I phoned my lawyer and he informed me that the WCB refuses to release my file. This, despite the fact that I sent him the authorization( 8 weeks ago), that he immediately faxed to Alberta WCB. I have been in contact with Brenda from my MLA's office and perhaps that will bear some fruit. It is difficult to get excited about any possible forward motion in my file with Alberta WCB. I have in the past and it only leads to disappointment.
I still have not heard anything on the CT Scan or the MRI that was ordered on my C-Spine 3 Weeks ago. I am going to drop by my doctors office as well and see if I can confirm their intranet connection with the Alberta WCB. I will pick up my Perc's while I am at it. My doctor desperately needs the CT and MRI scans in order to determine the extreme pain and limited range of motion in my neck.
My neck has been a ongoing problem since I fell. I wore a neck brace in the hospital for 6 days. For the first year or so my neck would pop about 10 times a day. That frequency of popping decreased slowly over the next year, until it was reduced to cracking and popping only a few times a day. Over the last winter, it was reduced in frequency to popping and cracking typically a couple of times a day. The only problem was that the pain level has been steadily going upwards during these events.
Then when I started to have my dental work done @ Dr. Pavlenko's Sana Dental office, I had to have multiple root canals, and crowns. During these sessions, the torsion of having my head propped back with my jaw mechanically held open for extended periods was enough to compound my neck problems. To such a degree that during the first sessions Dr. Pavlenko asked me if I knew there was a severe problem with my neck. I replied that I was, but it was yet to be fully assessed. Dr. Pavlenko and his assistant couldn't believe that the WCB Alberta are not providing medical or financial assistance to such an obviously disabled individual. He and his assistants would continually have to stop and give me a chance to recuperate when my neck would pop during these sessions. Dr. Pavlenko even wrote a letter to my Doctor about my neck abnormalities.
He is a medical Doctor and a professional. He just like every other medical professional I have met over the last 3 years and is genuinely committed to helping me. They are medical Professionals and as such do not want to see a patient suffer needlessly. Unlike the "Rent-a-doctors" whom are employed to produce bogus medical reports that not only are they unqualified to produce, but they are outright falsehoods produced for the profit of the WCB Alberta Millard Health Center. These reports are felonious in their intent.

Alberta WCB's approach of stonewalling doctors, medical imaging installations, my lawyer, my MLA's representative is not even a surprise to me. This felonious Insurance Scheme is run by people who operate "EXACTLY" like common criminals. As such the Alberta WCB believe that they are smarter than all of the aforementioned individuals. They actually believe that the whole lot of us are a pack of idiots. This precisely is the same ideological thinking of dominant criminal minds. The WCB has managed to influence the government controlling bodies through System Justification of their ideals, that there is nothing "Broken" at the Alberta WCB. This despite the fact that the last few WCB Alberta years are riddled with corruption, drug addiction and substance abuse, outright lying in court, thievery and embezzlement, as reported in the media. If today's modern highly trained and skilled tradespeople are required to pass random drug testing, than it stands to reason that all staff at Alberta WCB be required to do the same.
Considering they are in charge of billions of our dollars, and to disclose all investments, past and current, including past top bureaucrats in Alberta WCB.
These are not untruths, but public knowledge corroborated by the media. They are so used to lying that they just cover one lie with another.
Sadly the Seriously Injured Worker suffers.