Brent McGillis: 07/01/2011 - 08/01/2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Province recognizes esophageal cancer as work-related disease Firefighters who develop it now eligible for WorkSafeBC benefits

Alberta and B.C. Firefighters now have parity in regards to the Workers Compensation Act. recognizing every single kind of cancer known to man, as work related illness.
I am personally offended by this, why? Because I am not suffering from some strange illness with 1000 faces as a work related disability. My injuries are very real, and very well documented in MRI, CT scans and any other radiography. The pinched nerves that require me to have up to 30 Botox, and 30 Cortisone shots from the base of my spine to the upper cervical vertebrae every 2 to 3 months in my neck, are easily visible and noted by Imaging Specialists.
Statistically, only 40% of injured workers with a L1 Burst Fracture ever return to work, and the statistics for how many are capable of long term employment are not available, because the shill American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds [An association of workers' compensation insurance companies from 27 different states, plus 11 workers' compensation boards in Canada.] do not share this data with the public. This veil of secrecy fits in nicely with the super corrupt province of Alberta Conservatives.

I do not suffer from some transcendental disease that no doctor can 100% pin down to my occupation like cancer of My Balls! My injuries are clearly defined in the physical & mechanical sense and backed up with clear cut Radiography and professional Medical confirmation.
Why then do I have to fight to receive any compensation or CPP Disability benefits?

Why is the Alberta Health Services and the Health Quality Council directly blocking my referrals to specialists. I have been trying to see a Spinal Surgeon is this Hell Pit province for 3-1/2 YEARS!

If any person thinks getting compensation or disability benefits in Canada is easy, they are deluded. I applied for CPP disability 2 years ago.

Is it because I am not white enough for Mein Kerr's perfect society private club of Fireman, Cops and all Government workers?
Is it because I was not a Union member when I fell?
Is it because my father Dan McGillis fell off a building working as a Flat Roofer when I was a 2 year old child, resulting in Social Services splitting up our family because WCB AB would not help him at the time either?
Is it because I come from a family who are direct descendants of the Papaschase Indian Band[Edmonton Stratcona] who had our ancestral lands stolen from Alberta's FIRST gang of civic, provincial and federal government crooks?
Is it because I have had multiple back injuries claims, as confirmed by the WCB AB from the time I was first hurt back in 1990 on the Edmonton Journal?

I had my final appeal hearing with the Office of the Appeals Tribunal 3 days ago. In that hearing I was verbally pounced on by a female panel member with rapid-fire questions about certain dates in my original application. I wonder if this is how they treat Fireman, Cops and Government workers?
I was in laying in my hospital bed Wacked out on 20m injections of Morphine every 2 hrs/24hrs a day in the Royal Alexandra Hospital hours before my Spinal surgery to remove the broken pieces of my Spine. And to fuse my spine together with titanium hardware. I was finally filling out the WCB AB Claim with my employer. The papers my brother went to the WCB AB in downtown Edmonton to acquire, since the WCB AB refused to bring them to the hospital when I phoned them. For the sake of completion since we could not recall what was my actual start date for employment, it was recorded as 5 years as a generalization[+/- 6 months]. Believe me, when you are being shot up with Morphine, your thinking is anything but clear.

I think it is interesting to note that my employer says WCB AB conducted an investigation, yet no WCB AB investigator ever spoke to me. They were unable to bring the papers to the hospital or conduct a proper investigation which is a direct breach of the WCB AB's Duty of Care. BUT They were capable of implanting a WCB Doctor like Doctor Leslie DeLima, who would enter my room, remove my Neck Brace and Squeeze my neck HARD! This resulted in me screaming out, Owwwww! He would then respond with, Oh, well your neck is O.K!! The Royal Alexandra Hospital is nothing more than a "MEATBALL Surgery Station"! I loudly protested to Dr. Leslie DeLima, in perplexed pain, "That is your test?"

That in a nutshell is how horrible it is to be treated at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, by the HACKJOB surgical team designed to deliberately NOT TREAT severely injured trauma patients. This is all overlooked by the secret team of WCB Medical Consultant Doctors embedded in this Alberta Health MEDICAID Hospital, they troll the Royal Alexander Hospital.

Do not ALLOW them to take you to this Shithole, second rate Alberta MEDICAID hospital to be treated for your workplace injuries. First of all they will not even take a MRI of a man who fell and hit his head and injured his neck. Is this [SOP]Standard operating procedure for Trauma Unit treat of Patients? Second of all the RAH secret WCB embedded Medical Consultants will discharge you without fully treating your injuries.
Welcome to the PC Party's Alberta version of MEDICAID!

What a scary thought that the Royal Alexandra Hospital is going to be home to a Orthopedic Surgery Center. WHERE THE HELL is my referral Doctor Jiang?
You will NEVER be allowed to see another orthopedic Surgeon when these hack-job Surgeons are done with you. Because you were hurt at work, WCB Alberta will never allow it to happen here in Edmonton.
The Royal Alexandra Hack-Job Orthopedic Surgical Center. Headed up by the King Hack of them all, Dr. Hongxing Jiang.
The ER Doctor referred me to DR. Jiang on April 25, 2011, and of course because I got hurt at work in Hellberta, I get NO TREATMENT!!!! WTF is going on DR. Cowell?
What kind of Sicko province is this? These doctors need to be held to account for deliberately abusing patients, for big profits from WCB to NOT treat you.

Everyone BUT the injured worker gets paid, or treated.

How else could this happen? There exists right wing CRONY doctors who are on the take with WCB in order to deny patients treatment.
The only product The Alberta Conservatives are capable of producing is 100%pure Bullshit.

Back to my CPP hearing.
My question in these proceedings is, Why is my mental state not considered when these proceedings are being executed? Why do I have to submit to rapid fire questions from multiple panel members, without a legitimate time frame to answer these thing in?

"Today's announcement lifts that burden of proof from sick firefighters and their families who are already struggling enough and who have a more important battle they have to fight." said B.C Premier Christy Clark.

Why is the government so sensitive about the Stress firefighters suffer?
Guess what? I was born with exactly the same number of nerve endings and feelings as any Fireman, Cop or Government worker. And I feel the Stress the WCB AB inflicts on me every day X100, why? Because I have no one batting for me, I don't have every news outlet in town telling my story. Why? Because they [Corporate News] don't care! If you have a gun in your hand they will tell your story, if not, oh well. To bad for you.

There is definitely a Two[2] tier society that exists here in Canada.
There is the society of Fireman, Cops, and all Government Workers.
Then there is the society of the millions of hard working Canadians who pay the more than generous Salaries of these public servants.

I risked my life for over 20 years in Construction, some-days multiple times a day. Why is the burden of proof, and the BAR set so high for non-governmental workers to qualify for any disability benefits in this Country and in particular in Alberta? I have been sewed up @ Beaudrill on the Artic Ocean, I have been stitched up in Whistler and continued working despite having the palm of my predominant hand sewn together. I have been sewed up in Edmonton for various injuries and never once took any lost time, or filed a WCB Claim. I have been driven into Edmonton to see my Chiropractor from one hour north of High Prairie because I re-injured my back, and never filed a lost time accident. WCB AB sent me a letter in 1990 stating that I would be responsible for the maintenance of my back for the rest of my life.
It is interesting to note that I did not receive a WCB benefits cheque from WCB AB in 1990 until the day I went back to work 3 months later[It really is still 1953 in Alberta]. Somethings will never change in the super corrupt Alberta WCB.

Why? Is this a WCB AB White racist bigot policy? To not treat natives? I fell through a skylight in Vancouver and never even took 10 minutes off of work. Then when you get severely injured and permanently disabled, the WCB AB treats you like a piece of throw away garbage.

This is the higher standard Thomas Lukaszuk speaks about? Because in the eyes of Minister Lukaszuk Canadians ARE Throw away workers. Why? Because he will simply bring in another 70,000 Filippino Temporary Foreign Workers to take your place.

Welcome to Hellberta, ">Lukaszuk Style!

My medical evidence is as clear as the nose on your face, yet I still have to be subjected to hearings which to me seem just like a legal discovery meeting with lawyers, WHY? I did not lie, or attempt to mislead anyone when I was injured.
It was an accident. Plain and simple. I went to work and got hurt, and look what happens when you are not a government employee! Why?
The one woman on the panel was stuck on my income tax record, why?
Because I took almost a year off when my mother died 10 years ago?
I received a inheritance, and because in typical Hellberta style employers were not in a friendly mood that year. That is the reality of working in Hellberta.
After working for PCL [Poole Construction Limited]/Midstream @ Suncor and made to work on a live plant in minus -40Celcius weather without winter Parkas, I had a foul taste in my mouth for Big Contractors here in Hellberta. All this was happening while PCL Construction refused to give us any of the 50 Brand New winter Parkas they had in boxes stacked up in their Job Shack!!

And that is why I call PCL, People Come Last!

I could not remember some of these details at the hearing because I suffer from Chronic Pain. One[1] of the symptoms of Chronic Pain is Chronic fatigue, which ultimately results in memory loss and other physical changes to your brain.
The Mayo Clinic released a report that says Chronic pain permanently alters and damages the brain. One of the things Chronic Pain sufferers are to avoid is stress.
Being subjected to high levels of Stress at one of these witch-hunt tribunals only elevates my stress and further deepens my depression.
I believe that 2 of the Tribunal members were able to recognize this.
The Puritan member seeking to flush out the proverbial witch seemed preoccupied with my retraining.
All severely disabled persons would like to be retrained in some manner.
In my case this is not possible until I receive proper Medical treatment in the form of an operation/s to relieve clearly defined pinched nerves in my neck and Spine. Until I receive an operation, I am simply unable to focus with my Pain Level running at such a high level.
The woman who I have no background on seemed to talk in the same superlatives as the Workers Compensation Board. I do not know her profile. I would guess a lawyer since she seemed dedicated to disproving statements.
I should have known better, when the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals went to such great lengths to overstate their impartiality from the Government.
I should know better from years ago, when the government of Canada or any Province tells you, "You do not need a lawyer".
Guess what? That means you definitely need a lawyer!
Thinking back, I should have asked each and every member of the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals, their qualifications, educational background, and their employment background so I would have a tiny picture of their motives. But it is hard to think fast when you suffer from chronic pain.
Why is it important to have a legal counsel present? Because a legal counsel would not allow a Tribunal member to badger the witness with rapid fire questions, designed to confuse and stress the appellant.
A lawyer/paralegal would not allow the Panel member to go down NON-relevant alleyways in order to paint the appellant in a negative light, possibly insinuating that the appellant is less than honest.
A lawyer would object to the line of questioning based on relevance.
But with no legal representative this is what happens.

I have no quarrel with the Office of the Commissioner of Appeals Tribunal, one way or another regarding the outcome of this hearing. The intent of this Blog post is to alert others who may be considering appealing your CPP Disability decision, to the potential hazards in these proceedings. My blog is to educate injured workers.

I can only imagine what the crony panel of WCB employee Appeals Commission is like.

I will never know, since the Alberta Workers Compensation Board refused to release my complete file to my now deceased lawyer. As such I will never get to experience a WCB Appeal. They fed my first appeal into the paper shredder. And this is the key difference between a legitimate appeal process and what the retarded WCB AB bastardized Administrative Law process in Hellberta.

Welcome to the super corrupt Oil State known as Hellberta.
These are the tactics of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in recent years, they will simply employ dirty illegal methodology to BLOCK any and all attempts at you actually being able to file a WCB Alberta APPEAL.
This is their first line of defense against seriously injured workers.
If that does not kill you, then their STACKED Appeals Commission of old WCB Alberta Cronies will finish the job. The entire WCB AB organization will watch with GLEE, as you squirm in a horrible state of untreated Medical conditions.
The WCB AB is fully cognizant of the fact that the overwhelming mental and physical STRESS this imposes on the claimant, will, ultimately end in the Seriously Injured Worker simply taking his own life.
There is no other choice to escape the never ending horrible contempt of the WCB Alberta organization of Drug Addicts, Thieves and other assorted Fraudulent Criminals.

It has been said that Writers seldom write as they speak and vice-versa.
And so it goes, you simply are not prepared for the things they will throw at you in these hearings. So heed my advice and at least take a Paralegal adviser with you.

The woman on the Tribunal who was set on painting me in a negative light, then went into my tax record, and asked "Did you not file for your taxes?"

Hello, relevance!

Finally in closing, as I stated to the Appeals panel, I would like to thank the Office of the Appeals Tribunal because their office actually conducts a TRUE Appeals mechanism.

1. Staff conduct themselves in a respectful polite manner and always answer their phones & return calls. Returning phone calls does not exist, and is completely vacant in ALL levels of the WCB AB.
2. The Office of the Commissioner of Appeals Tribunal numerically chronologically numbers and marks each and every document regarding and submitted to your file. {WCB Alberta files sent to claimant are not even numbered-Deliberately designed to confuse and STRESS the client}. The Office of the Commissioner of Appeals Tribunal binds all these documents in a numbered BOUND copy of your file, which they send to you for confirmation just prior to the hearing.
3. The Appeals Commission stays in touch and makes sure they confirm all submissions of documents by returning these documents to you by Registered Courier for review once they have received these critical documents. [This is something that WCB AB NEVER DOES]It is disturbing that the WCB AB is so flippant and glib about your medical documents and all Files, Especially those which are critical to your case!!
4. The Office of the Commissioner of Appeals Tribunal always conducts itself in a completely professional, courteous and polite Ethical manner, at each and every step of the process.[WCB Alberta has no code of professional conduct and employs abusive techniques designed to DESTROY your will to continue in their BOGUS process.]
5. The Office of the Commissioner of Appeals Tribunal performs in a ethical, professional LEGAL manner. That is to say they are very much like a court of law and Courthouse. Why? Because if there are any irregularities in your filings the Clerk of the court will typically alert you to errors in overall submissions. WCB Alberta does not function as a true legal arm of the Justice department because all of its participants are unprofessional, glib and lacking knowledge in ANY area, but even worse than that; the Workers Compensation Board AB does nothing to ensure your appeal submissions follow protocol.
How disturbing that an Administrative Law entity designed to be a legal replacement for the courts, is such a sham, and that the Board focuses entirely on misleading, lying, omitting, and cheating claimants out of the proper knowledge they require in order to submit a proper Appeal. What was Alison Redford doing for a paycheque? Perhaps she was designing these roadblocks, or rubber stamping them?

The sham Administrative Law practices of WCB Alberta are living proof of how crooked and corrupt the Alberta Justice Department is under Ed Stelmach and was under the rule of Alison Redford. Lawyers like this broad, give all lawyers a bad name. So does the new guy, whatshisname.
6. The only assumption a reasonable observer would be able to conclude is that the Workers Compensation Board Alberta is run by a complete Narcissistic Glib Arshole. There can be no other conclusive assessment based on the piss poor performance of this NON-Legal entity of fraud artists and the crooked lawyers cruel tricks designed to inflict MAXIMUM Pain and Suffering.

"Don't set the bar too high" is obviously Mein Kerr's manifesto!
"Stupid is as Stupid does."