Brent McGillis: 06/01/2017 - 07/01/2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Don Dunphy injured worker tragedy: Inquiry results = Govt (RCMP) workers collude to cover up Murder of Don Dunphy

 I have watched the RCMP Inquiry into the murder of Don Dunphy for many months now, and it is truly an outrage that the RCMP is allowed to deliberately collude with one of their own members to cover up the wrongful shooting of Don Dunphy an injured worker in Newfoundland, on April 5, 2015.
 Don Dunphy was a 58 year old injured worker who lived in Mitchells Brook, St. Mary's Bay, was shot and killed by Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer Joe Smyth on April 5, 2015.
 There are many questions about this execution style killing in my mind, the first of which is; did officer Joe Smyth have Jurisdiction to investigate in the rural area of Mitchells Brook without prior notification to the RCMP that police the rural area where Don Dunphy lived?
 If he was outside of his jurisdicton then he would not have authority to enter the premises of Don Dunphy without his permission, which is what I believe happened here. Then I believe that officer Joe Smyth was discovered by Don Dunphy and then I believe that the RNC officer decided to cover up his crime. If you read the entire CBC series on this story you will most likely come to the same conclusion, based on the mountain of evidence that the inquiry heard.
 Even if he had received prior approval to go there and investigate what officer Joe Smyth has told the inquiry was a "threat", did he have permission to enter the home of Don Dunphy illegally and without permission from the homeowner? If Don Dunphy was truly a threat and that officer Smyth was in fact in danger then why did he not alert the local police authority to the existence of this terrible threat?
 I believe that the RNC officer entered Don Dunphy's home without permission and upon discovery of an intruder was shot by the cop and then the cop set about covering it up by staging evidence is my opinion. And this mans family believes the same.
 All of the failures of the RCMP and the RNC and their failures to properl investigate expose this whitewashing affair for what it is: A govt sham to limit liability for all parties.
 This inquiry and the results only corroborates what ALL Canadians already know; and that is that the RCMP will do whatever if takes to poison any investigation into wrongdoing by their officers.
 The RCMP is a DIRTY police force, and not the fantasy police force that they like to portray themselves as. This inquiry also helps to cement the belief that regular citizens have about government and government workers. Here we have the Justice Department "Creating a whitewash report" to justify the wrongful killings of innocent Canadians. This is just another sad case of government workers covering up for other government workers, this is what I have been writing about for years now.
 When you are a government worker you get special perks that NO other Canadians get. Not only do you get the ONLY GOLD PLATED Healthcare benefits program that no private citizen can ever hope to aspire to, but you get an army of other people who share in the very same pampered special treatment by yet MORE government workers (The entire Healthcare System) who will help you when it comes time to cover up the evidence of a wrongful killing. That is how government works in Canada, it is a great big special club of special people feeling all special about their entitlements.
 Here is a link to the series of stories about Don Dunphy and the struggle for his family to have the cop exposed for his crime and for their fight against the Justice Department in Newfoundland because of their deliberate spin they have put on this terrible tragedy that killed an injured worker in Newfoundland. This story is not unique, the guy that the RCMP gunned down in Okotoks back in 2010 was the same thing, he had a broomstick in his hand when the cops opened up on him and gunned him down like an animal. In that story the RCMP and the Alberta government NEVER did say what the injury was that that man was suffering from other than he was off of work do to a disability.
Link to all the CBC stories on the Don Dunphy tragedy.
 More to come...