Brent McGillis: May 30, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

WCB Alberta

The Federal RICO Act & The Injured Worker

49 min - 11 Nov 2008 -

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Are Federal (RICO) Racketeering Lawsuits The Solution To Finally Get Justice For America's Injured & Disabled Workers When Those Responsible ...
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Above is a video of the WCB in Michigan in whom are being sued under the United States Federal RICO act. For fraud and Racketeering. Go Figure, HuH!? Who knew? Sound familiar? Because they and other WCB operations nationwide in Canada and the U.S. , are all participating in exactly the same tactics. Those tactics are of conspiring to deny legitimate injured workers benefits that they are legally entitled to. These people have stolen billions from seriously injured workers over the last few decades. All the while, governments watched and did nothing. It's like some kind of perverted Irish reform school.

So much for the Power of a MLA

My experience from last week with Colleen Bamford denying my CT and MRI scans is just living proof that these people do not even have any respect for ministers of the legislative assembly or their assistants. This Corporation is actually more powerful than the Government, and they didn't even have to win an election.
It is funny how we let democracy slip away.
It is everyone's responsibility to stand up for democracy, only problem is no one showed up. That's Alberta!!! These people are making a mockery of Canada.

MRI and CT scan of my C-spine Denied

Well this news really comes as no surprise. Since my obtuse case manager is still the totally incompetent, uneducated do-nothing is once again Colleen Bamford. She must be a finalist in the "Extreme Maltreatment of Claimants" contest at the WCB Alberta. Given her past trophies.
It is then without any surprise that my claims manager Colleen Bamford turns down my doctor ordered CT and MRI scans. Funny I don't recall a MD being in front of her name, huh! Hello, It is incumbent upon you to forward medical needs to a medical panel. This is not even a surprising development in my case, because it is just another abuse by the Alberta WCB. A woman who refused to return my phone calls last year, including her superviser Trevor Dill doing the same. Then as a final insult, she changed her phone number and then proceeded to tell my doctor that my file was closed.
Really at the core of this issue of disputes with WCB Alberta, is the fact that any of these issues can be resolved swiftly and efficiently with a simple "Phone call". In addition this means that includes a phone call to my physician if you have any questions whatsoever about my file.
But we all know that that is not their goal, their goal is to bury you in paperwork 10 ft. deep.
I can not bear these "MIND GAMES" that the WCB Alberta has initiated to deny a disabled worker any benefits.
It is just one of their demoralizing tactics not to pay out serious injuries.
This was immediately after my doctor had referred me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. This continents' leading health facility, with a century of treating serious injuries such as mine for a population more than 10 times our size. The origins of the Mayo Clinic and the country it serves speak for themselves in complete overall Medical expertise. I have written my case manager and outlined the fact that I wanted my "IME" (Independent Medical Examination) performed at the MAYO Clinic in Rochester MN.
While this may not seem important or significant, the fact of the matter is that the IME for a serious spinal injury is critically important. This examination is not complete without consulting with a spinal surgeon, a nuerologist and a series of explicit scans. This is to establish base point data to work from in the future, since complications from this injury will haunt me for years. Without this comprehensive IME, the WCB Alberta will just flat out deny any future medical responsibility, when my condition worsens.
My Case Manager Colleen Bamford refuses to buy me a bed. The single most fundamentally important piece of furniture for a serious back injury and Colleen turned me down flat. Good job Colleen, kick any small pets today?
In addition the Mayo Clinic will be able to diagnose my current condition, and apply the very latest in technological advances in spinal medicine. When the Mayo is done they will provide a long term prognosis with a comprehensive, up to date long term treatment plan for the future.
The Mayo Clinic will not hold a bogus court of medical fools like they do at the Millard Center, and then call that a proper IME. The Millard Center has done this to numerous of my friends in the past and then they proceeded to send them back to work no matter how injured, with no pension and no long term treatment plan. These people are partially disabled and they ended up without any pension whatsoever for the Permanent Impairments they have suffered.

I am a disabled worker as a result of landing flat on my back and breaking my back. And being disabled as a result of this fall. I am now being supported by the Taxpayers of Alberta on Welfare because the WCB Alberta refuses to help in any way. A direct fiduciary subordination, by the people entrusted by the government to financially and medically compensate seriously injured workers.
I can understand how undereducated persons at WCB Alberta would misinterpret this fiduciary Responsibility to mean that they should instead lie, cheat and steal funds intended for the financial, medical treatment, recovery and the well being of hard working seriously injured workers.
The C Bamford greed machine is in full gear. Bonuses for maltreating McGillis. My God what has this province come to?