Brent McGillis: Nov 4, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alberta H1N1

Alberta official fired as flu shot fury hits Calgary. This is the tip, not the Iceberg. Wake up Alberta.
Well its official, health care for the Rich is here. Now that the media has jumped all over this, they will have to become much more covert, you know? Like the rest of their government. As I watch developing news on the H1N1 Flu Pandemic, it strikes me how this government has turned a simple public health issue into a boondoggle. At the core of this issue is basic health care needs of human beings, and in particular those persons who are the most in need of that treatment. As injured workers we are used to this style of delivery of medical treatment. I don't think people of Alberta need any more evidence, that Private style health care for Rich people is already here. Stand back now, trough feeders first! Oink Oink. Back of the line you! Trough feeders will even shove pregnant women out of the way. Got to love private pay for health care. Whoever is in charge, go to his house he has probably got lots. This is just ripe for a satirical cartoonist. The trough feeders out beside the barn inoculating each other, while telling the rest of the farm animals there is none left. Oink. Moo. This particular crisis is just a shining example of how the government just doesn't get it. They just can't listen to the needs of the people. They think it is all about them, and their pals. For seriously injured workers the primary need is to treat the medical needs of that individual. Proper medical attention is so critical to a seriously injured worker. As humans we are a fragile bunch, hurling through space. Medical care is so critical. Get used to it people, this is what privatization feels like! This is how if feels to be left "Out of the Loop". It is tragic that the Wolves have been hired to watch the chicken coop, truly sad indeed. As victims of the American HMO model, we as seriously injured workers are used to this and 10 times worse. Every day. In the denial of our critically necessary medical treatments. Sadly, very sadly, soon everyone will experience the Hell (Hellberta) we as injured workers live through every day. Once again the right wing agenda rears its ugly head. Oink Moo. I almost fell out of my chair when I watched the interview with the Premier saying his government is transparent. Mooooo, the BS heap is starting to smell. What a bunch of arrogant pricks, honestly. What else can you call these trough feeders. The premier fully intends to axe even more health care workers, rather than fund the system. The brown bag lunch program at HS is shut down for the moment. You can bet the architects are going to need Samsonite paper bags and Lear jets for their golden years in California. These guys pull on their boots still stinking of yesterdays boondoggles and just bulldoze head on into another scandal. Remember how big blue used to point at federal liberals and accuse them of scandal? Political satire on this gang of fools practically writes itself. It is sad, that as a collective population the masses will not stand up against this government, and demand a election. By protest.

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