Brent McGillis: Dec 29, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reasonable Force & Dr. Leslie DeLima - WCB Royal Alexandra Hospital

There exists with the context of the Canadian Legal System a legal concept know as "Reasonable Force". Within this legal concept is the principle of the use of Reasonable Force to protect ones self from an imminent threat to your person or property. It is my advice that if Dr. Leslie DeLima comes anywhere near you within the confines of any Hospital in Alberta, that because this man hides his true agenda and the fact that he is acting in the interests of the WCB of Alberta, then you have every god given right to take appropriate action with the implementation of "Reasonable Force". Of course within the context of Reasonable Force, is the idea that this person intends to cause physical harm to your person. That is true in the case of Dr. Leslie DeLima because he intends to DENY you access to critically necessary medical treatments, and thus will CONDEMN you to a lifetime of horrible pain and suffering. So as a natural reflex to such an intrusion of the rights of the horribly disabled Seriously Injured Workers right to proper, timely and relevant medical care, it is my conclusion that the Injured Worker has the right to exercise "Reasonable Force" when this Doctor comes into your space in the Hospital.
Some would say that this is a patent abuse of this concept, but I say nay. My Blog has been for the purpose of exposing all the horrible crimes committed by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. Because no lawyer will touch a WCB AB case does not make the Grand Larceny thefts the WCB ab are committing every day on seriously injured workers any more legal in the eyes of the Law.
Since this WCB Ab Doctor Leslie DeLima has come into your personal space while you are laying helpless in your hospital bed, then you have every right to defend yourself from these felonious WCB HACK Doctors.
Given the fact that these WCB doctors are acting with felonious cognitive Malice, posing as member of your Surgeons Medical Team you have the right to trigger your legal right to the use of "Reasonable Force" to protect your person from truly harmful intentions of these hired WCB Rent-a-docs.
Since Dr. Leslie Delima is falsely misrepresenting himself as your surgeon or doctor's Protégé, who is cognitively plotting to inflict Medical Harm on your person, it is legally arguable that you have every God given right to exercise "Reasonable Force" in order to personally protect yourself from this WCB Medical Hack.
The actions you initiate to protect yourself personally from felonious WCB Hack Doctors just may save your life in the final analysis.
And since the American Style Hospital Management Groups & AHS have such an obvious disdain for the individual rights of helplessly disabled and seriously injured workers under their care, you are being forced to use "Reasonable Force" in order to protect yourself while you are in any Alberta Hospital that is managed by these uncaring American Hospital Management Groups.
None of these felonious WCB Medical denial schemes could be possible without the full support and manipulation of the AHS Super Board and Alberta Health Services.

This is a pre-planned and co-ordinated medical assault that is actively promoted and coddled by American Style run Hospital Management like you will experience at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Your actions to protect your own person while the Royal Alexandra Hospital co-conspires to cause you medical harm early in your treatment will send a clear message to the WCB of Alberta, and the American Hospital Management Team that this kind of felonious sanctioned behavior will "NOT" be tolerated here in Alberta.
I have been defrauded by these felonious WCB doctors, whose true agenda is to destroy your entire life and future.
Seriously Injured Workers now understand how the Royal Alexandra Hospital operates under the control of the Workers Compensation Board; this co-conspirator Medical fraud empowers you to exercise every reasonable legal right to protect yourself while in the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital with the implementation of "Reasonable Force" on WCB Doctors like Dr. Leslie DeLima.
Since we now understand the sinister intent of these WCB Medical Consultants to inflict medical harm on seriously injured workers while they are lying helpless in a Royal Alexandra Hospital bed, you will be better prepared to protect yourself while being treated inside the Royal Alex Hospital for your Workplace injuries. Trust me, this is a horrible fight to fight alone against the WCB of Alberta, take all reasonable care and actions when confronted with these felonious doctors because they have nothing but cruel intentions to cause you medical harm.
All of this is done with the 100% full support of the AHS & the RAH Hospital Staff.
I am encouraging All injured workers to respond with imaginative ways to exercise your right when one of these phony doctors enters your personal space in the Hospital.
I mean after all we are talking about a doctor who entered my room and removed my neck brace, they he squeezed my neck really hard resulting in me crying out.....Owwwww. He then proceeded to tell me there was nothing wrong with my neck. "That was your test?" I yelled in response.
I am encouraging injured workers to send in their imaginative ways to exercise your right to use "Reasonable Force" while in the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital when responding to this obvious WCB felonious doctor.

I will publish any comments or ideas, I was thinking about a solution that involves a BIC pen, where you put the pen is your business.

If you don't think this can happen to you, the you had better bloody well give your head a shake!