Brent McGillis: 03/01/2018 - 04/01/2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

CTV Opiod Addiction Story and ties to Devestating WCB Attempt to murder me with COLD Turkey!

 I have not posted any new updates to my Injured worker blog since the fall when I was engaged in the final stages of the Millard Health Center's assessment of my condition. I was tempted on many occasions to deliver a post regarding my pain medications.

 Much to my horror and dismay, the fairly recent decision by the Alberta WCB and my Claims manager Jamie. The entire WCB attempt on my life is purely political in nature and rooted in the abusive Schadenfreude

nature of the programs run by the worst Director to ever sit on the board of the Workers Compensation Board is my belief.

A poorly run Corporation always begins at the very top of the organization, that is a fact! 

 This is kind of abuse is specific and sharply focused abuse, that is directed at the most vulnerable group of seriously injured workers. This new round of Guy Kerr keenly directed abuse is not just denial of medical needs, when it comes to the subject of opiates these are seriously dangerous policies that the WCB of Alberta is playing with.
These policies are killing injured workers, I can guarantee you that fact. You do not need a fake AB Univ. or bogus college degree to figure that out.

 If there are any WCB staffers who are proudly carrying around FAKE medical degrees in their pockets, then this is a very clear signal that your parents have totally wasted their money, that they spent on your education. This is that watershed moment in time that your parents realize they raised an idiot, because you after all of the useless education you received, you are still as dumb as dirt. If this kind of behavior is the direct result of FAKE Universities flooding our medical care system with fence posts, then this clearly signals a much LARGER danger to the general population as a whole.

 If you need a textbook to tell you that cutting seriously injured patients off of opiates because they sustained a life threatening injury, and that your actions as a nitwit administrator will likely KILL THEM, then you are too stupid to be given the responsibility of looking after the care of another human being.

Guy Kerr and his sick gang of cronies are running a murderous campaign of targeting the most critically necessary of Medical Treatments that we as  as seriously injured workers are bootstrapped to because of the serious trauma accidents we have been exposed to.
 We are NOT drug addicts, we have been prescribed opiates because we got hurt at work, that is it Mr. Kerr. There is nothing sinister about our injuries, we have sustained serious life threatening injuries and that is WHY our doctors have exercised their fully LICENSED powers in order to lessen the suffering we experience as Chronic Pain victims.

 2 days before Christmas the WCB of Alberta decided to settle with me. The very next day, on Christmas eve I received a letter from WCB explaining that I was immediately being cut off of all opiates, despite the fact that their own assessment facility has deemed my injury serious enough that I never have to return to work ever again. As you would expect that determination comes as the medical staff at the WCB Millard realized that my injury is permanent, as every single doctor who has seen me, including the IME doctors have told me: "Brent, you are never going to get better, as a matter of fact the pain you suffer will probably get worse, much worse."

Here is the CTV news story on guidelines put out by the CMAJ. Here is the link to the news story online

This story must be stunning to the backwater bayou staff manning the upper echelons of the Alberta WCB, but we as seriously injured workers are all too acutely aware of; the Backward Backwater Culture of the AB WCB.
 How can these people at the AB WCB pretend that they even have so much as 10 minutes of training or schooling in ANY discipline of the Medical Sciences? They cannot!

 It is that cut and dried simple, these people are carrying around FAKE Medical degrees in their pockets, most likely the gained these bogus pieces of documentation right here in good ol' Hellberta. It is no secret that the U of C is particularly fond of handing out fake degrees to Right Wing religious fanatics, it is the Alberta WAY. Need proof? See: Harper

 Just like I told the staff at the WCB Millard, just because YOU bought the entire bogus story of Neuroplasticity being sold by Doctor Phil on daytime television, doesn't mean it is any more legitimate; because what the WCB of Alberta is selling is not in fact peer reviewed medical science. It is 100% purely generated medical Propaganda
and BS, that was generated by Right Wing bogus physicians in the United States, so that they could sell this bogus and phony medical science to injured workers as a way to deny them access to proper, timely and relevant medical care. In this case that denial is the denial of access to critically necessary medications and potentially expensive treatments including surgery that are 100% necessary in order to SAVE the LIFE of the patient. All of this bogus medical propaganda has been carefully crafted and drilled into the minds of the staff at WCB Millard by constant repetition, which has worked magically on the staff much to the delight of the medical meddlers who designed this propaganda to shape the minds of the people who are the only ones within the WCB Alberta rehabilitation program that could potentially recommend or dare I say "refer you to the correct specialists".

Wow, what a concept, actually TREATING patients and not just subjecting them to bogus propaganda! (Sic)

 Seriously injured workers who depend on critically necessary medications like pain killers do not enjoy taking pain meds, if we do not get them we will DIE. It is that cut and dried simple. Doctors understand this and they understand that serious injuries require serious medications, and that for the letitimately injured worker these medications are not to support some kind of drug addiction that the patient has nurtured themselves.
 We went to work and got hurt, that is it. If the people at the WCB cannot understand these base principles and the nature of serious injuries then these people should NOT be in this profession. It is time they return to their natural roots at the drive through window of Mac-D's. They will be much happier and the entire working world will be a much safer place is my opinion.

 This is precisely WHAT happens when you allow Know-nothing, and self absorbed paper-pushing administrators and executives that are all drunk on the fact that they are carrying around FAKE-documentation that is falsely legitimizing their level of education and knowledge in the area of healthcare. This kind of half baked bogus Degrees from Universties and Colleges is extremely dangerous to the very mortality of seriously injured workers, and shows you how FUBAR our health care system in Alberta truly is. But hey, it took 40 years of horrific mismanagement by the Alberta PC Party in order to create such a fiasco, it will obviously take I would guess, yet another 10 years to clean this mess up and take out the RW Politico trash in order to fix this mess.

 All of this political meddling in the Opiod Crisis keeps me in a perpetual state of depression because the people who are responsible for creating the crisis are not held to account, nobody is even looking for these criminals. Why are cops not looking for the drug czars who created this killing machine? Because the cops don't care that junkies and other drug addicts are dying by the thousands, it does not affect them until it is their child who is dying in the OR of your local hospital.

The top 1% see this as a solution to eradicating people that they label as druggies. Why is the Canadian Government NOT taking immediate and retroactive action against the drug manufacturers and distributors who created this crisis in the United States. These are Trump cronies that created this fiasco, I can guarantee you that. This is a manufactured crisis deliberately aimed at killing poor people with mental health issues, that the top 1% believe are burdening the healthcare system. So this is Donald Trump's and the 1% r's final solution, simply kill the poor.
 If thousands of young people are needlessly killed in the process, then, "Oh well". Jello Biafra wrote a song when I was young called Kill the Poor. He realized back then that the top 1% control everything and that murdering poor people is no accident, it is deliberate. And that folks is why the band named the Dead Kennedy's wrote:


Jello Biafra was right. He songs exposed Govt across N. America that really did wish they were able to use a Nuetron Bomb on the poor people. And then along came Fentanyl, that the U.S. Govt has deliberately saturated the streets of our cities with. This is not a crisis created by China, it was created right here in the good ol' U.S.of A., and this murderous campaign continues unabated by the Trump administration.
 May the victims of the American Big Pharma slaughter rest in peace and may God bless their souls.

Here is the link to the article in Rolling Stone magazine about Jello Biafra and why Punk Still Matters.