Brent McGillis: Jun 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

WCB and Social Media like Facebook etc.

The one thing that has stuck out in my mind about the death of my AB WCB Claims Manager Wendee Hockney under the wheels of a Garbage Truck, is that after her death someone set up a Facebook page to honor the memory of dear old Wendee. It seems that some of her co-workers at the WCB, including an analyst co-worker even posted pics from their office inside the WCB Alberta concrete Bunker in downtown Edmonton. Another one of her facebook friends paying condolences even had drunken Facebook party pics from some bar and where one of the berieved even had a pic of "The Bitches Club" getting all hammered up in celebration for being "Bitches"(Wow). Disturbing stuff for the people who are empowered with the Fiduciary Duty to Accomodate legitimately entitled AB WCB Seriously Injured Workers, and it is frightening to know that these women are responsible for dispensing WCB benefits and Medical Treatments. The memorial Facebook Page now has since restricted access to her memorial page, after requesting help from her friends to make the webpage "SECRET". This is the kind of mental malaria  the WCB Alberta is spreading to an ever widening portion of the public. This organization (WCB) is Injecting fascist ideology into the general population, and selling it as acceptable behavior.
  I think that even more disturbing is the fact that WCB Employees live in such fear of other Canadians finding out that they are in fact WCB Employees.
 The Workers Compensation Board of PEI even posts a directory of their employees; as they should. In Alberta the WCB of Alberta employees hide like BUGS. 99 per cent of WCB Alberta employees LIE about who their employer is; eg: They will say that they (WCB Employees) Work for a department of the Government. It lends a little more credibility to their shaky status as a human being. WCB Alberta employees are TRAINED by the SAME government contractors hired to teach AB Government Employees to ERASE all traces of their presence on Social Media like Facebook, twitter, etc. You can spot WCB Facebook pages immediately because they have NO friends, and there is NO pictures of them interacting with other human beings.
 Look new job openings for people who have a special knack for abusing clients to death, literally! 
  I find it deplorable that there are people who are capable of such subversion and deception that they will barefaced LIE to their friends, neighbors and business acquaintances. Because companies like CGI are sharing data across government domains with absolutely NO authority to do so as they are in violation of privacy laws; the WCB of AB has access to ALL information about Injured claimants.
  They have ALL of our private DATA, but yet the WCB employees hide like bugs. They are like cockroaches that only come out at night and scatter when someone shines a light on them. More disturbing is the fact that they allow this infectious WCB Alberta Disease to INFECT their entire extended families as well. They instruct their own family members to use maiden or remarried names spreading the WCB Alberta mutagen across their family trees. The WCB bogus Injury Insurance Corporation operates like Nazi SS, very similar to Masked secret police forces in Fascist totalitarian countries throughout history. This is WHY the Workers Compensation is a criminal organization.
Legalized Gangsterism is what I see, it is pure and simple.
  A shitty run corporation ALWAYS begins at the top! The WCB of Alberta is rife with corruption, and overflowing with fraudulent business practices. This means that Guy Kerr knew about this criminal behavior, maybe he even helped design these fraudulent techniques, who knows for sure? We do know that he knows about these WCB Fraud Techs for YEARS and did nothing. This by default makes him a criminal is my opinion. The WCB of Alberta is nothing more than Government a legalized FRAUD organization legitimized by bogus Government of Alberta Justice Department. When the people at the top know about these fraudulent abuses and do nothing, that is by definition a Government sponsored fraud organization.
The RCMP knows about this gangsterism going on and does NOTHING! This makes the RCMP just one more criminal organization is my opinion.

RCMP refusing to investigate is Government GANGSTERS covering UP for Government Gangsters. RCMP is no better than the crooks they "claim" to protect us from, rubbing out their competition. I am willing to bet that the Cops have killed more Canadians than were killed in the Korean War since the Harper government has been elected. Of course the Government collects NO STATISTICS on the number of Canadians they murder, right?

 Same with the City Cops in Edmonton and Calgary, it is no secret that these Police organizations are rife with corruption we read about it every WEEK in the newspapers! The CPS and the EPS also refuse to investigate WCB corruption. Government Gansters looking out for Government Gangsters!
It is still not a crime to have an opinion in this country; YET.
 This is disturbing how the Progressive Conservatives have spread their corruption throughout the economy of Alberta. Hellberta is now just one big giant seething Hellpit of corruption and despair, I want out of this Toxic Environment. Humans were never intended to live this way in a Democracy.
 The phony disguise of Democracy has been ripped off the face of the true Fascism that lays beneath here in Edmonton, Hellberta (Alberta).

WCB of Alberta has a Duty to Accomodate

Within the whole hopelessly warped Mind Games that the Workers Compensation Board has put in place to deliberately insulate itself from the group known as Seriously Injured Workers, lies one inextricable ideal; and that is that the Board has been given the powers to adjudicate Workers Compensation claims. With these powers as a completely botched arm of the Judiciary in Alberta, comes the responsibility and the Duty to Accomodate. That is their (WCB AB) duty, not mine. The responsibility lies solely on their shoulders as a fiduciary body responsible for dispensing the monies accrued by collecting Billions and Billions of dollars each year on the backs of ALL workers in Alberta. This ideal goes back to the days of the Constitution Act of 1982. Embedded in the Constitution Act were certain rights 
Section Fifteen of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that Gurantee that Canadians are aforded certain personal rights. Included in these human rights
Under the heading of "Equality Rights" this section states:
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
      (2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Comments on WCB Claims Manager run over by Garbage Truck

It has come to my attention that some of Wendee Hockney's work associates are upset that I am elated at the passing of one of my WCB of Alberta tormentors. Well Boo-Hoo, suck it up princess this is real life happening before your very eyes. If you worked with Wendee at the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta then you too are complicit is the needless torture and torment of Seriously Injured Workers.
This means that you TOO were cashing cheques on my Back; My Broken Back to be precise.

Because that is what is at the heart of the wanton abuse of Seriously Injured Workers by the WCB Alberta, it is 100% avoidable and totally unnecessary! The Workers Compensation Board has within its ranks the ability and the will to change the way it treats Seriously Injured Workers, but they choose to continue the taunting, the tormenting and the willful abuse of people who have been seriously mangled and disfigured at work by NO fault of their own.
 This is an embedded culture of seriously mentally deranged humans exacting payback on humans who they have never met for some kind of inbred abuse they suffered in their previous life in the Trailer Park, and their unsatisfied jobs and human relationships. Employing Claims Managers who are naturally leaning towards suffering from varying degrees of Schadenfreude is a very troubling hiring practice that can only have one outcome: Prematurely Deceased Seriously Injured Workers.
 I cursed these bastards years ago, it seems to be paying dividends by rubbing out some of these EVIL Government empowered tormentors. I recieve calls every week from other Seriously Injured Workers doing a big Celly, their first response is typically; "Are you serious", I respond, "Yup, true story this really happened". I hope the entire gang rots in Hell is my personal opinion.

 Hitler built an entire empire around torturing and murdering humans, while all of the Right Wing Pundits DENIED it was even going on. The ongoing needless torture of Seriously Injured Workers in the fastest growing province of Hellberta is no different.