Brent McGillis: Feb 2, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Lost Days" in my HALO of Chronic severe untreated Back Pain

 I am just beginning to emerge from the painful winter of 2015/16 as the Lost Days of winter give way to the hope of a mild spring to help ease the severe Arthritis Pain that I suffer from as a direct result of my broken back. The weather changes of winter have an enormous impact on my life, in that I suffer from severe pain events typically approximately 2 days before a weather event occurs. This means that I can become so overcome with chronic back pain that I am unable to even get out of bed for more than a couple of hours each day during the coldest months of the calendar year. For the month of December and January this means that there are potentially entire weeks that I will be unable to function at even the most minimal levels of physical performance, and I am talking about just the ability to perform every day tasks like driving to the store for essential needs. The severity of these winter chronic pain events has continually ebbed upwards over the years as I am strictly forbidden from seeking treatment from ANY Spinal Orthopaedic Specialists within the province of Alberta. The Alberta Health Services and the WCB of Alberta in "Lockstep" have co-ordinated their medical ATTACK on me specifically for the express purpose of denying me access to proper, timely and relevant medical care for treatment of my severe Chronic Back Pain condition.
 For those injured workers who do not know, this is the ONLY way in which the WCB can ensure that the medical torture they unleash on injured workers will have the most severe and punitive results, IS if they have the FULL SUPPORT of the Alberta Health Services organization to DENY diagnostic and medical treatments, and to fully BLOCK ACCESS for severely injured workers that truly NEED ACCESS to the Alberta's Healthcare system for treatment.
I have been living the dream that the new NDP Government of Alberta would bring about change in the Alberta Health Services, but as the months drag on it looks to me like the new boss is the same as the old boss. For the Alberta Government Unions everything is A-OK as far as they are concerned when it comes to Govt. workers and the WCB because they are dealt with in a very DIFFERENT way from everyday workers who are NOT Union and are NOT Govt. workers, they get Special Preferental Treatment. If you don't believe me, please SEE: Firemen and Cops.
 Have you EVER heard of a Cop or a Fireman having trouble with their WCB claim? No, that is because they are automatically "Fast-tracked to treatment" in ALL of the treatments that they seek.

The government workers are at the very Pinnacle of the food chain when it comes to seeking or receiving Medical Care in Canada.
 Then comes the second class of medical patients in Canada called the general population. After them in comes the third class called welfare recipients, then comes the fourth class of citizen called Immigrants and Refugees. The Fifth Class of Medical patients in that Alberta would naturally be delegated to the indigenous peoples of Canada, the native people would naturally not even be put on the list so that AHS could free up space for white people, right?
And finally comes the very LAST in Canada's very own CAST SYSTEM of medical treatment and those are called Severely Injured Workers that the WCB of Alberta and the Alberta Health Services have designated and identified as non-compliant WCB Claimants that are TARGETED for medical abuse and a blanket across the board denial of access to services. Severely injured workers with a severe back injury are at the very BOTTOM of Alberta's CAST SYSTEM of delivering Health Care, just as Ralph Kline had intended, Booyah for AB Hillbilly culture of 1959!

Through this all, and despite the repressive and severely punitive medical retaliation of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, I am not bitter with the gang of Do-nothing Government Workers who have made this their mission to deny me ACCESS to proper and timely medical care and diagnostic treatments for my severe medical condition. I feel no anger towards these shadenfraude medical hacks, that are empowered by a conservative government medical strata that seeks revenge against those who would stand against their exteme punishment of Workers whose only crime against the state was the crime of simply "Showing up for work!" I look at the gang of Do-nothing slackers we call the WCB of Alberta and can feel nothing but pity for these people like Kim Kroetsch and Colleen Bamford and the do-nothing slacker manager Trevor Dill, because there is NO private business in the world that will provide the pay scale that these government Slackers get from the WCB, for the WCB's perverted privilege of watching these slackers sit around all day and jack off.      The slovenly government slackers will find that when they leave their overly generously compensated do-nothing slacker jobs at the WCB of Alberta, there are NO companies in the world that are prepared to pay them an equal amount for their hillbilly College degree, NONE, zero, nada.

 The final tally of the number of "Lost Days" has amassed itself into a very large number of days that I never got to enjoy like the rest of the human beings in Canada. Laying in bed and trying not to move is the ONLY way that I can try to avoid the severe non ending Chronic Back Pain that I suffer, it has robbed me of my enjoyment of life and the pursuit of happiness. Watching your life pass you by because you are bed ridden in severe pain burdens me with a feeling of terrible loss, a loss of a life not enjoyed. This is a tragedy that a man in his prime of his life would be robbed of his ability to earn a living, and of the privelege of seeking medical treatment for an injury suffered while at work, this is a tragedy of the Mirage we pretend is the awesome way of life in Canada.
 So when my roomies ask me how I am feeling while I am lying in bed suffering, I always respond with "It's just another LOST Day in Hellberta." For me the months of December and January deliver a punishing blow of severe pain that cuts me out of most activities in the Tar Glop Hellhole of Edmonton. I honestly do not think that I can survive even 1 more winter here because of the Billions of Tons of water (H2O) that is artifically injected into the Edmonton sky each and every day during the coldest blasts of winter descending from the Northwest Territories. This is NOT the Alberta I grew up in, this is a new artificial environment of severe cold mixed with Billions of Tons of WATER injected into the Edmonton atmosphere in order to cool the Tar Glop operations at the massive refineries that surround this city. This is why we suffer from so many severe FOG events in the coldest months of the year in Edmonton and especially to the north of the city from the massive Tar Glop refining plants at Fort Saskatchewan. This artifical weather makes is so that on most days I simply CANNOT go outside in the Super Cold 80% humidity of Edmonton Hellberta, during December and January. This horrific combination of Industrial created artificial weather delivers KILLER PAIN to my mangled spinal column, that pushes the envelope of how much pain my body can endure in the mega-Industrial wasteland of Edmonton, Hellberta.
 I don't dream of being saved by my government anymore, that dream is dead. I mostly pray for death each and every single day that I wake up in this hellhole of Medical punishment and abuse. I do not dream about living a long and productive life in the MIRAGE we call Canada, because it is not a real dream. Canada is a LIFE SENTENCE to hell for me, because I was not fortunate enough to work for the Government and be part of their special CLUB that actually receives ACCESS to medical treatment. The very first thing that enters my mind when I wake up each day is thinking about suicide, because I know that for each and every moment that I remain in this Industrial Hellhole, is one more minute that I know that I will NEVER be able to be medically treated.