Brent McGillis: May 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Excuse me while I have my Human rights stripped away

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I am never at awe anymore when the WCB Alberta strips away yet even more of my individual rights under the charter, or the phoney rights that are supposed to be adhered to by WCB Alberta.
From the very beginning, once I had arrived home from the Hospital, which I did not want to leave because of my extreme physical limitations. I knew that WCB Alberta would not have home care in place, and guess what?, they did not. I started receiving letters from WCB Alberta about the looming return to work date. I was stunned, they (, had embarked on a program of Intimidation and coercion right from the beginning. Case Plan Letter Page 1, 2, 3, 4. The RAH is not responsible for the WCB shoddy home care operation. Had the Hospital set it up, it would have been in place before I arrived.
The threats and intimidation (coercion) did not end there, they had to get me to the Millard Health Center to fully invoke their sinister plan. The trap was set and all they needed was for me to walk in the door. They (WCB Alberta) had "profiled" me right from the beginning and had no plans whatsoever of planning my Rehabilitation. They were simply springing a trap for me to walk into. Knowing full well that I was under extreme physical and mental duress. They knew it would not take much to use duress as a tool to psychologically stomp all over me. And they executed it beautifully in a WCB Alberta kind of way.
The woman who did my FCE (functional capacity evaluation) then produced a document and herded me into a office with a camera in the ceiling. (Strange form of Rehab) She wrote I had "imagined my injuries to be greater than they actually were". I told her that the majority of my pain in my lumbar and lower area was radiating from the area of my original injury. She told me that I had signed off on that injury years ago (Untrue) and that I would have to sign a similar document now. I refused. She told me I had to and again I refused. She returned sometime later and said that I would not have to sign the document and I left. Dr. Sonnenburg himself wrote WCB Alberta that I have had 3 compensation related previous back injury claims.

It was when I went to meet with the director of return to work services, and that is when all the trouble started. You guessed it!, time to have more of my individual rights stripped away. Bruce Eidick produced a document, that said very explicitly that I had to show up every day @ 8 a.m. sharply or I would be cut off. That was not possible then and to this day is not possible. When I am up all night in pain that is not possible. Every doctor knows that a side effect of Chronic Pain is Chronic Fatigue. And at this rate I will never get my proper Rehabilitation.
It also stated that if I did not make it in, that I had to phone in at precisely 8 a.m. sharp or I would be permanently cut off of benefits. I informed him that this was not possible. He left and returned to tell me there was a phone call in the control room for me.
It was my wonderfully abrasive Claims Manager Kim Kroetsch, and she yelled at me if I did not sign that document that I would be cut off of benefits. God, how I love how the WCB Alberta so gleefully throws around threats and coercion as a Rehabilitation Tool.

Important Note

I think that it is important to note at this time that, during my time in the hospital originally Doctor Zhiang my Orthopedic Surgeon had considered sending me to the Glenrose Hospital for Rehabilitation. I really don't think he fully understood the underlying consequences of letting the "hackboys" at Millard have a go at me. And the fact that the WCB Alberta was already pre-disposed to a program of discrimination against myself. They cannot dispute this since this letter is living proof of their program.

I wonder if the Mayo Clinic Spinal Fusion Rehabilitation Tools and techniques, employ terror, threats and coercion in their day to day operations?

Obviously seriously injured workers might as well get used to crappy medical care right from the Start. That way they won't know any different and will believe that this is the way "Privately Administered Health Care In Alberta", is administered. Thats it WCB Alberta, set the bar low. From that moment to the present day, I have been subjected to extremely low level "Cheapco" care. At it's very worst was the day I got back surgery to have my hardware removed. I would commit suicide before I would let them do major back surgery on me, on an "outpatient" basis. I mean it. I wanted to kill myself for 2 days afterward. This is the best our system can deliver? You can't even keep a person in for 48 hours of observation and direct delivery of morphine through injection for serious operations.
Yep this is Cheap out Alberta Alright.

I have been asking for a bed since I got out of the hospital 3 years ago. No one ever came around as I was told to evaluate my bed (duh, I broke my back). What do you suppose is the very first thing you would buy for a serious back injury client? Duh!!, a bed! So it really came as no surprise that Colleen Bamford denied my request for a decent bed. I don't really think I have to go further on this subject, not even for the uneducated.

The WCB Alberta is so funny because they go on about their much prized "Appeal" process. It is all B.S. And even the Premier_of_Alberta will tell you, B.S. ain't worth a hill of beans. My very first appeal that I submitted on Sept. 10th, 2007 was fed into the paper shredder by WCB Alberta. It was never filed and I never did get my appeal heard by an appeal board or any higher panel. They have destroyed it and refuse to even acknowledge that they received it.
Thank you once again WCB Alberta for stripping away my rights to appeal. Why would I need those stupid damn rights, huh?
Then when I was cut off the second time by C Bamford, I immediately called the Office of the Appeals Advisor and spoke with a representative there. He retrieved my name + file number and informed me that I was an extremely smart man. Strange, we had only been speaking a couple of moments. And then he informed me that I was probably under investigation for "fraud".
I was absolutely floored, stunned and in disbelief that a rep from the Advisor's Office would speak in such a condescending tone. And that as the say, was that. That was my one and only exposure to this "phoney appeals advisor figurhead". So much for my right to appeal, Again.
My mother told me before she died, she was terribly ill for months in the RAH right after I was cut off of benefits the first time by Kim Kroetsch. Sieg Heil.

She told me, and I quote, " Never give up your rights, because you will never get them back." I only hope that the citizens of Alberta understand this as they stand by idly and watch their health care rights steadily eroded.

I can tell you from the standpoint of a person whose medical care is "Dictated" by a Private Insured Health Care Provider, that health delivered by a super board is totally crappy. Why? Duh, because they dole out care to whomever are their friends, not you and your friends. As such if you are not connected, guess what you get squat baby.

"And the people stood by and blithely watched as their rights were stripped from them".
Brent McGillis, 2009