Brent McGillis: Jan 26, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100% Clear Cut Evidence of Document Tampering and Forgery by Shill WCB Bastards

As time goes on the evidence of improprieties at the WCB amass. Unfortunately, in concert with the evidence is the denial by government officials of any complicity. The corruption runs high and deep. That is why this government tenaciously hangs on to what I like to call the Big Lie. System justification is the war-cry of Hector the Defector. As a natural byproduct of this mindset with full access to all the private data, is something referred to as Systemic Justification. Which is to say that the corruption runs so deep that they cannot let go of their Demented Agenda. To do so would expose all the government officials involved in North America's largest Insurance Denial Scheme every devised. Every day I meet people with lots of 100% Clear cut evidence of what these WCB Shill bastards have been doing.
Sadly this is just one horrible injustice in a very large pot of injustices. The general populace seems to be awaking to the abuses of public office. But, I am not convinced, we have witnessed these small uprisings before in Alberta. In this particular instance, voters may knee jerk react to rampant government corruption and bungling. We could be all tossed in to some sort of weird creepy ill defined southern Alberta based SO2 flare fired Cauldron of yet even more Corporate Solutions. Is it me or did someone dig up L Ron Hubbard? Seems like more cloaked vagueness, well we already have that.
That would be like ditching Pizza 73' for Dominoes. Ewwww!And Ewww!
Quaker State in another Oil Can is still Quaker State.
I originally thought that the new party was just the same Bulldozer with a new paint job. I thought that they were just a clever diversion of the PC's, designed to keep all the votes.
I am not sure how the beguiled rose will be remembered. I think they are the far right. I am very wary of anyone who is so vague about their power base.
It would be like going out tomorrow looking for a replacement for your 77' Lincoln Towncar and replacing it by, buying a 72' Cadillac Eldorado with a giant steer horn rack on the hood, with glass packs.
And still no one wants to talk about the abuse of Injured Workers. Excuse me while I Barf.
Can you see why Central Canada does not respect Western Canada. The pinheads running this government are simple minds period. Myself I am horrified, given the fact that some of my uncles went to WWII to fight the fascists. Sixty years later the masses are voting for them. Democracy has been beguiled. Largely unreported in your local Monster Truck Store. You won't see this stuff on World Wrestling Entertainment either.
I like our education minister, who keeps setting the bar lower and lower. What is his next solution, close schools and submit all your stuff online? They are going to have to remove Accounting entirely from the curriculum.