Brent McGillis: Oct 10, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Alberta Government workers responsible for the BULK of Workers Compensation Costs

This post is a follow up to Here is a recent article about Workers Compensation Claims in a U.S. State, the story is about how Government Workers file Twice as many claims for chronic injuries and illnesses caused at work.

  This study of the overall costs of a Workers Compensation system, echoes the very same studies that have been performed in other states of the U.S. I read an article a few years back on the State of Washington, that was trying to come to grips with their spiralling Workers Comp costs. The writers had thought that they were going to discover that certain extremely dangerous Industries like logging, fishing, farming and construction were going to be the main culprits of the majority of Workers Compensation costs, but they were wrong. Instead the data the uncovered was that Governments at the Civic, State and Federal levels and their workers were responsible for the majority of Workers Compensation costs. Further, that they were the most likely to file for long term disability caused by a whole litany of Chronic conditions, that obviously the private sector does not suffer from for some strange inexplicable reason.
  Naturally it would follow that Government workers in Alberta are responsible for being the largest WCB Offender when it comes to workers compensation claims. This is WHY the Alberta Government did NOT out the Alberta provincial workers and other government workers in the province for their massive contributions to the overall Workers Compensation Claims. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is the single largest employer in the province of Alberta, so it only stands to reason that they would be responsible for a very large chunk of these costs. It only stands to reason that if the AUPE is the largest employer, and a government employer that workers compensation studies have proven to have DOUBLE the number of serious and long term chronic injuries, that they would be the largest contributor to the overall costs.
  In Alberta where our PC government is being exposed on a daily basis for all of the corruption, free rides, abuses of taxpayers money and crony contracts to their pals companies. It follows that the Workers Compensation Board is covering up the true costs of our government employees. It is only logical to conclude that government workers at all levels of government are the largest contributor of overall costs associated within the WCB AB scheme.
 The quoted study included Prison guards, cops, firemen and workers of all government stripes.
  Thomas Lukaszuk revealed on his WCB sponsored webpage supposedly outing offending companies for their excessive injuries and deaths, it then was revealed that the WCB of Alberta does not even INCLUDE Seriously Injured Workers like myself in their bogus web pages.
 The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta does not even bother to list Seriously Injured Workers who they have shovelled off onto the backs of Taxpayers of Alberta via the AISH program for the severely handicapped. I am the living proof that the propaganda data that WCB Alberta publishes is not only erroneous, but patently false. More accurately this is fraudulent in my opinion, which would be more in step with the rest of their felonious operations within the scope of the Alberta government.
  It is no secret that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is completely RIPE with fraudulent business practices designed to strip Seriously Injured Workers of their right to Due Process:
When a government harms a person by deliberately disobeying the exact course of Legislated law as it is written, this constitutes a due-process violation, which offends against the rule of law. Typical abuse from this AB PC Government Sponsored FRAUD organization. Fraudsters empowering a Fraudulent organization is what I see.
 All of the FRAUD activities by Employees of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta has been promoting for the last 20 years is all a matter of public record by the media. The rampant FRAUD that saturates the WCB of Alberta is well publicized and well known to all workers across Canada.
 All Government Workers are given blanket imunity from these fraudulent WCB Alberta practices, as this would be in direct violation of their Union Agreements with the province of Alberta. Remember Meredith, this is Meredith in action.
  All of this rampant out of control Corruption within the Workers Compensation Board is going to come out, just like all of the rest of the PC crony corruption that covers the Front page of our daily newspapers each day. This is a tide of change that even the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta cannot stand against, they too will be exposed for their crimes and all of the backroom crony glad handing that has been going on for decades. I believe the WCB AB will be exposed for sweetheart Compo rates for cronies while downloading 90% of the WCB costs onto small to medium businesses operating in Alberta. I see this as a ponzy style government scheme, and a form of Corporate Welfare reserved for the largest crony corporations in Hellberta.
 The Government of the day will fall unless they simply SWAP the Election memory cards, but how hard can that be given that an ex Govt. MLA is a computer genius? If the PC Government collapses workers across this province are going to celebrate the end of this tyrannical Gang of Corporate Crony dick suckers in Alberta. Change is coming, and with change is going to be the exposure to what the REAL costs of our government are in Hellberta.
  The days of Guy Kerr simply putting some more Chap-stick on his lips that he has voluntarily abused by servicing the wishes of his largest Corporate Crony masters is coming to an end. All of this Corporate Dick Sucking is going to come to a head.
 Source: Joyreactor
The taxpayers of Alberta are tired of sheer size of Corporate Welfare that is being paid to a do-nothing corporate Air Dick Sucker like Guy Kerr for the Workers Compensation Board.
 This guy is getting paid over a half Million dollars per year to Fuck-over disabled WORKERS! And consistently kill 200 workers per YEAR? Like REALLY? Is that what this country is made of? Is Alberta proud to be a province of Corporate Dick Suckers
that will stand by and watch this stuff go on for decades? If so, what makes this place any different than any 3rd World Arab Dictatorship? Nothing, is the correct answer.
  All of this rampant out of control Corporate Dick Sucking is to be expected from the government employees who get benefits that workers in the private sector can NEVER even dream of working in the private sector. Government workers do not want this dick-sucking GRAVY train to EVER end.
 But everyday working the hard working men and women are repulsed watching these pompous asses as they strut around knowing full well the crimes they have committed and they smirk about it. They smirk like Donald Cormie did because they have the full backing of the Corporate Dick Sucking government of Alberta. Albertans naturally expect that the Cops and the RCMP will do absolutely nothing because they are fed by the GRAVY TRAIN! Hell, all of the cops volutarily bought tickets to RIDE on the Corporate Dick Sucking Train for god sakes.
  Nobody on the Corporate Dick Sucking GRAVY TRAIN wants this FREE ride to end. For all of the government workers the present system is Awesome! Change is coming, I can feel it in the wind. Young people are pissed off at what is going on, and they are not happy that their fat, lazy old parents are not doing anything to bring about change so that they too can have opportunities in future.