Brent McGillis: Oct 23, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

Chiropractic care vs. The Alberta WCB Byzantine Empire

 Anybody who has been reading my blog will have read my comments about the last remaining vestiges of the Byzantine Empire that we here in Alberta have come to know as the AB WCB. It has occurred to me that in order to completely frustrate any claimant who had become injured at work by no fault of his own, it was necessary for Guy Kerr and his long politically dead crony Dr. John Cowell to create an alliance with the Explain Pain mind control book people. 
John Cowell as you remember from my previous posts was the proverbial "Hatchet Man" of his day, back when King Ralph appointed him to oversee the dismantling of the WCB
  What Dr. Cowell did in the mid nineties would amount to what the State Republicans fondly refer to as "Workers Comp Reform" today. WCB Reform was and continues to be an effective tool of the rich corporations to bastardize WCB franchises across North America. This is an obvious objective of the AASCIF organization
Fake Whitney hopes you don't need help 

because it is necessary for the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds to embed this programming into the collective psyche of not only the Seriously Injured workers, but into the minds of the WCB employees as well. Luring the employees on-board to their corporate mind control double-speak is not that hard of an effort for this mega corporation because they are utilizing one of the oldest corporate tricks in the world to achieve this goal. I spent the first 10 years of my working life working for the largest industrial supplier in Canada and their objective in management training was that a company did NOT have to pay their employees the highest rates in the land, as long as the Corporation was committed to treating their employees well with a constant stream of activities and awards to keep them happy they would be able to maintain a constant stream of Corporate Lifers. In fact their data showed that the ideal candidates for these management positions were not young single talent, but rather staff who were married and committed, thus tapping the biggest pool of dedicated lifers who were likely to stay with the company for many years. This is the corporate way because the corporation knows that new young staff will question methods and the moral objectives of their decisions, that kind of brash new thinking will only spoil what has  become the biggest corporate cash scam operation in the western hemisphere.
 It is and has become my opinion based on psychologists responses to one of the authors of the Explain Pain, that this book is much more pure propaganda than true medical science.

Dr. Phil likes to sell the public on the idea of Neuralplasticity in his quack Television Healthcare broadcasts,

the very fact that Dr. Phil thinks this stuff is real is enough to set off all of the available alarm bells that my mamma passed on to me in my DNA.
 Here is a link to psychologist's take on the idea of neuroplasticity It is a good read, all clinical practitioners should have the open mind to read a critical opinion of this unproven quacko medicine.
 It is not my intention now or in the past to initiate any kind of friction between the WCB and myself, as I know all too well how that turns out. It is my intention not to walk straight into one of the WCB carefully designed ambushes though, because at the very moment they have convinced you that you are no longer experiencing pain is the day they will cut you off. I have already had that experience on too many occasions, the 1 single thing that the WCB of Alberta is consistent at is, backstabbing you and then back-dooring you right out any kind of benefits.