Brent McGillis: Mar 13, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opposition Parties Unite in Call for Public Inquiry

I have watched the events unfold in Alberta Health Scare, I am buoyed by the work of Dr. Raj Sherman and the efforts of the CBC to uncover some of the terrible abuses that the Alberta PC Government has been deliberately imposing on the sick, the injured and the dying citizens of Alberta. I see little sparks of light in the terrible darkness that has imprisoned families, terminally ill patients, persons who became ill because of workplace hazards for over a decade now.
I find it difficult to find hope when the Judiciary (Alison Redford Justice Minister of AB) of this province remains as the super corrupt blockade to any meaningful investigation of the facts.
We are exposed daily to images flashed across our airwaves of people fighting in far away lands to free themselves from the chains of corruption, and all of the evil insidious side effects of organized criminals operating at the highest levels of government.
The truth is that Albertans are subject to the very same abuses and cover-ups of the ruling government, all as a direct result of 40 years of hideous growing corruption.
DEATH PANELS? This is horrific. Iris Evans does not even flinch.
What did her father do for a living run a concentration camp?
How odd that Stockwell Day steps down now, was he involved in these policies?
The people have no where to turn for help. The RCMP which is our federal police force, is supposed to be protecting us. But as was revealed in the Mayerthorpe hearings, the top level Brass of the RCMP are corrupt, some had to step down in disgrace. I believe that the top RCMP Brass @ K-division are too busy clinking wine glasses with Tories to be bothered with protecting their own membership.So they get promoted to Ottawa to hang out with the true Oil Gangsters themselves.
The problem in Alberta is that the current system of Oil Company Welfare Payola payments to top cops, lawyers and members of the Justice Department is so entrenched, I can see no way out of all of this corruption.
I see no way for truth and Justice to escape to the light of day in this Hell hole of Oil Payola.
It has infiltrated every single pore of our society.
The corporate media is now making a feeble; "We can't be bothered to investigate" exposure of these crimes, but they have spent most of their time recently trashing Dr. Raj Sherman.
What ever happened to good old investigative journalism?
I see old political hack reporters bane-fully stumbling over to the Legislature, to once again reluctantly write another trashing of any opposition allegations of corruption in this government. I see just a tired old relic of a bygone era of political crony-ism that has been propping this government up for decades with their partisan reporting.
Reading the Journal and the Sun is no different than watching Fox television.
I am repulsed by Alison Redford smiling for photo ops, while she knowingly abused her powers by NOT investigating large amounts of proof dropped on her desk of corruption in the WCB Appeals Commission of Alberta, and medical abuses against injured workers.
I am repulsed when I see the RCMP and the EPS holding news conferences about their good deeds, when injured workers know that these Canadian Police Forces refuse to take so much as a statement about abuses and corruption and fraud within the WCB of Alberta.
I am visibly upset by Stephen Harper and his gang of hacks and fraud artists, crooks and cronies from Alberta who now permeate the PMO's office in Ottawa.

They say people get the government they deserve.
At the very point where a gang of fraud artists, crooks and thieves get elected to run Canada, Canada is in a downward spiral at the hands of these shills & hacks.
Canada cannot brag of being the greatest country on Earth, when crooks and fraud artists run the country. Very Sad times indeed.

I just cannot seem to get excited about these events while the crooked cops[RCMP, CSIS] stand by and promote corruption.
I find this very disgusting behavior from the Cops who collect WCB benefits and big cushy pensions paid for on that backs of very hard working and Canadians. Truly shameful.

Canada is now just another super corrupt Corporately controlled Oil State!
Alberta's Mubarek dresses slighty better than Mubarek, but is the same crook underneath. Stephen Harper wears a nice suit, rather than his bedsheets like his crooked pal Ghadhafi.