Brent McGillis: Jun 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

May 31st Decision by WCB of Alberta

 While I was trying to figure out who it is that teaches companies and corporations here in Hellberta how to dodge any kind of WCB injury claims while Injured Workers are on their site, I came across a company known as Intactix and came across an article that is unrelated but of significant importance none the less. The decision is about how WCB and employers here in Edmonton, Hellberta strip workers of their status as "workers".
 When you are seriously injured thus nullifying you ability to work, then WCB strips you of your status as a "worker" on top of NOT paying your legitimate claim to compensation removes all possibilities from workers to earn an income to support their families. Thus adding to the Harper ARMY of homeless persons.
 Being seriously injured at work and then severely abused at the hands of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in of itself is a horrific experience that I hope no worker in Canada should ever have to go through. Sadly since Harper and his conservative (PC) minions here in Alberta have so severely skewed the Laws and Legal system in Alberta to meet their own Corporate Greed Agenda thus turning Alberta into the NEW Industrial Heartland of Canada, a.k.a. TFW Reform Utopian Society.
 Since the Harper regime has focused all of the Federal Government resources directly into Hellberta, the possibility that as a Canadian looking for work, you will end up in Hellberta (Alberta) is very high. As a side effect of working in Alberta there is a very high possibility that you will eventually come face to face with the ugliness and corruption of the Alberta WCB.
 The ugliness of corruption in Alberta (Hellberta) pervades every single government orifice in this province including the AB Justice Department, it goes right to the very top. (Remember our Premier Ms Red-Ford, she was our Justice Minister in years past) Yes folks, even when a seriously injured worker took irrefutable evidence to the highest officer of our Judiciary System, she choose to look away. (Definition of corruption is: Looking the other way.) In my mind on that day the highest office of AB Judiciary had contravened the laws of Natural Justice.
 The amount of variables that are possible in the event of you being injured at work are wide. This massive divide in the list of possible abusive outcomes from the WCB AB is not revealed on their website. Au contraire, on their web page they paint a rosy picture of how you will be treated.
 The terrible reality is that if you have what the WCB of AB would classify as a minor injury, then you will likely be treated in a cordial fashion and your case will be dispensed in timely and respectful manner to all participants involved, including your medical treatment team of professionals.

WCB AB Injury Classification A: Your injury is minor in scope, you will miss a Grand Total of LESS than 3 months at work. Injury Claim: Net Time Loss ≤ 3 months; you will be pleasantly surprised or perhaps even shocked at how fast your claim is expedited.

WCB AB Injury Classification B: Your injury claim is substantial in scope and will result in a Net Time Loss ≤ 6 months at work. Now things start to drag. Specialist referrals and critically necessary treatments are NOT being processed as quickly as you would like, but eventually they will get done if you have a legitimate advocate. Some of your referrals will be outright Cancelled by WCB of AB, not by your doctor or a legitimate non-WCB medical specialist. This is the point at which the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network begins to kick in to high gear.

WCB AB Injury Classification C: You have sustained a serious life threatening and a possible Career Ending Injury. Now you have reached the absolute LOWEST rung in the level of delivery of care that you can possibly reach as a newly badged "Victim" of the abuses of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. You cannot advance any lower down the Flintstones Drone Worker Ladder. 
Is this kind of Hospital abuse really within the scope of the WCB?
Is there any legal statute that would allow the WCB of AB Hacks and Quacks to Lie about their Identity and then to physically assault you in the hospital, WITH the approval of the AHS staff?
It is my conclusion that no is the answer to these critically important Legal questions.

 I have to rest, Chronic Pain leads to Chronic fatigue so more to come later........Thks for yr patience