Brent McGillis: Nov 11, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I am RESTRICTED from ever seeing a Orthopaedic Surgeon here in Alberta. These are my final days and I am going to name every Doctor and Specialist who Fucked Me in my goodbyes

  The reason that I am putting this all down on my blog is because people need to know the suffering that I have had to endure in the last 10 years of abuse at the hands of the WCB of Alberta. This is why I have decided to name every single doctor, specialist, WCB Claims Manager and phony WCB Consultant that ever fucked me over in the last 10 years. I hope that every one of these people has the good sense to aide society and throw themselves under the wheels of Garbage Truck or Bus, this will save countless humans many thousands of hours of suffering for the sake of the WCB Crooks getting super wealthy on the Broken Backs of seriously injured workers.
  I have always said if I ever have to take my own life, I will make damned sure I name ever dick-sucking WCB Troll doctor, physiotherapist and specialist I have ever met that fucked me over in my Suicide note. This is my committment to exposing this entire corrupt Coporate Dick Sucking physio assholes. REMED/CBI and Dr. Garvin Chueng is on the TOP on that list so that the names of these corporate dick-sucking assholes can be exposed for their crimes long after I am gone. This seems like the appropriate way to say goodbye to such heap of dogshit is my opinon. I suffer, suffer and suffer with no help, I just cannot go on any longer. So that people know who these assholes are and what they did to an innocent man, fuck WCB and fuck their troll doctors I hope they all go fucking die under the wheels of a Garbage Truck or City Bus.

Legal Aid and the Government Dick Sucking goes Pro

  After the fiasco of contacting the WCB Appeals Adviser and the maltreatment by those bastards, I decided that a real Lawyer was necessary in order to try and come to an agreement on how to go forward. I was in for another rude awakening in how the affairs of government are intertwined to the point that I do not believe that the Legal Aid society ever really cared about helping me out as much as they were interested in cashing yet another Legal Aid paycheque. More to come Chronic Pain is exhausting. thks

WCB Office of the Appeals Adviser

 After I was rendered dirt poor again by WCB for daring to speak out when the REMED Crackpot Rehabilitation physio weirdos hurt me with their Deep Massage Therapy, I immediately contacted the Office of the Appeals Adviser and I told him what happened. He then asked me my name and my claim number which I gave him. He then responded on the phone, "Well you are a very smart man Mr. Mcgillis". I could tell in his tone that he was becoming very condescending, despondent and he was insinuating that I had planned this event. His mannerisms were very abrasive, and I was not responding well to his condescending manner because he was trying to discourage me from filing an appeal. At the time I was not aware that the bonus structure of the WCB is spread across the organization, so that every single physiotherapist, doctor and claims manager SHARE in the BOOTY they rob from seriously injured workers who are suffering horrifically. These bastards will not even buy me a bed.
  If you have to be told to BUY a BED for a seriously injured worker who has fallen at work and broken his back, then you as a WCB Hack should be god-dammed fired permanently because you are to god damned stupid to even figure out where to catch your Bus to St. Albert.
  I had quickly realized that Appeals Adviser was nothing more than an overpaid WCB Corporate Dick-sucker and dropped and fantasies that I was having regarding these overpaid do-nothings actually getting off of their duffs and doing something to help a severely injured worker.

WCB Consultants are given high paid Golden Handshakes for the biggest performers at WCB

After the disastrous encounter with Theresa Roper I am convinced now more than ever that these WCB Consultants are just one more level of Organized Fraud compliments of the WCB of Alberta. I am convinced that these consultants are still as tight as thieves with the fraudsters that run the WCB.
 The fact of the matter is that if you are a cop or a fireman there is a great big Red Rubber Stamp that says APPROVED that is reserved for all cops, firemen and government workers that the WCB is in love with. They are all government workers and the government workers love giving each other access to special perks that no regular citizen is privy to, this is their own special little club called the government. Within the government it does no matter which level of government you are at, the Union representing you typically has an Appeals adviser that is very well versed and experienced in helping their Government Union members write and file their appeals. These are just some of the perks of being part of the Special Club known as government. Had Theresa phoned me and been cordial then I would have said well maybe she has a point, but no, she phoned me foaming at the mouth mad that I put that on the bottom of the letter.
 This is what convinced me these crooks are all part of the same old gang of self-entitled Conservative Cronies. Cronies like to give each other big fat monetary pats on each others backs because they know for a fact that they can change the status of an injured worker with one single stroke of a key on their computer and help seriously injured workers. But no, these crooks are out to fill each others pockets right to the brim with cash, employers cash. The small and medium sized employers are the big losers here, they think they are saving thousands but they are losing out on the contributions that these once hard working Albertans were contributing to the economy.
 Self-entitled means these WCB people really truly BELIEVE that they are entitled to steal money from seriously injured workers in order to fill their own bank accounts. The bullshit stories that some of these consultants like Theresa spew are just that pure bullshit, if she was a true champion she never would have treated me the way she did. I knew right there and then that the fix was in, and she was part of that old boys club of self-entitled Conservatives that have been such a huge stain on the Alberta economy. The whole bullshit story about these people ripping strips off of Claims Managers is pure fantasy bullshit, just look at their Facebook pages and see them at the Safety Conferences and they are all smiles and boozing it up together. That story is pure fantasy to make them seem more human.
 After the Theresa Roper fiasco, the second time I was cut off WCB benefits was after I did another couple of months of Rehab at the bogus REMED Rehabilitation when it was on 142 street.
 I honestly did not know at the time that REMED was part of CBI Health/HealthPointe, I that point I had no idea that HealthPointe even existed. I certainly did not know that CBI was this massive chain of what they like to call Spinal Treatment Centers, and I certainly did NOT know they were the very same guys as CBI.
 After a couple of months at Remed, the physiotherapist I think it was Jay I can't remember. No, matter because they tried Spinal Manipulation of my vertebrae. They never even had so much as an X-ray to go by and they were trying to manipulate my Spine with Deep Massages that set off a debilitating intense Chronic Pain that persists to this day, that was why I was cut off because REMED said I was skipping Physio. I was injured and had no intention of allowing the Hacks and Quacks that work at REMED the opportunity to INJURE me AGAIN. Definitely NOT, that is my right, and the WCB of Alberta made me homeless for simply not wanting anymore pain inflicted on me by REMED.
 REMED was another crackpot group that was trying to tell me that I needed to use MIND CONTROL to manage my Pain that THEY caused! Crackpot Hacks and Quacks is my opinion of these hack bastards. They never even so much as said SORRY. Because they could give a FUCK!
Fucking greedy Bastard crackpots is what I think of REMED Rehabilitation.

Remed Physiotherapy part of the CBI Health Group Hacks and Quacks Network of Crackpot Physiotherapists

 After I was dispatched from Millard Health in 2006 under extreme physical and mental duress, I tried to go back to work but the pain was just too bad. I could not continue working because it was just causing more and more extreme damage to my back. This is after the WCB Millard phony rehab facility had written that I was fit enough to return to work. Well I can tell you from experience that picking up a couple of boxes on a shelf is NOT ANYTHING like work. But the WCB AB is stupid enough to beleive that it is, but what else can be expected when you are dealing with the Mother Ship of the Hacks and Quacks network?
The WCB of Alberta is a malicous and dangerous organization, that deliberately and intentionally TARGETS seriously injured workers while they are helpless and vulnerable in the Royal Alexandra Hospital. That is fact, 100% pure FACT these guys and women are malicous bastards. I hope they rot in hell on a bed of thorns would be the appropriate penalty for their crimes against workers.
Finally after pleading with Dr. Hongxing Jiang for over a year I finally had my screws and hardware removed from my back. This was ANOTHER horrific episode with the fucked up WCB Alberta fuckshow known as the Royal Alexandra Hospital. I had just gone 1 year without any help from WCB for anything, no medications while I suffered and begged my relatives for money to buy painkillers as I lay awake nights crying in pain. I was forced to do the surgery on an OUT-Patient basis, as per WCB and AHS instructions, I can tell you that that experience was so fucking horrific I wanted to DIE.
All that Jiang gave me was oxy's that did NOT kill the Pain! Debb had to pick me up and drive me home, I had no cab, no homecare, no fuck all again. This is the WCB Alberta fucking experience, the WCB of Alberta's intent is to fucking KILL you dead as fuck, no secret there.
 It was at this time that I had wrote my appeal to the Workers Compensation Board, not that they would even give two fucks, because they don't. It was at this time I had contacted what was supposed to be an  ex-WCB Claims Manager named Theresa Roper at TRH Consulting, she advertised herself as a WCB Consultant. I had written my own appeal and Faxed it to Theresa, her son verified that he had received the Fax that followed because the WCB refused to accept my appeal because they said that I did not sign it. It is the responsibility of the WCB of Alberta acting as an Officer of the Court to properly inform claimants if there are ANY inconsistencies, ommissions or errors in the Claimants Appeal.
 The WCB AB was given powers of that are the equivalent of a Court of Law, and as such it is their Duty of Care to act as a responsible Officer of the Court. The only stipulation the WCB made was that I sign the document. So I did and then Faxed it to Theresa Ropers fax no. At the time in the news was the prosecution of a convicted WCB Claims Manager that had robbed the WCB Alberta of almost a Million Dollars so I put at the bottom of my signed fax, "I hope my next CM is not a Heroin addict".
 Well Jesus Christ if Theresa Roper did not phone me SCREAMING that she now was NOT going to take my case, and that was the end of her feeble attempt at help. It is my opinion that Theresa Roper was STILL at the time an employee of WCB Alberta, otherwise why would she FLIP-OUT like that?
 So as such WCB refused to acknowledge they ever received my appeal, nor did they ever send me a copy of their decision so that I could appeal that decision because the WCB Alberta simply started sending cheques again after a year with not even so much as a letter to explain their decision.
Then as another failed attempt at getting real rehabilitation I looked in the phone book for a physiotherapy once again on the failed assumption that these places were independent, wow what a collossal mistake that was. I chose REMED not knowing they were also part of CBI Health.

CBI Health complete Timeline of their WCB run Monopoly on Physiotherapy Care in Edmonton region

 The horrific realization that I was trapped in this continual AHS Merry-go-round of Orthopaedic Hacks and Quacks came full cirle in March of this year. Being part of the Hacks and Quacks network is not entirely the fault of all of the doctors who are addicted to being part of the WCB AB Club. Many likely like myself are completely unaware of the scope of the reach of this menacing corporation who are drunk on profits before the medical needs of people.
 The very first physiotherapy clinic that I attended was at the Westmount CBI Physiotherapy Clinic (now on St. AB Trail). I never had a career ending injury before, and I was a total neophyte when it comes to the WCB and their devious ways. I honestly believed the WCB AB Claims manager when she told me that I was "FREE to choose any physiotherapy clinic". Wow, I thought, how could this possibly be corrupt? I should have known better given my first experience with WCB AB back in 1990 when I first injured my lower back while laying metal deck on the Edmonton Journal.
 I really did believe that the Physiotherapy Clinics were independent and that they were all different, so I naturally felt that as independent Clinics they would be legit and deliver a robust level of care.
 I could not have been more seriously wrong in my lifetime. I had no idea what was coming down the pipe, I was completely unaware what a bogus company that CBI Health really is and was. I did not know that they had so many different Clinics and companies operating under their umbrella.
Alarm bells in my brain were starting to go off at CBI Health Westmount when one of the physio guys was telling me that I would be taken off of pain meds and that I would have to learn how to use "Mind Control" to manage my pain. Pretty wonky stuff huh?
 Unbeknownst to me in June of 2006 was, that I had just met the first members of the Hacks and Quacks (CBI/Healthpointe) network that I would encounter. So I completed my physiotherapy at CBI, suddenly MORE Alarm bells started going of as the physiotherapists recommended that I immediately begin Light Duty since I had just finished 3 months of physiotherapy at their clinic. My Chronic Pain had not subsided one bit, and I would report this every day at physio, so naturally I was caught off guard and was very confused at the outcome of their final report.
 CBI Health and Healthpointe are operated by the same company, I believe they get a huge CASH kick-back from WCB AB if they force you back to work in 3 months or less.
 Within the super corrupt world of WCB bogus rehab and physiotherapy, there exists the WCB micromanagement need to be the great omnipresent overseer of physio. These policies that are written in concrete for all workers except for Cops, Firemen, Guards and all other government employees who are free to actually seek out real doctors, real physiotherapy clinics and the like; regular Joe workers are forced to go to the fake and felonious Medical Rehabilitation Clinic known as Millard Health after 3 months of physio.
If you do not miraculously recover in 3 months from Breaking your BACK, and you still have the Steel Bars and Screws embedded in your Spine, then WCB Alberta forces you to go to the Millard Health Scare clinic.
 Police Officers, RCMP, and any top government workers get to go to a REAL Rehabilitation Center at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Government workers do not want to be forced to rehab with the unwashed non-Christians you know. They all belong to the secret club we call the government, that is how things are done in Hellberta. You get crapped on by Millard Hacks and Quacks, and the Cops and Firemen get honest to goodness rehabilitation.
 How in the Hell is this fair? Alberta is operating a Health Care system based on DISCRIMINATION!!
 So as you know if you followed my blog over the years, the situation became tense as the WCB Millard bogus rehab workers immediately began their program of mocking my injury, of intimidation by forcing me into rooms with microphones and cameras while they would try to coerce me into signing documents that stated that I had NO other injuries other than the L1 burst fracture.
  All of this coercion, intimidation and mocking of my Broken BACK sent me into a severe state of mental Duress, this lead to a immediate decline in my physical condition as my body reacted to being intimidated while my body was still in a state of SHOCK from my severe injury!
 This is WCB mental and physical TORTURE, that was deliberate and intended to inflict further injury! That is what severe mental and physical duress does to your body when you are extremely physically depleted, and the WCB of Alberta staff at Millard KNOW THIS to be true, the deliberately set out to stress me beyond the limits that my body can withstand while under duress.

  I tried to tell the FCE woman about my knee and my neck problems and her only response was, "Oh, there is nothing on here about those injuries".
 I even demonstrated to her how I could not stand up because of my injured knee. The reason that there was no mention anywhere is because when I told Dr. Hongxing Jiang about my knee and my neck in the Royal Alexandra Orthopaedic Clinic, he snapped "I am only being paid to fix your back".
 Don't GO TO THE ROYAL ALEX, you will be lucky to come out alive, that is the gods honest truth!
 I knew immediately that the whole WCB Millard facility is a WCB SCAM and is nothing more than an elaborate HOAX designed to DISPROVE your injuries! Give it a phony Rehab NAME and proceed to SCREW Seriously Injured Workers! Dr. Hongxing Jiang had initially told me while I was drugged on morphine in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, that I would be sent to the Glenrose Hospital for Rehab.
 The Glenrose Hospital is a REAL Rehab facility with REAL doctors, but it is only for Cops, Firemen and Sports stars and other privileged and connected Albertans for rehab. 
 Then after I was physically ATTACKED by Dr. Leslie DeLima I was immediately discharged and there was no rehab, no Home-care, no bed, no fuck all.
 I believe that Dr. Leslie DeLima should be charged with ASSAULT for his evil WCB AB deeds in March of 2006.

 Welcome to Hellberta, Royal Alexandra Hospital STYLE welcome. I would rather jump off the High Level bridge before I ever would enter that Hellhole medical torture chamber ever again.
 I don't really care if I ever get treated in this Shit-hole province anymore, I do not dream about getting legitimate medical care in Alberta anymore because it is a false dream. It will never happen, I just want to fucking die now in peace, fuck Alberta. Giant toxic waste dump is what this place is.

HealthPointe/ CBI uses their MONOPOLY for Spine Injury treatment in Edmonton to DENY Seriously Injured Workers Treatment

The final realization of the true scope of how far reaching the HealthPointe-CBI Health Group [Canadian Back Institute] truly is became shockingly apparent on the day that I went for my appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Strathcona Community Hospital back in March of 2015. After examining me and recommending some stretches the Orthopedic Surgeon at the Ambulatory Clinic Dr. Joshua Thambiraq suggested that I BUY a book that was published and written by none other than CBI (Canadian Back Institute) on back pain!

If reading a goddamned book would end my Chronic back pain, I would read 10 books a week!

 I was horrified once again at the outrageous stupidity of the Alberta Health Services and their enslavement to the CBI, HealthPointe Monopoly on Orthopedic Surgery in the Edmonton region. I was instantly mortified that no matter where I go in Alberta I am haunted by this Canadian run spin-off of the giant American Corporation that clearly controls Orthopedic referrals in the Capital Region.
 This is the success story of Progressive Conservative Health Care Privatization, this is what it looks like and this is what happens to you when a corrupt Health Care provider that takes kick-backs from the WCB of Alberta to DENY Seriously Injured Workers ACCESS to ALL Care!

This is the end product of decades of Ralph Klein-ism gone awry, this is what the face of Privatization of Health Care services in Alberta looks like. This is what happens when ONE American Corporation is given the free reign and this is what Alberta Health Services CORRUPTION LOOKS LIKE!
 I am a victim of this out of control corruption that is deeply embedded within the AHS government agency. As such, the standard vehicle of corruption is money, this implies that there are career health scare workers within AHS accepting kick-backs for helping ensure that ONLY the "Desirable Patients" get proper referrals to the best specialists in Edmonton, and the patients that these crony Health Scare workers guarantee that Seriously Injured Workers like myself will NEVER EVER receive proper, timely and relevant treatments.
 And that folks is where the discrimination against Seriously Injured Workers in Alberta is cleverly and efficiently run via the AHS Electronic Records Management. It is my opinion that the Electronic Records Management never was about giving YOU better care, it was always about DENYING care to patients. Undesirable patients that the AHS/WCB Corruption Team seeks to drive these patients straight to their early graves, for the Alberta Crime of getting hurt at work!
 If you (AHS) are going to discriminate against disabled and identifiable groups, then what better vehicle than and electronics record system where a single little letter flags are easily camoflauged to the unknowing patient.