Brent McGillis: Jun 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WCB Alberta Administrative Law - A culture of deceit & Abuse of Constitutional Rights & Freedoms

WCB alberta, & the PC Corporate culture of deliberate bastardization of Administrative Law principles, is at the very core of their severe unfettered physical and medical abuse of seriously injured workers.
Conservatives hate Workers, period.
That is what I see going on, they despise the Blue collar working man.
At the very core of Administrative Law is the basic principle that the Administrator [] of the Workers Compensation Board[Guy Kerr] will act in a fair and unbiased manner toward claimants.
This legal principle of Administrative Law has ZERO chance of being delivered fairly across the public spectrum with Guy Kerr in charge of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.

Because this is more than just about the rampant unregulated corruption and fraud that is promoted by Guy Kerr.
This is about the crooked Alberta Government promoting fraud.
This is about useless, lay about do-nothing RCMP goon squad cops not acting on what they [RCMP] know to be rampant out of control corruption in the province of Alberta.
In the simplest of terms the RCMP are complicit in this giant corporate Fraud!

Canada has a crooked national police force!
What kind of sick phony Democracy is this?

Every single police department in Alberta is corrupt, because they all "Look the other Way!"

The RCMP Police Force of Canada's specialty is "Looking the Other Way"!
Remember Bruce Carson?

What a sick excuse for a democracy.
This is Canada?
I despise the fascist party of Alberta and Canada.

The Alberta Government is crooked, not just the WCB of Alberta.
This is about across the board corruption and crookedness within the Alberta Government.
It really is that cut and dried simple.

This legal principle means that the Administrator will not deliver Discriminatory, glib, arbitrary decisions based purely on greedy, abusive claim managers wildly exaggerated profit based untruths and fictitious, fraudulently fabricated Medical evidence.

In essence this means that the Board could be held liable for Abuse of Human Rights, in their "so-what, who cares" Management model.
SEE: Cameron Ward vs. The city of Vancouver

This landmark case opens the door to SUE Government agencies and the "Persons" directly responsible for abusing your human rights! To SUE for damages, including mental and physical suffering as a direct result of their arrogant claims managers who abuse claimants. WCB AB Claims managers are unnecessarily rude, glib, and systematically employ vindictive abusive tactics designed to inflict "MAXIMUM" Human Suffering[Denial to proper timely, relevant Medical treatment & medications]. Claims managers get a "rush" from denial of your basic human rights. The Justice Department of Alberta is nothing more than a gang of crooked lawyers propping up this elaborately designed "Alberta Government sponsored FRAUD Scheme!"
The proof is in the inaction of the Justice Department and continuing to allow this Government SHAM to continue. The Justice Minister is obviously a crook, past & present.

Actions always speak louder than words. We have seen what a complete clown the Justice Minister is in the chamber with his crook buddies, you know Stelmach, Goudreau and Lukaszuk.

Lukaszuk's corporate obsession with "Temporary foreign workers", proves that he has NO interest in saving lives. His priorities lie in Marching Armies of Low Paid Temporary workers over the graves of dead Canadians who have come to Alberta to build a country. Tories don't need Canadian workers, they only need "Warm bodies".
Thus the people of Alberta get the Government they deserve[Corporate fascists].

You know for a fact that Stelmach is a crook, he allowed 700 people to be forced to run "scared shitless" out of the WCB AB's downtown office and did not even order an investigation!

That just screams crook. Where are the RCMP in all of this?
I guess the Queens Soldiers goon squad has no heads to crack, since these are their crony pals.
The RCMP must be Sitting inside K-division Wacking off?
What kind of sick society is Alberta? We have armies of cops including the city cops who all refuse to investigate fraud at the Workers Compensation Board. There is only one person who could make that order---The Justice Minister!!!

Well all the Arab countries have crooked cops, what makes Canada immune from crooked cops. Oh, let's see, NOTHING!
We know that crooked politicians are a chronic Worldwide phenomenon[Just look at the gang of clowns running Alberta for gods sake]. But ALL the COPs too! Jesus, what has Canada become? Just another super corrupt- OIL STATE!
It is really sad what CANADA has become.

Typical SIEG HEIL systemic tactics designed to "Mentally Breakdown Claimants" result in CM's uncontrolled rages targeted at inflicting maximum mental distortion & physical anguish on the recipient.

Joeseph Goebbels
would be proud of Mein Kerr's dismissive sound bites.
The Nazi's employed the same techniques in their Medical Genocides.
Milieu Control – The control of information and communication.[Super paranoid Alberta Government]
Mystical Manipulation – The manipulation of experiences that appear spontaneous but in fact were planned and orchestrated.[AB Government simply cannot explain how that happened]
Demand for Purity – The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology of the group and strive for perfection.[Alberta PC's and the WCB drive to Reprogram claimants to accept Medical Abuse & denial]
Confession – Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group.[WCB Mentally torture claimants until they believe they themselves are responsible for their Medical condition]
Sacred Science – The group's doctrine or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute.[Sound like Alberta Health & the WCB?]
Loading the Language – The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand.[WCB is world famous for this tactic in ALL OF THEIR INTERNAL COMMUNIQUES]
Doctrine over person – The member's personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences must be denied or reinterpreted to fit the ideology of the group.[Alberta Health Professionals reprogramming]
Dispensing of existence – The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not.[Alberta Health & WCB DEATH PANELS]

What the Drunk Ralph Team[e.g. Gary Mar] created, and now the Stelmach Government is determined to maintain is the very same ideology we seen in Europe in WWII. Frightening that all the top key people have German names, hmmm, coincidence? Not likely. There are some disturbing sociopaths manipulating all this in the background, the Alberta PC's for the most part are too stupid to actuate such an elaborate Medical Insurance Scam. This scheme was born in the USA, and implemented using key top Medical manipulators from the College of Physicians and Insurance and Medical Review panels that have been in place for decades. Non of this would be possible without the "Good ol' boys club"[GOP in America]. The Good Ol' boys have been in power for too long here in Alberta, and this is the final product of top Conservative Politicians, doctors, WCB and Insurance meddlers working in concert to ensure that YOU get less. The only thing the Alberta Government had to do is vote for the legislation that they did not even draft. The PC's are a puppet government.
No different than any super corrupt Arab country we see falling to pieces in northern Africa.

This really is a direct reflection on the Stelmach incompetence model. Obviously the Polish Prince.

Really of little comfort for vulnerable WCB Alberta claimants who have NO means of fighting a protracted legal battle with the WCB Alberta FOOLS FUND!
Seriously injured workers are in NO position mentally or physically to challenge a super corrupt fiduciary that is putting on a elaborate SHAM - the Kangaroo court known as the WCB Appeals Commission.
Since the WCB Appeals Commission is loaded with ex-WCB AB employees, cronies and corporate Bagmen. The Appeals Commission is therefore in direct conflict of interest, since the Commission is grotesquely biased, with a Crony slant toward large corporate interests. Therefore the claimant has NO access to a fair, unbiased and non-discriminatory hearing.
The Dunford inquiry specifically determined that the Appeals Commission "NOT" employ ex-WCB staffers.
Cliff Dunford retires without implementing ANY of the recommendations.
At least none that count, what a legacy and a horrible torment of workers.
An untrained observer might muse, "Prove it!
No need to call Sherlock Holmes to investigate this allegation, Premier Ed Stelmach gave the people of Alberta ALL the proof we need when 700 scared shitless employees ran out the door of the WCB Alberta on October 21st, 2009.
The SWAT Team showed up, negotiated the release of the hostages, and Ed Stelmach and Hector Goudreau did not even bother to order an investigation.
Shameless corporate Greed and Do-nothing PC Cronies showed the people of Alberta who can order your medical demise.
This entire Government FUBAR scenario screams CORRUPTION!
Ed Stelmach will fade into history as a famous corporate do-nothing crony.

The reason I go on about crooked cops, RCMP, crooked politicians and crooked WCB Alberta staff and the obviously crooked Appeals Commission is that "If you know about corruption and stand by watching it unfold, while doing nothing--You are Corrupt!
And that goes right to the top, including Stelmach and Harper.
Just like the last Alberta Minister of Justice, Alison Redford.
She was presented with evidence of WCB Appeals corruption, and she did NOTHING!
RCMP and EPS members knowing about the corruption and not acting speaks volumes about the integrity of our local, provincial and national constabularies.

Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan and all the corrupt Arab countries are not the only countries on Earth ravaged by corruption. Canada needs to be added to the list.
Corruption is a Worldwide Chronic disease infecting Canadian Conservative Governments.

The fable of the RCMP standing up for Justice and protecting citizens is now just an Old Wives Tale. The RCMP has turned into just another corrupt Government Institution with heroes like Giuliano Zaccardelli implicated in ripping off their own pension fund.

Followed by the current commissioner William Elliott, who approved the hiring of Bruce Carson[convicted Felon confidante of the Prime Minister]. He approved hiring a crook, what does that tell you of the RCMP character? And the state of Democracy in Canada?
Events of the last 5 years speak volumes of the integrity of the PM's office?
Giuliano Zaccardelli is now Director, Strategic Planning Directorate INTERPOL General Secretariat
Lyon, France

This is the Government the people of Alberta deserve. It is no surprise that the WCB Alberta employees are such a pile of do-nothing performers. Look who they have for a boss. Shitty performance always begins at the top of any Government or organization.
Not only do we have a shitty government, but we have shitty cops who are on the take. There is not one RCMP detachment that will take a complaint of fraud against the WCB Alberta. Cops get WCB, Firemen get WCB for cancer of their BALLS, Government workers get WCB.
But they all turn a blind eye to the fraudsters operating with complete immunity, imposing terrible human suffering on non-cop, non-fireman, non government employees. WHY?

All cops take payola to look the other way! All Alberta cops are corrupt crooks is the only logical observation of such a massive fraud scheme. This unspoken policy of Cop corruption obviously guarantees that cops get trouble free WCB Claims, that include being shipped to the U.S.A's top medical facilities for rehab.
No questions asked, wink, wink!

How can any self-respecting human claim that this is a Democracy?
What a joke Canada has become, lecturing other countries on Human rights, while abusing its own citizens. Just look at how they [PC's] neglect a lot of reserves.

The WCB Alberta really has had no legitimacy as a acting Administrative Law entity for as long as I can remember.
• What mechanisms exist in the legal framework to provide individuals the right to be heard prior to an agency decision?
• What regulations exist to ensure that impartial actors make administrative decisions?
o What regulations exist governing conflicts of interest?
• In terms of discretion in decision-making, what regulations are in place to
ensure that decisions are not arbitrary and thus comport with the “principle of
• How does the administrative law system provide for meaningful review of
administrative decisions?

I used to be proud to say I am Canadian, but I cannot anymore. Wide open Corruption and the unabashed abuse of the basic Laws of Natural Justice has turned Alberta, and now Canada into a super corrupt Oil State.

Government Gangsterism is the new Government of Canada model is all I see.
This is clearly a case of US[Hard working Canadians] VS. THEM[All Government Gangsters].

Welcome to the not only 2 Tier Health Care, but 2 Tier everything.
Canada is now a Class society, where you are either directly connected to the crooked Government which will naturally make you cheer Canada.
Or you are part of the millions of hard working Canadians "SUBSIDIZING" all the benefits for the gang of Government Crooks[Conservatives].
All this patently unfair SPECIAL treatment of Conservatives can only end one way,
It will not be old cripples like me who start the Revolt, it will be disillusioned young people who grow up witnessing all the grotesquely unfair advantages given to the well connected conservative cronies.
The Alberta Conservatives have turned Democracy in Hellberta into their own special form of communist rule.
No corrupt government would be complete without a computer Genius like Hung Pham the ex-Tory MLA appointed to oversee the treasury including the Heritage Trust Fund, less than 2 years after he was charged by the RCMP with Elections Fraud.
Premier Ed Stelmach was such a close buddy with Hung Pham the Scam Artist and Computer Genius that he put him in charge of Multi-Billion dollar Treasury Funds including the Heritage Savings Fund!!!
If this does not set off Corruption alarm BELLS, then it is time to renew your Alberta PC Membership!!
Stelmach, Day and all these other PC Crooks are stepping down to avoid prosecution in these scandals.
The Pacific Lottery Scandal has them all running like scared mice.
No problem Harper and his corrupt cronies like Carson will sweep this whole mess under the carpet forever.
No Danger of that in this super corrupt Oil State, where all the cops take Payola to look the other way in these corruption scandals and Charter abuse scandals.
It is the Hellberta Way.
These are truly DARK DAYS for Canada, welcome to the middle ages-Canadian style.