Brent McGillis: Nov 3, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is really going on?

I sure hope that the reason no investigation into gangster type organized crime at the WCB is because the RCMP are involved too. I mean don't you think it is kind of weird that politicians or government officials never get investigated here in this province? I sure hope not. For the sake of injured canadian workers. If so, we are all doomed. I was thinking today that this whole scenario would make a great premise for a video game. I mean the possibilities for different scenarios is infinite. The game could be full of all kinds of super villains, cops, even the army. You could choose from a wide range of machinery and vehicles to drive. There could be negotiators, and just a whole range of wild outcomes. It would be better that the popular game Grand Theft Auto. It is really unfortunate that most people in Canada are too busy just trying to pay the bills to actually get involved in their actually changing their country for the better. Another 2-1/2 years of this government is almost too much to bear. The idea that people would unite, organize and protest the gross mismanagement of this province will never happen, sadly. The cronies don't want anything to change ever, they can't hear you over their own slurping sounds at the trough. I am also deeply concerned that the Wild Rose party is just a dozer blazing a trail through the bush for the Oil & Gas lobby. I could be wrong. I am worried that it is the same bulldozer with a fresh coat of paint!
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