Brent McGillis: Dec 16, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

A Christmas Poem from Edmonton

 I was having a terrible time sleeping last night, the severe cold outside has rendered me immobile and confined to the house during this cold snap, which is typical of the life I am forced to endure as a result of my injury.
So I decided to write a poem about my experience and my families experience with the JRC, because there was no just myself that was screwed over by the Alberta WCB, but my father was as well. It lead to the breakup of our nuclear family and sent the kids to the 4 winds and into the hands of the Alberta Social Services department. I was unable to figure out how to upload the Word document that I had created with all of the formatting intact. The tragedy that has unfolded in our family because of abuse of power instilled by irresponsible governments is immeasurable. It has taken me many years to piece this together, had the WCB simply treated me with the same respect they give to ALL Govt. workers, I would never exposed their "Hacks and Quacks Network", and I would have never figured out that Dr. Leslie Delima is their head WCB Hospital TROLL, that the Royal Alexandra Hospital gleefully has granted him the freedom to physically ATTACK helpless injured workers, while they are drugged up on morphine and other high dosages of pain killers.
 I now live in constant fear that I will have a severe attack and be taken back to the Royal Alexandra Hospital where those bastards can "finish the job". I live in fear the next time I am admitted to a hospital in Alberta I will only escape feet first with a toe tag on.
So as a result, I uploaded it to a file sharing site. Google Drive would strip the document of formatting each time I tried uploading so here goes with the link.
 I am more than just a little rusty, I used to write poetry easily as a child, but it is a resource for relaxing that I simply have not tapped in my senior years. I figured I had better start putting some of this stuff to print, before I succumb to a Fentanyl induced heart attack.

It was a cold winter night.