Brent McGillis: Dec 18, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Store clerks executed in Edmonton armed robberies says Police Chief

  Early today 2 store clerks working the late shift in Edmonton, AB were mercilessly executed while working the late night shifts in 2 separate Macs convienence stores. Both these men had been working alone. It is every single working persons undeniable RIGHT to return home safely from work each day.

According to WCB of Alberta website propaganda each and every worker in Alberta has the right to work in a SAFE work environment. The grotesquely unfair policies of the WCB do NOT reflect this. The WCB AB policies reflect their slanted approach that protects Firemen, Cops and all Government Workers, period. Regular Joe, you are on your own, it is the Hellberta WAY! Discrimination is the calling card of the WCB of Alberta.

  I can remember working the late shift as a second job after the Oil Price Crisis of 1981/82. I was working at a gas station on the midnight shift. I used to lock the doors and doze off since I was working 2 jobs, customers would have to wake me by banging on the window or honking to get gas.
These workers working alone and working without any kind of barriers or locked doors between themselves and potentially violent customers at night is the Employer exposing the Workers to extremely dangerous work environments.

I can also remember that in Edmonton in the late 70's and early 80's we used to have lots of businesses that were open late night. Most late night business has dissappeared as the violent crime increased in Edmonton is my opinion. The late night gas bars and businesses closed as a result. It is now difficult to find a gas station that is open at night in this town. This is where we got the Deadmonton moniker from.

This is why people move to the suburbs to escape the vermin that proliferate the cities at night. This City Council is pouring hundred of millions into one cronies pockets, while promoting urban sprawl to satisfy junky developers. These policies net result is they hollow out the core of this city. Edmonton and their bogus panel to end poverty will never SUCCEED until the Iveson City Council ends their LOVE of CRONY CAPITALISM that is sapping city coffers, rendering the city council unable to meet budget needs.
The Police Chief Rob Knecht was on TV last week telling us his cops cannot respond in a reasonable time, but Edmonton has 2 Police Choppers and a giant Tin Igloo covered in Barn Sheeting downtown that will cost Taxpayers over $400 Million dollars. Taxpayers paid $400M to the sole benefactor Darryl Katz.

Yeah Mayor Iveson we can see how your Poverty Strategy is helping the Katz family suffer these hard economic times. With $400M how will they ever manage "Their Plight of the Rich". (Sic)

 Crony Arenas = more dead Edmontonians is the shocking truth of life in an imploding city.
Cronyism CANNOT be confused with leadership, we need civic leaders that can respond to the needs of ALL Edmontonians. This has ALL been done before in a city called Detroit. We all know how that fiasco turned out.

 The province of BC and Workers Compensation scheme in BC [WorkSafeBC] recognizes this danger and as such has specific rules and regulations governing workers who are working in isolation at night in convienence stores and gas stations. As such they require that there is locked doors or barriers between the store employees and the customers for these workers that are exposed to the dangers of working alone in the middle of the night by themselves. Here is a snapshot of WorkSafe BC webpage that has these regulations.
Images by Awesome Screenshot
4.22.1 Late night retail safety procedures and requirements
  It is time that all workers have equal and non-discriminatory protections are that offered to all Government workers here in Alberta.
Each person working in this province has the same reasonable expectation to return home safely each day from work. Currently WCB policies do not reflect this kind of equality for regular working joes.

Cops, Firemen and all government workers are currently protected, but they belong to the special club reserved for AUPE workers and Federal Govt. workers like the RCMP, City government employees like the Edmonton City Police, et al.
Yes Police Chief Knecht we are outraged, we are outraged that the Government Workers all expect to return home safely each night to their families, but the regular man on the street does not get to live this dream.
That is all it is for the rest of us, just a dream. Equal Rights and Protections under the WCB AB Act are a nothing more than a Dream for regular working stiffs in Alberta. This is where the Government workers GET their Aura of Self-entitlement, because they KNOW they have it 10x better than the rest of us in Alberta.
A dream that quickly turns into a nightmare when the WCB of Alberta focuses their Medical Abuse Team of Hacks and Quacks directly at Seriously Injured Workers.