Brent McGillis: Dec 14, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

WCB Rate Correction and apology

  I need to apologize for the misprint in the calculation methodoloy for the
WCB of Alberta's proposed Farm rates coming into effect on Jan 01, 2016 as per the WCB of Alberta's webpage for Farm and ranch workers. I had misprinted or misquoted the rates as the number of dollars per hour, which is an error I take responsibility for. The correct calculation method is in dollars per 100 dollars earned. For that misprint I am sorry. That is my official correction and it is the proper thing to do when you have made a published error.

 The fact of the matter is that this simple little admission of error is approximately 1000 times more sincere than any measures that the WCB of Alberta has ever made in any of their published propaganda errors over the last 20 years.
  The reason that I can make this statement is because the Workers Compensation Board could absolutely CARE LESS about any errors, omissions or any of their deliberate misrepresentations of fact they have made in the last 20 years. The WCB of Alberta does not NEED to apologize for any of their abusive practices since this organization has NEVER been accountable to the Government of Alberta or the citizens of this province who pay their salaries. The WCB AB have been empowered with Legislative Powers that go far beyond what any bureaucrat should EVER be entrusted with.

  That is in essence the reason that the WCB AB needs to make no apologies, or retractions since they are allowed to operate at arms length from the government; and in doing so are allowed to dole out abuse with cognitive malice and without fear of any reprisals from government officials. Since the WCB AB claims to be funded by the employers, they do not believe they any owe any Duty to Accountability or fairness. The WCB AB believes that they do not have to be accountable to anybody, except the Corporations that contribute to the fund.
  This is a really strange attitude coming from the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta given that they were given the powers of a court of Law to resolve disputes and to keep the litigation costs artificially LOW because there are NO Lawyers in Alberta that are interested in taking on a WCB Case. The WCB of Alberta is in technical terms a fiduciary institution. As such they owe a Duty of Care to the Injured Worker as he is the #1 Stakeholder in this tragic organization.
 No casual observer would be able to confirm this Duty of Care that the WCB of Alberta is entrusted with, given their horrific treatment of Seriously Injured Workers over the last 20 years since Ralph Klein implanted Dr. John F. Cowell as CEO of the WCB of Alberta. Thus was born the John Cowell WCB MIRACLE, that seen the WCB of Alberta costs SLASHED in half in one year! Dr. Cowell knew if the WCB were to simply STOP TREATING Injured workers the WCB would save Millions.

The CEO John Cowell WCB Miracle would result in his crony appointment by
Fred Horne on Sept. 12, 2013 effectively becoming the Alberta Health Services CZAR, as the sole Administrator. That is your AB history of Cronyism lesson for today kids. 

  The WCB of AB is a Fiduciary and is in charge of a very large financial fund funneling BILLIONS of dollars into the Fund to be held In Trust. This Trust Fund was originally intended to help seriously injured workers with their medical bills and medical recovery needs, but it has morphed into an abusive TOOL that is wielded with inpunity for the express purpose of defrauding Seriously Injured Workers out of any benefits at all. This is a travesty of Justice that exists within this super corrupt WCB Scheme that seeks to deny the most basic of needs to injured workers.
  What does the existence of such a super corrupt organization like the WCB of Alberta SAY about the Judicial System in Alberta? It says the entire Judiciary branch of the AB Government is corrupt is what this fact reveals, and eradicates any kind of fair treatment in the Alberta courts.
  Need proof? See: Travis Vader
  I have always said that the PC Party of Alberta created this WCB model of robotic responses for serious questions of a time critical nature that require real-time fiduciary responses. As you will recall from the WCB Media-relations press releases about the Patrick Clayton hostage takings, the WCB Alberta always "Stayed on Message" like the Harper govt. Ad-nauseum since 1995.
  The WCB Alberta has been spewing the same Robotic Press Release since 1995 the year that
Dr. John F. Cowell served as the CEO of the WCB Alberta under Ralph Klein. The PC's resurrected Dr. John F. Cowell from his crony grave and he became the SOLE CEO of Alberta Health Services.
Alberta WCB has been lying about the 85% of the WCB  claimants they "CLAIM" are HAPPY with the service delivered by the WCB of Alberta. The WCB and Guy Kerr have NEVER apologized for the biggest lie ever told in Alberta. The WCB of Alberta has never apologized for their monster lie that they were going to expose the biggest offenders on their website. My injury was not even on their site, it is all just MORE WCB Alberta propaganda. This is another example of how the WCB of Alberta simply does not include information they don't happen to feel is relevant on that particular day.
 I have to rest my pain level is extremely high during these winter storms, and that leads to Chronic fatigue. More to come. Chronic Pain does not take any days off, nor does it take any hours off. Chronic Pain is 24/7 it is debilitating and it wakes me up at night, this is why on evenings when I can I add to my blog. The Spinal Arthritis that pulses out from my spine is so bad some days I just want to scream. I need to move to a warmer climate, these winters are literally killing me.