Brent McGillis: Oct 4, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Adjudicator Mr. J Young shreiks like a little girl on the phone while threatening defendants

 The most insanely bizarre part of interactions with Mr. J Young of the Landlord and Tenant Dispute Resolution Service is when Mr. J Young phoned me at home and started screaming at me on the phone, he sounded like a little girl shrieking. I can only surmise this is the shrieking noises that Mr. J Young emits after his minature Pomeranian named Coco was bitten by the neighbors dog.
 This was for me the very first time in 58 years on planet Earth that I have witnessed such a blatant act of bias, and discrimination aimed directly at a victim of an abusive landlord by a mentally unstable Officer of the court in Alberta. I was caught off guard, it was early in the morning and I was completely caught by surprise that this Government Employee was A., phoning me before 8 a.m. in the morning, and secondly that he would have the audacity to request another hearing date with Sneaky Pete.

Peter Vibe used the excuse that he forgot what time the hearing was at, which is not a legitimate excuse for missing a hearing. Furthermore, Mike and myself were at the meeting and waited outside the office of the Landlord Dispute Resolution Service for almost a half an hour after we left the meeting.

When Peter did not show up for the meeting and we waited until the end, I specifically asked Mr. J. Young, "Has this matter been dealth with?" And he acknowledged that it had been. Mr. J. Young has not only embarassed his office, but he has exposed what a total FUCK SHOW this whole phony Kangaroo Court truly is.

I have known Peter for 35 years and I would have seen him, plus, WHY did Mr. Young not phone me on my cell phone immediately if this were the case.
 Mr. Young has cearly LIED about Peter Vibe showing up after the scheduled meeting, this whole FLIM FLAM Govt sponsored terrorism of renters in Edmonton is a SHAM. Mr. J Young has brought Alberta Justice into the realm of disrepute, their whole phony operation is nothing more than a way for abusive landlords to openly abuse tenants with the FULL BACKING of the courts.

 What happened to me in those meeting is a disgrace to the very word Justice. Mr. J Young should be forced to step down until a FULL and exhaustive investigation into what happened here is completed. The question of BIAS must be answered, and we need to know what the SOURCE of Mr. J Youngs discriminatory BIAS truly is, and what events that led up to his abusive behavior were.

 If the Alberta Justice Dept. does not feel that this is their duty to the public to protect the rights of ALL citizens in Alberta that fall under their purvue, then I will have to take matters into my own hands and protest, protest this Katz/Iveson TOOL of ABUSE aimed at renters in Edmonton.

 I catagorically denounce The City of Edmonton and their bought and paid for cronies who sit on this phony Kangaroo Court that uses discrimination as a tool of ABUSE.

 If the Mayor and his cabal of super RICH Real Estate Investors felt that they needed to exercise their muscle by stepping on the little guy, then they have picked the wrong guy to abuse. We as Albertans all know that this Kangaroo Court was set up to DENY the rights of renters who are looked DOWN upon by wealthy land owners and their #1 Cabal of Cronies that we call City Council.

 I never got a chance to exercise my rights, since my rights were abused from the very moment that this file landed on Mr. J Youngs desk. The fix was in, his bias was fully loaded and he was ready to show Brent McGillis exactly HOW POWERFUL he is.

There is something in Administrative Justice that is known as ABUSE of Administrative powers, that is what has gone on here, and nobody at AB Justice gives a good goddamn about it.
That is why I say, that the old "Dead Wood" of Conservatives are still alive and well abusing the rights of citizens who they do not feel fully align themselves with the politics of their RW office.

 Further to the Abuse of Administrative Powers is that Mr. J Young chose to to abuse his powers of discretion. Within Administrative Law, this is what is known as ABUSE of Discretionary Powers.

The Director of this phony Administrative Justice mechanism told me that Mr. J Young has WIDE RANGING Discretionary Powers.

When Mr. J. Young chose to abuse my rights and to ABUSE the Discretionary Powers given to him by the Dept. of Justice: At that very moment, he abused my human rights.

Get ready Mr. J Young, because I am coming for you. I am coming to protest every day that I am able to lift myself out of bed and when I am done; I am seeking to have you permanently REMOVED from the phony bench your Conservative Cronies have bestowed upon you. I want your job taken from you because you have sullied the name of Justice in this province.
I want Mr. J. Young fired and I will not settle for anything less than that objective.

Especially given the fact that when I was in Kamloops B.C., a solid 10 hours drive from Edmonton attending a Medical Appointment with the ONLY Standup MRI in Canada for my WCB diagnosis and long term prognosis, that Mr. J Young and the staff at the bogus Dispute Kangaroo Court had flat out denied my request for a couple of days so I could rest before returning to Edmonton.

That is what is commonly referred to as DISCRIMINATION on the grounds that the rules governing the request for another date of the hearing are very CLEARLY written into the Legislation that governs these proceedings PRECISELY for the sole purpose to guarantee that one Party of the dispute is NOT discriminated against unfairly. The law as it is written was designed with the intent to not treat 1 party in a inconsistent manner that would align itself with any form of discrimination. The Law says that if 1 party cannot make the date, then they must notify the opposing party in writing and that the opposing party does not approve of the delay because he slept in, then the hearing will move forward as planned. That did not happen in my case, I immediately told Mr. J. Young, "Absolutely NOT, I do not approve." Then Mr. J. Young started SCREAMING at me like a little girl. It was a very disturbing phone call, one of the most shocking in my entire life.

This is one of the most basic and fundamentally critical principles of Law, and that base principle has been severely VIOLATED in this case. I feel violated, discrimination at any level of government is simply inexcusable, offensive and should result in the termination of Mr. J. Youngs tenure on this panel. Because of his unlawful actions he has brought disrepute and disgrace to his office and to the office of the Alberta Department of Justice. Is Mr. J Young an old druggie pal of Peter Vibes, is he related to an old girl friend of Pete's? I just don't get the connection here, but whatever the origins of Mr. J. Young's discriminatory practices are, there is NO PLACE for discrimination in the Justice Department and he should be removed from his position until such time as a proper investigation into this event is conducted by a real impartial investigative body.

Democracy dies a little bit more each day, that these kinds of seriously mentally unstable people are allowed to sit on the bench of ANY Judiciary body. The light of freedom and The Rule of Law fades a little more as we slip into the very same habits of Communist and Fascist countries from across the globe. People risk their lives and the lives of their children each and every day, to cross overland thousands of miles, followed by a few thousand more miles across a vast Ocean in order to reach our shores. They do this for a taste of something they have never tasted, Freedom. And when our Judiciary system allows people of such low moral fabric, who have been drawn from such a SMALL pool of talent-less persons to reside on the benches of our Judicial System; Freedom dies a little bit more on that day and every day this person is allowed to sit on a court in this land.

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Democracy and the freedoms provided by Rule of Law, can be perverted by corrupt public officials, and they have been many times that I have witnessed with my own eyes in my lifetime. Democracy is a very fragile thing, as we witness every single day as a big Orange Clown corrupts and robs the peoples of our southern neighbor. I watched as a corrupt Judiciary run by the Progressive Conservatives railroaded Patrick Clayton. I have watched over the years as corrupt Judges let cops go "Scott free", while friends and injured workers were crucified. I have seen with my own eyes how corrupt Judicial Officials have poisoned "The Rule of Law", and in my opinion these corrupt officials of the court have sullied the waters for people who have crossed Oceans to arrive on our shores looking for shelter and a sliver of hope. When a Judiciary is corrupted the effects on the population is absolutely Corrosive, the effects reverberate for decades in many cases as the will of the people bends under the sheer weight of the corruption.

Democracy is not a true democracy, if the Judiciary is rotting because of their own corrosive habits of abuse of the citizens rights, by treating them in an inhumane fashion. We call this behavior, Canada. Canada is not a perfect society, immune to corruption. Corruption infects Edmonton like the plague ever since Mandel and his crony Iveson sullied this city. The way corruption becomes so infectious is the population becomes lazy, complacent and unconnected to the community around them. When the population becomes lethargic, they are openly inviting in corruption. When I say that, I am not saying that many of these people do not work hard, but they are too Lazy to pay any attention to what their civic, provincial and federal Govt's are doing. Need proof? SEE: Donald Trumps America
When humans become to lazy to investigate govt, Democracy is exposed. Conservatives and Republicans in the U.S. have reveled in this constant swing of the pendulum, they know that like clock work Liberal/Democrats get a good job and totally forget every 4 years. Obama was good at impassioned motivation of the masses.

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Peter Vibe himself told me many times, that he never watched the news which tells me as a person he is too lazy to monitor what the corrupt Conservatives are up to. He like so many people in Western Canada actually believe that the FAKE NEWS media, which is run by corrupt Corporations that are Pro-Conservative because they pay less taxes than humans.

The news that David Pecker that owns and runs Supermarket tabloid World News AND The National Enquirer was engaged in a "Catch and Kill" scheme that funneled money from Trump to KILL negative news stories about Donald J. Trump and his various floozie girlfriends. Trump paid Pecker, not his own pecker, a different pecker to BUY the rights to the news story, and then lock it in a safe.

 So, this means that Pecker that runs the outrageous FAKE NEWS supermarket rag World News was in control of ALL of the major newspapers in CANADA. Stephen Harper enabled Paul Godfrey to buy all of the major newspapers in Canada and Global News when he had NO CASH. Godfrey borrowed a paltry $100 million to buy the CanWest Global, that was $4 Billion Cdn in debt for pennies in Cash that was lent to him by Goldman Sachs.
Essentially what happened is that rich Jewish Asper family sold their empire to rich Jewish Sun News Media Empire CEO Paul Godfrey so that he could hire rich Jewish FAKE NEWS publishers to feed World News Weekly FAKE NEWS via ALL the major newspapers in the largest cities in Canada.

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The real question for Canada are: How many news stories critical to the infrastructure of Canada did David Pecker use his "Catch and KILL tactics" to obscure negative news about US/Canada relations.

You see, Stephen Harper and Paul Godfrey both knew instinctively that Canadians are too dumb and too lazy to investigate what happened when Post Media took over ALL the major Canadian Newspapers. And that folks is why, we as Canadians are drowning in Right Wing Propaganda produced by David Pecker and the Post Media Empire. To feed you a constant stream of Conservative Pro- BIG OIL propaganda, and anti-Trudeau propaganda.
This exposes how dumb Canadians really are, to dumb to read. If this happened to the news media in the U.S., there would be mass protests in the streets. Canadians go buy another 12 pack and forget about it. That is why Democracy is dying in Canada. Trump recognized this and took control.
Harper seen the CanWest takeover as the 1 opportunity in a lifetime to control the media, and now he is in cahoots with Trump to BACK-DOOR Canada on trade and make Trudeau look bad.

Now folks, you know "The Rest of the Story." And the dangers to democracy by Lazy people.
Harper has GAMED Canadians once again, and they are too corked on beers to even realize this.

Canada has been getting their news from a Tabloid News Rag, believing FAKE NEWS is real. WTF?
And Stephen Harper made all of this possible; Nazi Joseph Goebbels would be proud of how Harper has controlled his Conservative Propaganda FAKE NEWS in Canada!

As you repeat Conservative Propaganda in Canada, you DEMEAN the entire SPIRIT of Democracy.

 Peter says he never votes, this is the sign of a true fascist, because he is too lazy to investigate real events himself, and believes everything the Corporate Media tells him. This is another sign of extreme laziness, because it means you are too obsessed with greed to actually vote, and that you believe that there are people hiding everywhere in the bushes to rob you. This means that Rich People Paranoia has gripped your life, like when a white person from St. Albert lives in fear that illegal immigrants pouring over the border into Quebec pose some kind of THREAT to THEIR lives living in the 2nd whitest community in the Edmonton region.

You may not think that this matters, but tell that to the people who have risked everyone and everything they possess just for the chance of tasting that freedom. The risked it all for a chance to breathe life into their own lives that have been so terribly violated by little Tito's like Mr. J Young; from an Ocean away. Just as Patrick Clayton, the chance to breathe a breath of Freedom must feel so glorious on this day.
Don't let Democracy fade simply because you are too lazy to stand up for your fellow man, stand up and be counted on election day and exercise your right to expel the Conservatives who allow these horrible people to abuse Albertan renters. Just as in the Christine Blase Ford sexual assault hearings, the corrupt Republican Senators would rather approve of MOLESTERS because they attend the same Christian Church.

It is unfair, discriminatory and it flies in the face of what our men in women in uniform go to war to risk their lives so that we don't have to be abused by the Lindsey Graham and his ilk of pervert molestation drunks. Or as we like to call them, the Conservatives.

s of this planet.