Brent McGillis: Nov 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Where did the Hacks and Quacks Network originate and WHY?

   Many people have asked me where did the Hacks and Quacks Network come from and why was it created? The answer lies in the horrific state that Right Wing Conservative ideology that left the United States Medicare system in such a sorry state of disarray. RW Conservative think tanks trashed the American Health Care system decades ago with the advent of the Ronald Reagan era. Right wing theocratic brainiacs reasoned that if they stripped their Health Care system to the bone, and made the poor people pay for every single last bandage, sling and forced them to pay $20 dollars for an aspirin they would save money.
  Of course the Republican plan to desecrate Health Care was a colossal failure, but the behemoth Corporations that this ideology created made Doctors, and in particular "Doctor Groups" enormously wealthy. The Doctor Groups recognized early on that the Corporations that they would create in order to scam the American MediCare system out of Billions upon Billions of dollars was an opportunity that they simply could not pass up.
  The voting public that we will call the taxpayers have a general misconception that ALL doctors are honest, truthful and trustworthy. Studies have shown that one of the most trusted groups in communities are its doctors. Quite the opposite is true in real world events.
  A few years ago the University of Alberta did a study and polled Medical students, with the question being asked "Did you decide on Medicine as a study discipline in order to help people in medical need, or did you decide on Medicine because of the High Earnings potential?" The outcome of this very basic question was surprising to most people because the majority of medical students responded that they got into Medicine strictly because of the high potential for exceptional earnings. I believe the response was 70+ and close to 80 % of the Medical residents responded that they chose medicine because of the enormous earning potential that the discipline of Medicine offered.
  So contrary to the general perception of doctors and medical specialists as being a group of brainiac super gifted individuals with a incredible drive to help their fellow human beings who are suffering in their time of need, the reality of the Medical Communities motives are good old fashioned GREED! Yup, one of the cardinal sins of Christianity is the primary driving force in our Healthcare system in North America. It is really kind of sad in a greedy, free market narcissistic kind of way.

More to come, I have to rest. Hot burning sensations of a large knife being stuck in your back really takes over you life.