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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raj Sherman Healthcare and the College of Physicians

The Alberta Government smear campaign against Raj Sherman is another disgusting Smug, arrogant, glib abuse of power and political attack on Raj Sherman's integrity. Ed Stemach/cronies actions are a blasphemous attack on Democracy. The entire province of Alberta is disgusted with the Tories whisper/smear campaign is truly the last desperate act of a government reeling against an angry backlash of support for Raj Sherman. This is only the beginning of the exposure of the super corrupt government of Alberta. It is important to recognize who some of the hidden villains in this unfolding story are. First Villain, and of the greatest threat to Raj Sherman's reputation is the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Taxpayers have this quaint fluffy preconception of a dignified, respectable group of doctors whose only priority is to ensure the proper care of Health care Clients. Nothing could be further from the Truth. The College of Physicians is Lobby group for privatization of Health care. In the United States, the A.M.A.(American Medical Assoc.) is one of the most powerful and wealthiest lobbies Against President Obama's Health care Reform. The stakes are high in the millionaire club doctors organizations. Doctors stand to profit in the Billions. Are you getting my picture?
I had exactly the same deluded image of the College of Physicians until it was MY turn to file a complaint against the bogus "Rent-a-docs" the WCB Millard Center employs. It was then I discovered the true color of the College's underbelly.
Check out the Boards Dr. Olhauser sits on, no wonder you can NEVER win a WCB appeal!!

The WCB had violated my privacy by the unauthorized sharing of MY medical information with Doctors who have absolutely no involvement in my medical treatment. In addition the reports these doctors write are 100% completely felonious in nature, and are written with the felonious intention of falsely swearing a document in order to deny me government legislated Workers Compensation benefits.
These BUMS(triple bogie Docs) are being pursued by State Justice investigations in some U.S. states, this is only the beginning of Workers Compensation Insurance Providers Medical Fraud investigations in the United States.
A reasonable person with a reasonable amount of his own faculties would only be able to come to the conclusion that an egregious attack on my Medical Condition was being waged by a venomous Doctor(Fully Paid Member of the College of Physicians). This doctor and his felonious partners in crime(WCB Claims Managers), they did so with Dutiful Malice. Their intent is diametrically opposed to what is written in the Workers Compensation Act. The WCB, Alberta Gov't, and College of Physician sponsored perversions of Medicine have effectively GUTTED the very spirit of the legislation, leaving only a cold empty LEGAL corspe as any evidence of the intent of the Meridith Principle.
At the very core of contract law, is the tacit understanding that the party you are entering into a agreement(contract) with, will not use fraudulent misreprentation to cheat you out of any compensation.

These cruel fraudulent perversions of Medicine, intentionally attack the very social contract within the "Laws of Natural Justice". Using crook Doctors is what the WCB Alberta does 50 times a day to injured workers across this province.
The very Principes of The Rule of Law, and Democracy have been politically tampered with, to the point of Legal Heresy! The Alberta Conservative Party is not in any context, a legitimate ethical group of Lawmakers, period.

It appears to me that these College approved "Rent-a-Docs" can be called into active duty for more than simply denying crippled Ironworkers who fell and broke their backs. I feel really bad for Raj Sherman, to have such a bogus organization actually go after his credentials. The College and their board members have long been an embarassment to the Profession of Ethical Medicine in Alberta.

I feel sorry for Raj given the fact that in Hellberta, their is no other agency as powerful, skilled and devious as the College of Physicians membership. This organizations membership is clearly operating without fear of prosecution, for their fraudulent pandering against severely injured workers who were never, examined or treated by these approved College Physicians. Is the College of Physician's membership stamp simply a license to break the law, and act without professional conduct, to act with impunity? When these College members services were never solicited by the severely injured worker? How can a College approved Physician charge my Workers Compensation Account for his unsolicited, nefarious services? How is this possible under the Protective Umbrella of the College of Physicians and Surgeons? My crook WCB Claims manager Colleen Bamford can pay her crooked Doctors, Dr. Lorri Galbraith, Dr. E.D.Charleton and Dr. Barend Sonnenburg out of HER own pocket if she pleases. Why would I want to pay for felonious Medical reports based on selective medical report excerpts, without ever so much as an examination or any further radiographic scans? These College approved Rent-a-docs are writing "Pre-determined Medical Outcome reports", that are being used in a Medically slanderous manner to discredit my severe medical condition? These crooked bastards will not even approve of buying me a bed in the almost 5 years since I fell and shattered my vertabrae, with part of it collapsing into my spinal canal. What kind of sick bastards do the College of Physicians hand licenses out to? Con Artists is what I see. You be the judge.

This is why I worry for Raj Sherman, because the College of Physicians is acting like a Crack Commando Base for Crooked Physicians to operate from, using this Professional Platform to launch nefarious Medical Condition Attacks on Innocent Civilians. I see the College of Physicians as a rubber stamp for Medical Fraud of the highest level. Because these crook physicians(including psychiatrics) can operate from the Colleges forward operating Base in the Telus Tower.
This is why I call the government of Alberta a "DeMockery", and not a Democracy.
These crooks can have you locked up under false Mental Health pretenses, all 100% Politically driven by the Insurance Industry.
Who is the single largest benefactor of all of these crooked policies? You got it! Insurance companies. Life Insurance companies, Auto Insurance companies, The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, which of course Dr. Olhauser sits as the Medical Panel Commisioner for the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta 2001 – Present, as well as the Insurance Board of Alberta. Start digging into who sits on all these different boards and committees and a very clear picture of corruption begins to emerge. Dr. Olhauser sits on a Federal Government Health committe, IMS Health Canada Medical Advisory Board 2006 – Present. When Did Canada start to go into the tank in Healthcare? Oh, lets say when Steven Harper became PM.

I have always said since the beginning of my injury and the start of my battle with the CRONY Government of Alberta, that soon all Albertans would be suffering exactly the same way I am, as a injured worker. Since I now know how FAR reaching and deep the corruption in every department of the AB Government is, ALL Canadians will soon feel this pain of denial of timely access to proper Health Care. It is the Alberta Way. One more benefit of voting for Steven Harper. When you vote for Steven Harper you get and entire BUSLOAD of Executive level crook cronies as an entourage.

Are any warning bells going off in your brain? Dr. Olhauser is Senior Medical Advisor to the Superintendent of Insurance 2004 – Present--Automobile Insurance Benefits Reform--Government of Alberta, Department of Treasury. I mean come on people, do I have to draw you a map and lead you there with crumbs? Soft Tissue Injuries ringing any bells? Wake up Alberta. The Government and a small group of super powerful people are controlling all of the strings which affect each and every part of your life. But more importantly, they control the most expensive parts of your life, right down to the part where you walk into the pharmacy and get your prescription, or oh, let's say go buy a medical assistance device.

Dr. Raj Sherman is up against some super powerful game players, and they don't like it when anybody starts rocking the boat. The corrupt Government of Alberta is not only waging a smear campaign against Dr. Raj Sherman-MLA, but they are out to discredit him and strip him of his Professional Credentials. Doing so would effectively render Dr. Sherman's ability to feed his family, Moot. Exactly the same thing they do to severely injured workers. This is not simply a Medical Crisis. This is a crisis of the social make-up of our society, government and communites. This is clearly a case of the BIG BOYS, squishing the little guy. Or maybe more aptly put, the good ol' boys.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Workers Have the Right to return Home Safely

The three workers killed this past weekend in 3 days are really a direct reflection of the Government of Alberta's Cavalier attitude when it comes to dead workers.
It is no secret that the Ministry of Labour is taking the policy approach

Alberta Tory Government Employment Policy A:There is another 50,000 foreign workers to replace dead Albertans.

Why would I make such a statement? Because the Ministry of Employment is in conflict in my mind, considering the fact the Occupation Health and Safety department is the responsibility of the Minister. Because Minister:Thomas Lukaszuk is also responsible for immigration portfolio. A ministry that zealously pursued a Conservative Party of Alberta program policy of continuing to pour 10's of thousands of temporary foreign workers into the province during the most severe recession the World has ever seen in modern times.
Minister Lukaszuk is also 100% directly responsible for the administration of the Workers Compensation Act of Alberta. He also has a hands off/DO-NOTHING approach to treatment of seriously injured workers who have been heinously abused by the WCB Alberta. But, simply put, he and his government do not care.

Nothing new for a minister who was in conflict for at least a year that I know of.

Are you starting to get MY Picture?

This is a link to the CBC News clip regarding the Ministry's stupid website, which by the way does not list my injury as a lost time accident. How coincidental(sic).

My blog today is to clarify all of the issues surrounding seriously injured and dead workers in a BIG Picture perspective. Hopefully to educate people on the threads that bind these issues together.

The events that unfolded in Chile last week are directly connected to dead and injured workers here in Alberta. How? Because the worldwide media was there to document the drama. It is so wonderful that a community effort of the entire country of Chile, helped ensure those men were brought home safely.

El Presidente de Chile Sebastian Pinera made a commitment to ALL working people of Chile. To ensure all workers make it home safely.

Those events bring to light the fact that ALL working men & women here in Alberta, and Canada for that matter deserve the right to come home safely to their loved ones.
These rights are not exclusive to: Policemen, Firemen, EMT's, Military Personnel and Government workers.
These rights extend to "ALL" working men & women. We all have the undeniable right to be protected from employer abuse in the form of safety violation enforcement.
Obviously the most "basic" worker safety enforcement principles are not being adhered to here in Alberta. The minister is not doing his job.
How is that website working out for you Tom?
The bodies are really starting to pile up.
Overpaid public officials doing "nothing", is a chronic problem Worldwide. This has been brought on by 20 years of conservative policy. "Do more with less", is their slogan to subordinate public workers.
Top government officials getting paid to do-nothing has become epidemic in this government and all Republican/Conservative style governments worldwide.
Steven Harper is still in denial. He just isn't getting my picture. He does not get the message.
Any message for that matter.

The Tory Legislature of Alberta is another do nothing organization. Helping cronies is high on their list.
We are suffering from exactly the same retarded republican Gov policies that tore down America. The current conservative ideology is predicated on the idea that Barack Obama is going to lose the midterm election, and Reps/Cons can simply carry on business as usual.
The Government of Alberta policies are killing workers. Your husband, your wife, your son, your brother all have the right to return home alive, every single day. No surprise from a Gov that puts children in their care in the grave.
Exactly at what point do we say enough is enough?
When? Another 10 dead workers? A hundred dead workers? A thousand dead workers?
When are the voters of this province going to stand up to their inept government, and demand a change? Not only a change in policy, but a change in who is in charge in this province

Friday, July 23, 2010

Working in Alberta

It is no secret that the WCB Alberta is super corrupt and the Minister responsible Thomas Lukaszuk refuses to do anything about it. As such, one can only conclude that the Conservative Government of Alberta is equally as corrupt. This is the only reasonable conclusion of evidence in my opinion.
"This is Working in Alberta".
So as such, If you are planning to work in the Province of Alberta. For gods sake do not get seriously hurt. The WCB Alberta will seriously punish you for this grievous offense.
You discover that this is without question the worst place in Canada to get seriously injured. Simply a result of the Conservatives continual tinkering with Health Care, ever since Whiskey nose Ralph Klein(a.k.a.drunkard) took it upon himself to destroy Health Care in Alberta.
If you are unfortunate enough to be seriously injured, for gods sake do not let them take you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. They are obviously linked in some sort of secret agreement with the WCB Alberta. I found out the hard way. I fell, shattering my vertebrae when I landed flat on my back falling from a steel rafter.
They(RAH) would not even do a MRI on my back or neck, resulting in me being released with continual neck problems to this day. Just another side effect of being
Injured at Work in Alberta.

Dr. Leslie DeLima would come into my room and grab my neck squeezing it until I screamed it hurt, then he would tell me there was nothing wrong with my neck.
I was horrified, that this was the RAH's sophisticated testing method for a neck injury.
Then to cap it all off, they turned a hack surgeon named Dr. Jiang loose on me and he inserted metal screws and bars into my back. I have never recovered from this operation or the removal operation done on a day surgery out patient basis.
I would rather kill myself than let them operate on my back, then release me a couple of hours later. Believe me, you need serious injections of morphine after such an event.

If you are Seriously Injured at Work in Alberta and end up in Edmonton, insist you go to the University Hospital and make sure that is where you end up.

If you do decide to come to the Province of Alberta to work, for gods sake make sure you have the best supplemental Insurance policy you can buy. And make sure it is not from ManuLife, I have met dozens of workers who had ManuLife Insurance, and they screwed them the same way WCB Alberta does.
The best policy there is, in Alberta, is to pray like hell you do not get seriously hurt. Because the consequences of dealing with the super corrupt WCB Alberta, and the government cronies who refuse to help are so horrible, you will live to regret it for the rest of your natural life.
The WCB Alberta and their crooked tricks will do absolutely anything to ensure that you NEVER get to properly submit your appeal.
The WCB Alberta is nothing more than Crooks being run by Crooks(Tory Government), period.
This is life working in Alberta.
The Justice Ministry is corrupt right to the top. The Edmonton Police Service(EPS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP) are corrupt right to the very top. All RCMP and cops across the province are instructed to refuse to investigate Injured workers complaints of fraud committed by the WCB Alberta(What kind of Oath do these goons sign?).
This is a direct contravention of section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
There is "NO" justice in Alberta, that ministry is a joke. Alberta is the only province in Canada to openly ignore individual rights and freedoms guaranteed to individuals by the Charter.
This what happens when you come to Work in Alberta.
Having investigated this for over 4 years now, I honestly believe that if you were to investigate exactly WHO is lapping up all the benefits that are being paid by the WCB Alberta, it will without question be ALL the government workers, including cops, fire and health workers.

You have absolutely ZERO chance of fighting the WCB and the Province of Alberta if they decide to defraud you.
That is just a fact of Working in Alberta.
Ministers of Parliament(MP) will not help, they tell you it is not their Jurisdiction. Tory MLA's simply don't care, so don't even go there, total waste of time.
This is the price Workers here in Alberta pay for wide open Conservative Corporate DE-regulation. They pay with their lives. It really is no better than the third world.
Alberta is land of Corporate lawlessness, where the cops let corporate crooks roam free. Free from any possible punishment or prosecution.
If you are a corporate crook, Alberta is the place for you and your family!!
This entire province rotates on kickbacks, payoffs and Payola.
Welcome to Texas North. Bush & Cheney came here to tour their conquest, so you know who pulls the strings in this province. The baloney heads elected are nothing more than puppet Despots, propped up and financed by Houston Oil tycoons.
If you get killed the WCB Alberta issues a cheque for $5000, that is all life is worth here. Top to bottom this place really is Hellberta!

Here is a very relevant new LINK and interesting decision by the SPC(Supreme Court of Canada), this is closely related because it means that lesser courts "CAN" rule on Charter issues. And MORE importantly, citizens who have had their human rights abused by government officials of all stripes, are legally entitled to seek compensation for those breaches.

I have been closely watching the Cameron Ward appeal to the Supreme court since I first heard about it last fall. I am always fascinated by the SPC and their decisions, because these decisions are important and relevant to ALL Canadians in all walks of life.
Kudos to the court and Kudos to Mr. Ward. Cameron Ward is like many other passionate Canadians who are standing up for your rights, despite the fact most Canadians see NO reason for others to stand up for All Canadians rights.
There are amongst us, those who are not afraid of ridicule and prosecution by their right wing compatriots(Neo-Conservatives). These citizens of Canada are willing to walk through the door of History being remembered as someone who stood up for the betterment of society and humanity as a whole.

JUST SAY "NO" to Conservatives who want to inspect Uranus! ;?) Have a good weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SynCrude Tailings Pond pays no WCB

Syncrude Corpse Will Never Collect WCB a.k.a. Dave Matthews

This article is interesting considering that Dave Matthews was Syncrude's bird and ecology team leader. Dave Matthews has since died of Cancer. Matthews, who had no training in wildlife management, since his only previous Syncrude qualifications was expertise as a Heavy Equipment Operator.
It came out in the court hearings that Dave Matthews has since died of Cancer. Interesting? Yes, could it be as result of working in close proximity to the Toxic Tailing Pond?
Did Equipment Operator/Migratory Bird Specialist Dave Matthews qualify for Workers Compensation Alberta death benefits, since there is about a 99% Probability Mr. Matthews expired as a result of working in such close proximity to the Tailing Pond/s.
I am simply curious as to whether or not Dead Syncrude Personnel qualify for this benefit, considering it equals of probably exceeds the Test for Cancers caused as a result of prolonged Occupational Exposure to extreme known Carcinogenic Toxin Lakes. There is no Scientist in the World that would contest the Extreme Toxicity & Cancer causing known Toxins in these Poisonous Chemical Lakes.
Mind you a Alberta Government Crony Scientist would knowingly Mislead the Public about the Tar Sands Scientifically Accepted Facts.
That too has been proven, and is a matter of public domain.Link
It only seems fair given the fact that the Fire Fighters have earned themselves this exclusive death benefit, recognized by the WCB Alberta.
Dis-including "ALL" other workers exposed to extremely dangerous Cancer Causing Chemicals, on the basis these Fire Fighter Cancer's were caused by agents of Combustion, is nothing more than Discrimination on the basis the unfortunate deceased worker was employed by Oil Sands Corporations propped up by Super Corrupt Oil Cronies in the Alberta government.
After all the Director for CSIS just public stated that government officials in Canada have been compromised by foreign interests.
I regard any group or Corporation that corrupts our government officials to be regarded as a foreign Power. Some of these crooks are domestic (eg.WCB), but Most are acting on behalf of foreign Oil interests. In my opinion.
In a true Democratic Province, there would be inquires, not in Alberta. The Corruption runs High & Deep.
Maybe someone should ask the WCB Alberta. They seem to have all the time in the world to discuss Fire Fighters, surely they can spare a few moments to discuss Cancer riddled Tar Sand deceased workers.

Mind you, I doubt the Minister Responsible Thomas Lukaszuk would really have time to discuss these important matters. Especially given the fact that he is an old WCB Crony. In my Opinion,He has to be, there is no other possible explanation as how he went from being a school teacher to being a Injured Workers Advocate, he was a WCB Claims manager or his wife was.
This is precisely why the WCB Alberta, and Employment Minister Thomas Lukaszuk are fully committed to building the WCB EDMONTON FORTRESS.
Good Job Tommy Boy, Billy club, Taser, physically assault and threaten seriously Injured Workers is your Standard Operating Procedure.
I have an idea Minister Waffen, how about you try Medically treating and helping seriously injured workers? Wow, what a concept. Well their is no way giant Oil Companies are going to put up with that BS.
How else are you going to KEEP the Alberta Lie alive? Stealing Jobs from Americans by artificially keeping Alberta's Workers Compensation Rates at the lowest in Canada?
This is no Alberta Advantage, this is Government Sponsored Fraud on a massive scale. Easily done when you refuse to help seriously Injured Workers Thomas.

Thomas Lukaszuk do you think Barack Obama will send you a thank you letter for Canadians stealing Jobs From America? Stealing Jobs and terrorizing families with a phony WCB rate, only made possible by stealing benefits from seriously Injured Workers?
George Bush's family is alive and well running Alberta.

Monday, March 22, 2010

President Obama's remarks on health care overhaul

I have been watching the American Congress debate on Health Care Reform with great interest. Particularly President Obama's remarks on health care overhaul. Barack Obama is a great human and a NOBEL Peace Prize winner because of his unwaivering resolve to make this bill a reality. And I quote:

"Good evening, everybody. Tonight, after nearly 100 years of talk and frustration, after decades of trying, and a year of sustained effort and debate, the United States Congress finally declared that America's workers and America's families and America's small businesses deserve the security of knowing that here, in this country, neither illness nor accident should endanger the dreams they've worked a lifetime to achieve.

To the Neo-Conservative elite who would lead you to believe, that American policies and Politics have no parallels to Canada. Untrue, as a Seriously Injured Worker this unfolding story in Washington IS our story. Steve the fascist and his crew cannot gallop abroad bragging about human rights. Why? Because at the very absolute core of the Injured Workers Paradigm is the implied human right to self dignity and complete access to Quality Health Care delivered in a timely, respectful manner. Without these basic core values, our society cannot even begin to start the process of properly rehabilitating seriously injured workers. I have always said right from the beginning of my injuries in 1990, that you have to medically treat my physical injuries BEFORE you can introduce me to a strict physiotherapy regimen. The WCB Alberta functions EXACTLY as an American HMO .
Here in Hellberta, we are being Carpet Bombed with "Supplemental" Health Care Insurance from Manulife. Why? DE-listing services is not coming! IT IS already here. SUPERBOARD HC Politics is here now! The re-organization of Health Care is happening before your very eyes, while you are being told otherwise. WTFU. There are no more regional board because then you actually had a name and a face to write an appeal to. Doesn't exist anymore. The PC's discovered a long time ago, if you make it into a quasi-private entity you can abuse appellants simply by shredding their stuff. It helps to have the privacy commission in your pocket as well. Try to get a written decision out of those guys, Hah! And BTW, rich PC Cronies can get instant care with a simple phone call to their Super Board Pals. Thanks ED, giving two tier health, some REAL Guts. It took a year and a half to get a MRI on my back and neck, JUST BECAUSE I GOT HURT AT WORK?
Seriously Injured workers in Canada are being subjected to EXACTLY the same abuses families without enough insurance in the United States have been experiencing. These super corrupt Health & Injury Insurance Schemes span across the border.
This issue absolutely burns a crook in the craw of the Rich White Arrogant KKK Republicans in the US House. This issue for the Americans is as much about Race as it is about the implied human right to health care in America. It is White vs. Colored, without question. The rich white cone heads cannot let go of their Vision apartheid America. How come these rich white bigots are all church going? What the Hell is up with that? It is no different here in Hellberta. Sieg Heil capital of Canada.

Taxpayers here in Alberta walked straight into the PC ambush, when they let the government pay their premiums. At that very point the taxpayer has given up ANY kind of leverage they had in receiving proper, timely care. Conservatives voters are duped easily by their handlers. If you listen to the "CENTRALIZATION" of emergency responders, I mean holy Christ. Sound like a communist country to you? Uhuh! That is why I call him Comrade ED. Centralization of the Health Boards, more commie stuff. The PC's use your public TAX dollars to build a new mental health facility, and then turn it over to be run by a private health group. These are all to facilitate "Staff reorganizations", that will be initiated down the road. This is what I mean when I talk about PC's picking off their opponents one by one. If all the Health Care workers do not unite now, there won't be anyone left to unite.
The Americans are making Gargantuan strides forward in their Health Care, and good Ol' Canada is going FULL SPEED backwards. These bastards are only shoring up their insulated private little world more and more each day.
They have no plans of fixing the WCB. Now they are just "rebranding" the private HMO, as "WorkSafe Alberta". What a joke. Conservatives are across the board, totally incompetent. These morons are so completely blinded by their own corporate greed, that they simply can't even see the future coming at them full speed. We are being governed by simpletons. I mean who's stupid Idea was it to turn the mental patients loose in West Edmonton Anyways. If I were a homeowner within 5 miles I would demand compensation for my depreciated property value. Especially if I owned a large mall.

And that is why I watch political events in the United States unfold. Because as Seriously Injured Workers we have been subjected to the same heinous Health Care denial crimes and human rights abuses. The bastards responsible, are dutifully and with willful malicious intent, engaged in the destruction of the nuclear family.
Barack Obama is the bravest, hardest working human in our lifetime, who instills a desire to do more for your country, do more for your neighborhood. And ultimately do more for the betterment of humanity. Good Job Barack Obama. Sadly for Albertans, and Canadians......we got the pack of morons(PC's) to run our country, great, just friggin' great.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Have you seen the Canada Train in Vancouver? It is a rolling Corporate Billboard. The United States of America revolted against this BS starting in 1999 with the WTO Protests in Seattle, Ref 2 Canadian Encyclopedia article. It culminated with the most unpopular president in history bankrupting the free world with his Globalization Corporate pals. On the way Bush picked up "Metard" Palin, who still doesn't understand she is not on the podium. American "Metards" created a rich white grass roots organization calling themselves the Tea Party. In reality the super rich corporate interest ME PARTY. The "ME Party" travels about disrupting true democratic processes, and spreading complete lies and untruths. Rumor has it there is a rich whites only "Metard" Party in Calgary. The METARDS bastards are the sons of bitches who are responsible for the quashing of our individual rights and freedoms. These rights are supposed to be defended by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These rights are to upheld by the Laws of Natural Justice, with clearly defined non racial and non discriminatory rulings and guidance of the Supreme Court of Canada.
The Tory governments of this country have made it very clear which side their bread is buttered on, by their acts of perversion of Law and their denial of their mandate to represent the best interests of ALL their citizens. Basic Human Rights have been slowly, continually and constantly stripped from us for too long. It is time for all citizens of this country to stand up and say NO to this abomination of Democracy. The Prime Minister of Canada is a Corporate Bagman, and it is time the rest of the world comes to understand this at the OLYMPICS. Writing or phoning conservative members of our Parliament or Legislature has zero effect, because these arrogant pricks don't care what you think. It is time to disrupt their cushy lavish lifestyle in public, for the entire World to see. If you can, go to Vancouver, just for a day. Don't be disappointed if TORY trough slurpers(FEDeral and Prov.) give you the finger from their own private Taxpayer funded PARTY Train. ;~) Just remember the air is pretty thin up in the TORY clouds, and as such their brains are starving for Oxygen.

I howl laughing in disgust when I see the Tory Canada Action Plan Commercial. It asks if you are a worker needing help, the action plan will help you. Hah, what a Joke. Canada's own Captain Dumb Dumb, is in Haiti promising a half a billion in rebuilding money. How about helping your own seriously injured workers at home in Canada Steven Harper. What a Maroon, stripping people of Human Rights at home, and then traveling abroad bragging about what Canada does for human rights. I and other injured workers have given our lives and broken bodies to building this country. In return The Conservative Government of Canada allows corporate Insurers to openly target and destroy hard working citizens lives. And that is why I call the conservatives, Corporate Bagmen. I wonder what kind of racism is behind all this.

The rulers here(Hellberta) make no secret they hate Indians, look what they did to the Lubicon. Look what they are doing to the people of Ft. Chipewyan, poisoning their watershed. This Seig Heil government is operating more than one Eugenics program. If our Governor General is such a great humanitarian, why is she not helping Canadians like seriously injured workers, First nations people, homeless in Canada? She is contributing to human rights abuses here in Canada. By not standing up for Canadians first. Charity begins at home my mother always told me. Why is the Governor General of Canada not an Indian? Big Oil needs a facade. Our own Lieutenant Governor of Alberta would not help seriously injured workers, he was the ONLY high ranking official who could order an investigation and order that seriously injured workers get compensation. Just another "Muzzled" public figurehead.
CANADA SUCKS, why? Corporations run Canada, our politicians are Corporate Bagmen. It is sad, pathetic and flies in the face of Democracy. That is why I call it "Demockery", here in Alberta and Canada for that matter. This is what FDR warned about. The rabid pursuit of Oil has caused all of this. Oil=Evil. Bush and his cronies caused all this. What a "Kluge".
Barack Obama recognizes this, he has a hell of a fight with grumpy KKK republicans in the US. Guess what we have the same politicians here. Barack Obama inspires all humans world wide to do a better job for humanity, and to try harder yourself to better your community and the world. That is what is different about Barack Obama, and that is what makes him a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Canada is full of Old Crony Bagmen, who's only objective is enriching themselves. And that is why Canada Sucks.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patrick Clayton Nervous Breakdown in Court and Firing his Lawyer

Patrick Claytons nervous breakdown in court is a man who has been physically torn down physically by WCB Alberta because of their willful malicious denial of proper medical treatment. His charter rights have been violated by the WCB denial of proper medical treatment legally mandated by the WCB Alberta act so he could properly return to work and support his family.
In the Absence of being able to medically repair Patrick Clayton to his former state of physical ability, after exhausting "All" available medical treatments the WCB is duty bound by legislation to order a proper IME. I know dozens of injured workers where this duty was not met, because the WCB contracted one of their corrupt shill doctors to write predetermined medical outcomes.
This act is in itself is malicious false medical misrepresentation, fraud.
All doctors have a "Duty of care" to themselves, the medical profession, and to ALL citizens of Canada.
In tort law, (or delict in Scots law) a duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence. The plaintiff (pursuer in Scotland) must be able to show a duty of care imposed by law which the defendant (or defender) has breached. In turn, breaching a duty may subject an individual to liability in tort or delict. The duty of care may be imposed by operation of law between individuals with no current direct relationship (familial or contractual or otherwise), but eventually become related in some manner, as defined by common law (meaning case law).

Duty of care may be considered a formalization of the social contract, the implicit responsibilities held by individuals towards others within society. It is not a requirement that a duty of care be defined by law, though it will often develop through the jurisprudence of common law.

WCB Alberta routinely abuses a injured workers rights when it intentionally with dutiful malice sets up workers with shill doctors for predetermined medical reports. It does so with the implicit intent to deny injured workers benefits, ELP and NELP pensions.
If the injured worker cannot be physically returned to his or her former physical state, with the same earning capacity that the individual enjoyed before that person's injury (this is critical for persons whom have been 100% reliant on their physical ability for their livelihood, throughout their life).
When WCB Alberta fails this duty, and then in concert refuses to offer any help in retraining, such that this person does not have to further mangle themselves permanently. At this point the WCB Alberta has intentionally and with cognizant malice breached the fiduciary responsibility mandated by legislation to protect injured workers. The intent of the WCB Alberta legislation upon its inception was not to distort policies for the express intent of abusing and denying injured workers proper compensation.
It really hurts me to hear morning radio stations like The Bear mimic and make fun of another human being under such obvious severe mental and physical duress. Patrick Clayton is feeling abandoned, abused and denied proper legal remedy. First for years at the hands of the WCB Alberta. And now at the hands of the Court of Queens bench and his lawyer. Patrick Clayton feels betrayed and abandoned because his representation was supposed to work hard to defend him. The only way he can get a proper defense is by exposing the abuses of the WCB Alberta.
Lawyers and the Courts historically railroad people on a regular basis, by not providing a complete and comprehensive defense. How do you think lawyers got a bad rep in the first place?
At the very CORE of Democracy is the inalienable fundamental right to proper legal remedy. The Insurance Corporation Government of Canada/Alberta(PC) is making a timely legal resolution for injuries suffered at work, completely unavailable.
As such Gory Corp has brought shame to Democracy. At the very center of Democracy is a Society with Jurisprudence that is NOT perverted by Insurance Thugs.
The courts do not want a lengthy trial. The government definitely does not want a lengthy trial that will expose all the nasty crimes WCB unloads on innocent people, who's only crime to that point was showing up for work.
I am severely disappointed in the mocking of a fellow human being who is in such obvious pain. This is simply reigniting the mental torture and torment that led to the hostage crisis in the first place. To do so mocks all human feeling and compassion for your fellow man.
I would expect that local radio celebrities would have a broader understanding of the legal, moral and social responsibility implications of this case, before they smugly initiate public flogging of a yet to be tried human for their own enjoyment.
You might not care about your freedoms, but when your children grow up they will.
Who are these people, secret Government Agents. Waffens.
Nothing like stomping on a guy when he is on the ground huh? Good Job. How Albertan is that?
Just remember, America did not enter WWII because, the right wing was publicly denouncing involvement and denying what the Germans were up to. There are people in this society who are trying to protect your human rights, even if you are in denial of that need.
Ever hear of the Supreme Court? Of Canada?
If you can't see what the Neo-fascists have created in the last 20 years, you simply have not being paying attention. What do you think the WTO riots in Seattle were about? Fascists rising to power is based on the naivety, ignorance and educational laziness across the board in a population.
Read about Sir Winston Churchill's life. Do you know what the plaza in front of city hall is named? And why? Quote, "Study history, Study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft."

I am saddened that I grew up here and used to love this province. What it has become is truly a disgrace to what is supposed to be a modern and open democratic society. Alberta, Truly the Dumbest Place on Earth! The new fascists operate more than one Railroad on your nickel.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100% Clear Cut Evidence of Document Tampering and Forgery by Shill WCB Bastards

As time goes on the evidence of improprieties at the WCB amass. Unfortunately, in concert with the evidence is the denial by government officials of any complicity. The corruption runs high and deep. That is why this government tenaciously hangs on to what I like to call the Big Lie. System justification is the war-cry of Hector the Defector. As a natural byproduct of this mindset with full access to all the private data, is something referred to as Systemic Justification. Which is to say that the corruption runs so deep that they cannot let go of their Demented Agenda. To do so would expose all the government officials involved in North America's largest Insurance Denial Scheme every devised. Every day I meet people with lots of 100% Clear cut evidence of what these WCB Shill bastards have been doing.
Sadly this is just one horrible injustice in a very large pot of injustices. The general populace seems to be awaking to the abuses of public office. But, I am not convinced, we have witnessed these small uprisings before in Alberta. In this particular instance, voters may knee jerk react to rampant government corruption and bungling. We could be all tossed in to some sort of weird creepy ill defined southern Alberta based SO2 flare fired Cauldron of yet even more Corporate Solutions. Is it me or did someone dig up L Ron Hubbard? Seems like more cloaked vagueness, well we already have that.
That would be like ditching Pizza 73' for Dominoes. Ewwww!And Ewww!
Quaker State in another Oil Can is still Quaker State.
I originally thought that the new party was just the same Bulldozer with a new paint job. I thought that they were just a clever diversion of the PC's, designed to keep all the votes.
I am not sure how the beguiled rose will be remembered. I think they are the far right. I am very wary of anyone who is so vague about their power base.
It would be like going out tomorrow looking for a replacement for your 77' Lincoln Towncar and replacing it by, buying a 72' Cadillac Eldorado with a giant steer horn rack on the hood, with glass packs.
And still no one wants to talk about the abuse of Injured Workers. Excuse me while I Barf.
Can you see why Central Canada does not respect Western Canada. The pinheads running this government are simple minds period. Myself I am horrified, given the fact that some of my uncles went to WWII to fight the fascists. Sixty years later the masses are voting for them. Democracy has been beguiled. Largely unreported in your local Monster Truck Store. You won't see this stuff on World Wrestling Entertainment either.
I like our education minister, who keeps setting the bar lower and lower. What is his next solution, close schools and submit all your stuff online? They are going to have to remove Accounting entirely from the curriculum.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alberta Government Corruption, and the Death of Democracy

These are dark days for democracy. Russian Ice dancers wearing aboriginal type costumes. There is Irony here. Canada is showcasing chosen Indian Bands. Our great leader has to, so the other 100,000 Indians don't possibly show up and drag Canada's own

Darth Vader of Democracy (Insurance Salesman Steve)

off into the woods for a proper scolding. People think that the fascists are gone from North America. Not true. The fight for true democracy south of the border boils on. Corporate fascists cannot let go and face the fact they lost because they are the new Nazi's brought back to life in the America's. Their agenda is simple, convince all people that the unbridled worship of money and greedily hungering for more money, control, corruption will create a desirable society. In their rabid pursuit they believe, stripping free men and women of their human rights is their self entitled right. These money whores are the reason the free world almost went into an uncontrolled economic tailspin. They are so blinded by greed that they cannot see the consequences of their actions, or simply do not care what wreckage they leave behind. Tory policies simply look past these crimes against our fellow humans, like they never happened. Their only agenda is the right wing corporate agenda. The corruption runs so high and so deep, that even if there were whistle blowers, who would they go to? The constabulary, their failure to investigate implies complicity. The media? Hah, who would tell the story? The media just like everyone else under the Big Oil Welfare Umbrella is too busy running scared for their jobs. To complete their agenda they are going to have to delete a pile of Media jobs. Can't have stories escaping from inside the Tar Pit Curtain now could we. I am told that the Wild Rose party wants to split from Canada complete with their own Cop force. Boy is that gonna throw a wrench into the brown paper bag program. Oh well, same bags. Different delivery boy.
You have to ask yourself exactly why has there never been any investigations of any Government Officials here in Alberta for as long as anyone can remember? (40 years)
See, I looked outside and was unable to see downtown while choking on Coker Smog. It was at this time I realized, yup, brown paper bag politics is still working.
Harper gave the Green Light to FULL THROTTLE production of the Tar-sands for 5 years with his targets. It is open game on our Environment. Truly smearing Canada.
Gilles Dusceppe got it right when he said that the PMO is protecting the Oil Companies. The Alberta model has been pulled off so magnificently well, that the Tories are busy deploying it principles across Canada. It worked for covering up abuse of Seriously Injured Workers, they believe it to be an infallible model now. By the time Canadians realize what has happened it will be to late, the corporate robbers will have already completed their sinister plan. They have in Alberta, even the Alberta Justice reward System is highly suspect, and contrary to a free and open democracy. Because of its trailer park associations with the executive branch of the government.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Telephone temporarily cut off

My cell phone has been temporarily cut off. This is a normal event when Capital region housing cuts off your Residential Direct to tenant housing Supplement. The supplement was designed to replace the HEP program. In reality it was designed to cut people off of rent subsidy, which it has done with enormous effectiveness. As such I only get 200 dollars a month to live on. Just another day in Alabama North. If disabled persons have to struggle like this, what in the hell is the government doing to able body persons? The recent weather changes and my propensity to overdue my physical activities(like grocery shopping). When I start feeling better last weekend has led to me being laid up for a couple of days with pain. I hope to adjust to the weather by tomorrow but who knows. Or contact me by e-mail at
The FOIP privacy commissioner responded and dropped the TIME tested Alberta Government ploy of She is going on holidays.
Translated that means she does not want to produce a letter in response to the privacy complaint. It is a drone policy of the Alberta Government.
Jesus we are all in terrible Jeopardy when it is revealed that the Privacy Commissioner is complicit in the stripping of Individuals Rights and Freedoms guaranteed under the Charter. The Government of Alberta sees the Charter as simply too bothersome to pay any attention to.
Corporations HATE the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They see it as a threat to their hidden Agenda, which is total world domination.
Just another sad event in the Alberta The Dumbest Place on Earth! ;~)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nikolai Khabibulin Back Surgery

I see on the news that Nikolai Khabibulin is going to have surgery for a herniated disk in his back. There are very few details. I have watched this story with great interest. The Gory party has made Alberta the worst province in Canada to be injured. It is very difficult to write relevant material when my pain level is constantly DEFCON 5. This government and the WCB have bastardized our health care system. Tory meddling in the health system is just one more of their hack job solutions. Top conservative geniuses can not resist playing GOD!
Nikolai Khabibulin is a lucky man, and I am envious that he is wealthy enough to enter the United States of America for Medical Treatment of his severe back pain. I have been living with severe chronic lower back pain for almost four years now. I have watched and wondered with great envy as Pro Athletes and Military Personnel get leading edge diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative care for their serious injuries. I have always dreamed of what that experience must be like.
But for seriously injured workers in Alberta, that is all it will ever be. Just a dream, more like a mirage. I knew right from the start that they would not have the technical expertise and equipment here in Edmonton.
I was referred to the MAYO CLINIC in Rochester Minnesota by my doctor almost 2 years ago. That was when Colleen Bamford told my doctors office my file was closed. I was born in the RAH in 1960, I am sad to say that this is not the province I grew up in.
In Alberta if you crush one of your vertebrae, Alberta WCB refuses to even buy you a bed.
This is your legacy Hector Goudreau.
Protests and clashes with injured workers is a black mark on this city, needlessly propagated by the Alberta WCB. People in America and Europe see these events unfold. All of these headlines have been directly caused by the evil practices imposed on disabled seriously injured workers. The bill from the City of Edmonton should be PUNITIVE in nature toward the WCB. I mean it is the conservatives after all that are continually going on about crime prevention programs.
Alberta WCB initiated torture in a TAR PIT Moonscape of broken dreams called Alberta. What are the PC's going to promote at the Olympics in Whistler? The Dumbest place in Canada? Torture of seriously injured Tar Pit Workers?
I have lived and worked erecting steel buildings on the coast of British Columbia, including Whistler. Honestly what are you going to promote in Vancouver? Gunk Flares? How to qualify for work on one of our Surface of the Moon simulation projects?
For me to dream of getting proper medical attention for my workplace injuries here in Alberta is just 100% pure Fantasy. The government won't even pay for health care for the citizens it has, and you want to attract more? The Alberta train in Whistler is going to be a government party wagon for conservatives paid for by the taxpayer, that's all it will be.
Getting seriously injured at work in Alberta is like being a Canadian Goose landing on a Stink Crude tailing pond. As you are sinking to the bottom of the Toxic tailing pond you look around and realize there are thousands of your dead comrades on the bottom. The Alberta intertwined Parable. It is the Alberta Dichotomy, work till you drop. It you get seriously wounded in action, oh well, screw you. Our corrupt government of Alberta (Senor' Ed)refuses to make the WCB transparent and accountable, I and others like me will be forced to take action.
Gory Corp is not transparent or accountable, so WCB is a perfect fit for them. This government and the WCB are unwilling to extend the very minimum of basic Human Decency towards injured workers.
Alberta refuses to recognize human rights for its citizens. The Alberta government just doesn't get it. They want to be respected in Ottawa, when they extend no respect towards there very own citizens. They want transfer payments back, awwhh, boo hoo. Why so you can give them to multinational corporations? This government deserves no formal recognition at the national or international level when they refuse to bring their human rights up to modern standards(except in China). That is why is always say it really is 1953 in Alberta. The Alberta government and Alberta WCB are so on a total disconnect with the population that it has become pathetic. Their din of the Gory Party trough slurping has become so deafening they can't hear the cries of the people.

The Alberta WCB knows exactly who I am, and what they owe me, now and in the future. You cannot tell me that their computer system does not keep close tabs on their conquests over the most seriously injured workers. It is a simple program that compares real injury costs against the big Giant Alberta WCB Cheap Out Program of suffering.
No one believes this governments lies anymore.
The Alberta Government is going to try and sell this crap in Whistler, B.C.? Jesus, how dumb do you think people attending the Winter Olympics in Whistler are? Alberta slogan, "Where we Roll back Human Rights".(To the 50's).
Alberta needs more suckers to live the dream. It is the Alberta Way. Exactly what happened at Dunvegan during the Gold Rush, this is nothing new for Alberta. Still trying to live the dream after the Gold Rush is over. History repeats.