Brent McGillis: 09/01/2009 - 10/01/2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alberta Health to close beds

As an Albertan who is completely immersed in the Alberta Health Care System, I am bewildered at such a decision. Every day in this province is like waking up to an episode of the Simpsons. Who is in charge of this Gong show? It is like a total recall of the Ralph Klein Health Care "DeKline". Why is our government aggressively attacking our grossly overtaxed health care system, that they themselves ("DeKline Care")created. Or pardon me, that should read "Mangled". Albertans who are in need of Acute care recently can attest to the need for an expanded Acute Care program, not the opposite. This governments massively gross failure to acknowledge the looming need for across the board infrastructure expansion before the "BOOM" began, has created all of the infrastructure crisis' that we are now experiencing. I really do believe that Albertans as a whole are completely fed up with this governments knee jerk "Reactive" decision making. The ineptness of this government is truly frightening. I got to experience Tory acute care first hand, a surgeon who could care less about my neck when I was first admitted, followed by being kicked to the curb by a physio department before I was ready, with absolutely no "home care" in place for me when I arrived. And none for a week. Yep, this Alberta alright. Made in Alberta (Made on the "CHEAP"). Where homelessness is not a lifestyle choice, it is a Alberta government administered program. What is Ed's new motto, Freedom to WAIT!! In a hospital hallway that is!!Spirit to leave. I think his new "spirit" is shelling your last pay cheque into a VLT. I find it interesting that the US Ambassador visits Alberta
and our government does not show him around. I have long wondered if abusing and denying critical medical care to disabled injured workers is a "New Conservative value", or are they Old Conservative values?
I do apologize for not updating my blog recently. I recently moved into a apartment with a roommate so I could have access to an elevator. Since my mobility continues to decline, this move is critical. I want to thank all who helped a partially disabled person with this move. It has taken up almost every spare moment of my time recently. It has taken me over a month from start to finish on this move. I just received word of my referral to the pain clinic at the U of A in two months. Which will amount to a total of 8 month wait for that appointment. I have spent the last couple of months working on completing all of the necessary requirements for AISH and CPP disability. Since those programs are of concrete and of real substance.

I can only rely in legitimate programs, programs with real legitimate appeal processes, and working acute decision resolution processes. Not a phoney baloney program such as Alberta WCB, which waves around a BS flag(WCB appeals), touting it as a working decision resolution process. I wallowed in that quagmire for years, with zero to show for it. Being seriously injured and relying on their BS system for my health care is like landing on a Syncrude Tailings Pond and being sucked to the bottom with the other wildlife. I really do believe that the new Alberta Health Super Board is going to be run on the same principles. It is consistent with this governments application of one "Hack Job" solution, right over top of one of their other "Hack Job" miracles. This governments "private" over "publicly" run solutions are an absolute disaster. If ToryCorp would work half as hard at properly staffing and funding our health care sytem, as they do on dismantling it, we would have a world class system that we all could be proud of.
On top of it all Capital Region Housing phoned to day to terminate my subsidy. I tried to explain my medical need for a building with a elevator. My doctor has provided a letter to this effect. The girl just kept repeating over and over, "those are the rules". Terrific. Just what I need, more obdurates in my life. The purpose of the program is to ensure that persons do not end up homeless. I am going downtown to try to get a meeting with Barb Sommerfield, her supervisor. Barb refuses to meet with me or produce a response to my appeal. Just another government hatchet man. It looks like I am heading for a complaint to the privacy commissioner. That brings it to 9 government corp/offices I am dealing with. More Corporation, less government is the Tory Credo. How's that working out for us all? I could write an entire book on the side effects of my spinal injury. Suffice it to say that my condition continues to deteriorate. My current medical condition is really starting to wear on my mental state. As old Rueben used to say, "Man what a life!"

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