Brent McGillis: Dec 10, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wife of St. Albert Mountie calls for full disclosure at bail hearings

 Here is the link to the Edmonton Journal story
 Here is the comment I posted in their comment section, the Journal will delete my comment because the RCMP will complain and the Journal will comply.
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Brent McGillis ·

Michael Cooper's hero Stephen Harper had a FULL 10 Years to change that law, and what did he do? The Harper Majority did ZERO. Cooper is using a deceased RCMP Officer for political GAIN, that is despicable.
169 workers lost their lives in 2014
We as injured workers completely understand the grief of his wife. I patently reject her statement that this is a "Common Sense Law". Conservatives love to use the catchphrase "Common Sense" when they are seeking political points. The reality is that common sense has never existed in any part of society. I am deeply troubled by the Conservative MP using a grieving wife as a political prop.

  Implying that a political foe is lacking in "Common Sense" is a sneaky way of calling your politico opponent an imbecile or idiot that lacks judgement or decision making skills, it is a misnomer 
mis · en · more
misnom…ôr /
noun: misnomer; plural noun: misnomers
  1. a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.

    "“king crab” is a misnomer—these creatures are not crustaceans at all"

    synonyms:inaccurate name/label/designation, wrong name/label/designation, inappropriate name/label/designation

    "scientists say “killer whale” is a misnomer for what is one of the gentlest marine creatures known to man"
    • a wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

      "to call this “neighborhood policing” would be a misnomer"
late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French, from the Old French verb mesnommer, from mes- ‘wrongly’ + nommer ‘to name’ (based on Latin nomen ‘name’). Source: Google
 designed to inflict political damage on politicians who do NOT share your views and values.
150 Grieving families whose father WAS NOT a cop, a fireman, a prison guard, or an EMT, where is the MP when these men and women are killed on the job? How come Michael Cooper does not advocate for those 150 families each year whose breadwinner is not coming home again, ever. Where is Michael Cooper when the gas station attendant is murdered, or the flag girl is killed on the highway? 
  Those 150 non-government families deserve as much of your political effort as does ANY Government worker (Cops, Firemen, Guards, Govt. workers). Those 150 grieving families do NOT have a sitting MP manipulating the media for his own political gain. Where was Michael Cooper Soapbox Grandstanding and advocate for ALL workers safety? He does not care about your average Joe Blow, because he sees no political CASH (Media Exposure) in advocating for Joe Albertan. Joe Albertan hard worker guy does not have a sitting PC MP using grieving Policeman's wives for political gain, to change laws that would have saved their mom or dad's life at work.
Every family has the undeniable right to see their loving parent or partner return home ALIVE each day!
Every family has that right, it is not the exclusive right of government workers, and it should be ingrained in our legislative law.
Can MP Cooper explain precisely WHY he is not lobbying the Worker's Compensation Board of Alberta to pressure the government for change? He is aware that the WCB is "Exclusive Remedy" for worker safety in Alberta. That means that the WCB has the exclusive power to investigate injury, deaths and to make recommendations to the government regarding the safety of ALL workers in this province.
Why does Michael Cooper not directly phone Guy Kerr? You know the self described hero that cashes in 900k Cheques for DENYING real mean and women who built this province benefits they are legally entitled to. Guy Kerr cashes 900 Thousand dollar Paycheque for paving over the bodies of dead Canadian workers for his Corporate cronies.

 Or does he already know the blubbering prepared response from AB's do-nothing WCB CEO is always a hollow scripted uncaring response? Watching Guy Kerr speak is like watching a piece of cardboard cite the Lord's Prayer, completely devoid on any genuineness or sincerity. 
 In Alberta seriously injured workers are accustomed to his WCB Robotic Statement reads. You will never see a video interview with Guy Kerr because he knows his insincerity will come oozing out of his skin on camera, it would be bad for his carefully created self image.
MP Cooper and the CPC seek to Arrest, Try, Convict and Punish the sitting Liberal government in the "Court of Public Opinion", while using a grieving Policeman's Widow as political ammunition. Despicable behavior for a member of Parliament is what I see going on here.
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This was edited because I left some stuff out.
 The Minister of Parliament fails to mention, that it was an Edmonton Police Service Police Officer acting as the Justice of the Peace, that EPS Officer freed the man who shot this distraught woman's husband. 
 That policy was a policy that was pursued by  EPS and CPS lobbied for and was approved by the PC Govt. many years ago. I always felt that using Cops to act as Justice of the Peace was an abuse of power, by the Police Chiefs of AB, and a direct violation of the Laws of Natural Justice. It is and was a conflict of interest.
 That is how a fascist puppet regime is created, the Conservative Elite of Alberta would not have been able to craft a perfect Fascist regime within a Democratic framework without the full co-operation of Uber corrupt Constabulary Forces to enforce their corrupt Justice System and their Laws promoting their own form of Corruption. Police Chief Rod Knecht is a leftover Dinosaur of the 40+ years of PC Fascism.
 Police Chief Knecht was weened his entire Police Career promoting Laws that encourage his Police Officers to deny you your basic human rights that Canadians are protected by with the Charter of Rights.and Freedoms. It is not his fault, he is a Dinosaur.
 Mr. Burns (Mandel) hired Chief Knecht because he knew that Rod Knecht believed in the same fascist values that he and his mentored assistant Waylon Smithers (Don Iveson) believed in. This is WHY Don Iveson was never a champion of change, Iveson never tried to drain the swamp because Don Iveson was ALWAYS a Swamp dweller, thus he feels that having a Police Chief that STILL ADVOCATES for stripping people of their Charter Rights is a perfect fit for his Gang of Corporate Cronyism Swamp Dwellers.

 We managed to partially drain "The SWAMP" by defeating the PC's, now it is time to finish the job, in the next Civic Election I urge you to get out and vote. Your sham Democracy depends on it, otherwise you are simply living in a Sterilized FANTASYLAND created by the Wealthy Elites like Darryl Katz who are so sorry that his BOUGHT and PAID FOR PC Party was soundly defeated in the last AB election.

 Michael Cooper fails to mention that these were policies that were enacted by a PC Government that ran this province like their own little Communist country, were the Justice System was corrupt right to the very top; especially when Alison Redford ran the province. 
 Rick Caron and his wife Penny produced undeniable PROOF of corruption, document tampering and forgery within the WCB Appeals Commission, and so they took that evidence directly to the office of then Justice Minister Redford.
 As injured workers we had no idea that the Alberta Justice System was CORRUPT right to the very top including the Justice Minister, this was a shock and a wake-up call to the "Crimes against Democracy" that had been committed by the PC Government of Alberta..
 She returned the evidence and a letter that Alison Redford had "hand signed" that stated AB Justice did not in their opinion believe any crime had been committed and that they did not believe any document tampering had occurred.

But au contraire readers, I firmly believe that Alison Redford was the Perp that day, because she was a sworn Officer of the Court  when she knowingly signed a document that she knew to be false; on that day she committed a crime is my opinion.

 Michael Cooper is solely in this political PROFIT, why is he not hounding his very own caucus colleagues about HOW a cop came to be the Justice of the Peace for the bail hearing? Why does he not question the Edmonton Police Service and the Chief of Police for EPS about HOW a police officer was routinely acting as Justice of the Peace presiding over these proceedings, especially at night and on weekends was the standard practice?
 Keep in mind that numerous times Injured Workers approached the Edmonton Police Service and alerted them to these obvious crimes by the government, and in every instance the EPS refused to investigate. The KEY SWAMP Dwellers are ALL still in charge, until that changes and their is a quantum shift in Police Chiefs and the entire Alberta Justice department will remain in Ill Repute. Worse yet is that Justice will continue to be DENIED in Hellberta, because people like Mayor Don Iveson don't EVER want to see the SWAMP DRAINED.
 For Mayor Iveson, having a corrupt Police Chief is just O.K. man. Iveson and his cronies live in FEAR that if the SWAMP is ever drained at City Hall in Edmonton, it will expose what he and his cronies have buried under the SWAMP. 

 I find the Conservative Member of Parliament to be offensive to the idea of Democracy, since he is part of a political machine that has worked tirelessly to dismantle all fairness in the Justice System. I find him offensive and completely disingenuous with his attacks on the sitting Trudeau government, because his motivations are purely Political Profit. I call it like I see it, and this man is a fake which is not surprising for a PC.

 I have spent years trying to get the most BASIC needs of a worker who fell and broke his back at work met, with zero success. I have been to every law office in downtown Edmonton trying to get a lawyer to fight the WCB, and not 1 lawyer would take on the WCB.
 I have tried for years to get the 1 thing that would make my life 10 times better, immediately! A bed. It began when I got out of the hospital and because I was recovering from a Spinal Trauma and major back surgery, I was hoping the WCB would provide one. Nope, I was wrong.
 I asked and asked the useless WCB home care workers who did NOT show until 4 days AFTER I arrived home if I could get a new bed. Yes, they told me, "No problem". No bed ever arrived, I continued to ask them and I asked my worker for a bed. Yes as soon a it is approved we will deliver it I was told. That was 11 years ago, and I am still waiting. The WCB does NOT CARE if you die in the gutter, in pain, broke penniless and mentally tortured, so long as Guy Kerr can report ANOTHER banner profits year.
 If you are NOT a government worker, like a Cop or a firemen, then the WCB of Alberta will do everything in their power to ABUSE you and to inflict further mental torture on the injured worker. BUT, if you are a Cop or a Firemen or an EMT, or a prison guard they WCB will heap ALL the benefits you could possible imagine onto those families because they are all part of their Great Big GOVERNMENT FAMILY.

 If you do not belong to to this special group then you are just plain out of luck there buddy. That is what is so sad about the reality that Seriously Injured Workers face here in Alberta. If you are a Cop and you are driving without a seat-belt on and you smash your knees into the dashboard in a head on collision, you will be admitted to the Glenrose Hospital for Rehabilitation once you are discharged from the hospital.

If you are NOT a government employee, then once the WCB Hacks and Quacks Dr. Leslie DeLima is done physically attacking you in your hospital bed you will be promptly discharged home with NO Home-care supports waiting to help you in you hour of need. Then when you ask for medical devices like a bed, and you even have your Family Physician write a Prescription for a orthopedic bed, you will be flatly DENIED.
 That is the sad reality of living working and breaking your back at work here in Hellberta. I feel for the Mounties Wife, as I feel for ALL workers who are killed on the job.
But watching MP Cooper grandstanding and blaming the Trudeau government; for horrible policies that are firmly ROOTED in Progressive Conservative policy making by a government that ruled by MAJORITY for 40 years; is just so damned repulsive on many levels. Michael Cooper is a typical Conservative Political Opportunist. I find his use of a widower to further his career by using a dead Policeman for political gain to be so repulsive it make me want to vomit. 
 Michael Cooper fails to mention that the "Crime and Punishment Govt." of Stephen Harper, was DRUNK on writing new Laws to crush the poor people of Canada almost daily they were writing new laws to suppress Freedom and Democracy. It was a bloody disgrace and a collateral attack on Democracy by the CPC Party that Cooper belongs to, he conveniently leaves that part out of his Grief profiteering campaign.

I have to rest, Chronic Pain is calling, and it does not care if you do not pick up the phone. Chronic Pain does not take any days off. Peace, out.