Brent McGillis: Feb 15, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

The "Workers" Part of WCB is an Oxymoron of Epic proportions.

 The flip use of the terminology "Workers" Compensation is an Oxymoron because the entire institution is 100% run by Corrupt Corporate CRONIES like their CEO Guy Kerr. He is corrupt to the core because he subscribes to the very same kind of Right Wing White Privilege Bastardization of Principles of Natural Justice that the WCB uses to deny seriously injured workers the right to a fair and open process when they appear before an Administrative Adjudicator panel.
 The fact that the Appeals Commission utilizes PC Corporate cronies with NO expertise in Administrative Justice or court proceedings exposes these panels as null and void in legal terms. These panels are loaded with old PC Cronies, and as such these panels are a Kangaroo court.
 It is no secret that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta has employed its very own corporate cronies that utilize the WCB of Alberta like a well paid Retirement Home for cronies of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.
 The very existence of all of these cronies sitting on the WCB Appeals Commission panels renders the existence of these phony Quasi-judicial Court proceedings as FAKE Law, and flies in the very face of The Rules of Natural Justice in Canada. This is an antiquated phony system of compensation, even the word compensation in the context of the WCB organization is 2 Oxymoron's within one organizations name. Anybody that believes that the WCB of Alberta is a fair and Just system of compensating human beings who happen to get injured while working on the job in Hellberta really does not have the necessary judgement skills needed to skillfully drive a car.
 Saying that the WCB of Alberta delivers fair and just decisions from their WCB Appeals Commission hearing is a complete and total lie. That may be true for government workers but it sure as the hell is not true for the regular working Joes who get hurt on the job in Alberta. For any government employees to say that the WCB of AB is a fair and just administrator of benefits is like saying that Justice Scalia in the United States was a fair and just adjudicator. Justice Scalia was a right wing bigot that disliked Black people and he hated homosexuals and believed that both groups should not have any of the rights that the rest of the White Privileged Catholic Conservatives in America enjoy.
The world is likely a much better place since he is now dead, that is a fact because their is no place for Right Wing Bigots and homophobes sitting on the bench of the United States highest courts.
 What the last 7 years of the Presidency of Barack Obama have shown the Western Nations is that Right Wing Catholic and Christian bigots have been in total control of the Justice System in America, and that is WHY the Republicans are so damned scared that Obama will appoint a Left Wing and truly progressive thinking Justice to the USSC. The Right Wing bigots of White Privilege have been in the drivers seat for the last 30 years and they don't like what they see coming down the pipe for the Supreme Court in the U.S.
 Meanwhile here in the backwater bayou city of Edmonton, we as a society are hopelessly clinging to a failed system of Justice for the men and women who are seriously injured and who are being killed every 2nd day in Alberta. The whole fantasy lie about the workers giving up their rights in favor of this bastardized system that is named "Administrative Justice" is so damned corrupt, it can only be described as FUBAR. The WCB Appeals system is horribly tilted in favor of the corporations that routinely KILL WORKERS and never have to worry about ever spending even on day in jail.
 How is it unfairly tilted in the corporations favor? A.) Because the panels are made up of Corporate Cronies of Conservative Business owners B.) Because the corrupt panel members have absolutely NO knowledge about Judicial Due Process or courtroom procedures C.) These phony panels are allowed to continually deny benefits to appellants, denying them their right to submit their doctors reports for years of treatment even though their exists Jurisprudence cases that specifically state they cannot ignore this as new evidence. D.) Because Guy Kerr is the CEO and the entire board are fully aware of all of these Commission Abuses to continue to this day, because he runs the WCB of Alberta like his own little corrupt Third World country DICTATOR that extracts GLEE from abusing seriously injured workers. This means that Guy Kerr and his Board of Dir.'s fit the clinical description of a man and a group who suffers from episodes of Schadenfraude. Schadenfraude: This word is taken from German and literally means "harm-joy". E.) The final reason that I believe that Guy Kerr and his corrupt board are unfit for this role as the directors acting as Fiduciaries are that they do not display ANY of the characteristics of apt, skilled and professional directors of a corporation in charge of Billions of dollars held in trust for the benefit of Seriously Injured Workers. None, zero, they know what is going on and they choose to ignore it, this makes them by definition a CORRUPT gang of Right Wing Conservative Cronies. They do not deserve the title of Fiduciaries since they display none of the High Level of Personality Skills or the Professionalism needed to carry out the duties that they naturally inherit when they sign up to take the MILLIONS of dollars in compensation they get for being CORRUPT.
 The Meredith Principles is such a fantasy lie, if you believe that people who were dying at the hands of the corrupt corporations 100 years ago were completely STUPID, then you believe the Meredith Principle.
 Look at the lies Harper told to steal Democracy from Canada, I am telling you Meridith is nothing more than a FANTASY. If the Meridith story was TRUE, the workers would celebrate all of the signatories of that deal. It is a great big lie, told a million times does not make it any more true today then when they first told the lie. The Great Meridith LIE was a phony deal that protects UNION workers, that is it and that is why the Board freely abuses seriously injured workers who are NOT part of a Union. That is WHY the UNION is so quite on standing up for non-union workers rights.
 Rachel Notley has the full support of the Unions, it is my belief that she is New Boss, Same as the Old Boss is my opinion.
 Rachel Notley is a labor lawyer by trade, that is what her specialty in Law is all about, she knows exactly what is going on and what HAS being going one here in Alberta for many years now. Since the voters of Alberta have kicked the Uber corrupt PC's to the curb, is is high time that the Government of Alberta took the steps necessary to restore confidence in our Justice System here in Alberta. Rachel knows what to do, but does she have the political will? None of the cowardly PC's did, they lived in constant fear of losing their grip on power and their financial support of the corporations in Alberta and as such they all passed the buck.
 Rachel CLAIMS Change has come to Alberta, yeah well let's see who is buttering her bread.

Sciatica and the mind numbing pain that keeps me up at night

 The return of winter and the storms of February tweek my Sciatica nerve pain in my left leg and keep me up all night with mind blowing pain that is so intense it radiates not only down my left leg, but it raises my blood pressure as the pain intensifies until it pulses through my entire body. I lay awake at night praying that I die rather than continue to suffering with NO Medical Treatment or diagnosis for my severe chronic back pain. I am sure that the WCB of Alberta has the very same prayers for my early demise, that is afterall what their intentions were right from the very day that I was dropped off at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in March of 2006. My back complications are wide and varied, since I fell flat on my back with my Iron Tools belt and tools strapped on to my hips. The resulting impact with the frozen ground felt like I had just been hit by a Transit bus travelling at 25 kph is my best guess. I broke my hard hat as I hit the ground. It took me months to remember most of the details of that day and it saddens me that after 10 YEARS, absolutely NOTHING has changed within the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. We have a new government, but nothing has changed with the WCB of AB.
 How do I know that nothing has changed? Because I still receive phone calls from Injured Workers who are still being screwed around by the WCB of AB for Injuries on the job. Some of these workers have valid complaints about injuries they suffered many years ago, injuries that they had already claimed as workplace injuries and now they are experiencing complications as their age, wear and tear on their bodies have now made working impossible for them. The WCB of AB claims that if you have further problems in the future as a result of your workplace injury that you can re-open your claim. The WCB of Alberta forgot to put in a disclaimer that this policy ONLY extends to Govt. workers like Firemen, Cops and all Govt. employees as per their Union agreements.
 The reality is for regular Joes is that if this does happen to you, that the WCB of Alberta will deny your claim regardless of how much supporting medical evidence you have. They (WCB) will work in a fevered frenzy to erect false barriers to block you from re-opening your claim. You see this is because all of the BS on the WCB of Alberta website is nothing more than pure unadultrated Bullshit. The only people that their site is true for is government workers, they are the self-entitled ELITE of our Alberta society, and have been for a very long time. If the average Albertan living in this province thinks that there is "Equal and Fair Medical Treatment" for all Albertans then they are likely to dumb to drive a car.
 Be forewarned that as an injured worker suffering from old injuries that have come back to haunt you, the WCB of Alberta will try to incite you into an angry outburst so that they can permanently BAN you from their premises. This is one of their favorite and oldest tricks in their evil book of stunts to deny Injured Workers that are legitimately qualified to apply for Medical and financial benefits. As a government worker they would shower you with psychiatric supports and referrals. But most importantly if you suffered a mental breakdown within a WCB of Alberta facility as a Government worker, you WOULD NOT be terminated from benefits. That is the key difference between government workers and regular working stiffs in Alberta.
 The other KEY difference is that Government workers are immediately referred to real ACTUAL Rehabilitation facilities like the Glenrose Hospital, because the BEST Medical facilities and Specialists are all RESERVED for the ELITE (Govt. workers only) persons in Alberta. I was told by my Surgeon Dr. Hongxing Jiang that I was going to be referred to the Glenrose Rehab Hospital.
  That was until the WCB Crony Hack Dr. Leslie DeLima walked into my hospital room in the Royal Alexandra Hospital and lied to me about his identity, then he took off my neck brace and squeezed my neck really hard. When I screamed out in pain, he announced that there was nothing wrong with my neck. I immediately cried out, "That was your test?". Like WTH, even though I was hopelessly doped out of my mind on morphine that the hospital was repeatedly injecting into me I was aware enough to know that there was something seriously WRONG going on with the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
 For you own sake, and remember this fact: DON'T go to the Royal Alex you could very well die there and not from natural causes either. Remember this and you may live a long life if you are lucky.
 Whoever you are and no matter where you have come from across the planet Earth, this is 1959 Alberta where we are still using diagnostic methods and machines that are DECADES OLD, the Alberta Health SCARE keeps this old equipment around so that when regular Joe Stiffs walk through their doors they can immediately warm up the old tubes in their old 70's equipment to immediately deliver you with a diagnosis of "Your O.K., go home take an aspirin." This is the reality for regular Joe Stiff, because you are NOT part of their government Gold Plated Medical Benefits program, so you are strapped into the oldest junk they have laying around, this is the Hellberta WAY!
 White people go to the University Hospital. White Government workers who like to live in St. Albert far away from the UN-anointed Edmonton ghetto spoogees, they will ONLY go to the St. Albert Hospital. White people do not want to die beside an Indian or non white person, this is the Hellberta White Privileged WAY!

Sciatica Animated Video

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