Brent McGillis: Jun 29, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Injured Alberta IronWorker Bad News

Well the news just keeps getting worse. I finally get my MRI approved and my lawyer writes me to tell me he does not believe that Legal Aid should fund me. The primary problem with this logic, is the fact that another lawyer already wrote a Legal Opinion on my file and concluded that I do have a valid case. My lawyer's point is moot. I wish that if he does not want my file, then by all means pass it on to a lawyer who does. Honestly, I have my plate full just trying to fight Alberta WCB without having to babysit my Lawyer and lead him around by the hand. Once again Alberta WCB has lied to my MLA's assistant and told her that my lawyer requested my file on May 1, when in fact that consent was faxed on April 3rd, 2009. My doctors request for a MRI was submitted on May 1st.
What really gets me down is:

1. Where is my due process?
2. When does the WCB stop lying and start helping?
3. The appeal process is supposed to be a dispute mechanism, and not a DESTRUCTION OF HOPE TOOL for Claims Managers
4. Where is my IME (Independent Medical Examination)? It is to be conducted at the end of the 2 year period. It is conducted at that time because it is accepted by the Medical Profession that any nerve damage that was done, would have been healed as much as it will ever heal by the end of this time frame. Their acronym is MMI (maximum medical improvement).
5. My Injury is listed as a PCI. Which means I am partially disabled and once my IME is Conducted, my ELP and NELP will have been established and can be disbursed.
6. This is Alberta Government sanctioned Fraud. And I am tired of it. How is any human expected to deal with these Obtuse Obdurates for another 20 years?
7. It is only 3 and a half years and I am ready to kill myself. I was never suicidal until I had to deal with the Felonious Government Insurance Scheme,known as the WCB Alberta.
8. Why have I not been allowed to go to the "Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn?"
9. I was referred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota last year by my Doctor, and WCB Alberta immediately responded by closing my file. The WCB Alberta mob of idiots has had their share of time to execute their retard fraud show.
10. Now it is my turn. They have proven their ineptitude time and time again. They do not collaborate my health care treatments in good faith. They have proven that they have absolutely no intention of helping a seriously injured worker.
11. I am in constant unending pain and I want some help. I want to go to the Mayo Clinic to which I was referred, and my doctor and Surgeon have already forwarded my medical records last year.
12. You would not treat a dog in this manner. So why does our government sanction the treatment of humans in this manner?
13. Why am I not allowed to have a Case Manager who is not discriminatory, and why has no higher official at WCB Alberta intervened and done a complete review of my case?

Once again, I would like to thank Tony Vandermeer's Office for all of their help. God bless Brenda Goebel. I was misled into believing that Tony Vandermeer's Office was actually doing ANY work on my file. I initially was very grateful and humbled to have a PC MLA actually pretend to do work on my file.
  I originally was duped into believing that Tony Vandermeer actually cared about a terrible injustice being perpetrated against a disabled person.
  Boy was I ever stupid enough to believe that ANY PC MLA could give a crap about hard working Albertans.

 Tony Vandermeer's Office stabbed me in the back and told me on a return visit to
"Forget about my injury and MOVE On with my life".

  There is a god and he does not like do-nothing Floaters like Tony Vandermeer either, and Tony was DEFEATED in the 2012 Alberta Election.

 Just so there are NO hard feelings Tony Vandermeer, I have some advice and some comforting advice for Tony on his defeat,
"Forget about it TONY and move on with your Life"!

Oh yes and thank you Deb, and Dr. Adebayo. You two keep saving my life, and I am humbled. Thank you Doug for your support and those who have been a sounding board for my nervous breakdown. TY Kim for knowing what to do, and when. Who knew PTSD is triggered by obdurate s?