Brent McGillis: Nov 14, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What is Chronic Pain and the WCB Ignorant Staffing practices

 Chronic Pain is not just a list of terrible side effects for some innocous sounding medical affliction, that doctors seem unable to associate any kind of physical defects to for patients suffering from strange diseases that seem to have no identifiable cause.
 In my case, my Chronic Pain is very easily associated with a very easy to identify Trauma accident. I suffered a traumatic injury to my spine. I am not talking about some drunken Newfie driving his Tractor Trailor off the highway on the way to Ft. McMurray drunk and while he was busy snoring up a storm in his 18 wheeler, causing his big rig to flip and his body was flung into the steering wheel with such force because he was not belted in, that he ended up fracturing a vertebrae, but did not break it. A guy lived in our building years ago that this is precisely what happened to him, he did not seem to be in much pain and was able to continue to get all drunk-ed up every day until he returned to work after a year of rehab is the story I was told. He had very few complications and did not seem to suffer to much in pain.
 I did not suffer some kind of exposure to some wickedly dangerous chemical mixture that nobody has ever heard of and now suffer from a whole list of strange maladies that are associated with these strange chemical exposures. No, my injury is very easy to understand for the average man on the street.
 Chronic Pain means you live a life unfulfilled because you do not have the stamina because Chronic Pain causes Chronic fatigue. Suffering from this condition means that you cannot complete most tasks, because you simply burn out with terrible pain before you can complete any task.

I have to rest, I will try to write some more later today or tomorrow, Thks for your patience.

 Chronic Pain is a very real condition that in a natural side effect of a Government gone bad. The Hacks and Quacks Network that dominates the Spinal Injury portfolio of the Alberta Health Services and the WCB of Alberta is DIRECTLY responsible for the level of pain that I am forced to endure because of their policies of Discrimination against Seriously Injured Workers in Alberta. The WCB of Alberta colludes with the ruling medical elite within AHS to ensure that I will NEVER receive treatment in Alberta for my back injury.
 The WCB of Alberta makes sure that the Claimant Managers that manage Seriously Injured Workers who are NOT Firemen, Cops, Guards or Government Workers are of the absolutely lowest level of medical training possible in order to ensure that Injured Workers like myself are subject to the highest level of Abuse possible from the WCB of Alberta.
 Cops, Firemen, and Government Workers never have to worry about such abuses since their medical needs are dealt with promptly and their treatments are paid for by WCB Alberta immediately. Their doctors, specialists including physiotherapists, masseuses etc. are paid promptly and without delay, so that their compatriot Conservative Government Workers are given swift relief from their pain and suffering. Regular Joe Injured Workers receive NO SUCH Treatment.
 WCB Alberta is designed in such a fashion that it makes sure that Claims Managers they know to be racist are deliberately sent at Seriously Injured Workers they dislike and want to PUNISH to DEATH.
This is the reality of the inner workings of the Alberta WCB, they are racist, the deliberately hire racist CM's, and further they deliberately assign their racist Claims Managers to claimants that they HATE the most. This is the OLD Conservative Right Wing Guard, the old Self-Entitled GANG of Conservative Mobsters that enjoy delivering cruelty and medical punishment out at a level not seen since the days of the Nazi's in Germany in WWII.