Brent McGillis: 11/01/2015 - 12/01/2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rachel Notleys WCB Plan is a giant TAX GRAB on Farmers/Farm workers

  Here is a newsbit from the 2014 Highlights of the WCB Financial Statements.
      Average premium rate:
$1.03 per $100 of insurable earnings was the average collected in
2014. The average rate set for 2015 is $0.97.
Operating surplus: $792.5 million (2013: $921.6 million

  Here is a Screen Capture of the new Farm and Ranch rates proposed by the Notley Government and that will be EXTRACTED directly from the pocketbooks of Farmers as published on the WCB's own website.
Click on the image below to view the NEW FARM RATES, you will be shocked if you own animals.

The page this info is located on is and if you look at the Screen Grab I snapped,  it is looking very BAD for ranchers and any farmer who raises hoofed animals; as they will be paying an average of $3 dollars/per hour for every hour worked by the farm hands working on these operations.
That is a very large sum of money when extrapolated across all of the Farm Workers in Alberta. Here is a screen grab of the WCB page which confirms the massive Finacial Injury that the WCB plans to implement to further INSULATE Transnational Oil Companies from the TRUE COST of injured workers/Albertans. The WCB is so damned presumptive and GREEDY, that they have already produced the rates for farmers who have NO INJURY HISTORY with the WCB AB.
                                                                  Click on image below
 Think about this: World Oil Prices CRASH. Transnational Oil Corporations SLASH workers to cut costs, and their contractors SELL OFF Equipment in record breaking Heavy Equipment sales. Workers wages have been cut, so what is LEFT for cost cutting?
Tar Sands Corporations like Exxon/CNRHell already ENJOY the lowest WCB RATES in Alberta at less than $1 Dollar/Hr worked. Well that does not gather a lot of revenue particularly when workers are being laid off. The WCB AB does NOT want to raise rates to the ACTUAL RATE that is necessary to meet the Medical and Financial needs of workers.
  O.K. now we need to calculate the MASSIVE LOSS of revenue stream that WCB Alberta needs to be replaced by over 150,000 job losses in the Alberta Oil Patch and related industries. That is a LOT of Money, Millions and Millions of dollars. The WCB Alberta and the Alberta Government are starving for money, and they need a pack of Farmer Donkeys to carry them since WCB is feeling WEAK from paying their Corporate Crony CEO's their MILLION DOLLAR Salaries for corruption.
  Look at the TIMING of this push. This is just too damned obvious. The NDP Government does not want to RISK raising WCB rates to the level that would actually cover Non-government Workers. The NDP are going to do HACK fake Surgery on WCB AB, and SEW ON a NEW ARM of this flailing money fleecing scheme. Yeah, they are going to SEW on the hard working arm of farmers the WCB has identified as RICH Farmers. This new Green ARM is very muscular from actually working for a living, will be not so skillfully sewed onto the drunken WCB Body by their corrupt team from the Hacks and Quacks Network.
 The Farmers of Alberta are going to shoulder the COST of the failing Tar Glop Industry, and become the new DONKEY on the block, doing ALL THE HEAVY Lifting for the WCB of Alberta. As you can see the Tar Glop Corporations that KILL WORKERS will get ALL of their WCB dues Refunded, Joe Farmer you get ZERO back because this is how the WCB AB Scams the small business operators!

And the NDP comes out smelling like roses to the CFIB  for NOT raising the WCB rates in times of Financial austerity. CFIB has strongly influenced the Conservative Govt's policy for years now.
 Notley and Crew have dangerously calculated that it is better to Enrage the Farmers, than it is to propose a rate hike to cover huge INCOME LOSSES and gaps for the WCB, and Guy Kerr continues to get cash bonuses for dead workers once again. How sick is that?

So there you go. I have to take a break and get my Botox injections to help kill my nerve pain that radiates from my Spine. More to come. Thks for your patience.

Here is a link to a Orthopaedic Doctor Fraud Scheme in California where Spinal Surgeons were paying Kick-backs to clinics for referrals for Spinal Fusion surgery. Scary stuff considering that I had the same surgery and now I am screwed for life, and my bogus Surgeon refuses to ever see me again. He knows what happened at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and he does not want those dead bodies to come floating back to the surface of the murky swamp we call WCB Alberta CORRUPTION.
Former hospital CFO, two surgeons admit kickback scheme for spine surgeries

The Government of Alberta obviously believes that the AHS is not corrupt, and the PC Govt's of the past have all made points of praising our Health Care system here in AB. The reality is that 40+ years of PC Communist Rule have opened AHS wide open to the exact copy of how the American Hospital and Health Care systems were ravaged by GREED engorged Doctors and Corporations seeking monopolies that these private operators knew would make them RICH beyong their wildest dreams.
  I have always knew that the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons were corrupt, because of one of their most influential members Dr. Olhauser, but I did not recognize how this organization was able to influence the PC Party of Alberta into making sure that they were specifically INSULATED from the Alberta privacy Laws back in 2003/2004. The College LIED to me about launching an investigation into WCB Crony doctor Lorri Galbraith who wrote a bogus report on my condition from her
PO MAIL BOX on Jasper Avenue, Edmonton.
Alberta WCB employs doctors who work out of P.O. Mail Boxes inside the UPS Store on Jasper Ave, nice huh?
 Can you imagine that you are such a HACK and a Quack that you have to work out of a Post Office Box in a UPS Store in Edmonton? WCB AB can imagine this and pay you as a Hack, big FAT Farmer cheques too!

I cannot find Dr. Lorri Galbraith registered with the AB College of Physicians, but I did find a reference to her on Rate my MD in Vancouver working for WorkSafe BC.
  This is what the Farmers of Alberta have in store for them, a bunch of bogus HACKS and Quacks that will be soon Hacking and Quacking their way through their workforce and leaving their workers disabled for life, Sad isn't it?
  The Alberta Farmer is now saddled with 1 MORE useless government agency to carry on it's back, making them feel like a common DONKEY! This is not how a friendly business relationship is supposed to feel, but as long as the Transnational Oil Corporations are feeling the Farmer GREEN, then that is all that matters to Rachel and her Million Dollar Executive FRIENDS at WCB of Alberta, right?
  Guy Kerr is NOT interested in a pay cut on his $1Million dollar/year paycheque, taxing his new friends the Farmers of AB at 20% per cent of every dollar your Farm and Ranch hands earn should Top Up Guy Kerr's bonus cheque nicely. Right Rachel Notley?

Had Rachel Notley cleaned out the Corruption laden WCB first, then tried to bring Farmers on board I could understand but forcing them to sing with the Devil is just plain underhanded

  It is NO SECRET that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is a legalized Government Agency that can dole out a horrific amount of medical abuse, physical abuse in the form of legalized bogus Rehabilitation facilities and massive amounts of Mental Abuse by their taunting Claims Managers that glean great joy from torturing Seriously Injured Workers.
  Rachel Notley is acutely aware of these systemic abuses at the Workers Compensation Board, from her time spent supposedly supporting Seriously Injured Worker protests, so it truly does bewilder me at WHY she is NOW trying to FORCE a super corrupt organization like WCB onto Farmers.
Here is a link to a video she did in support of the Canadian Injured site
  I guess when Rachel Notley finds herself now sitting amongst the privileged and the self-entitled Elite Club that runs Alberta, that now you are simply unable to see the forest for the trees, because you are sitting around with all of the Old Dead Timber of the legislature now.
  I believe that the Farmers should DEMAND a complete review of the WCB of Alberta as an organization, and that the farmers should demand a Legislative Investigation into the systemic abusive practices and tactics employed systematically by WCB. Why would the Farmers want to enter into any agreement with the organization that is FAMOUS for abusing workers? Why would they want their best hands to get NO Medical Treatments? Why would they want their best Cattle ropers to get NO Medical Imaging? It makes no sense to any normal person.

The WCB of Alberta routinely DISCRIMINATES against specifically TARGETED workers who have been seriously injured on the job. This practice of targeted abuse needs to end, to many lives have been terminated early by this corrupt organization.
  All of this corruption is completely led from the TOP DOWN is my opinion. All of this Medical Corruption begins at the HIGHEST LEVELS of the Alberta Government. This includes some of the top medical doctors in the College of Physicians and Surgeons that have been meddling in the layout of the Alberta Health Services and the WCB Alberta's scope of power for decades now. A Legislative  Committee properly empowered would be able to uncover this system wide corruption, so that ALL Albertans can enter a new age with a Proper, timely and non-discriminatory medical treatment. We can help to create a WCB organization that does NOT TARGET individuals for abuse based solely on the fact they are not government employees.

  There are No WINNERS when your government sanctions DISCRIMINATION based solely on a persons disability. None whatsoever, because it demeans our society and makes a mockery of the very word Democracy. Democracy should never on the simple basis of principle ever condone Discrimination and Abuse because you are disabled.
  Not in my book anyways, and I would hope that is not the case in Rachel Notley's description of Democracy and how it should be governed. Democracy NOW!

WCB Government workers cannot Wipe their own Ass

  The most egregious and disgusting character trait of the WCB Government Employees is that they are so damned lazy they cannot wipe their own asses. They are in constant need of somebody like their boss or some other outside mysterious force like the Workers Compensation Appeals Commission to TELL THEM it is time to wipe their own asses.
  Yup, I know, it is hard to believe that their exists Government Employees that are so damned obtuse and useless that they NEED to be told what to do and when to do it. It is like they are ex-criminals that have just been released from prison and because of their extended incarceration they are completely unable to manage their own day to day actions and affairs.
  I know, I know the WCB and the Government of Alberta both "CLAIM" that the WCB Employees are NOT Government Employees. However the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta Employees and their UNION representatives all SIGN the very same Union negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement for their wages and benefits.
  Yup, these supposedly "non-government employees" of the WCB AB are the lucky recipients of the very SAME PLUSH and Luxurious Alberta Government sick leave and disability benefits that are specifically reserved for AB Government Employees ONLY! Wow, how could this happen? (Sic) The WCB of Alberta Employees enjoy exactly the very SAME WAGE benefits package as the Alberta Government Employees.
  Now I am no rocket scientist, but do you know what? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a
WCB AB duck and is completely unable to wipe its own ass, then I am only able to come to one single conclusion; It must be a Rachel Notley Government WCB employee duck!
  It seems that she has forgotten all about Injured Workers since she reached the throne and is now looking down on her disciples.

  This is why I have always said that the Workers Compensation Benefits for GOVERNMENT WORKERS are much more broad and the AB Govt. workers receive benefits that other Albertans are simply never going to be exposed to or receive benefit from. Here the AUPE is telling it's members that they are capable of "Working WITH the WCB to unlock these mysterious benefits that Joe AB will never receive".
  They are ALL part of the SAME TEAM right. Why? Because you are not a Cop, a Fireman, Border guard or other kind of Government Employee, you will not have UNION TRAINED WCB Specialists writing your APPEALS for you. You just ain't part of their exclusive and pampered lifestyle, it is not your fault, you wanted to work on the farm, you just never aspired to be a do-nothing Government Employee sucking the taxpayers pocketbook dry.
  Here you can read through the WCB Employees Benefits and this is not the complete list of benefits either.
  The WCB Employees MUST invest in the Public Employees Pension Fund, it is compulsary to do so if you are employed by the WCB of Alberta. Here is the excerpt:
Public Service and Management Employees
Pension Plans
All permanent employees and long-term employees, who will be
working more than one year, must participate in either the Public
Service Pension Plan or the Management Employees Pension Plan,
depending on the position held. Details of eligibility and benefits are
available in the participant handbooks published by the plans and
available through Alberta Pensions Services Corporation.

  What Joe Average Albertan will never understand is that when these slacker WCB Government Employees or any other AB Government Employees exhaust their Short Term disability, and they end up going on Long Term disability they now get to relax on the beach in Puerto Vallarta while slurping up 70% of their government wages TAX FREE. The benefit that the Government does NOT want you to know about is that the government and the WCB almost NEVER check to validate the disability of these claimants. Why? Because they are Government Employees and YOU do not belong to their CLUB.
  This is where the PTSD claims are becoming rampant is amongst Government Employees like Ambulance Drivers but NOT restricted to First Responders. The Ambulance EMT's are very upset at how their own Union and the Cities involved screwed them when the Provincial PC's amalgated them all under one roof. So how do you get back at your government employer that you despise? Simple, put in a PTSD claim and get ready to enjoy the perks of being part of the AB Govt. SPECIAL CLUB. Don't forget that these benefits are Tax Free because these people are claiming total disability. Understand now?

  So there you have it, the useless, obtuse, ignorant and abusive WCB Caims Managers that love to abuse Seriously Injured Workers, are incapable of wiping their own asses without a specific set of instructions from the WCB Appeals Commission. These Claims Managers are SO OBTUSE they are unable to see the critical need for providing an Injured Worker who has fallen and broken his back with a BED to help him sleep at night. How in the hell can Guy Kerr pile on the BS so thick with all of his phony CLAIMS about how skilled his TEAM is? He cannot, because it is all a pile of lies.
  His fantasy Team has NO PROBLEMS processing these medical needs for members of the Alberta SPECIAL CLUB (Govt. workers). Yup, Club Alberta Government sees NO NEED to change the operational functions of the AB WCB, because it treats AB Govt. Employees LIKE GOLD, with the Gold Plated medical treatment.
  But for Joe Farmer, your workers are going to receive the LESS than WELFARE recipients treatment when you try to make a claim against the fund that you pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into each year, this is the magic of WCB AB and their Special Arrangement with the AB Government.

  Disgruntled Government Employees including the WCB AB workers enjoy the ability to rake CASH IN while CASHING OUT, and enjoy the Benefits of being part of the Alberta Government Medical Benefits CASH COW that is responsible for such a large portion of the total WCB Costs in Alberta.
  I am so dissappointed that Rachel Notley has decided to FORCE farmers into an agreement with a super corrupt Insurance Scam that treats this provinces NON-government contributors so poorly.
  Rachel Notley was part of the WCB protests recently and she is aware of the systemic corruption that permeates this organization, so it bewilders me why she would try to FORCE this corrupt entity upon innocent Farm families. I just don't get it. Now she is in power and she has completely FORGOTTEN how she got there.
  Here is a video of Anthony Hughes talking about the willful of destruction of Information by WCB Claims Managers and other WCB AB Employees. As Anthony has so skillfully stated, "Once you understand that they (WCB AB) have the lawful authority to withhold and destroy YOUR information, the Game is Over!"
  Anthony just stated in a nutshell the Abuse of Process that Seriously Injured Workers face everyday when appealing decisions to the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
Rachel Notley is a lawyer, a Labour Lawyer by trade and she KNOWS this practice severely taints the Quasi-judicial procedures of the WCB of Alberta.
She KNOWS this to be true, so until she comes out and publicly states that she is going to make big changes to the WCB, the farmers of Alberta need to be afraid of this corrupt organization. The WCB of Alberta exists to insulate employers it has NOTHING to do with rehabilitation of seriously injured workers, that needs to be understood first and foremost by farmers.
  If people of Canada are upset that Trudeau has nannies, Guy Kerr that runs WCB AB is paid almost $1 Million/YR, he makes MORE money than the Prime Minister of Canada for APPROVING of over 160 dead workers EVERY YEAR in Alberta for 10 YEARS!
  When will Rachel the lawyer put an end to this routine practice of killing workers in Alberta? I repeat, WHEN?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our President and Chief BullShitter Guy Kerr

 I was reading the bio of WCB of Alberta Chief Executive Officer Guy Kerr and every single word on that page is total BS, 100% Corporately Processed and delivered high quality Bovine Excrement!
 The Guy Kerr bio page is nothing but pure FANTASY, and BS!
 The part about his family is probably true, I mean if you are dragging down a Million dollars per year for the privilege of killing hundreds of workers and putting a big giant APPROVED rubber stamp on the body bags of dead workers. So you can give yourself a great big pat on your own back Guy Kerr.
  Reading his bio would be hilarious if it were not so damned deadly for workers in Alberta. Even though we have a new government it is still 1959 in Alberta when it comes to Worker Safety and to progressive policies that penalize companies that routinely kill their workers on the job.
 Nothing ever changes in 1959 Alberta. The New Boss Rachel is the SAME as the Old Boss Jim is the saying.

  I was injured 10 years ago falling off of a steel rafter. NO INVESTIGATION into the accident was ever ordered, how do I know? Because NO WCB Investigator EVER interviewed me about what happened that day. I suffered a career ending injury and there was NO investigation into how this happened and how to ensure that this type of accident does not reoccur in the future. How is this possible?
  How is it possible that I was left laying facedown in the snow moaning in agony, while my Boss and the Site superintendant were standing right there and both did not even bother to call an amubulance?
  The WCB of Alberta is a CROOK organization that rotates around making sure Injured Workers KILL THEMSELVES to absolve the employers of any responsibility! WCB AB is run by CROOKS, that is a fact.
  All of the Bullshit that Guy Kerr has on his own bio page of the WCB is absolute garbage and a total line of Bullshit. The only people who believe the PC Party government Bullshitters are the PC Party loyalists, nobody else. This guy drives around in a Porche while seriously injured workers suffer through yet another hopeless Christmas.
  The Bullshit about the Appeals Process is precisely that: Bullshit, pure Bullshit nothing else.

  The WCB of Alberta took my first Appeal and fed it through their paper shredders, this is what is known as an Abuse of Process. Had it been properly accepted and properly dealt with through a legitimate Appeals Process then we would not be having this discussion on the TENTH CHRISTMAS I have had without a proper BED. I used to ask my HomeCare workers that WCB would send every day about my BED that I so desperately needed, they would ASSURE me every day that somebody would be sent out to ASSESS this need. Nobody ever showed up, and no bed.

  This is NO SURPRISE for the WCB crook organization, because the Royal Alexandra Hospital kicked me out and sent me home with NO HOMECARE in place, despite a meeting we had convened with the Nurses on Ward when I told them how I feared arriving home with NO Homecare!

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is going to need MORE than Bricks and Mortar to fix the Chronic CORRUPTION that permeates this hospital. That is for goddammed sure!

  The WCB lied, the Royal Alexandra Staff Nurses lied in a meeting! The nurses at the Alex lied to me by NOT telling me that I was being kicked out of the hospital on specific INSTRUCTIONS from the WCB Doctor, Dr. Leslie DeLima! The AHS Staff KNEW that the WCB was kicking me out and WITHHELD this information from me, because the Royal Alex is the designated WCB Hacks and Quacks Hospital.
 Everybody knows that and avoids this hospital, under clear threat of death or serious mortal injury!

  I trusted the WCB crooks and cronies, and this is the end product, they deliberately DENY a Seriously Inured Worker a bed, over and over again. How is this possible in Guy Kerr's FANTASY WCB?
 Simple it is all a great big LIE, a concocted fantasy to feed his OWN GIANT EGO!

Guy Kerr you and your shitty organization produce a SHIT PRODUCT, day in and day out. You sir are a complete Bullshitter, if Fantasy Bullshit was a saleable product then you would be a Trillionaire.

  The WCB of Alberta website is saturated with advertising for WCB and how they can help YOU to reduce INJURY COSTS!
  These ads prove that the WCB could care less about the health of Injured Workers, their PRIMARY focus is to DENY ACCESS to medical treatments, medications, diagnostic imaging and ACCESS to proper, timely and relevant treatments!

  If you (Claims Managers) have to be TOLD that a injured worker with a broken back NEEDS a NEW BED on a regular basis, then you are a complete idiot and should be fired. The person who hired you should be fired as well.
Both of these morons lack the necessary judgement skills to drive a car. And it just keeps happening, again and again. Such systemic failure would not be possible within a well run company or organization. The WCB of Alberta is not a well run company and all of this systematic corruption and the reoccuring systemic failure is by captain Bullshitter himself.

If you (CM) need to have a request for a BED be sent to an APPEAL BOARD for approval then this is clear evidence that you have ZERO knowledge about medical issues and the question remains; Which idiot WCB staffer HIRED YOU? Guy? Was it Guy, what a corporate crook and a maroon.
  These abusive Claims Managers are Guy Kerr designed WCB Alberta WORKING POLICY.
All the Bullshit from Guy Kerr about his fantastic Team is just that, pure 100% unadultrated Bullshit!
If Bullshit was a commodity then Guy Kerr would be Canada's best BULLSHIT saleman, hell he would the Bullshit Saleman of the Year and would be properly awarded at the Bullshitters Annual Convention.

  This guy is so high on himself that he needs to be taken down a notch, and he will discover that guess what? There is NO Company and nobody else on this earth that is willing to pay you $1 Million dollars per year for being a government do-nothing. Only CORRUPT Governments will PAY you this outragious paycheque for being a Medical Industry CRONY! Standing around giving really BAD ADVICE Guy, it is NOT the same thing as real help.
  Maybe all of your crony pals over at the College of Physicians will be able to match your Bullshitters WAGE huh, what do you think Guy. Why don't you call the richest doctor in Alberta, Dr. Olhauser and see if he will pay you a Million bucks a year?

Ms Notley "Tear down these WALLS"

  I am calling on the government of Rachel Notley to "Tear Down these WALLS" of discrimination that the medical cronies of the past PC Governments have erected to specifically DISCRIMINATE against seriously Injured Workers!
  Tear Down these Walls that have successfully managed to DENY me access to ALL Spinal Orthopaedic Specialists in Alberta! Tear down these WALLS that continue to deny me even the most BASIC medical devices like a BED!
  Tear Down these Walls that have ER Doctors DENYING ALL DIAGNOSTIC Imaging to me, and telling me that because my condition is chronic, that I will NEVER qualify for any Imaging!
  Tear Down these WAlls that continue to funnel me into the waiting arms of Corruption that makes up the Hacks and Quacks Network

I have to rest, my back is killing me. Chronic Fatique is a natural affliction for persons suffering from Chronic Pain. Thanks for your patience.

This is the 10th YEAR that I have to live through Christmas without ACCESS to a proper BED, because of the WALLS that have been erected by the WCB Corruption Machine.
Merry Christmas folks, and I hope the WCB people and their cronies sleep well snuggled up in their self-entitled expensive bed sheets.

PC Government Corruption SPAWNED KEY Govt. crony officials for the ABUSE of Seriously Injured Workers in Alberta

  Key in any discussion about the actual on the ground workings of the WCB Alberta communist constructed phony Workers Compensation system is that the entire contruct of this organization has been done through the often skewed and Corporate Corruption that blurred the government policies of  the Progressive Conservative Party, this was TRADEMARK PC Politics in action.
  Flashback to 1996 when then Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein decided to implant one of his own cronies as the head of the WCB in Alberta.  Who was this KEY figure you ask? Well it was none other than DOCTOR John F. Cowell.
Dr. John F. Cowell would go on to become the WCB Chief Executive Officer that SLASH the WCB of Alberta in HALF, for the WCB of Alberta's budget expenditures for ONE YEAR.
  Enter Premier Redford and Jim Prentice and they went back to their Old Cronies phone book to dig up Dr. John F. Cowell from the graveyard of corrupt PC Cronies to run the AHS.
  Dr. Cowell's experience as CEO of WCB of Alberta was where he honed his skills of
Simply STOP treating people and your agency will save money!
  The average tax paying citizen that is fully competent and in full control of their own facilties would look at this one line entry in the composition of a massive Compensation Fund that is intended to pay for the injuries and resulting disabilities of Seriously Injured Workers who are forced to be reliant on the integrity of the aforementioned disability fund, and the would say wait a minute; How in the hell can ANY institution manage to slash their medical expenditures in HALF in ONE YEAR?
  This would seem to be an impossibility correct? No, oh contraire Joe Albertan, this is no accident scene, this is PC Party of Alberta Corporate CORRUPTION at work on an INDUSTRIAL SCALE!
  And thus was born the Industrial Corruption era of Alberta politics, because only corruption on an Industrial Scale that permeates ALL levels of Medical Care delivered in the province of Alberta would be sufficient to deliver such collosal abuses to Seriously Injured Workers.
  The single largest BARRIER to recovery for Injured Workers in Alberta is LACK of ACCESS to proper, timely and Relevant Medical Treatments and Referrals to Specialists here in Alberta.
This single barrier is in reality a series of Multiple Medical Barriers that have been erected over decades of procedures that the WCB Hacks and Quacks CRONIES have toiled scurilessly to ensure that Injured Workers that THEY TARGET for abuse are DENIED ACCESS at every turn in their quest to find some relief for the pain they suffer. I believe that Dr. Cowell gave the instructions to DENY me care at the Calgary Foothills Spinal Treatment center, that is my opinion.
 We are the sufferers of Chronic Pain that makes us unable to function at a normal level, and thus these roadblocks created by the Ralph Klein gang of Medical Gangsters continues to be a massive BARRIER and Roadblock to recovery for Seriously Injured Workers.

 Corruption within the Workers Compensation Board and the Alberta Health Services RUNS DEEP! We need our Premier Rachel Notly to move with forcefull resolve to dismantle this SYTEM of ABUSE and to reorganize the Alberta Health Services to erase DISCRIMINATION within AHS and the
WCB of Alberta. These two organizations work hand in hand and they work in tandem to abuse Seriously Injured Workers. Doctors who seek to treat these disabled workers are unaware of the background mechanisms that are working within the AHS scurilessly to deny ACCESS to medical treatment for a extremely vulnerable portion of our population here in Alberta.
To do nothing for the Notley government, is to fully support DISCRIMINATION based on my medial disabilites, this will be the new governments BADGE of failure to wear for eternity.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Small Farmers are Big Losers in the WCB Scheme that downloads Transnational Workers Comp costs directly onto small business

  Small farmers really have NO inclination of what is coming down the pipe in the new arena of Farmers and Ranchers being brought into the scope of the WCB Alberta scheme that puts them under the arm of this super corrupt organization. They do not realize that small business operators are the BIG LOSERS in the WCB Ponzi scheme that masquerades itself as a legitimate Worker Compensation scheme. The farmers will believe what they are told on the television, what other source of information do they have, right? The Transnational Corporations and the Govt. are counting on it! The farmers will naturally believe that the WCB of AB is a legitimate Injured Worker scheme, when othing could be further from the truth.
  The costs to workers and their families are staggering and the reality of what the financial and human costs are of NOT treating seriously injured workers in Alberta are massive in scope.
  For the first 2 years after my injury I had to beg my family and friends for money to buy my medications. I became homeless because I could no longer work, and WCB refused to help. I now live on AISH and the taxpayers of AB are saddled with my care and money to live on.
  I CANNOT ACCESS specialists or clinics to treat my broken back, this is 3rd World abuse, this is NOT Healthcare by any Metric of measure. Because WCB controls Healthcare in AB, I am denied even the most basic level of care, for me there exists no Mininum Level of Care that I can access.
  The AB Govt. has the best clinics all reserved for THEIR care and the Oil Execs who live in Calgary.

Refugees and Temporary Foreign Workers have MORE Rights and Priveleges than I do for accessing medical care for a Trauma injury to my Spine. WCB Mandates my abuse, and AHS enforces this abuse.
  In my opinion the province and WCB Alberta are so desperate to bring new SUCKERS into their Ponzi Scheme is because the Transnational Oil Corporations do not want to bear ANY of the costs of injured workers or dead workers in the Oil fields of Alberta. Transnational Corporations like CNRL and CNOOC from across the globe now dominate the business landscape in Alberta and they have NO interest in paying for injured workers and the costs associated with caring for disabled Albertans.

CASE IN POINT:  Chinese Corporation fined $1.5Million for 2 workers killed and 2 disabled 3 hurt
  When the Sinopec Eng. Corp was fined for killing the 2 steel workers and seriously injuring 2 other workers and 3 others were injured. The naturally CORRUPT Alberta Justice Dept. to put their best crony Judge on the job to ensure that Giant Transnational Oil Companies will get all of their MONEY BACK.
  The corrupt Justice Dept. of AB kicked in to dismiss 29 of the charges against CNRHell saying CNRL charges were stayed because the prosecutor’s office judged that holding the actual employer to account was enough[5 Yrs later?]. Like WTH?? 10 of the other charges against SSEC China were dropped as well. You see in Hellberta it is 10x more important to protect the employer than the dead worker.
  Now for the bizarre world of WCB and OHS sentencing kicks in, in Hellberta the WCB employs a "Creative Sentencing" approach to fining companies that KILL their employees. Yeah, the gave the SSEC company a $1.5 Million CDN fine, and then gave them $1.2 Million of the money BACK to them to create a Information Center to educate TFW's about their rights. The bogus center was to be run by yet Another Bogus Organization called the Alberta Workers Health Centre which will run the program.
  I went to the AB Workers Health Ctr. back when I originally was cut off from WCB, these guys are PC Cronies sitting around getting paid to be PARROTS for the PC Government = fake Worker organization.
This is the reality of what happens to the largest companies in AB when they kill workers, a $200,000 fine for companies that are valued in the hundreds of Billions!

Big Corporations have NO PROBLEM paying for, or integrating these bogus WCB Consultants into their corporate costs because to them it is just a simple expense item in their multi-billion dollar expense columns that are managed by giant accounting firms from NYC and Toronto. For them this is simply the cost of dead workers and the cost of doing business in Alberta, screw the workers.

  Small farming operations will be the Biggest Losers for farmers as the small operators of farms in Alberta. This maybe the final nail in the financial costs coffin for small farmers in Alberta.
Giant American corporate farming WINS and the family owned farm will die forever.
Harper + big U.S. giants like Monsanto WIN. Small AB farmers = Lose.
Why you ask, because the little guys are the ones that pay for the bulk of the WCB Alberta costs in the clever money shuffling of the corrupt business practices at the WCB Alberta. The bogus KICK-BACK schemes that ends up rotating almost ALL of the WCB costs directly BACK to employers in these BOGUS Safety schemes rewards companies who complete safety programs that the WCB of Alberta designates as being part of their Injury Reduction schemes. The only problem is that companies that do not reach any of their safety goals are STILL REWARDED with Huge cash kick-back schemes. This is the magic of the Ponzi-Scheme aspect of the WCB Alberta.
  There is no validity for bogus Corporate sponsored safety programs that
A.) Do not REDUCE injuries  B.) Kill workers
But that does not matter because these programs are fake and are only designed to make the smaller companies feel as though their programs really matter, the WCB does not CARE because this is all about the kick-back and NOT about safety.

  If the bogus WCB Safety BONUSES that are rewarded BACK to the corporations in their Kick-Back schemes are really working, we would naturally as a side effect of these successful programs see an natural progression DOWNWARDS in overall injuries in Alberta. But no such Downward trend is evident, the number of Seriously Injured Workers and workers who are killed on the job remains on a constant level. I know from working for the Unions and from working on these large industrial sites that the safety programs that these massive construction companies promote are bogus because they actually promote the NON-reporting of injuries. As a reward for NON-reporting of injuries the workers are rewarded with a whole bevy of "Trinkets and Beads". Yup the big corporations hand out Swiss Army knives engraved with the project name, jackets, winter coats, tools etc. for NOT reporting injuries so that they can enter "No reported injuries" on the piece of plywood at the front gate of the project.

  For small farmers and ranchers how would they know these kinds of phony safety practices are now commonplace and have been for many years now, or that this is HOW these large multi-national corporations are able to get almost ALL of the cash that is earmarked for WCB Claimants BACK AGAIN!
  #1.) The first reason these Transnational Contractors and Oil Co's are able to pay less than a dollar per hour worked is because they get these huge CASH BACK schemes even if they KILL workers!
  #2.) Small business operators are not even aware of why THEIR costs are so high, it is because the WCB of Alberta shoulders most of the costs directly onto their backs, not big corporations.
  #3.) Small business operators are denied the ability to retain top level workers because the WCB Alberta scheme is so phony that is does not properly rehabilitate Seriously Injured workers, thus costing small business because they have lost a top employee who was already skilled and trained.
  #4)  The Alberta Government is the largest single employer that employs Government workers who know damned well they can break a nail at work or sprain their thumb get time off and claim disability.
 We all know that the Government workers like Cops and Firemen and office workers have the best benefits of all any workers in Alberta. Studies in the U.S. have shown that Govt. worker are largely responsible for a large chunk of the WCB short term and long term disability costs to Workers Comp. systems.
  #5.)  With Multinational companies taking over the farming landscape with Corporate behemoths like Monsanto and other mega-corporations now with vested interests in the farming and the mega ranching operations in Southern Alberta. Now that huge farming corporations have been fully enabled by the Harper regime, they have their BRASS chips in the game now, and they want to ensure that they keep "Control of their costs". WCB Alberta fulfills their corporate agenda by giving kickbacks and the corporations feel safe that they invested their money in yet ANOTHER CORRUPT STATE, that is easily manipulated to ensure that they will NEVER shoulder the costs of Seriously Injured Workers.
  There you have it, and therein lies the danger to workers and to their families when their loved ones do not return home from work, the giant American and Transnational Corporations CANNOT be SUED for negligence or unsafe work environments that are encouraged and fostered here in Alberta.

  Graham Thomson may be a great writer, but he did not bust his balls for 40 years with over 20 years in construction and steel erection. He does NOT know what the reality of working in Alberta is and the reality of what happens when you suffer a career ending injury and are permanently disabled for life.
  I do, and the picture is not pretty. I would have much preferred a legitimate Injured Worker scheme like the farmers had because the farm carries insurance and is legally culpable for your injuries and compensation in the event of a serious accident. Having the ability and the RIGHT to sue your employer is key to being properly compensated for a serious injury at work, that is the TRUTH.
  I was hurt at work, and it was an ACCIDENT and that was all it was, period! There was NO INVESTIGATION, no WCB employee EVER interviewed me about what happened on March 01,2006. 99% of employers have told me that they would prefer a private insurance company over the bogus WCB org. because WCB threatens the small business operators as well if they do not FORCE workers back to work early the WCB threatens to jack their rates through the ceiling.

  The presumptions that Graham Thomson has made are false, he has been reading far too many WCB Alberta propaganda handouts for reporters and his vision of reality is skewed from his perspective as an "Injured Worker ARMCHAIR critic"! If he or any other reporter wants to find out what it is really like to be homeless while permanently disabled and without any medications, medical devices or financial compensation for your injuries then they can call me at 780-965-9196 and I will be happy to answer any questions. Text works best for a person with Chronic Pain, as I may be sleeping from the Chronic fatigue that is a natural byproduct of Chronic Pain.

Dysfunctional CONSTRUCT to WCB Alberta Corporately controlled abuse mechanism

 I am in terrible amount of pain in my legs today as another major storm drops heavy snow on Edmonton. I have to leave this place of die soon, I cannot take these super cold winters in Hellberta.
  It has always been my belief that the central design fault of the WCB Alberta system of abuse, is that the contributions to the WCB AB corruption machine are billed to the Companies and they lay claim to contributing to this ultra corrupt system of medical abuse. As such this is not the WORKERS compensation system, it is the EMPLOYERS bogus Compensation scheme, and we all know that the corporations that supposedly pay into the bogus system have absolutely NO INTEREST in helping seriously injured workers either recover or do they have ANY intention of paying compensation to workers who have been seriously injured at work.
  The whole phony premise that Seriously Injured Workers have complete coverage for serious injuries at work is a nothing more than a grotesquely exxaggerated lie. The Edmonton Journal and Graham Thomson love to publish articles saying that injured workers are totally covered and that is a pile of rubbish and he knows it. He has corporate masters to serve and he is doing his corporate bidding for his employer. Graham needs a job like anybody else, he should feel lucky that he has never had to deal with such a horribly corrupt phony insurer.
  The amount deducted from the employee pay is exactly the same if in practice the deductions for WCB were to come off of the workers pay. The current system is nothing but a fancy Government Sponsored Insurance PONZIE SCHEME that pays the largest employers back the majority of their contributions to WCB even if they are convicted of recklessly KILLING workers.
  The current WCB Ponzie scheme reinjects the same old interest on the fund that it always earns as a result of the massive size of the fund, so it is in reality not actually injecting any NEW funds to the investment pool and the fund does not grow at an annualized rate adjusted for inflation. We all know that Health Care costs have been steadily rising for decades now, but by some kind of accounting MAGIC the WCB Costs arre shrinking and they never have to adjust for inflation in their contributions to this fund.
  Structurally there are other problems with the phony Employers Contributions schemes that the WCB of Alberta has constantly toyed with in recent years that include bogus programs that give financial rewards to companies that regularly KILL workers. Yes, this program has employers attend WCB run and sponsored programs that TEACH Corporations how to CHEAT their workers out of benefits, treatments and Medical Specialists. The WCB promotes these bogus cheating modules as "Cost Control Sessions". The WCB promotes these programs that they sponsor and administer that teach employers how SCAM the unsuspecting injured worker out of ANY benefits and it works!
  Look in the phone book and you will find WCB Consulting Firms that also teach mid-level corporate managers how to screw workers out of benefits and these companies promote programs for these corporate Human Resource managers where they can learn how to screw workers just like the Consulting Firms. Or you can simply hire these corporate sleezeballs, and let THEM screw your workers out of any WCB benefits that they are legally entitled to.
  That is how a professional PONZI SCHEME works and that is how the WCB of Alberta is managed because it is 100% dedicated to screwing seriously injured workers out of ANY benefits.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Alberta Health Services is CORRUPT and crooked to the core, they always have been

  It is no secret that the Alberta Health Services as an organization is corrupt and is full of corrupt officials right to the very top. The fact that the top of the food chain in AHS has been replaced still does not negate the fact that this kind of inbred corruption and discrimination runs very deep within this organization. I have seen persons of color and identifiable minorities like aboriginals openly discriminated against within the AHS hospital system. This is a long simmering problem that has been around for decades, just because the top officials have been replaced does not change the habits that are ingrained in this very large and very poorly managed government agency. The very highest level of political interference has been removed but the festering disease of corruption and discrimination that has existed for decades is still there, it is just not as easy as it was before for officials within this organization to openly discriminate as they once did.
  Racism and discrimination never did disappear from the deep south in the United States as we have seen in the last year of events in the U.S. Deep divisions continue, as it does here in Alberta which had the distinction of being the most Openly Racist province in Canada. That kind of deeply ingrained behavior simply does not vanish because there is a new boss in the Legislature of Alberta. Corruption is typically a very deep seated problem in any organization to flush out and eradicate, because it was so openly tolerated and because the PC's fostered a system of Self-entitled Access to Health Care for their friends and cronies. Because it is such a large organization, and because a great deal of these mid-level management personnel are all part of the largest Union in Alberta the likelihood that this endemic AHS infection will live on in a more subdued form of abuse is the more likely outcome.
  Corruption is such a huge problem here that there is a 99% chance that in my lifetime this Alberta social disease of discriminatory practices will continue as an untreated symptom underlying this dysfunctional government organization. AHS was such a great Health Care system when I was a child and a young man living in Alberta. The along came Drunk Ralph came along an injected his systemic dysfunctional PC corporatism into the Alberta Health Care system. The drive for super profitable Doctor Groups and Clinics infested this organization with the prime focus of creating little fiefdoms of Corporate Crony doctors that wanted to become wildly rich profiteering off of sick people.
  The WCB of Alberta has very close and powerful connections within the AHS organization, if it did not then it would not be able to extend its Corporate REACH and CONTROL directly interfering with the medical care of patients under the care of AHS.
  I recall back when Patrick Clayton took the hostages at the WCB offices in downtown Edmonton, when Adrienne Payette phoned me long distance from Ontario. I will never forget the words that she said to me at the time, "Get out of there (Alberta), they will NEVER allow you to be treated in Alberta".
 She was right, so right that it hurts to this day. It is sad that no matter how much things change, they still remain the same. The new boss is the same as the old boss is the saying. There is NO WAY to put an end to all of the deep level of corruption that lives within the WCB of Alberta organization and there is equally NO CHANCE of ever erasing the accompanying corruption that continues to live on in the monstrous AHS org either. The Corporate Agenda continues to live on here in Hellberta.
  At that time Adrienne told me her story and how she had the very same problem of NO ACCESS to specialists here in Edmonton, she told me she made the conscious decision to move to Toronto and in LESS than 3 months time she was sitting face to face with a neurosurgeon in Ontario. I had hope that once the NDP took over that things would change, but I was wrong. As the representatives of the biggest Unions they have no motivation to equal the playing field for all Albertans because they are committed to keeping their largest Union happy and the AUPE IS THE Government Employees that make up WCB and AHS, so obviously my hopes were sadly misguided once again.
  That is what makes it such a horror show here in Hellberta when you get hurt at work. I feel sorry for the Farmers and their employees that will now be subjected to the abuse mechanisms of these uber corrupt organizations.

Alberta NEEDS a coherent Minimal Level of Care directive for patients

  My experience at the University of Alberta Hospital back in March was more than disturbing, but it cemented the idea in my mind about the severe need for a Patients Bill of Rights in Alberta.
 If you look at some of the Western States in the United States it is becoming common practice for the State Governments to legislate a "Minimal Level of Care" that patients can expect when patients end up visiting major Trauma Centers in their individual State run Hospitals. The idea behind such bills is so that ALL patients visiting Trauma Centers will receive the SAME level of care  as Cops, Firemen and Government Workers. These are legislative actions taken to ensure that ALL patients whether they are walk-in or arrive via ambulance to major Trauma Centers receive exactly the SAME level of care as everybody else. There is NO special treatment for Government connected officials or first responders, these measures ensure that there is NO discrimination when it comes to patient care for people who are in urgent need of medical care.
 The situation that I encountered with Dr. Naismith at the U of A Hospital was truly disturbing stuff and it showcases how backward the medical practices are in Alberta and how easily it is for medical staff to discriminate against Seriously Injured Workers for their own fun and demented sense of enjoyment. There is no room for discrimination against Injured Workers because of the Alberta Health Services SECRET CODES that are used to discriminate when delivering care in Alberta Hospitals.

 The premise that patients whom have suffered Spinal Traumas do not QUALIFY for Diagnostic Imaging is patently absurd. The fact that Dr. Naismith utilizes this crazy premise to self justify her discriminatory practices in her own mind is a disturbing revelation of extreme need for a Patients Bill of Rights when patients enter a Hospital in Alberta, this is long overdue. The random practice of allowing ER Doctors to utilize completely Arbitrary thinking relying on whatever preconcieved notions that an individual doctor in an Emergency Room environment has in his mind to deliver care is prejudiced, unethical and reckless behavior on behalf of the hospital involved. There is one more factor at work here, it exposes the Hospital to litigation on behalf of patients who have been unjustly treated in an Alberta Hospital. These are serious problems that have been long standing and that need to be addressed if this province is ever to break free from the 1959 Dark Ages of Medicine that the PC's were running here in Alberta.
Chronic Pain is shutting me down, more to come. Thks for patience.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Where did the Hacks and Quacks Network originate and WHY?

   Many people have asked me where did the Hacks and Quacks Network come from and why was it created? The answer lies in the horrific state that Right Wing Conservative ideology that left the United States Medicare system in such a sorry state of disarray. RW Conservative think tanks trashed the American Health Care system decades ago with the advent of the Ronald Reagan era. Right wing theocratic brainiacs reasoned that if they stripped their Health Care system to the bone, and made the poor people pay for every single last bandage, sling and forced them to pay $20 dollars for an aspirin they would save money.
  Of course the Republican plan to desecrate Health Care was a colossal failure, but the behemoth Corporations that this ideology created made Doctors, and in particular "Doctor Groups" enormously wealthy. The Doctor Groups recognized early on that the Corporations that they would create in order to scam the American MediCare system out of Billions upon Billions of dollars was an opportunity that they simply could not pass up.
  The voting public that we will call the taxpayers have a general misconception that ALL doctors are honest, truthful and trustworthy. Studies have shown that one of the most trusted groups in communities are its doctors. Quite the opposite is true in real world events.
  A few years ago the University of Alberta did a study and polled Medical students, with the question being asked "Did you decide on Medicine as a study discipline in order to help people in medical need, or did you decide on Medicine because of the High Earnings potential?" The outcome of this very basic question was surprising to most people because the majority of medical students responded that they got into Medicine strictly because of the high potential for exceptional earnings. I believe the response was 70+ and close to 80 % of the Medical residents responded that they chose medicine because of the enormous earning potential that the discipline of Medicine offered.
  So contrary to the general perception of doctors and medical specialists as being a group of brainiac super gifted individuals with a incredible drive to help their fellow human beings who are suffering in their time of need, the reality of the Medical Communities motives are good old fashioned GREED! Yup, one of the cardinal sins of Christianity is the primary driving force in our Healthcare system in North America. It is really kind of sad in a greedy, free market narcissistic kind of way.

More to come, I have to rest. Hot burning sensations of a large knife being stuck in your back really takes over you life.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WHY is EVERY single Orthopaedic Doctor I meet part of CBI/Healthpointe Hacks and Quacks Network?

 If you look at the statistical possibility that the ONLY orthopaedic doctors that I have EVER been exposed to in the last 10 years ALL work for, or are doctor cronies of the CBI/Healthpointe Corporation, one would conclude that that is statistically impossible. Not in Hellberta, nope the possibility is actually 100% in Edmonton since this Canadian offspring of the giant U.S. based Healthpoint has a 100% AHS/WCB guaranteed MONOPOLY for Seriously Injured Workers.
 The ONLY spinal specialists that I have been able to access have been bogus specialists like Dr. Garvin Chueng after he dug his thumbs into my back in his first examination of me years ago at Healthpointe and then he proudly writes a report on my condition saying that "my response was exaggerated". Like how in the hell did this quack get a medical license?
 This is NO coincidence that Healthpointe uses the SAME Hacks and Quacks methods in determining the source of a pain as the REMED clinic used when they hurt me to determine the source of a patient suffering from Chronic Back Pain as a result of a serious fall at work.

 What really floored me about Dr. Garvin Chueng and the Healthpointe Hacks and Quacks phony rehab facility is that these Quackos did not even BOTHER to order any kind of Diagnostic Imaging before quacko Chueng decided he NEEDED to dig his thumbs into my Spine! Like WTF is going on with Healthcare in Edmonton, Alberta? This is substandard care by any metric of measurement.
 And thus Healthpointe at that very moment, they became and owned the name
"Hacks and Quacks Network". I did not know at that point the depth of the Corruption that had steered me to this clinic, and I was not aware that CBI/Healthpointe employed the very SAME quacko techniques as Jay and his team at REMED to determine the source of Chronic Back Pain!

Government Workers, Cops Firemen and Healthcare workers will NEVER be subjected to the abuses of the Hacks and Quacks Network because they belong to a SPECIAL CLUB that is 1st Priority at Alberta Hospitals and Clinics. Government workers are privy to the HIGHEST LEVEL of Medical Care available in Alberta, and it is exclusive to Government Workers, regular JOE; you need not apply. This is the CLASS system at work in Alberta, just show your government worker card and you will be whisked to the front of the line for care in Alberta. It is the Hellberta WAY.
 Doctors, healthcare workers, Cops, Firemen or government workers, they receive
TOP LEVEL Access to the best Surgeons, Specialists for their rehabilitation at their own little private club rehab resort known as the Glenrose Hospital. NO Hacks and Quacks Network for Cops and Firemen, no sirree!

  This is the genius of the Hacks and Quacks Network, they get 100% of "Non-government workers" injured at work steered to them by WCB AB. In addition the Hacks and Quacks Network is a KEY crony component of the profitable kickback scheme to DENY any AHS patients that they simply do not feel like treating.
Cost savings is the primary reason that this phony treatment facility exists is my opinion. I believe that there is little to no hope that all of this corruption within the Alberta Health Services and the WCB of Alberta will ever be uncovered, dismantled or fixed. The corruption runs too deep, it took 40 years to carefully funnel all of these cronies into one place where they can MILK the taxpayer funded system, with one primary objective and that is to DENY you care. The secondary objective is for them to become profitable beyond their wildest dreams, this is what corruption does to doctors in Hellberta.

1.) The very first Physio treatment facility I went to was in my old neighborhood of Westmount at CBI Health [Canadian Back Institute]. I was told by the WCB Claims Manager that all physiotherapy clinics were "Independent" and that I was FREE to CHOOSE any clinic for my rehab. So I picked CBI out of the phonebook thinking this was some kind of small independent clinic that would look after my physical rehabilitation. I could NOT have been any more mistaken in my beliefs, as this decision would come to haunt me for 10 years of my life. The absolute biggest mistake of my life was trusting my Rehab Care to CBI Health and then to REMED rehabilitation.
 I should have been wise enough at the time to realize that something fishy was going on when I had finished my rehabilitation at the Canadian Back Institute (CBI Health), I would come to realize years later that my Claims Manager at that time had written that CBI had reported that I was ready to return to work after only 3 months of basic rehabilitation. This was the precusor of the Millard setting me up to cut me off of benefits, they needed kooky rehab reports like this.

  2.) The SECOND physio place I picked out was REMED from the phonebook, thinking they were independent because they are licensed to do FCE's. Wow, what a mistake that was after Jay Dunn made the decision to administer DEEP Back Massages on me, as a result of these poor decisions by REMED staff the end product is that they injured me. I immediately reported what happened to my doctor. WCB Cut me off for the second and final time less than 2 years after I fell and broke my back. No big deal, they did not even so much as apologize but rather reported me as non-compliant and I was cut off of WCB forever! Nice going Jay, yet another bunch of HACK CBI physiotherapists talking about mind control, like WTF! Do not go to REMED unless you like getting injured by more of the Hacks and Quacks Network!
  Guess what Jay, you cannot attend if you have been INJURED by REMED! It is now easy to understand why REMED and CBI refuse to do MRI's because they do NOT want you to have any evidence of injury by comparing before and after imaging.

This is why Predetermined Outcomes by WCB/REMED/CBI/Healthpointe need NO imaging!

  3.) I was Referred to the University of Calgary Spine Clinic by my doctor. We drove to Calgary Foothills Hospital and I had to sleep in the car on the way down, having a nap before my examination and again on the way back to Edmonton. I was examined by Spine Physician Salma Yaseen where she was helping manage the medical Spine Clinic, at that time she was helping to triage patients with degenerative spinal complaints to surgical or medical treatment.
 I was horrified to learn when she phoned me back after traveling all the way to Calgary Foothills that somebody from AHS in Edmonton had phoned her and told her that ALL MY TESTS were cancelled! Who is responsible? Well, the Hacks and Quacks Network that is who!

  4.) I am referred to the U of A Chronic Pain Clinic Dr. Dmitry Yakunchikov is the specialist that is assigned to me. Dr Yakunchikov refuses to sign my Weed papers and instead subjects me to experiments with anti-depressants that leave me permanently bed-ridden. He is also pre-occupied with having me use the bogus "Weed Pill" known as Cesamet made by Valeant Pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Yakunchikov tells me that his tenure with the University of Alberta is up, and how would I like to try treatment at a private pain clinic known as HealthPointe? He tells me that I will receive as good as or even BETTER treatment within the HealthPointe facility.
  He lied, I was assessed by Dr. Garvin Chueng who decided just like REMED that it would be a GOOD idea if he DUG his thumbs into my Spine to see what reaction that would induce. A couple of minutes after he embarked on his deliberate attempt to inflict harm on my person I climbed onto the exam table as per his instructions whereby he proceeded to lift my left leg which immediately set off horrific Back Spasms in my back causing me to jump up screaming in pain. He reaction was to look at me in bemused puzzlement as I proceeded to get dressed. He asked "Where are you going". "I am going home", I replied. There was NO WAY in Hell I was going to let this HACK doctor touch me again in his abusive manner. Doctor Garvin Chueng would go on to write in his report that "I Exaggerated my response".
  As such I was denied my CPP Disability Pension when the Hack Panel of Harper Cronies flew in from Ottawa to deliver a direct Character Assassination in their bogus CPP Pension Hearing, and as such I am not recognized as a disabled person by Ottawa and can gain no access to programs for disabled persons in Canada a direct malicious character assault by Dr. Garvin Chueng on instructions from the WCB and the Hacks and Quacks Network.

  5.) Concurrently my doctor tried to refer my to an Orthopaedic Specialist via the Alberta health Services, and guess where I ended up getting referred to? Wow, you must be psychic, yup the Good Ol' tried and true Hacks and Quacks Network of CBI/HealthPointe once again and me and my the biggest crackpot doctor that I have ever met Dr. Garvin Chueng would come face to face once again.
 It is interesting to note that since my doctor had been trying to get Dr. Jiang to see me again, the Alberta Health Services had contacted me and informed me that HealthPointe was directly connected to Dr. Hongxing Jiang and that this was his associates office where they would expediate an assessment. What a AHS LIE that turned out to be.
 Who was I to question the inner workings of AHS? How did I know that this was the beesnest for the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network?
 This is disturbing stuff how Seriously Injured Workers are funneled directly back into the clutches of the very people who inflicted harm on their person over and over again.
 Really disturbing how deep the corruption goes with the Alberta Health Services at the direction of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. Welcome to Hellberta folks, I hope you don't get hurt at work because the Hacks and Quacks Network will NEVER treat you, but they will abuse you for profit and bill the hell out of the AHS Medicare system like their parent company did in the U.S.
 YEAH, it is called DENIAL of CARE!

  6.) The most recent blow to my psyche was when I was told flat out at the University of Alberta hospital by Dr. Naismith that under NO circumstance no matter how much pain I was suffering or what my medical condition; would I in any way shape or form qualify for ANY KIND of Diagnostic Imaging. This is truly disturbing stuff coming from a medical professional who is acting as an ER doctor for a major Trauma Center.
 What exactly is the Directive # that denies Diagnostic Imaging to Seriously Injured Workers Dr. Naismith? How is it WCB Directive worded Dr. Naismith? Does this WCB Directive say that only patients with Spinal Injuries are FORBIDDEN from receiving treatment at a hospital in Edmonton?
 This is truly Fffed Up directives coming out of the WCB and Alberta Health Services, these directives are obviously designed to inflict as much Pain, suffering and Mental duress as a do-nothing Government Employee can possibly deliver. Or maybe Dr. Naismith is simply just racist.
Racism is a rampant problem within the Alberta Government that has been fostered for decades now.
 I have been relegated to a 4th Class citizen in Alberta, the Immigrants and TFW's are second and third. I am at the lowest possible rung of Healthcare abuse that can be delivered by AHS. This is monumental abuse that you will not find in any other province in Canada.

  7.) When I met the Orthopedist Surgeon at the Strathcona County Hospital he was very pleasant, but once again I was floored when he showed me the CT Scan and said see you can see there is no nerves being impinged. I was shocked that a doctor would show ME the scan, I am not a specialist you might as well show me the plans to a Space Shuttle. I am not trained in analyzing complex diagnostic images!
  This is a phenomena that is unique to Hellberta, where specialists SHOW you the MRI and ask you for your opinion, it sounds absurd right, because it IS absurd. I did ask to see the MRI at the Royal Alex and the technician allowed me into the control room to look at it, and it was a 3 D image that you can rotate on the computer in the MRI control room. For any specialist to show me a 1D image and then ask me to make a diagnosis of my OWN back is just frigging bizarre and I am sure this is a practice that is ONLY being conducted in Alberta Health Services. This province is so backward, it really is just like living in 1959. We have NOT progressed one inch since 59', it is just so bizarre.

This is what happens when you are attempting to seek treatment in Hellberta for my collapsing vertebrae

Monday, November 16, 2015

What is Chronic Pain?

 Chronic Pain is a very common side effect for patients who have suffered a severe physical trauma to their body. In my case, the level of pain I suffer could have been easily avoided, if the WCB of Alberta working in conjunction with Alberta Health Services had NOT conspired to construct such a corrupt and discriminatory Health Care System.
 The PC Government was a government of elitists that built and operated a discriminatory Health Care system that they honestly believed served the BEST Citizens of Alberta, that being the wealthiest business elite of Calgary and top level government officials, RCMP, Cops and Firemen.
This was by design and this program was initiated by good ol' Drunk Ralph back when he started blowing up hospitals. It actually began when the Charles Camsell Hospital was given to the province by the Federal Liberals, and then within 9 months Drunk Ralph closed the hospital and it remains a dark, empty and a stark hulking gutted reminder of the Drunk Ralph era.
 The Self-entitled actually believed in their program of abuse and discriminatory practices, after all the self-righteous religious Conservatives believed themselves to be superior, so to them this makes complete sense to them.

Chronic Pain is such a debilitating affliction is so many different ways, I will try to quantify the impact not just in medical terms but in the social impact this condition has on your life as a sufferer of this disease. It is classified as a disease, which makes little sense to me because the level I suffer is so completely unnecessary. It would be more accurate to classify my level of pain as Government Elitist inflicted Chronic Pain, because I am Shut-OUT with the implementation of plantation discrimination that deprives me of critically necessary scans, treatments and access to specialists that could reduce or eliminate my Pain.
 Discrimination is so subtle in Alberta, it comes in the form of closed doors when it comes to access to Health Care specialists. I am forbidden under the combined WCB/AHS system of corruption from EVER seeing a Spinal Orthopaedic Specialist, FOREVER in Alberta!
 For me as a disabled person, this is just so heartbreaking, but this is the reality of living in Hellberta and getting injured at work.
 If you dare to speak out against the AHS Systemic Corruption that is subservieant to the largest American Spinal Treatment MONOPOLY (Healthpointe/CBI) in Edmonton, you will be discriminated against at the Highest levels of the AHS System, all of these forms of abuse designed into the
Alberta Health Services system were designed and implemented at the highest levels by
WCB Alberta crony doctors and the Hacks and Quacks Network that was initiated and designed by some of the oldest crony names in medicine within the College of Physicians.
 If you speak out against the Government Crony Doctors, you will be discriminated against and ALL DOORS will be slammed in your face when you seek treatment by Specialists. It is how the AHS/WCB system of corruption rolls baby. They are intertwined intimately and linked by cronies of the Old Self-entitled PC Guard.
 As winter rolls across the Alberta Prairie, the first winter storm and snow of the year brings with it a terrible bout of debilitating Pain. This year I was bed ridden for 2 days when that storm rolled in. I am now terrified of the cold, and have been since the day I was released from hospital. When I was first injured and had the metal screws and steel bars in my Spine, I would shake uncontrollably from the cold during winter months. I spent many nights where I would be out with friends and I would become overcome with Pain, so bad I had to go home or subject my friends to watching my cry. I would choose to go home and suffer in solitude and the terrible sobs that pierced the silence, I cried myself to sleep many nights those first couple of years. That is why I would beg the surgeon Dr. Jiang to remove my hardware but my complaints went unheeded.
 Since I had been cut-off of WCB benefits after just 6 months for the crime of not performing a miraculous recovery from my injuries, the WCB of Alberta had also Cut-OFF ALL my medications and refused to pay for my pain medications! It was a horrific time for those fist couple of years, I was in terrible distress on many occasions because I had run out of pain medications with no way to pay for them. I remember having to ask my friends and family to BORROW money to pay for my medications for the first couple of years because I had no money.
 Chronic Pain robs you of the ability to perform the most mundane daily tasks, it does not matter what you are doing or have to get done on that particular day, chronic pain will stop you in your tracks. For me it comes in a variety of different forms, the worst and the most debilitating Pain is the Stabbing Pain in my back.
It feels like somebody is taking a large knife and driving it straight into my broken vertebrae that is collapsing, increasing the loss of height each time I have a MRI done on my back.
 So to me it makes total sense WHY the Hacks and Quacks Network is so committed to seeing that I am discriminated against with DEADLY force, denying me ALL ACCESS to MRI imaging that would be capable of pinpointing the precise origin of the pain I suffer.
 The large knife I feel stabbing me in my back is hot, it feels like somebody is driving a Hot Knife into my injury area, when that happens it is extremely difficult to cope at that moment, and extremely difficult to function for the rest of that day. It disrupts and destroys your daily life. It is so damned difficult to walk, shop, drive go shopping for daily needs or get things done around the house. Since I cannot work, I try to function in the house and do basic household duties, but on days of these severe pain events I cannot carry out even the most mundane task. Tasks that normal people take for granted; like making a sandwich, cooking, cleaning the dishes or even loading the dishwasher simply are tasks that I am unable to do when I am in the midst of a severe Chronic Pain event.
 Normal physically able persons are so damned lucky, they have no idea how good they have it. People who are able to walk pain free on every single day of their lives are so damned lucky, I look at them with envy, and it makes me ponder whether or not they are aware of just how lucky they are to be able to walk free of pain. On the worst days, EVERY single step I take walking delivers a punishing and debilitating stroke of pain directly up my left leg where I am afflicted with Sciatica. Every step I take causes pain, this is the horrific reality of my life that I currently experience. On the worst days my Sciatica causes me to limp. Sometimes I am unable to hide my pain and I have to use a cane, or simply go home and forget about what I was doing. This is just on facet of my pain experience, but it is difficult to live when you cannot walk free of pain.
Have you ever tried to do just about anything in your life WITHOUT bending forward? Try it sometime, it is almost impossible to carry on day to day tasks of any kind without bending over. When I bend forward I am immediately struck with pain, that increases with intensity the longer I continue to attempt to bend over and complete whatever task that I am doing at the time. I have NO HOPE of escaping their sentence to HELL, since I have been banned by the Hacks and Quacks network from EVER receiving treatment, scans, or a diagnosis for my severe Chronic Back Pain, I have been given a LIFE sentence to HELL.
 This maltreatment by the Hacks and Quacks Network within the U of A Hospital obviously does not make Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms required reading for the ER Doctors working in their hospital. Source: Wikipedia

Under the heading of "Equality Rights" this section states:

I find it extremely disturbing that Dr. Naismith is given the powers to actually go to Health Care conventions and give lectures, spreading the infectous disease of RW Conservative Self Entitlement to other Health Care workers. Yet another UofC Graduate? (Sic) Just sayin'.
The Self-entitled PC Government of Hacks and Quacks lives on, their corruption so deeply embedded so as to ensure that the business community in Hellberta NEVER has to experience the true cost of Seriously Injured Workers.
 I have to rest, more to come, thks for patience.

Chronic Pain and a Life DENIED because of abusive and racist WCB Alberta

 What is Chronic Pain? In my case it is a horrible level of suffering that is not necessary because of the deliberate policy of the Alberta Health Services working in conjunction with WCB Alberta to dicriminate against me. AHS/WCB AB have with willfully and cognizant dicrimination acted to guarantee that the level of pain I suffer is so horrific that it these two government agencies are trying to end my life with their ABUSE techniques.
 These are the old vestiges of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Self Entitle Government workers. The Self-entitled elite of Alberta are still up to their old games of inflicting harm on regular working folk in Alberta. The Self-entitled Elite are still alive and they are still as mortally dangerous as they ever were. The Self-entitled PC's core group took over 40 years to construct their Private CLUB of Elitists making sure that only their cronies and pals would get ACCESS to proper, timely and relevant medical treatment.
 Core to the efforts of the PC Private Medical CLUB, was to create a list of the BEST medical professionals in Health Care in Alberta. Next was to create an method of ensuring that their cronies would be able to quickly and efficiently ACCESS the BEST Medical doctors and specialists in their field of expertise. Electronic Medical Records was like a gift from heaven to the PC Elite, because this meant that it would be so easy for the Elite to quickly ACCESS this list because it was only ever forwarded to them in Calgary. The rest of the doctors north of the City of Calgary would simply just have to rely on luck and their own connections to be able to find the best specialists in the field to refer their patient to in the event of serious complications.
 Hundreds of Millions of taxpayer dollars have been constantly poured into the fabled "Electronic Records System in AHS" over the last 20 years. The AHS site of the PC Govt. was absolute CRAP, on of the worst websites ever constructed! The amount of public Tax dollars poured into this bogus system is horrendous, it is a bottomless pit swallowing public money. I do not believe that the PC Govt. ever intended it to be finished, just to make their crony companies RICH beyond their wildest expectations while in actual practice the only real tangible product that they produced was a "System" of targeted abuse. All those tax dollars created a system that is easily tweaked so that all of the BEST doctors and specialists are centralized in Calgary, and more importantly to ensure that the business community in Calgary has rapid access at the clik of a button to the BEST Specialists within the AHS system. Only the doctors who are "In the Loop" have the links to these specialists and surgeons.
 Do you think that the CEO of one of the largest Oil Corporations on Earth wants to WAIT years for a referral to a specialist or the best doctor in the field? No, these are the Elite of our business community in Alberta and I believe that the AHS System was set-up by the PC's to ensure that all of the best medical talent was centralized in Calgary for the reasons I just stated.
This was the very nature of the Self Entitled PC's, they are part of a Special Club, and we are NOT!
 The centralization and abusive nature of Alberta Health Services has been wielded with deft accuracy to inflict as much harm as is possible by a multi-billion dollar Health Care provider, acting on specific instructions from their WCB Hacks and Quacks Network. I also believe that the biggest offenders within the AHS System are top level Hacks and Quacks that make up the board of the Alberta College of Physicians. The College has always advocated for Privatization, and some of their board members are KEY doctors, surgeons and top level medical assessors that sit on ALL of the Insurance, WCB and Alberta Health Medical Appeals panels with Alberta. The Alberta Hacks and Quacks Network took over 40 years to construct, some of these old crony doctors have been dominating these corrupt panels for 25 years and more. This old corrupt system of medical abuse needs to be deconstructed, because their practices are super corrupt and until these Elitists are removed from our Health Care system, it will never be a FAIR medical system that treats all patients equally and with the respect they are due as Seriously Injured Workers who are NOT government workers.