Brent McGillis: Nov 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WCB Breaking News / Violation of Privacy Rights

This is a clickable link to a OIPC decision on sharing medical information. July 10, 2001.
Just as I have always said, and wrote about in my Blog. Plus I have filed complaints with the College of Physicians about these evil shill bastards sharing my information with 3rd party bogus doctors who have never met me and never examined me. A judge in Saskatchewan has just ruled on our Privacy rights. I have always said, they have violated my FOIP privacy rights. Wow one more complaint to file. This is better than going to Law School. Here is the Link Run little bugs run!! Friggin Cockroach CM's and shill doctors. The reason I know what these doctors credentials are is because I went to the medical association office and checked. Canadian College of Family Practitioners, not a orthopedic or spinal specialist at all. It's all here in my blog, this is government sponsored racketeering. You can file complaints with any agency, flush these shill bastards out of their crevices. I know it is enormously time consuming, from experience. But I do believe that somehow in the end it will be worth it. I hope. Here is a letter from Dr. Charleton,(Page 01)(Page02) this is part of my file and as such I own it. This is the document that my claims manager continues to hold up as a medical investigation into my injuries, even after my C-spine MRI was produced. I was able to find doctors reports dating back to when I was seeing my Orthopedic Surgeon in 2006, corroborating my neck pain complaints. I now know why they refuse to release my complete file to my lawyer, they know there is incriminating evidence of their racketeering operation in my file. They refuse to acknowledge these documents and refuse to even return phone calls to my Doctor. I have always said if they want to know anything, just pick up that weird looking device called a telephone and call my physician, as he is my primary care giver. Like I told the appeals commission, their entire organization is one big Joke. It is not a true legal entity, since it does not adhere to any known legal principles, or incorporate any true legal devices. The whole gong show is ripe with corruption. Truly bringing shame to the legal system. I do believe that the government does not like social networking sites that cut them down. But the Gods honest truth to the matter is that the entire WCB network and their substantial network of highly specialized lawyers have been collaborating on a hybrid corporate networking system for many years. And they have governments on their side to make sure that you believe that the problem is the worker, and not the system. This is just the Globalization Machine at work. If the media thinks they are immune, then they are just not paying attention. Stand up for what is right. Unite for the next generation. WCB is trying to turn Patrick Clayton into a enemy of the state. This is a fight for democracy. How will you be counted? What legacy will we leave for our children if we do not stop the enemies of democracy? These people (WCB) have perverted every known law in the land. It is too late to save me, for gods sake save yourselves.