Brent McGillis: 01/01/2010 - 02/01/2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100% Clear Cut Evidence of Document Tampering and Forgery by Shill WCB Bastards

As time goes on the evidence of improprieties at the WCB amass. Unfortunately, in concert with the evidence is the denial by government officials of any complicity. The corruption runs high and deep. That is why this government tenaciously hangs on to what I like to call the Big Lie. System justification is the war-cry of Hector the Defector. As a natural byproduct of this mindset with full access to all the private data, is something referred to as Systemic Justification. Which is to say that the corruption runs so deep that they cannot let go of their Demented Agenda. To do so would expose all the government officials involved in North America's largest Insurance Denial Scheme every devised. Every day I meet people with lots of 100% Clear cut evidence of what these WCB Shill bastards have been doing.
Sadly this is just one horrible injustice in a very large pot of injustices. The general populace seems to be awaking to the abuses of public office. But, I am not convinced, we have witnessed these small uprisings before in Alberta. In this particular instance, voters may knee jerk react to rampant government corruption and bungling. We could be all tossed in to some sort of weird creepy ill defined southern Alberta based SO2 flare fired Cauldron of yet even more Corporate Solutions. Is it me or did someone dig up L Ron Hubbard? Seems like more cloaked vagueness, well we already have that.
That would be like ditching Pizza 73' for Dominoes. Ewwww!And Ewww!
Quaker State in another Oil Can is still Quaker State.
I originally thought that the new party was just the same Bulldozer with a new paint job. I thought that they were just a clever diversion of the PC's, designed to keep all the votes.
I am not sure how the beguiled rose will be remembered. I think they are the far right. I am very wary of anyone who is so vague about their power base.
It would be like going out tomorrow looking for a replacement for your 77' Lincoln Towncar and replacing it by, buying a 72' Cadillac Eldorado with a giant steer horn rack on the hood, with glass packs.
And still no one wants to talk about the abuse of Injured Workers. Excuse me while I Barf.
Can you see why Central Canada does not respect Western Canada. The pinheads running this government are simple minds period. Myself I am horrified, given the fact that some of my uncles went to WWII to fight the fascists. Sixty years later the masses are voting for them. Democracy has been beguiled. Largely unreported in your local Monster Truck Store. You won't see this stuff on World Wrestling Entertainment either.
I like our education minister, who keeps setting the bar lower and lower. What is his next solution, close schools and submit all your stuff online? They are going to have to remove Accounting entirely from the curriculum.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alberta Government Corruption, and the Death of Democracy

These are dark days for democracy. Russian Ice dancers wearing aboriginal type costumes. There is Irony here. Canada is showcasing chosen Indian Bands. Our great leader has to, so the other 100,000 Indians don't possibly show up and drag Canada's own

Darth Vader of Democracy (Insurance Salesman Steve)

off into the woods for a proper scolding. People think that the fascists are gone from North America. Not true. The fight for true democracy south of the border boils on. Corporate fascists cannot let go and face the fact they lost because they are the new Nazi's brought back to life in the America's. Their agenda is simple, convince all people that the unbridled worship of money and greedily hungering for more money, control, corruption will create a desirable society. In their rabid pursuit they believe, stripping free men and women of their human rights is their self entitled right. These money whores are the reason the free world almost went into an uncontrolled economic tailspin. They are so blinded by greed that they cannot see the consequences of their actions, or simply do not care what wreckage they leave behind. Tory policies simply look past these crimes against our fellow humans, like they never happened. Their only agenda is the right wing corporate agenda. The corruption runs so high and so deep, that even if there were whistle blowers, who would they go to? The constabulary, their failure to investigate implies complicity. The media? Hah, who would tell the story? The media just like everyone else under the Big Oil Welfare Umbrella is too busy running scared for their jobs. To complete their agenda they are going to have to delete a pile of Media jobs. Can't have stories escaping from inside the Tar Pit Curtain now could we. I am told that the Wild Rose party wants to split from Canada complete with their own Cop force. Boy is that gonna throw a wrench into the brown paper bag program. Oh well, same bags. Different delivery boy.
You have to ask yourself exactly why has there never been any investigations of any Government Officials here in Alberta for as long as anyone can remember? (40 years)
See, I looked outside and was unable to see downtown while choking on Coker Smog. It was at this time I realized, yup, brown paper bag politics is still working.
Harper gave the Green Light to FULL THROTTLE production of the Tar-sands for 5 years with his targets. It is open game on our Environment. Truly smearing Canada.
Gilles Dusceppe got it right when he said that the PMO is protecting the Oil Companies. The Alberta model has been pulled off so magnificently well, that the Tories are busy deploying it principles across Canada. It worked for covering up abuse of Seriously Injured Workers, they believe it to be an infallible model now. By the time Canadians realize what has happened it will be to late, the corporate robbers will have already completed their sinister plan. They have in Alberta, even the Alberta Justice reward System is highly suspect, and contrary to a free and open democracy. Because of its trailer park associations with the executive branch of the government.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Telephone temporarily cut off

My cell phone has been temporarily cut off. This is a normal event when Capital region housing cuts off your Residential Direct to tenant housing Supplement. The supplement was designed to replace the HEP program. In reality it was designed to cut people off of rent subsidy, which it has done with enormous effectiveness. As such I only get 200 dollars a month to live on. Just another day in Alabama North. If disabled persons have to struggle like this, what in the hell is the government doing to able body persons? The recent weather changes and my propensity to overdue my physical activities(like grocery shopping). When I start feeling better last weekend has led to me being laid up for a couple of days with pain. I hope to adjust to the weather by tomorrow but who knows. Or contact me by e-mail at
The FOIP privacy commissioner responded and dropped the TIME tested Alberta Government ploy of She is going on holidays.
Translated that means she does not want to produce a letter in response to the privacy complaint. It is a drone policy of the Alberta Government.
Jesus we are all in terrible Jeopardy when it is revealed that the Privacy Commissioner is complicit in the stripping of Individuals Rights and Freedoms guaranteed under the Charter. The Government of Alberta sees the Charter as simply too bothersome to pay any attention to.
Corporations HATE the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They see it as a threat to their hidden Agenda, which is total world domination.
Just another sad event in the Alberta The Dumbest Place on Earth! ;~)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nikolai Khabibulin Back Surgery

I see on the news that Nikolai Khabibulin is going to have surgery for a herniated disk in his back. There are very few details. I have watched this story with great interest. The Gory party has made Alberta the worst province in Canada to be injured. It is very difficult to write relevant material when my pain level is constantly DEFCON 5. This government and the WCB have bastardized our health care system. Tory meddling in the health system is just one more of their hack job solutions. Top conservative geniuses can not resist playing GOD!
Nikolai Khabibulin is a lucky man, and I am envious that he is wealthy enough to enter the United States of America for Medical Treatment of his severe back pain. I have been living with severe chronic lower back pain for almost four years now. I have watched and wondered with great envy as Pro Athletes and Military Personnel get leading edge diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative care for their serious injuries. I have always dreamed of what that experience must be like.
But for seriously injured workers in Alberta, that is all it will ever be. Just a dream, more like a mirage. I knew right from the start that they would not have the technical expertise and equipment here in Edmonton.
I was referred to the MAYO CLINIC in Rochester Minnesota by my doctor almost 2 years ago. That was when Colleen Bamford told my doctors office my file was closed. I was born in the RAH in 1960, I am sad to say that this is not the province I grew up in.
In Alberta if you crush one of your vertebrae, Alberta WCB refuses to even buy you a bed.
This is your legacy Hector Goudreau.
Protests and clashes with injured workers is a black mark on this city, needlessly propagated by the Alberta WCB. People in America and Europe see these events unfold. All of these headlines have been directly caused by the evil practices imposed on disabled seriously injured workers. The bill from the City of Edmonton should be PUNITIVE in nature toward the WCB. I mean it is the conservatives after all that are continually going on about crime prevention programs.
Alberta WCB initiated torture in a TAR PIT Moonscape of broken dreams called Alberta. What are the PC's going to promote at the Olympics in Whistler? The Dumbest place in Canada? Torture of seriously injured Tar Pit Workers?
I have lived and worked erecting steel buildings on the coast of British Columbia, including Whistler. Honestly what are you going to promote in Vancouver? Gunk Flares? How to qualify for work on one of our Surface of the Moon simulation projects?
For me to dream of getting proper medical attention for my workplace injuries here in Alberta is just 100% pure Fantasy. The government won't even pay for health care for the citizens it has, and you want to attract more? The Alberta train in Whistler is going to be a government party wagon for conservatives paid for by the taxpayer, that's all it will be.
Getting seriously injured at work in Alberta is like being a Canadian Goose landing on a Stink Crude tailing pond. As you are sinking to the bottom of the Toxic tailing pond you look around and realize there are thousands of your dead comrades on the bottom. The Alberta intertwined Parable. It is the Alberta Dichotomy, work till you drop. It you get seriously wounded in action, oh well, screw you. Our corrupt government of Alberta (Senor' Ed)refuses to make the WCB transparent and accountable, I and others like me will be forced to take action.
Gory Corp is not transparent or accountable, so WCB is a perfect fit for them. This government and the WCB are unwilling to extend the very minimum of basic Human Decency towards injured workers.
Alberta refuses to recognize human rights for its citizens. The Alberta government just doesn't get it. They want to be respected in Ottawa, when they extend no respect towards there very own citizens. They want transfer payments back, awwhh, boo hoo. Why so you can give them to multinational corporations? This government deserves no formal recognition at the national or international level when they refuse to bring their human rights up to modern standards(except in China). That is why is always say it really is 1953 in Alberta. The Alberta government and Alberta WCB are so on a total disconnect with the population that it has become pathetic. Their din of the Gory Party trough slurping has become so deafening they can't hear the cries of the people.

The Alberta WCB knows exactly who I am, and what they owe me, now and in the future. You cannot tell me that their computer system does not keep close tabs on their conquests over the most seriously injured workers. It is a simple program that compares real injury costs against the big Giant Alberta WCB Cheap Out Program of suffering.
No one believes this governments lies anymore.
The Alberta Government is going to try and sell this crap in Whistler, B.C.? Jesus, how dumb do you think people attending the Winter Olympics in Whistler are? Alberta slogan, "Where we Roll back Human Rights".(To the 50's).
Alberta needs more suckers to live the dream. It is the Alberta Way. Exactly what happened at Dunvegan during the Gold Rush, this is nothing new for Alberta. Still trying to live the dream after the Gold Rush is over. History repeats.