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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lein on Peter Vibes house on 36 Pegasus Boulevard, Edmonton, Alberta and his business that holds the title to his houses

This would seem to be the next logical step in the fight to get Peter Vibe to pay his bills. He is a layabout do-nothing greedy Slum landlord that owes me money.

The next step to follow will be to notify the Tax department about the enormous amount of FREE work that Peter has used to increase the value of his properties while paying NO TAXES!

This is clearly a case of Tax Evasion by Peter Vibe via ripping off people who do work for this Slum landlord.

It is the next logical step, I am left with no other viable legal options. 36 Pegasus Boulevard. So if you are a potential buyer, know that the any people who have a legitimate legal claim against Mr. Vibe have their right to be paid by the potential buyer BEFORE the sale of the house can go forward.

Pete the scummy Bum Slum landlord has vexatiously put a false claim against my credit record at Equifax Canada, still claiming that I owe him money which is false. I honestly hope this useless epitome of laziness, Mr. Peter Vibe chokes to death on his Wuhan lust and his own sick and depraved greed. What a useless piece of White Trailer Trash. I will be there to piss on his grave when this useless piece of human trash leaves this Earth permanently. I will take great pleasure ensuring that you leave this world on a positive note streaming from the end of my pecker.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Adjudicator Mr. J Young shreiks like a little girl on the phone while threatening defendants

 The most insanely bizarre part of interactions with Mr. J Young of the Landlord and Tenant Dispute Resolution Service is when Mr. J Young phoned me at home and started screaming at me on the phone, he sounded like a little girl shrieking. I can only surmise this is the shrieking noises that Mr. J Young emits after his minature Pomeranian named Coco was bitten by the neighbors dog.
 This was for me the very first time in 58 years on planet Earth that I have witnessed such a blatant act of bias, and discrimination aimed directly at a victim of an abusive landlord by a mentally unstable Officer of the court in Alberta. I was caught off guard, it was early in the morning and I was completely caught by surprise that this Government Employee was A., phoning me before 8 a.m. in the morning, and secondly that he would have the audacity to request another hearing date with Sneaky Pete.

Peter Vibe used the excuse that he forgot what time the hearing was at, which is not a legitimate excuse for missing a hearing. Furthermore, Mike and myself were at the meeting and waited outside the office of the Landlord Dispute Resolution Service for almost a half an hour after we left the meeting.

When Peter did not show up for the meeting and we waited until the end, I specifically asked Mr. J. Young, "Has this matter been dealth with?" And he acknowledged that it had been. Mr. J. Young has not only embarassed his office, but he has exposed what a total FUCK SHOW this whole phony Kangaroo Court truly is.

I have known Peter for 35 years and I would have seen him, plus, WHY did Mr. Young not phone me on my cell phone immediately if this were the case.
 Mr. Young has cearly LIED about Peter Vibe showing up after the scheduled meeting, this whole FLIM FLAM Govt sponsored terrorism of renters in Edmonton is a SHAM. Mr. J Young has brought Alberta Justice into the realm of disrepute, their whole phony operation is nothing more than a way for abusive landlords to openly abuse tenants with the FULL BACKING of the courts.

 What happened to me in those meeting is a disgrace to the very word Justice. Mr. J Young should be forced to step down until a FULL and exhaustive investigation into what happened here is completed. The question of BIAS must be answered, and we need to know what the SOURCE of Mr. J Youngs discriminatory BIAS truly is, and what events that led up to his abusive behavior were.

 If the Alberta Justice Dept. does not feel that this is their duty to the public to protect the rights of ALL citizens in Alberta that fall under their purvue, then I will have to take matters into my own hands and protest, protest this Katz/Iveson TOOL of ABUSE aimed at renters in Edmonton.

 I catagorically denounce The City of Edmonton and their bought and paid for cronies who sit on this phony Kangaroo Court that uses discrimination as a tool of ABUSE.

 If the Mayor and his cabal of super RICH Real Estate Investors felt that they needed to exercise their muscle by stepping on the little guy, then they have picked the wrong guy to abuse. We as Albertans all know that this Kangaroo Court was set up to DENY the rights of renters who are looked DOWN upon by wealthy land owners and their #1 Cabal of Cronies that we call City Council.

 I never got a chance to exercise my rights, since my rights were abused from the very moment that this file landed on Mr. J Youngs desk. The fix was in, his bias was fully loaded and he was ready to show Brent McGillis exactly HOW POWERFUL he is.

There is something in Administrative Justice that is known as ABUSE of Administrative powers, that is what has gone on here, and nobody at AB Justice gives a good goddamn about it.
That is why I say, that the old "Dead Wood" of Conservatives are still alive and well abusing the rights of citizens who they do not feel fully align themselves with the politics of their RW office.

 Further to the Abuse of Administrative Powers is that Mr. J Young chose to to abuse his powers of discretion. Within Administrative Law, this is what is known as ABUSE of Discretionary Powers.

The Director of this phony Administrative Justice mechanism told me that Mr. J Young has WIDE RANGING Discretionary Powers.

When Mr. J. Young chose to abuse my rights and to ABUSE the Discretionary Powers given to him by the Dept. of Justice: At that very moment, he abused my human rights.

Get ready Mr. J Young, because I am coming for you. I am coming to protest every day that I am able to lift myself out of bed and when I am done; I am seeking to have you permanently REMOVED from the phony bench your Conservative Cronies have bestowed upon you. I want your job taken from you because you have sullied the name of Justice in this province.
I want Mr. J. Young fired and I will not settle for anything less than that objective.

Especially given the fact that when I was in Kamloops B.C., a solid 10 hours drive from Edmonton attending a Medical Appointment with the ONLY Standup MRI in Canada for my WCB diagnosis and long term prognosis, that Mr. J Young and the staff at the bogus Dispute Kangaroo Court had flat out denied my request for a couple of days so I could rest before returning to Edmonton.

That is what is commonly referred to as DISCRIMINATION on the grounds that the rules governing the request for another date of the hearing are very CLEARLY written into the Legislation that governs these proceedings PRECISELY for the sole purpose to guarantee that one Party of the dispute is NOT discriminated against unfairly. The law as it is written was designed with the intent to not treat 1 party in a inconsistent manner that would align itself with any form of discrimination. The Law says that if 1 party cannot make the date, then they must notify the opposing party in writing and that the opposing party does not approve of the delay because he slept in, then the hearing will move forward as planned. That did not happen in my case, I immediately told Mr. J. Young, "Absolutely NOT, I do not approve." Then Mr. J. Young started SCREAMING at me like a little girl. It was a very disturbing phone call, one of the most shocking in my entire life.

This is one of the most basic and fundamentally critical principles of Law, and that base principle has been severely VIOLATED in this case. I feel violated, discrimination at any level of government is simply inexcusable, offensive and should result in the termination of Mr. J. Youngs tenure on this panel. Because of his unlawful actions he has brought disrepute and disgrace to his office and to the office of the Alberta Department of Justice. Is Mr. J Young an old druggie pal of Peter Vibes, is he related to an old girl friend of Pete's? I just don't get the connection here, but whatever the origins of Mr. J. Young's discriminatory practices are, there is NO PLACE for discrimination in the Justice Department and he should be removed from his position until such time as a proper investigation into this event is conducted by a real impartial investigative body.

Democracy dies a little bit more each day, that these kinds of seriously mentally unstable people are allowed to sit on the bench of ANY Judiciary body. The light of freedom and The Rule of Law fades a little more as we slip into the very same habits of Communist and Fascist countries from across the globe. People risk their lives and the lives of their children each and every day, to cross overland thousands of miles, followed by a few thousand more miles across a vast Ocean in order to reach our shores. They do this for a taste of something they have never tasted, Freedom. And when our Judiciary system allows people of such low moral fabric, who have been drawn from such a SMALL pool of talent-less persons to reside on the benches of our Judicial System; Freedom dies a little bit more on that day and every day this person is allowed to sit on a court in this land.

Here is the link if the clickable link to #3 video GUI is not visible

Democracy and the freedoms provided by Rule of Law, can be perverted by corrupt public officials, and they have been many times that I have witnessed with my own eyes in my lifetime. Democracy is a very fragile thing, as we witness every single day as a big Orange Clown corrupts and robs the peoples of our southern neighbor. I watched as a corrupt Judiciary run by the Progressive Conservatives railroaded Patrick Clayton. I have watched over the years as corrupt Judges let cops go "Scott free", while friends and injured workers were crucified. I have seen with my own eyes how corrupt Judicial Officials have poisoned "The Rule of Law", and in my opinion these corrupt officials of the court have sullied the waters for people who have crossed Oceans to arrive on our shores looking for shelter and a sliver of hope. When a Judiciary is corrupted the effects on the population is absolutely Corrosive, the effects reverberate for decades in many cases as the will of the people bends under the sheer weight of the corruption.

Democracy is not a true democracy, if the Judiciary is rotting because of their own corrosive habits of abuse of the citizens rights, by treating them in an inhumane fashion. We call this behavior, Canada. Canada is not a perfect society, immune to corruption. Corruption infects Edmonton like the plague ever since Mandel and his crony Iveson sullied this city. The way corruption becomes so infectious is the population becomes lazy, complacent and unconnected to the community around them. When the population becomes lethargic, they are openly inviting in corruption. When I say that, I am not saying that many of these people do not work hard, but they are too Lazy to pay any attention to what their civic, provincial and federal Govt's are doing. Need proof? SEE: Donald Trumps America
When humans become to lazy to investigate govt, Democracy is exposed. Conservatives and Republicans in the U.S. have reveled in this constant swing of the pendulum, they know that like clock work Liberal/Democrats get a good job and totally forget every 4 years. Obama was good at impassioned motivation of the masses.

Here is the link if the GUI to video #4 is not visible

Peter Vibe himself told me many times, that he never watched the news which tells me as a person he is too lazy to monitor what the corrupt Conservatives are up to. He like so many people in Western Canada actually believe that the FAKE NEWS media, which is run by corrupt Corporations that are Pro-Conservative because they pay less taxes than humans.

The news that David Pecker that owns and runs Supermarket tabloid World News AND The National Enquirer was engaged in a "Catch and Kill" scheme that funneled money from Trump to KILL negative news stories about Donald J. Trump and his various floozie girlfriends. Trump paid Pecker, not his own pecker, a different pecker to BUY the rights to the news story, and then lock it in a safe.

 So, this means that Pecker that runs the outrageous FAKE NEWS supermarket rag World News was in control of ALL of the major newspapers in CANADA. Stephen Harper enabled Paul Godfrey to buy all of the major newspapers in Canada and Global News when he had NO CASH. Godfrey borrowed a paltry $100 million to buy the CanWest Global, that was $4 Billion Cdn in debt for pennies in Cash that was lent to him by Goldman Sachs.
Essentially what happened is that rich Jewish Asper family sold their empire to rich Jewish Sun News Media Empire CEO Paul Godfrey so that he could hire rich Jewish FAKE NEWS publishers to feed World News Weekly FAKE NEWS via ALL the major newspapers in the largest cities in Canada.

Here is the link if the video #5 GUI is not visible

The real question for Canada are: How many news stories critical to the infrastructure of Canada did David Pecker use his "Catch and KILL tactics" to obscure negative news about US/Canada relations.

You see, Stephen Harper and Paul Godfrey both knew instinctively that Canadians are too dumb and too lazy to investigate what happened when Post Media took over ALL the major Canadian Newspapers. And that folks is why, we as Canadians are drowning in Right Wing Propaganda produced by David Pecker and the Post Media Empire. To feed you a constant stream of Conservative Pro- BIG OIL propaganda, and anti-Trudeau propaganda.
This exposes how dumb Canadians really are, to dumb to read. If this happened to the news media in the U.S., there would be mass protests in the streets. Canadians go buy another 12 pack and forget about it. That is why Democracy is dying in Canada. Trump recognized this and took control.
Harper seen the CanWest takeover as the 1 opportunity in a lifetime to control the media, and now he is in cahoots with Trump to BACK-DOOR Canada on trade and make Trudeau look bad.

Now folks, you know "The Rest of the Story." And the dangers to democracy by Lazy people.
Harper has GAMED Canadians once again, and they are too corked on beers to even realize this.

Canada has been getting their news from a Tabloid News Rag, believing FAKE NEWS is real. WTF?
And Stephen Harper made all of this possible; Nazi Joseph Goebbels would be proud of how Harper has controlled his Conservative Propaganda FAKE NEWS in Canada!

As you repeat Conservative Propaganda in Canada, you DEMEAN the entire SPIRIT of Democracy.

 Peter says he never votes, this is the sign of a true fascist, because he is too lazy to investigate real events himself, and believes everything the Corporate Media tells him. This is another sign of extreme laziness, because it means you are too obsessed with greed to actually vote, and that you believe that there are people hiding everywhere in the bushes to rob you. This means that Rich People Paranoia has gripped your life, like when a white person from St. Albert lives in fear that illegal immigrants pouring over the border into Quebec pose some kind of THREAT to THEIR lives living in the 2nd whitest community in the Edmonton region.

You may not think that this matters, but tell that to the people who have risked everyone and everything they possess just for the chance of tasting that freedom. The risked it all for a chance to breathe life into their own lives that have been so terribly violated by little Tito's like Mr. J Young; from an Ocean away. Just as Patrick Clayton, the chance to breathe a breath of Freedom must feel so glorious on this day.
Don't let Democracy fade simply because you are too lazy to stand up for your fellow man, stand up and be counted on election day and exercise your right to expel the Conservatives who allow these horrible people to abuse Albertan renters. Just as in the Christine Blase Ford sexual assault hearings, the corrupt Republican Senators would rather approve of MOLESTERS because they attend the same Christian Church.

It is unfair, discriminatory and it flies in the face of what our men in women in uniform go to war to risk their lives so that we don't have to be abused by the Lindsey Graham and his ilk of pervert molestation drunks. Or as we like to call them, the Conservatives.

s of this planet.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Adjudicator. J Young + Peter Vibe conspire to bring disrepute to AB Justice

 At the very forefront of the Rule of Law and the need to a fair and unbiased execution of the Law is something that Mr. J Young as an adjudicator obviously FAILED in his Law School Test is something called the Rules of Natural Justice.

The 2 most significant rules of Natural Justice sit at the forefront of Justice and they serve as the supporting PILLARS of JUSTICE.

  1: The right to an unbiased hearing

  2: The right to have your evidence heard at a hearing

On BOTH of these counts Mr. J Young FAILED miserably. Right from the beginning of the hearing ajudicator Young refused to view any of my evidence. This is a clear cut violation of the Rules of Natural Justice.

The fact that Mr. J Young refused to view ANY of our evidence, as he stated at the very beginning of the very first hearing we had on this affair, he said and I quote: "I am not going to look at any of your evidence."

If Mr. Young HAD done his Due Dilignence he would have asked Peter precisely WHY his SLUM was condemned as unfit for human habitation for renters, and then we would have presented our evidence of the March 31st meeting when Peter PROMISED to fix the sewer.

Here is a phone conversation with Tal, the guy who Peter claimed was going to buy the house. You have to click 2mm right of the play button for playback. It takes a couple of seconds to start.

This conversation is telling, because even more than a year, TAL still claims that he did not know that he as a phony developer would be required to serve the tenants with a FAKE notice to vacate.

Tal knew that me and my family lived in the house at 12103 88 St NW, Edmonton. So his story that he only buys vacant land is a flat out lie, he acts just like a fraudster just like Pete Vibe in my opinion. Their entire fabricated lie about buying Pete's house was to lend legitimacy to Pete Vibe's plan to evict us with NO notice IMMEDIATELY upon the completion of the work on Pete's Dump of a house. Pete is a slimy human is my assessment of his slimebag behavior. His whole "I'm Pete the retard act" whenever there was a problem with the house was just that; an act of fraud. Tal's story simply does NOT add up, he shows up renting Apartments and Condos on kijiji, yet he tells me that he only buys vacant land. If he is renting apartments and condos, then he full well knows what the rights of tenants are in buildings and in houses that have been sold. He is lying, to protect Pete? He is unaware that Pete is just a small time Hood? Makes a person wonder. This is simply typical behavior from a small time hood that was convicted back in the 70's for transporting speed, LSD, MDA etc. across the border from Sask. to Alberta. In the sixties and seventies the drug they called Speed, is what is called METH today. He has brought dishonor to his wifes good name, because it is unlikely that she has a criminal history. I do not know why I am surprised at the behavior of Pete Vibe, he simply went back to his criminal roots from the past. I know that he was double claiming some of the things we did on the house for Revenue Canada, dodging taxes.
Pete's entire life is one great big giant lie, he lies so much, he is like Trump and likely forgets some of the lies he tells. In China, the penalty for drug dealing, or transportation of illicit drugs is punishable by DEATH.

 Peter has brought dishonor to his new wife, who now carries his name with all of his lies and perverted behavior. Did Peter reveal his secret PAST in life to his new Mail order Asian Bride? Kind of a difficult discussion don't you think.

I have nothing against Asians, but it perplexes me that a grown man cannot find a bride in a country with 36 Million inhabitants. What does that say about his character and how he presents himself to women in Canada?

Peter's new bride could not even speak English when he married her, and still could not when she arrived. That on the surface just sounds like something that a creep would do for companionship.

Peter by his own admission never spent any money on his house for 20 years! I know, it is shocking that 1 human could be that Lazy. Or was he too preoccupied with Asian blowjob porn on his computer in the basement for 20 years? These are real questions about the character of Peter Vibe, he is a toxic person. That is what happens when you spend 20 years in your basement wacking off, would be my guess if asked about how this kind of disturbing behavior came about.

Peter never ever planned to fix the sewer, he only sought to get FREE work on his house, and then backdoor me by suing me falsely in a phony and bogus court of law. So there you have it folks, 100% CORRUPTION RULES this phony adjudication agency, this agency is nothing more than a CHEERING SQUAD for abusive landlords.  I would not be surprised whatsoever if Mr. J. Young did not tamper with the recording or simply did not press the recording button during our heated exchanges, that is the very ROOT of CORRUPTION. The director refusing to investigate this matter is the icing on the cake for this CORRUPT phony administrative Justice that was meant to replace the courts. Don't go contest anything at this agency, the whole thing is a giant FLIM-FLAM SCAM, period. More importantly, the Director of the Landlord Dispute Mechanism failed to act when I went to his office to report what had happened in the hearing. Not only did he fail to act, but he did not so much as acknowledge there was a complaint filed by me on the last day that I was legally allowed to file for a review of this case. The director told me that I was too late, when infact I was sitting right in front of him. He told me that in order to protest such a case that I would have had to file my grievance with The Courts at the courthouse. This is absurd, because I have no experience with this totally phony and bogus resolution SCAM, that I am not allowed to contest the findings.  I hired a lawyer to represent me once it became clear how corrupt this whole phony process was, in the hopes that my lawyer would be able to protect me.

My lawyer did not act in time. So on that day unbeknownst to me that a deadline was looming for filing papers at the courthouse, I decided to take my omplaint to the Director of the PHONY dispute SCAM office.
 The Director of the SCAM dispute mechanism told me that my lawyer should have known this, yet he did nothing to help me. He did not even write me a letter confirming that he had received my complaint, or that there even exists a legitimate complaint process. Nor did he confirm in writing the steps that had been taken since I went to his office to file my complaint, he did nothing. Why have I never received a letter confirming my complaint and the steps taken to investigate such a complaint?  CORRUPTION Rules the day at Alberta Justice That is what I see going on here.  The entire Alberta Justice has been brought into disrepute because of these negligent do-nothing Government employees. In my eyes this is all the evidence necessary to expose these people for their tireless efforts to punish a disabled person for the crime of daring to show up repeatedly for phony hearings that do nothing except violate the renters rights. In Alberta it is clear that you have no rights as a renter, you are simply a victim that is ripe to be violated by abusive Landlords. Welcome to Hellberta is my saying for years now.

Don't MOVE to Alberta, corruption and wealthy landlords rule the day here in this province. You will overpay for a SLUM, and in the end the landlord can do whatever he pleases to you, and he will be protected by the Government of Alberta and their phony Administrative Law practices. Moving to Alberta will only expose you to a super corrupt GANG of landlords, and ultimately you will end up depressed, distressed and financially ruined by these crooked bastards at Alberta Justice.

Moving for work? Just don't move to Hellberta folks, you will live much longer. Rule of Law does not exist in Alberta. The only thing that exists here is the RULE of CORRUPTION.

Peter Vibe and the question of his reputation vs. Brent McGillis

 My thoughts today drift as I was thinking of Cole Arthurs who is no longer with us, as he sadly lost his life in a boating accident on Gregoire Lake. His memorial is today in Anzac.

We will miss Cole greatly, he was a great help to myself and Debb in helping us around the house when we lived at Pete's Vibes house in Delton, and he helped us out enormously as we were forced to move from Pete's house after he lied to us about selling his property at 12103 -88 St in Edmonton.

The avalanche of Peter Vibes incredible WEB of Lies, began when we first talked about moving into Peter's house at,+Edmonton,+AB+T5B+3S5/@53.5753092,-113.4780798,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x53a02311ff3ff96f:0x67f8557f712cff7f!8m2!3d53.575306!4d-113.4758911

Peter Vibe as a chronic liar, his first MASSIVE LIE came on the night we met to sign the lease, that he rushed me into saying I had 20 minutes to show up and sign the deal.
 Peter Vibe waited until AFTER I HAD SIGNED the lease agreement, to tell me and Chris that "Oh yeah, every 4 years or so, the sewer backs up".
 Less than 1 month later the first sewer back-up occurred.
That is why Debb Goodspeed refused to sign the lease agreement, in her words, "I am not signing a lease to move into this fucking DUMP."
Those were her exact words, and unknown to me those words would come to exemplify the Peter Vibe ghetto experience.

Debb never did sign the lease, and we refused to sign the lease agreement at the end of March because of the SEWER back up and all of the other major problems that Peter had ignored for so long. Peter's only response when he would show up is that he would act like a retard when confronted with ANY problem with his house. It was bizarre, I have never seen any man act in this way before or since. I was blinded by what I mistaken as an old friendship. Mike tried to warn me about Pete and that he was a weirdo, and I could not wrap my head around that idea. I was in denial that Peter Vibe would back-stab a disabled person for the sole purpose to feed his unbridled GREED.

Peter Vibe is angry about my blog exposing him for the abusive Slum Landlord that he truly is. He somehow feels that his standing in this community is somehow more valid than mine. Oh contraire my friend.

Does Pete Vibe's new Asian mail order bride know that Peter Vibe was convicted of transporting illegal narcotics across Provincial borders back in the 70's. Peter had to spend Federal time in prison for his crimes of transporting illegal narcotics from Saskatchewan into Alberta. As told to me by Peter, (We were close friends for many years) that he was convicted of transporting LSD, Speed, MDA and who knows what other drugs across the border into Alberta back in the 70's. I don't know what year exactly that was, but this was the story as told to me by Peter Vibe himself. He told me that he had to spend his Federal Prison time in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (P.A. as Peter called it)

His 2 daughters know for a fact that this story is true, and that is why during their entire childhood, he was never allowed to cross the border into the United States. America does not let druggies cross their border, it has been that way for my entire life.

He had to spend Federal Time in prison because of the huge quantity of drugs that he was illegally transporting in our province to be distributed to eagerly awaiting drug addicts in Alberta. I don't recall the precise details since it has been quite a number (30+) of years since Peter told me about his crimes and why he had to spend Federal time in prison. I guess I thought that his criminal past would never affect me directly, boy I could not have been more wrong about any person in my life.

I on the other hand have never been convicted of ANY kind of drug charges, ever. So there you go, Peter is a convicted drug felon, and I am not. The fact that Peter was a known drug felon pretty much explains where his criminal thinking and actions are coming from. I believed that Peter had changed from his Drug Mule days, but sadly I was mistaken. Contemporary thinking has it that people can change, but in this case some people really never do change. They believe they can "GAME the system" to their own advantage no matter what the circumstances.

I wonder if Mr. Young knows about Peter's past, or if he even really cares.

My belief is that Mr. Young is a racist, and that is where his predisposition of racial bias comes from. I believe now that the Alberta Justice as a whole is racially biased as an organization. They of course would deny this accusation, typical of a racist government department that is still overpopulated with Right Wing Conservative racists. This province has been racist since I was a child, that did not change simply because Rachel Notley became the Premier. I see bogus adjudicator Mr. Young as a racist, simply doing his racist work for a racist organization. It is the Alberta WAY.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

CTV Opiod Addiction Story and ties to Devestating WCB Attempt to murder me with COLD Turkey!

 I have not posted any new updates to my Injured worker blog since the fall when I was engaged in the final stages of the Millard Health Center's assessment of my condition. I was tempted on many occasions to deliver a post regarding my pain medications.

 Much to my horror and dismay, the fairly recent decision by the Alberta WCB and my Claims manager Jamie. The entire WCB attempt on my life is purely political in nature and rooted in the abusive Schadenfreude

nature of the programs run by the worst Director to ever sit on the board of the Workers Compensation Board is my belief.

A poorly run Corporation always begins at the very top of the organization, that is a fact! 

 This is kind of abuse is specific and sharply focused abuse, that is directed at the most vulnerable group of seriously injured workers. This new round of Guy Kerr keenly directed abuse is not just denial of medical needs, when it comes to the subject of opiates these are seriously dangerous policies that the WCB of Alberta is playing with.
These policies are killing injured workers, I can guarantee you that fact. You do not need a fake AB Univ. or bogus college degree to figure that out.

 If there are any WCB staffers who are proudly carrying around FAKE medical degrees in their pockets, then this is a very clear signal that your parents have totally wasted their money, that they spent on your education. This is that watershed moment in time that your parents realize they raised an idiot, because you after all of the useless education you received, you are still as dumb as dirt. If this kind of behavior is the direct result of FAKE Universities flooding our medical care system with fence posts, then this clearly signals a much LARGER danger to the general population as a whole.

 If you need a textbook to tell you that cutting seriously injured patients off of opiates because they sustained a life threatening injury, and that your actions as a nitwit administrator will likely KILL THEM, then you are too stupid to be given the responsibility of looking after the care of another human being.

Guy Kerr and his sick gang of cronies are running a murderous campaign of targeting the most critically necessary of Medical Treatments that we as  as seriously injured workers are bootstrapped to because of the serious trauma accidents we have been exposed to.
 We are NOT drug addicts, we have been prescribed opiates because we got hurt at work, that is it Mr. Kerr. There is nothing sinister about our injuries, we have sustained serious life threatening injuries and that is WHY our doctors have exercised their fully LICENSED powers in order to lessen the suffering we experience as Chronic Pain victims.

 2 days before Christmas the WCB of Alberta decided to settle with me. The very next day, on Christmas eve I received a letter from WCB explaining that I was immediately being cut off of all opiates, despite the fact that their own assessment facility has deemed my injury serious enough that I never have to return to work ever again. As you would expect that determination comes as the medical staff at the WCB Millard realized that my injury is permanent, as every single doctor who has seen me, including the IME doctors have told me: "Brent, you are never going to get better, as a matter of fact the pain you suffer will probably get worse, much worse."

Here is the CTV news story on guidelines put out by the CMAJ. Here is the link to the news story online

This story must be stunning to the backwater bayou staff manning the upper echelons of the Alberta WCB, but we as seriously injured workers are all too acutely aware of; the Backward Backwater Culture of the AB WCB.
 How can these people at the AB WCB pretend that they even have so much as 10 minutes of training or schooling in ANY discipline of the Medical Sciences? They cannot!

 It is that cut and dried simple, these people are carrying around FAKE Medical degrees in their pockets, most likely the gained these bogus pieces of documentation right here in good ol' Hellberta. It is no secret that the U of C is particularly fond of handing out fake degrees to Right Wing religious fanatics, it is the Alberta WAY. Need proof? See: Harper

 Just like I told the staff at the WCB Millard, just because YOU bought the entire bogus story of Neuroplasticity being sold by Doctor Phil on daytime television, doesn't mean it is any more legitimate; because what the WCB of Alberta is selling is not in fact peer reviewed medical science. It is 100% purely generated medical Propaganda
and BS, that was generated by Right Wing bogus physicians in the United States, so that they could sell this bogus and phony medical science to injured workers as a way to deny them access to proper, timely and relevant medical care. In this case that denial is the denial of access to critically necessary medications and potentially expensive treatments including surgery that are 100% necessary in order to SAVE the LIFE of the patient. All of this bogus medical propaganda has been carefully crafted and drilled into the minds of the staff at WCB Millard by constant repetition, which has worked magically on the staff much to the delight of the medical meddlers who designed this propaganda to shape the minds of the people who are the only ones within the WCB Alberta rehabilitation program that could potentially recommend or dare I say "refer you to the correct specialists".

Wow, what a concept, actually TREATING patients and not just subjecting them to bogus propaganda! (Sic)

 Seriously injured workers who depend on critically necessary medications like pain killers do not enjoy taking pain meds, if we do not get them we will DIE. It is that cut and dried simple. Doctors understand this and they understand that serious injuries require serious medications, and that for the letitimately injured worker these medications are not to support some kind of drug addiction that the patient has nurtured themselves.
 We went to work and got hurt, that is it. If the people at the WCB cannot understand these base principles and the nature of serious injuries then these people should NOT be in this profession. It is time they return to their natural roots at the drive through window of Mac-D's. They will be much happier and the entire working world will be a much safer place is my opinion.

 This is precisely WHAT happens when you allow Know-nothing, and self absorbed paper-pushing administrators and executives that are all drunk on the fact that they are carrying around FAKE-documentation that is falsely legitimizing their level of education and knowledge in the area of healthcare. This kind of half baked bogus Degrees from Universties and Colleges is extremely dangerous to the very mortality of seriously injured workers, and shows you how FUBAR our health care system in Alberta truly is. But hey, it took 40 years of horrific mismanagement by the Alberta PC Party in order to create such a fiasco, it will obviously take I would guess, yet another 10 years to clean this mess up and take out the RW Politico trash in order to fix this mess.

 All of this political meddling in the Opiod Crisis keeps me in a perpetual state of depression because the people who are responsible for creating the crisis are not held to account, nobody is even looking for these criminals. Why are cops not looking for the drug czars who created this killing machine? Because the cops don't care that junkies and other drug addicts are dying by the thousands, it does not affect them until it is their child who is dying in the OR of your local hospital.

The top 1% see this as a solution to eradicating people that they label as druggies. Why is the Canadian Government NOT taking immediate and retroactive action against the drug manufacturers and distributors who created this crisis in the United States. These are Trump cronies that created this fiasco, I can guarantee you that. This is a manufactured crisis deliberately aimed at killing poor people with mental health issues, that the top 1% believe are burdening the healthcare system. So this is Donald Trump's and the 1% r's final solution, simply kill the poor.
 If thousands of young people are needlessly killed in the process, then, "Oh well". Jello Biafra wrote a song when I was young called Kill the Poor. He realized back then that the top 1% control everything and that murdering poor people is no accident, it is deliberate. And that folks is why the band named the Dead Kennedy's wrote:


Jello Biafra was right. He songs exposed Govt across N. America that really did wish they were able to use a Nuetron Bomb on the poor people. And then along came Fentanyl, that the U.S. Govt has deliberately saturated the streets of our cities with. This is not a crisis created by China, it was created right here in the good ol' U.S.of A., and this murderous campaign continues unabated by the Trump administration.
 May the victims of the American Big Pharma slaughter rest in peace and may God bless their souls.

Here is the link to the article in Rolling Stone magazine about Jello Biafra and why Punk Still Matters.