Brent McGillis: Dec 25, 2016

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Dinner, just another depressing Milestone denied because of AB WCB Government Abuse


Today on the day that Christ was born, I am unable to overcome my Sciatica Pain as it radiates across my left side from my left knee right up to my shoulder blade. It feels like on giant Leg Cramp, but it is not, what I am experiencing is my whole Spine locks up and I cannot move. Just taking steps causes me extreme pain. This is why I envy people who can walk pain free. I am envious of people who "take the act of walking for granted". To them life seems so carefree and they are full of life, because without movement there is no life. When your joints in your body are all seized up, this is not a life, this is a Life Sentence to Hell, Hell in Hellberta, because I live in a City that embraces abusing Seriously Injured Workers with such Zeal, that the City of Edmonton City Councilors under Stephen Mandel secretly crafted a plan to remove the rights of Injured Workers by removing their natural implied right to gather as an Identified Group that the Corporate Cronies who make up city council did not want gathering in THEIR private PALACE. The City of Edmonton did not want Injured Workers who Mandel and his Corporate masters had labelled as "Undesirables" gathering anywhere near the place they hold their "Secret Meetings" at.

 Not only is this a milestone in my disability list of missed family events, including missed funerals, weddings, christenings, graduations and babies born but this month is a milestone in how I view the care that my doctor and his medical partners deliver. I requested a referral to a Spinal Ortho Specialist as per instructions of another injured worker in Vancouver who phoned me to tell me this doctor he knew. My own doctor is now arguing with me about the abusive treatment by Alberta Health Services.

 I have lost confidence in my doctor and his ability to give me a referral that is worth more than the half of a penny that the piece of paper he wrote it on is worth. Every time I am referred to a Specialist or attempt to access proper, timely and relevant medical treatments the WCB of Alberta interferes to INJECT

their own CROOK Doctor, that writes there is nothing wrong with my back. Which in of itself is patently ridiculous, but that is what the end product of what (Self-entitled RW Schadenfreude’s) the Alberta Government is, this is the ONLY product that they have produced for decades and they see nothing wrong with continuing with this practice;

THIS is the Hellberta WAY! Or to put it more correctly in the interest of accuracy; The WCB deliberately tries to Inflict a serious PTSD injury on the WCB Client, alienate him so completely that now he is suffering from a mental disability that the WCB has inflicted on him. Now he is so completely disabled as a disenfranchised victim of their continual and unabated ABUSE, in his exasperated desperation to seek medical treatment that he lashes out at the WCB, the WCB then uses the mental injury that the WCB INFLICTED on the Claimant, to vilify and they then use this information to put the Claimant in JAIL Permanently.
Need proof? See: Patrick Clayton
The WCB’s sole objective is to PUNISH Seriously Injured workers until they DIE, THIS is the WCB Hellberta WAY!

 I am mentally and physically exhausted as a consequence of receiving no help from the WCB and since the WCB of Alberta has fully CHOKED OFF any hope of accessing decent care, WHY would I continue living in Edmonton.

 NOTHING HAS CHANGED in Hellberta, I STILL CANNOT ACCESS proper, timely and relevant medical care in Edmonton, it is like being Chained in a Dungeon living as a disabled worker in this Corporate Hellpit of a city.

 I see Edmonton as nothing more than a life support system for habitual misanthropic government workers who extract extreme GLEE from being mental abusers. To me Edmonton has congealed into a seething pit of Corporate corruption, and since these Gov. workers were put into Government positions of power to ensure that KEY Corporate employers will NEVER have to contribute to the financial burdens of permanently disabled workers.
 I have made the decision to LEAVE Hellberta, it is the ONLY WAY I will ever be able to access a proper Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and have him or her write a proper diagnosis, and a long term prognosis for my condition. It is only AFTER I receive a proper diagnosis that I will be able to access proper long term care for my condition. I have waited a lifetime, 11 long YEARS and I just cannot wait anymore for a government solution in Alberta.
I simply don't believe that the NDP has the right stuff to truly put an end to the WCB HORROR SHOW, and if it ever does it will be too late for me anyways. I have waited before and then only to find that once again the WCB of Alberta had screwed me, so why remain here in this seeing pit of corruption?

 I have to ESCAPE this corporate Hellpit that Mayor Iveson and his Corporate YES MEN Cronies have created here in the Capitol of Alberta. It is sad reality that many injured workers face in Hellberta, they are FORCED to LEAVE in order to be ALLOWED ACCESS to medical care. That is upsetting, but not as upsetting as missing Christmas Dinner, it is just the final humiliation in a long line of humiliating experiences in this mega-corrupt City of Edmonton.

 Living in the city that Mr. Burns created that is based on secrecy, lies, deception and the PC Conservative Dystopian dream of downtown is just one giant parking lot eyesore (The Quarters), this is what Mandel and his Pupil Iveson that was weaned on Corporate Cronyism as a WAY-of-Life has produced the Mandel Parking LOT DREAM, turning Edmonton into a Corporate Sterilization experiment envisioned by his master Mandel (Mr. Burns).

 There is nothing to stay in Edmonton Hellberta FOR. The NDP has been in power for over a year now, and I live with the fear that they are too afraid to take this monster WCB by the reigns because of how much power and influence the WCB had and does continue to wield in this province.

  2 More "Lost Days" of my life as I like to call them. That is how these cold snaps affect me, I cannot walk I get so crippled up that my joints refuse to move. Just 2 more days to add to the hundreds of lost days since my injury! The Mayo Clinic reported a couple of years back that if you suffer any kind of Spinal Trauma, that your life will be shortened by a minimum of 10 years, I am going to have to say that estimate is not only accurate but probably a little on the short side. As the years tick by from the date of my fall at work, my coworkers long ago quit calling, I miss the comradery of working. As the years tick by I miss simply being able to go visit my relatives and share time with family. WCB was designed to eliminate the burden of injured workers on their families, but Guy Kerr and his gerrymandering band of misanthropes have robbed hard working Albertans of the most precious gift you can give to your family, and that is your time. And for that I am sad this Christmas.

  The City of Edmonton policy makers at City Hall have made it a priority to "MONITIZE Poverty" by utilizing Chief of Police Rod Knecht as their Corporate HAMMER to stomp poor people into the ground.

 Mayor Iveson has cemented policy in place that seeks to profit on the backs of the poor people, he and his misanthropic cronies have MONITIZED POVERTY by targeting poor people with non-stop fines for everything.  How can this man stand in front of television cameras proclaiming that his City Council seeks Reconciliation with the indigenous population of Edmonton? It is preposterous and his is a big phony who is really good at making all of these wonderful "Feel Good Speeches" that are completely devoid of any kind of TRUTH!

  If you (Iveson) ONLY focus on punishing and doling out tickets to POOR people in Edmonton, to which a large degree are our indigenous population, and Iveson policy is to do this AGAIN and AGAIN; this only stigmatizes and places a permanent financial burden that the people you pretend you want to help.

  The Enemies of Democracy in Edmonton voted themselves into office without ANY public consultation, and they did this so they could use their office to do an end run around the will of the people when they extended their mandate to 4 years. A mandate implies that the people elected you on that platform, when in fact no such political platform for this extension existed at the time of the election or after. They did this so they could imprint their Corporate Brand of fascism on Edmonton voters. This city council is anti-reconciliation and anti-poor people. This city council is only concerned with giving hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to their corporate masters, while poor people live on the street. These fascist bastards are so damned creepy, they have City SPIES that follow the Garbage man around and SPY on the Garbage man. That is some sick weirdo shit right there.

  Now I don't know how many people are lined up to become a garbage man, but I am pretty sure that you have just WACKED half of all of the applicants from the list because of Don Iveson Garbage Spies. Being a garbage man is not a glam job, and it is my opinion that this behavior by the City of Edmonton is a violation of their basic human rights as employees of this city. The City has obviously deemed the Garbage man to guilty of some kind of crime and as such they are now paying RAT EMPLOYEES to SPY on the garbageman, that is an outrage. It is outrageous because Garbage men/women work VERY hard for their paycheque, and the last thing they need is a cloud of suspicion hanging over them because Team Iveson has bankrupted this city.

 The City of Edmonton was able to HIDE the amount they paid for the old York Hotel; it is rumored to have cost 5 million dollars. So if they can HIDE 5 Million dollars, they can easily hide the sad state of this City's finances until the next City Election is done. There have been too many secret deals and secret meetings by this city that pretends to want to help the disadvantaged people while standing on their throats, that is a sad fact that did not exist when I grew up in Edmonton as a kid. This huge imbalance of privilege in Edmonton is WHAT has contributed to the crime rate in Edmonton. 4 more years of Iveson and his misanthrope cronies will only magnify this problem and harm more of the Indigenous people he pretends on TV, that he wants to help. Team Iveson and his gang are the WORST city council this city has ever known, and that is saying something because Mandel his mentor was easily the worst as Iveson's teacher and predecessor.

  You need to look NO FURTHER than the massive increase in Cops, Firemen and EMT's in this city that are now on permanent disability by claiming PTSD. The amount of City of Edmonton government workers that are now living on a beach in Mexico sucking on PiƱa coladas is something that should be ringing off alarm bells at city hall but there is no panic. Why? Because the WCB of Alberta is FOR Government Workers, all government workers know this and they know that they ALL can go see the same kook doctor to diagnose them with PTSD and POOF, they are now on permanent disability.

  Just so you know when a city employee goes on permanent WCB disability, the City of Edmonton shores up their WCB benefits to 100% of their wage. Going on permanent WCB disability for government workers is like winning the lottery, no wait it is better than winning the lottery because they know that the WCB of Alberta does not even bother to CHECK up on government workers like Cops, Firemen or EMT's who are now claiming PTSD disability in droves, why is that? Just to make sure nobody is going to see them having fun on the beach, they jet off to Mexico where it is cheap to live with your own housekeepers and no nosy WCB spies to check up on you. That is the reality of the modern age Alberta that the WCB of Alberta has created for Government workers who are on disability. That is the "Magic of working for the government" in Alberta.