Brent McGillis: Nov 5, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sociopathic Killers

(Regressive Government that rationalizes the implementation of tyranny on innocent persons, deserves to fall)
We need to Unite as a people in this province, or Corporate Ed and Co. are going to roll right over top of us.
Notice to the Minister Responsible: Hector Goudreau, it has never been proven that tyrannizing injured workers is an effective tool for their medical recovery.
I am going to do some research on the variety of brain deficient conditions WCB Case Managers were born with. HERE IS A Website detailing some of their Icons and their achievements in history. Claims Manager Litmus Test!! Beware Claims Managers this is like you looking in a mirror. Besides possibly being born mental mutants, their employer actually fuels their mental retardation. By not screening their employees for obvious underlying mental defects and profiling these misfits of society, the agency ends up with seriously mentally retarded, and human feelings deficient sociopaths as claims managers. Obviously these people end up taking extended leaves of absence to fuel their own mentally retarded party, on full WCB Compensation of course. It strikes me that in all of this, you know who would know the most about these sick untreated individuals? Their kids. Because guess what? They are being raised by a sociopath. Imagine the individual being created by a mentally deficient human being turned loose on society. The total cost to society, for these human marvels of procreation will be enormous. Did you ever wonder where serial killers come from? A friend once told me, "Why the Workers Compensation Board, don't you know?" They are creating their very own Army of SocioPathic Mutants, he told me. Someone is going to have to steer the ship after dear ol' mom heads off to wander the streets of her BC retirement Villa, talking all freaky to real Canadians. The next generation of greed generated sickos will have to take over the reigns of punishing and torturing seriously injured workers. The Mutant Brigade! I asked one of my Ironworker buddies in Whistler one time, "How come so many serial killers come out of Abbottsford." He replied,"I don't know what the Hell is going on down in Abby". I now can only surmise: They must have a Workers Compensation Office there too!
I wonder if the cops check to see how many WCB employees are now armed?
You never know when a sociopath is going to snap! And those sociopaths have access cards!

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